nathan x julian

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one tree hill

my romantic otp: Brooke x Julian, Hayley x Nathan, Karen x Keith, Peyton x Jake
my platonic otp: Nathan x Lucas, Skills x Jamie, Brooke x Hayley, Lucas x Hayley, Peyton x Nathan, Lucas x Julian
my frenemy pairing: Brooke x Peyton, Brooke x Rachel, Chris Keller x Dan, Chris Keller x Nathan 
my familial paring: Keith x Karen x Lucas, Peyton x Her Dad 
my notp: Dan x Deb, Keith x Deb, Peyton x Fall Out Boy
my ‘if they had to end up with different people’ parings: Peyton x Lucas, Brooke x Lucas
my underrated paring: Chase x Brooke, Dan x Chris Keller 
my crossover pairing: Peyton teaches Bay Kennish art, Brooke and Veronica Lodge go shopping together 

(Just a side note..You know it’s a good show when this many people have substantial relationships with one another.)

Julian: Besides, that glove belongs on the hand of someone who loves the game. Me, I used to stand out in right field and chase butterflies. Trust me, the glove respects what I’m doing here.
Nathan: I’m sure it does. It probably didn’t respect that you brought it here in a purse, though.
Julian: That’s a man bag.
Nathan: If that’s your story.
Julian: It is a man bag, by the way.
Nathan: Oh, you mean that purse?

One Tree Hill 8.05 - Nobody Taught Us to Quit

So all this time, I thought Austin was exaggerating when he was writing on sensitivejulian’s twitter account. But man, he was not! Julian picks flowers, chases butterflies and has a man bag. Deal with it.