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The Whatsapp moan (please use headphones)

So imagine you open a chat with your friend and he send you an audio, you click on the audio and you hear THAT VERY LOUD MOAN HERE 

A girl asked me about how would be the reaction of the MCL boys with that viral shit that made me be ashamed in the mall because it was too loud and scared me (yes my friend sent me that and i cried)

i was so embarassed when that happend omg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


I’ve translated this! Finally!
Old collaboration with Axel Stardust and crossover with “Don’t Starve”.
It’s not the game mode! It’s just our idea of MCL characters in this game.
Sorry for my English if something goes wrong :в

Guys at the sex education class...

Nathaniel:  “um, what?”

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Castiel: “we will even have practice?”

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Lysander: “okay it’s just a lesson”

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Kentin: “no-no, thanks”

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Candy: “NO BYE-”

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Hey! I was thinking about a reverse my candy love universe, where all the characters change their personality or changing roles with other characters. In the end i liked the result lol i haven’t finished yet but i’ll make all the characters from the school
so here we go!


-don’t mess with other people life
-”relax bruh, chill~~”
-dosen’t help everybody with everything 
-don’t care


- Cute but can kill you 
- Don’t like Lysander grrr
- School president
- Perfect son


- Baby 
- Loves candy more than everything in the world
- bad grades 
- Likes sports 


- Sarcasm 
- fuCk u CasTiel 
- sing some emo mcr songs
- wants more tattoo 


- Sinnamon roll 
- Memes 
- DS >>>>> PSP
- nerd dork 

Armin & Alexy

- Cinnamon roll 
- Likes drawing (specially nude)
- quiet 
- Dosen’t get along too well with Alexy (But still love his bro and worry about him)
- Shy, nervous, anxious help 
- Likes kentin but can’t come close to him 
- Don’t care about his clothes (different from Armin)
- Dies when someone hugs him 

Shipping goes through 3 stages for me

I start by shipping a “ normal ”, “ canon ” ship…

Then ship good characters with bad characters.

Finally, I go into a very dark path and I don’t know what happens to me next, and I find myself shipping a character with a broom.

I have zero regrets.