A/N: Hello! Quick drabble for you guys that I had planned for a long, long, long time and finally remembered to write. Starring Little Nathan, Percy The Dad, and the problem of marrying a daughter of Athena.


Percy was sitting by the kitchen table, trying to wrap his mind around his bloody taxes, when the scuffling of little stockinged feet distracted him. Nathan had woken up from his nap and dragged his still sleepy self to the kitchen. While he watched, his son climbed the chair beside his and stood on it, leaning on the table with his elbows.

“Hey, buddy, what’s up?” Percy greeted him.

“Daddy…” Nathan started, sounding troubled, “Can I ask you some questions?”

“Sure, son. Go ahead.”

“How does a camera work?”

“Oh, it’s really easy, bug, you hold it up, point it to the thing you want in the photo, and press the button!” Percy smiled at him, but Nate shook his head.

“No, daddy, I know how to take a picture. But how does it work? How does the photo get there?” he insisted.

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New Words

A/N: Hellooo! I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy. This little thing is a birthday present for the lovely lovely annabeyonce! Rachel bby, I did it! I wrote you a thing! It’s got little Logan and a birthday in it! Here, I hope you like it! And have a wonderful day tomorrow, sweetheart! I hope you have a fantastic time being thirteen and make some great memories that you won’t look back and cringe when you are my age!

 New Words

Logan was a little boy when he’d said a curse word for the first time. And of course, he’d had to pick the best occasion to utter it. Not alone at home where mom and dad could teach him not to say it; he’d done it in style. It was on Nathan’s first birthday party, standing on a bench at the cake table to take a picture with his little brother and all the other children, where everyone could see and hear him, and where his parents’ mortified expressions could be immortalized in the later-elected best birthday picture ever.

It wasn’t his fault, really. It’s not like he’d known what it meant, he was five! He saw new words all the time. All he knew was that the annoying girl from 34B had been bullying him the entire party. She’d stolen his candy, pushed him out of his chair in the chair game, and called his little brother ugly. Logan knew little Nate was weird, what with being half bald and having a tendency to spit food right back when mom and dad tried to feed him, and he had to agree Nate scared him when he started crying with that red scrunched up face, but she didn’t get to call him ugly for that. In his opinion, she was ugly too, and he’d told her so, in defense of his little brother. He’d told her she had a pig nose and he wasn’t even lying. It was upturned and it made her nostrils wider than normal. Nostrils that flared even wider in anger at the insult. She’d sworn revenge.

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“That was not kind. Not kind at all”.

lol that time Nathan flung Ezra into a tree.

OK but someone needs to give me a dancer AU of some sort.

Classically trained ballet dancer Ezra. Vin who has parkour down to a science and a sixth sense and who can flip off walls without even taking a deep breath and people making jokes that if they hear about any vigilantes in Purgatorio they’ll know who to look at. Drift compatible Vin and Chris who can nail a routine and have it perfectly synchronized in record time. Chris being all lithe grace and Vin with his hair back in a manbun and arms held out in perfect form. Josiah lifting everyone over his head without a problem and being like Fred Astaire - he might be decades older, but he can dance people a third of his age into the ground and hardly notice and he does not mess up takes. And it’s Fred Astaire’s Royal Wedding ceiling dance and Gene Kelly he aspired to when he was young, and he can do them beautifully.

Nathan constantly wrapping wrists, ankles, feet, treating blisters and strained muscles and who has a heating pad plugged in in the corner of the room whenever they’re practicing anything because someone’s gonna need it sooner or later. Nathan having gone through the whole ‘black boys can’t ballroom dance’ and has proved them all wrong because he’s amazing and is the best at the waltz of all of themJD being new to this but damn if he can’t keep going long after other newbies have strained muscles and begged off and who will stretch till it kills him if you let him. JD who grew up with movies like Blues Brothers and Dirty Dancing and Flashdance and who knows all their choreography. He might not have been able to afford to go to college, but he’ll work his ass off to dance because it’s all he wants to do and he will do this or die trying.

Buck flirting with all the lady dancers and instructors and making sure the girls who are a little heavier or newer or whatever know that they can be just as good as anyone else, if not better. Buck being the undisputed Tango King.

One day someone sees Ezra stretching in the hall and OHMY GOOOOODDDD.

They all go out at least once a week to a club and just slay and it’s just like a movie, the way people move out of the way on the dance floor and give them room to do their thing and Inez is manager of the place they go most often and Buck just knows they’d be dynamite on the dance floor, can tell by the way she weaves her way through tables with a tray of drinks in each hand that she’s a hell of a dancer but he hasn’t persuaded her to dance with him yet. He knows he’ll get her eventually. He just had to keep trying. (He’s gone through at least two dozen roses trying already. Some clenched in his teeth, which makes her laugh, some offered to her, which makes her roll her eyes.)

(Also i’m not gonna lie I also need this because I’m shallow and would like every excuse I can get to picture the boy in leotards because DAMN. Like picture any of the guys in the Take Me To Church video but make sure you have a fan handy because DAMN.)


Get to Know the Magnificent Seven

Nathan Jackson - the Healer, the Medic, the Freedman

“The Seminoles put themselves on the line for many an escaped slave.  They took us in when nobody else would.  For five dollars, they can have a week of my life.”

Nathan nearly becomes the victim of a lynching party when he is blamed for the death of a man suffering from gangrene, but is saved by Chris Larabee and Vin Tanner.  When the Seminole approach the trio asking for help defending their village from Confederate soldiers, Nathan readily agrees to help.  

Nathan is the only one of the Seven for whom we have a birth year - 1839. He was born a slave on a Georgia plantation and, at the age of seven, under tragic family circumstances, was sold to Alabama with his father and siblings. Eventually he escaped and made his way north, where he joined the Union army and served as a stretcher bearer during the war. He uses what he learned on the battlefield to great effect as a healer, and spends a fair amount of time patching up the other six. Calm, kind, compassionate, and unafraid to speak his mind, Nathan is perhaps the most level-headed of the Seven.

Nathan is played by Rick Worthy.


What does it mean to be an artist? For Nathan Jackson, it has meant a lifetime of carving some of Alaska’s most iconic totem poles. Jackson is a Tlingit artist carving in the traditional styles that have come to define Southeast, Alaska. His work has been recognized around the world. Jackson began carving when, as a young man, he became ill with pneumonia. During his recovery, he passed the time carving miniature totem poles. Soon after, he enrolled in the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he studied visual arts.

(Text/Video via: Bill Hillwig)