Audrey: “Because I love him. Because he loves me. Why can’t you get that?! He is my family. He came back – back to save me.”
Croatoan: “That’s what I’m doing.”
Audrey: “You? No. You say you would do all of this for me, that you want what’s best for me, that you sacrificed for me!”
Croatoan: “Yes!”
Audrey: “NO! Everything you have done, you have done for yourself, your ego, your victory. You sit here and you want to talk about my ‘potential’”. It is here with Nathan. I have found someone who loves me, who would do anything for me.


haven appreciation week | day six - favourite relationship

Let’s say a guy like me, who can’t feel anything, meets a woman and discovers he can feel her touch. That just seems like fate, doesn’t it?