nathan x sarah


Favorite Haven Episodes .

Season 1 - 
1/1 “Welcome to Haven”    1/2  "Butterfly"

Season 2- 

2/6   “Audrey Parker’s Day Off” 2/11 “Business as Usual”

Season 3-

3/9 “Sarah” 3/13  "Thanks for the Memories"

Season 4- 

4/5  "The New Girl" 4/8  "Crush"

Season 5/B- 

5/20  "Just Passing Through"  5/26  "Forever"


all the naudrey feels. after that last ep, I needed this. omfg, these two. I will never get over it. don’t fucking touch me [screaming]


Haha !! Remember ?Still the best season final and  this part still makes me laugh  .