Finally! I got to do my very first Follow Forever, and as it is Christmas, it’s a Christmas Follow Forever! Every single person in this list is one of my favorites! They have amazing blogs and beautiful posts, and just to complete, they are amazing and lovely people! I severely recommend you to follow every single one of them. If you’re not on this list don’t be sad, it doesn’t mean you’re not one of my favorites, I probably just forgot to put you in. :)

In no particular order:

❄ snowkeegan ❄ nareeshas ❄ kelseybelles ❄ nathanclausdrunkjay ❄ jinglejaysballs ❄ jayfuckinmcguiness ❄ nodoyjay ❄ snowyparker ❄ maxclausmadefornathbeingahohohoforjay ❄ pintofjay ❄ sykesified ❄ adorejayreindeersykes ❄ babynayfjaysbiirdwarzonesohsykesnathfrost ❄ fuckingnayf ❄ mcguinessxmasbangingparker ❄ mcgayness ❄ nayfansykes adorableparker jaysdickinabox georgesmax grinchsykes jayscandycane 

I love you guys, thank you for making my dashboard a little brighter every day and MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! xxx