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Nathaniel Headcanons

1. What they smell like:
Probably like soap, with a hint of some lavender shampoo. He might taste like coffee (black, no cream, no sugar, he doesn’t like the sweet taste), since he’s always drinking it to have energy to study and handle his responsabilities as the student councel president.

2. How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):
He can easily fall sleep anywhere, though that does not mean he’ll sleep well. He did already sleep while studying, on bed reading a book or sitting on the sofa while watching a movie. But can only catch a good night of sleep while sleeping on his bed, with the right kind of bed linens. Tries to sleep everyday at 10:30 PM, but he’ll stay up past it sometimes.

3. What music they enjoy:
As a child, he would listen to a lot of classical music his mother would play for him and his sister. When he grew up, he realized he liked those kinds of music. He also likes to listen to a lot of opera, baroque, jazz and musicals.

4. How much time they spend getting ready every morning:
About 30 minutes. The amount of time needed to take a shower, brush his teeth, comb his hair and put on some nice clothes.

5. Their favourite thing to collect:
He isn’t much of a hoarder, but won’t pass the oportunity to buy a good new book if it comes. He sometimes will visit used bookstores to find new gems, but won’t buy anything new if he still has books to read.

6. Left or right-handed:

7. Religion (if any):
His family isn’t much religious, so he didn’t grew up with many religious values. He considers himself agnostic, but is willing to change his views. He has read about many religions before and find all of them fascinating.

8. Favourite sport:
He pratices boxes from time to time and used to play football a lot as a kid. Once he grew up he stopped, to be able to dedicate his time to studying. However, will play it if the opportunity comes. He will watch football matches on TV and cheer for his team as well as watching the olympics and world cup. He also likes cycling and motor racing.

9. Favourite touristy thing to do when travelling:
Visiting the historical sites and taking a lot of pictures, so he can remind those moments later.  

10. Favorite kind of weather:
Sunny pleasant days, his favorite season is fall. Spring is bad for his allergies, winter is too cold and summer is too hot. Fall has the perfect kind of weather for him, so he can wear the kinds of clothes he likes and take a stroll.

11. A weird/obscure fear they have:  
He’s afraid of not being good enough. He was abused, so his confidence was always on a low level. It’s getting better now that he lives on his own, but there’s still a long way to go. He will try to be the best at anything he tries.

12. The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail:
Ring toss. He has a good aim and can see which bottle is the right one.

  • Nathaniel: Look. I just think smoking is bad.
  • Castiel: Oh my God.
  • Castiel: Really?
  • Castiel: Oh, that's the best advice ever! Lys, quick, take notes!
  • Lysander: I can't.
  • Castiel: He can't.
  • Lysander: I lost my notepad.
  • Castiel: Oh, damn, we're out of notepads.
  • Nathaniel: You lost your notepad again?!
  • Castiel: It's called sarcasm, Nathaniel, no one cares about what you have to say.
  • Lysander: No, I actually lost my notepad.
  • Castiel: Again?!

anonymous asked:

Oh please I need hc about friendships between the boys❤

Totally man. SO these headcanons are based on the boys canon friendships. So there may not be many, but still I hope you like them anon. Enjoy!

Nathaniel & Armin:

  • They have a very good bond, already. They just click together.
  • The two of them have spent sleepovers together, usually playing video games.
  • Nathaniel has unintentionally scared Armin with crime documentaries,, couldn’t sleep without the light on for like 2 days
  • Nath can whoop Armin in video games, Armin is very petty about it
  • Armin sometimes calls Nathaniel ‘bro’ and Nath has yet to understand the reference-
  • The first time Armin offered a fist pump Nath was  co n fused as HECK
  • They both get really scared of horror movies, like Armin will fall off of the couch and Nathaniel is the type to jump
  • Both of them talk about sibling struggles
  • Armin has spammed Nathaniels phone with the bee movie script + puns.
  • Nathaniel is slayed by Armin in online gaming,,
  • Armin had scared Nathaniel with fake spiders before and he ignored him for 3 days 
  • Armin has been kinda a bad influence, but has placed some fun into Nath’s life

Nathaniel & Kentin (canon in Amour Sucre manga):

  • Nath and Kentin are sweet types of friends, like smol friends.
  • Kentin tries to get Nathaniel to be less uptight and to think of other things
  • Both are scared of their dads, that’s no lie
  • Nathaniel taught Kentin some boxing moves and Kentin taught Nathaniel some cool military moves
  • Nathaniel actually got Kentin into some crime novel books, but it didn’t last long since Kentin got sad on some cases
  • Both have vented with each other about their dads
  • Kentin is pretty good at making Nathaniel calm down, I can see him just going like ‘you should chill out’ and Nath tries to maintain himself.
  • Kentin got Nathaniel to go running once, but Nathaniel nearly died
  • Kentin doesn’t bring up Amber with Nathaniel, he just doesn’t think it’s nice man
  • Nathaniel was invited by Kentin to come and bake at his house
  • Nathaniel is NOT a baking guy, but liked to watch Kentin decorate

Castiel & Lysander:

  • Their friendship is just unbreakable.
  • Castiel probably swears a lot around Lysander, thinks he should swear less
  • Castiel is totally the dominant one, drags Lysander everywhere 
  • They straight up talk to each other, anytime after class or when they can.
  • Castiel has become a lot more aware of Lysander after his accident a secret mom friend
  • Lysander likes to sometimes do Castiel’s hair, sometimes in a ponytail
  • These two totally man hug, straight up man hugs
  • Castiel has spammed Lysander’s (even Candy’s) phone when he doesn’t reply
  • They have sleepovers, usually at Castiel’s place.
  • Lysander is the mom friend, he advises Castiel most of the time of what not to do
  • Castiel takes a lot of pictures of he and Lysander together, especially dumb ones
  • Castiel has tried to show Lysander vines but…Lysander is just ?? He doesn’t get it.
  • They wouldn’t fight over Candy…but if they both liked her, the bf would be upset to let the other know,,
  • Lysander sometimes gets lost without Castiel, he just spaces out and walks somewhere
  • Lysander has probably won all arguments he and Castiel have
  • Castiel CAN’T bring himself to ignore Lys, even if he’s being petty
  • Castiel bought Lysander a stuffed toy rabbit, he keeps it in his locker 
  • Lysander bought Castiel that guitar pick
  • Again, these two are unbreakable.

Kentin & Alexy.

  • Kentin is open to Alexy anytime, asks him for relationship advice
  • Alexy is always the one who finds out the crushes in the school, always.
  • Kentin shares his sweets with Alexy in the class, kinda just passing him some
  • Kentin accidentally made the first move with Alexy, never regretted it
  • Alexy loves being taller than Kentin, ruffling his hair and calling him ‘Kennykins’
  • Kentin has tried multiple times to ignore Alexy, but he just can’t man - that bond is strong
  • Alexy tried to take Kentin shopping, Kentin went 0 to 100 out of that door real quick
  • Kentin sometimes invites Alexy over to his place, they usually talk and play some video games
  • Kentin also told Alexy that he was afraid of his father and Alexy gives him advice
  • Alexy loves Kentin’s baking
  • Alexy has tried to confess for Kentin but Kentin would always find a way to make him s hu tu p
  • Alexy openly rants to Kentin about the schools fashion and Kentin is just very lost.
  • These two, are totally great for eachother, best friends man