you strode through the house, “hello?” you called.

Klaus appeared almost instantly, grinning at you, “long time no see. whats a pretty girl like you doing alone in a city like this?”

“she didn’t come alone, brother.” Kol said, entering after you. he came to stand behind you, hands settling on your waist.

“i should have known.” Klaus laughed, “where one goes the other follows.”

“It’s a very important skill set for an actor to be able to bring the humor into any moment, whether you’re doing drama or comedy. For me, it’s given me a little bit more range and allowed me to give my characters a little bit more color. That’s definitely a really important skill set for an actor to have. You can’t always be so dramatic. I tried to do that with Kol, in certain moments that were very dark or very serious, and I think that’s what the audience liked about it.”