• Damien: Hi, welcome to the South Park Villains Rehabilitation Center, Hosted by myself and Gregory.
  • Gregory: Name, crime and the last time you were relevant?
  • Satan: Satan Thorn, I'm here because this is my house, oh and something about trying to rule the world I guess. Uh....Season 10.
  • Terrance: Terrance Mephesto, I made a clone of Stan that nearly destroyed the town, and Season 1.
  • Bill: Bill Allen, kidnapped a doll with Fosse, Season 7
  • Fosse: Fosse Mcdonald, same as Bill.
  • Guinea Pirate: Guinea Pirate, tried to kill Craig and his friends so I could enslave the world, with my giant guinea pigs, Season 12.
  • Scott: Scott Tenorman, wanted revenge on Cartman after he killed my parents and turned them into chili, Season 14
  • Trent: Trent Boyett, wanted revenge on Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman, Season 8.
  • Nathan: Nathan Lane, gave Jimmy Steroids, and worked with the ads, Season 19.
  • Leslie: Leslie Meyers, used Kyle and Jimmy to further my plans for world domination, Season 19.
  • Danish Troll: I am the former head of Denmark's security, and I tried to start WW3, this season.
  • Damien: Ok and...wait Butters?
  • Butters: Hey fellahs.
  • Damien: You're a villain now?
  • Terrance: the fuck did we miss?
  • Butters: You have no idea.
Nathan Lane offers a preview of Trump TV’s lineup on Late Night:

“Modern White Heterosexual Family”
“Evicting The Jeffersons”
“How I Deported Your Mother”
“Married With Prenups”
“8 Simple Rules for Me Dating My Daughter”
“Touched By A Billionaire”
“Everyone Hates Chris Christie”
“How To Get Away With Murder-ing Billy Bush”

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