A/N: Hello! Quick drabble for you guys that I had planned for a long, long, long time and finally remembered to write. Starring Little Nathan, Percy The Dad, and the problem of marrying a daughter of Athena.


Percy was sitting by the kitchen table, trying to wrap his mind around his bloody taxes, when the scuffling of little stockinged feet distracted him. Nathan had woken up from his nap and dragged his still sleepy self to the kitchen. While he watched, his son climbed the chair beside his and stood on it, leaning on the table with his elbows.

“Hey, buddy, what’s up?” Percy greeted him.

“Daddy…” Nathan started, sounding troubled, “Can I ask you some questions?”

“Sure, son. Go ahead.”

“How does a camera work?”

“Oh, it’s really easy, bug, you hold it up, point it to the thing you want in the photo, and press the button!” Percy smiled at him, but Nate shook his head.

“No, daddy, I know how to take a picture. But how does it work? How does the photo get there?” he insisted.

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Grey's Anatomy: What to Expect When Season 12 Resumes | THR

Expect the action — and melodrama — to return in fill swing when ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy returns from its two-month winter hiatus on Feb. 11.

Following Owen’s sibling surprise, April and Jackson’s suspended marriage and Alex and Jo’s proposal, there sure are a lot of things waiting to be resolved in the back half of season 12. To get a sense of what to expect from the remainder of the season, THR caught up with a few of the McStars from the Shonda Rhimes medical drama. Here are a few things to look forward to.

Meredith, Meredith, Meredith
Drew says that the midseason premiere (episode nine) will — as the promos suggest — focus on Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and her subsequent stabbing (which as this new promo suggests, could be the result of a major car crash.

“Episode nine when we come back is all about the terrifying, horrible attack that happens to her,” Drew says of the Denzel Washington-directed hour. “It’s incredibly surprising and is an attack on her that comes from out of nowhere and it’s shocking. It’s a contained special and one of those very special episodes.”

For those wondering if Amelia really did break her sobriety in the midseason finale, co-star Caterina Scorsone is putting those questions to rest.

“She drank the drink; it wasn’t water!” the actress behind the Dr. Amelia Shepard says. “Amelia is in a precarious and vulnerable place at the moment. She is walking a razor’s edge right now. And she’s on the outs with just about everyone. There’s a rift with her and Owen; there’s a huge rift with Meredith. She’s been kicked out of the house and is feeling pretty isolated.”

After Mer gave Amelia the boot in the midseason finale, Scorsone has no clue where her character is hanging her stethoscope these days. “I don’t know [where she moves to]; she’s staying somewhere! I don’t want to ask!! It’s possible she’s in a hotel; she definitely does not have a permanent living situation.”

Amelia and Owen
As for how breaking sobriety might impact Amelia’s romantic relationship, Scorsone admits it “probably wouldn’t impress Owen if he found out.” Also likely to be on a list of things that don’t impress Owen? Hanging out with his mortal enemy, Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson). For now, the actress says, Amelia and Nathan are just drinking buddies — but she won’t rule out anything that happens after spending too much time at Joe’s bar. “All bets are off! Amelia tends to not make great decisions when she’s under the influence of alcohol or chemicals. But I can’t give you any information there,” Scorsone says. Asked if Amelia’s drinking could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, that remains unclear.

“It’s definitely going to impact their relationship,” she says. “His reaction to it isn’t the very best but I’m clearly biased. There are going to be some bumps in that road. We’ll see if those crazy kids can get it together. Deep down, they’re such good people and they’ve been through hell!”

Owen and Nathan
Owen has a sister, that much we know. But just how Henderson’s new McMystery Man Nathan Riggs was connected to her is anyone’s guess. But one thing is certain: Nathan is not Owen’s sister as many have theorized.

“Some people thought I might be Owen’s sister, that Riggs had a sex change. That’s not true that I know of!” Henderson says with a laugh. “A little more gets revealed. Owen’s ongoing feud with Nathan ends up causing enough friction within Nathan’s working environment where he’s constantly having to defend and justify himself because of the ill-will that Owen is spreading.”

Nathan and … Meredith?!
Given the fortuitous way that Nathan met Meredith — by Grey’s Anatomy’s famous elevator (where Mer and Derek shared many a major moment) — could he wind up being her new McMan?

“Is there a romantic interest there? No, I don’t think that’s in any way implied,” Henderson says. “I don’t think we’ve played it like that. The writers are undoubtedly — and Shonda specifically — are having a lot of fun with people’s projections and preconceived idea that my introduction and Derek’s departure are somehow very linked as a narrative. But Shonda is having too much fun playing with that expectation to play into it and I think she’s smart enough to know that that’s a little too obvious. I think it will always be a possibility but any relationship is up for grabs on this show. That will remain a mystery — it is to me. It would be a way to go but I know that they would take just as much glee at thwarting people’s expectations and going a different way.”

While that may not be on the table right now, do look for Meredith to learn more about Nathan from the man himself. Henderson says Nathan will “divulge some facts to Meredith” in a bid to defend himself from Owen’s claims. “He ends up revealing more than he wants to in that moment, which becomes a little awkward and it gets cut quite short,” Henderson adds. “But in a few episodes from now, the audience definitely starts to learn a little bit more about who Nathan is and what happened and how Owen and Nathan are connected. Ultimately, we have very different views on the same thing.”

