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Thank you all for 1k! Keep on supporting Ross Butler! :D #ultimateseriesking #foreverhighschoolgod #theasiangene

Ehem, let me present to you obscure pics of this beautiful face! Let me just be thankful for a moment that I am lucky to be born in an era where this man is alive.

Let’s talk about Nathan Pierce from Teen Wolf! Let’s talk about Reggie Mantle from Riverdale! Let’s talk about Zach Dempsey from 13 Reasons Why! Let’s talk about ROSS BUTLER!

I Have A Confession

This might be long so I apologize in advanced.

I enjoy writing. It’s my escape from my real life. I can escape from my parents who argue a lot. Its my escape from my dad calling me useless. From my sisters who call me clumsy or stupid. From my friends who don’t invite me to hang out sometimes. Writing makes me feel great because its the one thing family and friends don’t know I do, which makes me happy because its the one thing that they can’t criticize me about or take away from me. Only three of my friends know I write fan-fiction. One of them made a blog to read my stories, the second one said she would make one to just read my work, the third has just read my work and said it was great. That was a boost for me.

So knowing that some of you actually like to read my stories makes me really emotional in a good way. I didn’t think my writing was good at all. I felt I was doing something stupid. And when my mom makes a comment or my sisters call me out because I’m doing something I enjoy doing, it makes me upset. I’m not the most socialist person, I’m shy. I can’t even present something in front of big groups of people.

That’s why I feel that I can really be myself on Tumblr. I can go crazy over someone I like and post my interest. Writing feels like the one thing I can call mine. Like its that one thing no one can take away from me. So I want to thank everyone who makes me want to write. I also want to apologize for not always updating. I get writers block really badly, I know its not an excuse but its the truth, every time you ask for another part or something different I feel a bit pressured, and I really want to give you what you want, but it isn’t always easy.

Sorry for my stupid rant and wasting your time…. :/

jabberwockypie  asked:

So Nathan is brownish-gold golden-retriever colors when he's a werewolf? (Asking for Reasons.)

When Nathan is WOLF-ified, sorry. *facepalm*

I saw your second message first and was so confused lol.

When Nathan is in wolf form he is indeed a brownish, reddish gold. Sort of like this handsome fellow

He is however slightly larger than a grey wolf. Not necessarily because werewolves are huge, just that Nathan is a giant burly mother fucker and all that mass has to go somewhere.

