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Shathaniel 💕

This is a draw-it-again of a image I drew years ago of my candy (she looked different at this time) and Nath c:
I hate the first drawing but I love the idea so I had to re-do it c:

shame image under spoiler 

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Kiss with mcl/eldarya boys (or something more, muahaha >:D)


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Armin (a real gentleman, yeah)

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Nevra *in his element, I think*

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Valkyon (omg, more sweet nothings) he is my favorite god I love it

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Leiftan    (dooooown, dooooown)

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Kero (give the once be a hot guy)

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MCL Boyfriend Headcanons: Affection (anon requested)

Nathaniel, PDA

  • Isn’t overly affectionate
  • Has to be touching you in some way though, whether it’s just hand holding or having an arm around you
  • Likes to come behind you and gently place his hands on your shoulders
  • Will sneak in a few cheek kisses, but they’re usually just tiny pecks
  • Gets a bit shy in public but if you want a kiss he’ll gladly do so

In Private

  • Likes to hug you from behind and nuzzle into your neck
  • Loves placing his hands on your hips
  • Will randomly grab you and pull you onto the couch to lay with him
  • Kisses are more passionate and deep (and occasionally lead to other things~)
  • Loves when you play with his hair and goes to sleep almost instantly
  • Likes when you massage his back because he can feel pretty tense sometimes
  • Likes being the little spoon because your embrace makes him feel safe
  • Occasionally wants to be babied, especially when his stressed, so he’ll lay his head on your lap or your chest (assuming you have boobs, he secretly likes using them as pillows)

Castiel, PDA

Definitely will be flirty in public but not in a romantic way, more of a teasing       way. Being super lovey-dovey in public is just not his thingLikes to grab you by the waist and pull you into his sideHand holding makes him really shy, but he will never admit it so he’ll still           tease you to hide his blushingWill always sneak in booty grabs/slapsIf you kiss him in public he’s going to make a scene (and probably get you         kicked out of wherever you are)Probably whispering really dirty things in your ear the entire time (only if           you’re in the sexy time phase)

 In Private

  • Make out sessions increase x10
  • Loves kissing your neck because he likes the way you get all flustered
  • Is more romantic behind closed doors so he’ll occasionally do something really sweet, like kissing your hands or forehead
  • Gets really annoying when you don’t pay attention to him and will bug you until you do
  • When he’s relaxed he likes to pull you on top of him and just hold you
  • Will playfully lick your face just to hear you complain/laugh, but it’s not the gross slimy licks
  • If he falls asleep like that then you’re going to have a hard time getting out of his arms
  • If you allow it, there will be lots of groping from him
  • When you’re sleeping he’ll whisper the sweetest things ever, but only when you’re sleeping because he’s too embarrassed to say them otherwise

Armin, PDA

  • He’s not afraid to show affection in public, but he doesn’t go all out because he likes to save those moments for later
  • Hand holding is a must with him
  • He likes to say cheesy pickup lines to make you laugh
  • Loves attacking your cheek with multiple kisses
  • His forehead kisses are the best
  • Lip kisses are very quick when in front of others but still sweet

In Private

  • Is really playful when you’re alone so he likes to tackle you and start tickling your sides
  • Thinks your laugh is the best sound in the world so he does anything to hear it
  • He likes to attack you with kisses, but on your neck this time.
  • Likes to have you sitting on his lap with your legs wrapped around him so he can be close to you and lay his head on your chest
  • Falls asleep very quickly and will not let go of you until you agree to nap with him
  • Kisses are more gentle and a little steamy (likes tongue action but won’t do it if you don’t like it)
  •  Always accidentally giving you hickeys
  • When he plays video games he likes having your arms wrapped around him from behind with your head on his shoulder (accidentally hit you with his controller once because he got gamer rage and felt so horrible after, so now he calms down a bit)

Lysander, PDA

  • Is affectionate but not very physical in public
  • Will hold your hand with your fingers intertwined together
  • Likes to walk around with you holding onto his arm
  • Will place his hand on your lower back and rub small circles
  • Will kiss your temple or the back of your hand if he’s feeling more affectionate
  • Kisses with him are short but still gentle and loving
  • He’s always staring at you with a small smile and gets these wonderful surges of love for you

In Private

  • Becomes very sweet in private, the kind of sweet that makes your heart melt (and the panties drop)
  • Kisses you more deeply and passionately, loves grabbing your hair and face to bring you closer
  • His hugs are amazing and can make you feel better instantly
  • Loves rubbing your shoulders
  • Likes playing in your hair, tries to braid it sometimes and fails
  • If he’s feeling a bit bold he’ll sometimes have you against a wall while slowly kissing on your neck, getting that sweet spot just right
  • When you’re cuddling he loves whispering the sweetest things in your ear and kissing your forehead
  • Also loves having his hair played with and will probably be knocked out in like 2 minutes (it’s over if you start combing it or something, that boy will be passed out)
  • Since he’s so to himself, he will occasionally want his space, but he’ll still want you there with him in some way, even if you aren’t even talking to each other

Kentin, PDA

  • Loves PDA because he loves showing you off but still not overly affectionate
  • Always holding your hand, but usually gets more needy and throws an arm around you
  • Likes to give you piggy back rides or carry you bridal style no matter where you are
  • Refuses to sit across from you if you’re on a date at a restaurant or something, he has to be right there next to you
  • Places gentle kisses in your forehead, cheeks and hands

In Private

  • He absolutely loves giving you bear hugs and nuzzling your neck
  • Likes to give raspberry kisses to your neck and cheek
  • Loves holding your waist and having a hand the small of your back
  • Kisses are very slow and sweet, almost like he’s afraid he’ll hurt you
  • Always telling you how beautiful you are and blushes like crazy
  • Really hesitant with making out because he doesn’t know if you want it, but if you initiate it then he will not object (the boy gets turned on really fast)
  • Likes to play with your hair but always gets it tangled up somehow
  • Gets extremely whiny if he feels like he’s not getting enough attention and will pout until you give him what he wants