Meredith and Amelia
To say that Meredith’s attack is going to “deeply impact” her sister-in-law is probably an understatement. Scorsone says that Mer will “bare the brunt” of the attack but that Amelia will “hold herself responsible for the misfortune of others.” That the attack comes as she’s resumed drinking and has already been kicked out of House Grey only further complicates their relationship.  

“Their relationship is at such a low point when [the attack] happens; Amelia holds herself responsible for the misfortune of others. This poor girl! She’s going to take it pretty hard.”

Andrew and Maggie
“The upcoming episodes you’ll see them facing more difficult challenges for their relationship and how it’s viewed by other people at the hospital and how that creates pressure for them,” new series regular Giacomo Gianniotti (Andrew DeLuca) says, warning that new lovebirds Maggie and Andrew will be their own worst enemy when it comes to their burgeoning relationship.

Adds Kelly McCreary (Maggie): “We last left them acknowledging that their feelings were unprofessional. They’re going to have to figure out how to be professional and have feelings at the same time, which as you can imagine for Maggie is awkward, like everything is for Maggie. They’re going to have fun along the way while they figure out how to do that.”

Maggie and Meredith — and Amelia
Meredith’s attack will truly shake things up for Maggie, McCreary says of her on-screen half-sister. “Meredith, Richard and Amelia are Maggie’s newly chosen family and this completely rocks her world. We’ve seen Maggie to be a very devoted sister and very loving and caring and she’s devastated and tries to be there every way imaginable for Meredith — just as you think she would be.” As for whether or not Maggie will be there to support twisted sister Amelia, McCreary says Maggie — for now — is unaware of “how tortured Amelia’s pat is.”

“But Maggie loves her just the same. Maggie doesn’t get too involved in the dark side of what Amelia is going through; she keeps her focus on Meredith. There’s only so much dark a woman can take,” McCreary says.

April and Jackson
Sarah Drew (April) warns that April and Jackson’s (Jesse Williams) future won’t be settled any time soon.

“We don’t hear the end of that conversation until a few episodes down the road,” Drew previews, stressing episode 11 is key for the sorta couple. “I know everybody wants to know what Jackson was going to say, but they’re going to have to wait until episode 11 to find out.”


“That was not kind. Not kind at all”.

lol that time Nathan flung Ezra into a tree.
Grey's Anatomy: 5 Things You Need to Know Before the Midseason Premiere | TVLine
By Andy Patrick

Thanks to ABC’s terrifying promos for the midseason premiere of Grey’s Anatomy (Feb. 11 at 8/7c), we’re as braced as we can be for Meredith’s violent attack by a patient in “The Sound of Silence.” But what else do we need to know going into not only the Denzel Washington-directed episode but also the season’s second half? Read on…

5. Even after three months of suspense, we still won’t learn what Jackson was going to tell April in the winter finale — whether they were finished or starting over. However, since Michael Ausiello hinted that we would likely find out the Feb. 18 episode — and that installment is titled “All I Want Is You” — Japril fans might wanna put some bubbly on ice for celebrating.

4. Then again, the Feb. 18 title could refer to Alex and Jo, not Jackson and April. When last we saw Karev and Wilson, he’d just popped the question and was waiting for an answer. And, since the midseason premiere is “very Meredith-centric,” per Sarah Drew (April), even if Alex got his answer, it seems unlikely that we’ll be immediately told what it was. (If it’s a no, maybe the tender kiss that he gives a stricken Mer in the promo is a sign that Ausiello is finally going to get the Grey/Karev pairing he’s occasionally championed?)

3. Whether Maggie ultimately decides that Andrew is a keeper “remains to be seen,” her portrayer, Kelly McCreary, recently told Matt Mitovich. But in the meantime, the show has made up its mind about McStudly — by promoting Giacomo Gianniotti to series regular.

2. Though Martin Henderson and Kevin McKidd have both confirmed that Nathan himself is not the sister we never knew Owen even had, the mystery of her fate won’t be resolved for another month or so. (McKidd has said that we’d get the deets around Episode 14, and the midseason premiere is only Episode 9.)

1. Someone’s about to spend some quality time on a shrink’s couch. When we originally learned that Life Goes On dad Bill Smitrovich would guest-star in Episode 10 as a “fatherly” therapist, we assumed that he’d be counseling Derek’s widow. Now that we know about the ordeal she’s soon to endure, that scenario seems even likelier. On the other hand, he could also be treating Owen (whose PTSD has flared up since Nathan’s arrival) or Amelia (who’s just fallen off the wagon), or helping the Averys navigate the road to reconciliation.

Nathan screaming at the others while they do stupid shit like jumping off a waterfall that might have rocks right there, trying to make a catapult that can take something human-sized as ammunition or blowing a very large, very stubborn tree stump that has defeated generations out of the ground with dynamite.




and then the poor man just sighs and shakes his head “why do I bother. Why do I even bother. Even if they listen they’ll just find something even worse…”

And he goes and gets his first aid kit muttering to himself about the Darwin awards and stupidity being a prerequisite for this stupid job.