i live for height difference!nabriel

  • smol ball of anger nathan and his tol bf
  • nathan has to stay on his tip toes to kiss gabriel who is enjoying it very much and will even raise his chin higher while looking v pleased with himself
  • forehead kisses whenever nathan has doubts
  • nathan might be short but watch him be the big spoon and hold gab so tight he could suffocate 
  • when hugging, gabriel rests his chin on top of nathan’s head to which nathan usually complains but still buries his face in gab’s chest bc he likes listening to his heartbeat
  • nathan being ready to fight anyone who calls him short but gabriel is the one who’d actually punch them
  • when nathan transforms into his wolf-like animal form he stands on his back paws so he’s the tol one
  • gabriel doesn’t mind bc he loves cuddling that big mass of fur 
Fancy Dinner Parties
  • Me: *wide eyed* Oh my god, this mansion is gorgeous! It's like something out of a movie! Look at how pretty that staircase is! Is that an actual suit of armor over there? I think I'm going to faint!
  • Flesh Mass: *wringing out skirt* ...Yeah.
  • Maid: *descends staircase* Welcome back, ma'am. I see you've returned with a guest. *bows*
  • Flesh Mass: ...Yeah.
  • Me: Oh my god, is that a real maid? That's a real maid! This is so cool!
  • Maid: Does our guest wish to be shown to the bathing quarters.
  • Me: Oh! My! God! You're so old school! You don't have to ham it up like that! Like, oh my god, I can't believe this! You're so precious! But, yeah. I could totally go for a bath right now. Gosh, a real bath in stead of a shower. Sorry, sorry. It's been so long since I've been in a bath full of warm soapy water. We only have a shower back at my apartment. Am I rambling? Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed! Sorry!
  • Flesh Mass: Are you guys cool, I'm going to go play xbox until I pass out.
  • Maid: Master requested ma'am's presence in the dining room. We will be having dinner tonight to honour our guest.
  • Me: Oh my god, dinner for me!?
  • Flesh Mass: Seriously, dinner for her?
  • Maid: Master says her arrival is a special occasion.
  • Me: Oh my god, how romantic!
  • Flesh Mass: *under breath* It wasn't a fucking special occasion when he kidnapped me. *loudly* FINE! I'll see you guys in the dining room for this SPECIAL OCCASION. Fucking waste of my time.
  • Me: She's so nice. Are your baths as fancy as the staircase?
  • Maid: Indubitably so.
  • Me: I don't even know what that means, but I just know they're going to be extra fancy.
  • Maid: *sighs* Our guest may come with me now.
  • Me: Oh, I'm so excited!
  • *in the dining room*
  • Java Wolf: *seated at one end of a long table*
  • Flesh Mass: *seated at the opposite end of a long table* What's this all about?
  • Java Wolf: A feast for my first step into sheer depravity. Think of it as a true handing of the torch of evil from father to son. You'll see.
  • Flesh Mass: Are you going to kill that lady?
  • Java Wolf: Of course. Did you expect me to let her live? Anyone who enters my abode is a simple play thing for my visceral needs.
  • Flesh Mass: Don't kill her.
  • Java Wolf: Why?
  • Flesh Mass: She's innocent.
  • Java Wolf: None of us are innocent. Besides, what connection do you have to that miserable woman which makes you vouch for her life?
  • Flesh Mass: I've see her around town before, but it's not that. She was on the streets in a trash can. She looked so pathetic. She looked like me. I pity her.
  • Java Wolf: Pity. Whenever I see something pitiful I get an insatiable urge to kill it. But, my dear, I have to say that you're beginning to disappoint me.
  • Flesh Mass: I was never trying to impress you in the first place, dude.
  • Java Wolf: Indeed, it's more of a personal bugbear than a true failing in your character. It's slightly irritating that a being with a unique condition such as yours would fall so in line with traditional morality that you would even take pity on a worthless vagrant woman. Most people simply ignore street riff-raff like her. She won't be missed. Then again, I have an inkling that whatever morality you may display is but a simple front for an ideology that's much more alien and unknowable. Would you say that's the case?
  • Flesh Mass: I don't think about that type of shit, dude.
  • Java Wolf: Such a shame.
  • Maid: *enters the dining room* Our guest has arrived.
  • Me: *enters the dining room in an elegant dress* Oh my god, this is the prettiest room I've seen in my entire life. *takes a seat in the middle of the long ass table* I can't believe this table! Why is it so long! Can you guys even hear! Do I need to yell!
  • Java Wolf: No yelling is necessary, thank you.
  • Me: Oh. My. God! Are you a furry!? Your fursuit is so pretty! I used to be a furry, y'know! I had to get out of the fandom because it was too expensive, and I was working 24/7! Oh, it was horrible! But, I never thought I'd meet a real furry! Especially, one that owns such an awesome mansion! Are you a celebrity!?
  • Java Wolf: No, my dear. I am not a celebrity. My name is Nathan Wolfe, heir to the Wolfe fortune. So, I must be honest with you and say that the extravagant wealth that you see before you now was not created by me, but instead appropriated from my father. Rest his soul. You can refer to me as, Java Wolf. My dear, would happen to know about the history of my family?
  • Me: No, but I've heard the name around before.
  • Java Wolf: It's no surprise that you would, my family is the most wealthy family within in the county area, due in part to the former family business, that of exporting premium grade luxury coffee. My father was the head of the business for the majority of its existence, but when he passed he I had inherited control of the business and his fortune. During this period I had traveled to the country where the coffee beans that fueled the business were collected. You wouldn't believe what I saw.
  • Me: What'd you see?
  • Java Wolf: Debauchery and cruelty, my dear. It was pure slave labour, even torture at times. I couldn't believe such a thing was legal, much less condoned under the command of my father whom I always viewed as a man of absolute moral integrity. I couldn't let it continue, my dear. So, I shut the whole business down and put an end to that exploitative madness, snuffing out my father's bloody legacy once and for all.
  • *the maid places mugs of coffee on the table*
  • Me: Whoa, that's a pretty big thing to do.
  • Java Wolf: Yes, though I am no saint. I have my base needs, my wants and comforts. I've kept all the wealth my father accumulated through the company, though its no different than blood money in the eyes of a just arbitrator. However, I don't think such an arbitrator can exist in the Western world, so wrought with capitalist hegemony. Do you, my dear?
  • Me: I don't know really know what you mean.
  • Java Wolf: *chuckles* It's no matter. No matter at all. We're not here tonight to discuss politics or morality. We're here to celebrate an awakening, and give welcome to our beautiful guest.
  • Me: Oh gosh, you're making me blush.
  • Java Wolf: *lifts mug* So, may I propose a toast. A toast to the Wolf and the Trinity that unites us all in debauchery.
  • Me: A toast to the Wolf and the Trinity of something something!
  • Flesh Mass: Whatever she said.
  • Java Wolf: Drink, my dears. Drink. *sips coffee* Hmm, this coffee tastes pretty odd. *yawns* Goodness, excuse me. *passes out and falls out of chair*
  • Maid: Oh, how foolish of me. I accidentally gave master the spiked coffee instead of our guest. How could I have made such a grievous mistake. *lights cigarette and takes a long drag*
  • Flesh Mass: Yeah, if you need me I'll be playing xbox. *walks off*
  • Me: This is a weird party.

[21:07:43] irradiated nathan drake:
the entire wolf 359 fandom: minkowski and hamilton-
me, slamming my fist on the table: IT CAME OUT LATE 2015 AND SHE WOULDN’T KNOW IT EXISTS
[21:09:14] deep fried hat boy: TELL HER IT EXISTS
[21:09:17] deep fried hat boy: GOOD LORD TELL HER
[21:10:24] irradiated nathan drake: kepler walks into the break room like “jacobi, maxwell, i trust you’re-” and maxwell looks up guiltily from where she was saying “no, see, aaron burr was placed in the traditional role of the antagonist from the start”
[21:12:08] irradiated nathan drake: kepler stares at her and minkowski where they’re at the table for a moment and then he turns like “jacobi i trust at least that you’re -” but jacobi’s paused in the middle of his dramatic zero-gravity re-enactment of yorktown
[21:13:36] irradiated nathan drake: there’s a long pause and then he’s like “what are you doing.” and they’re both like “……………..we’re telling lieutenant minkowski about hamilton”
[21:14:08] irradiated nathan drake: then there’s another long pause where they fully expect to get shouted at but then kepler just smiles and says “did i ever tell y'all about the time i saved lin manuel miranda’s life”