nathan sykes smut

Happy anniversary. *Nathan Sykes and Max George threesome smut* for twaresexgods

This is for twaresexgods or Olivia. Sorry for the wait. I hope you enjoy it :)

Olivia’s pov
“Happy anniversary baby.” My boyfriend Max said kissing me on the forehead.
“Morning Maxie.” I whispered rolling back over onto my stomach. He chuckled.
“Come out to the living room I have a surprise.” He said. I smiled and watched him get out of bed before walking to the door. He exited the room and I stood up following my boyfriend out into the living room. I stopped and blushed when I saw Nathan and Max standing there naked with bows on their penises.
“What’s this?” I ask. They both blush and Max talks.
“Well, we decided since it’s our anniversary I would give you your gift in the form of a fantasy.”
“What kind of fantasy?” I ask not being able to take my eyes of the two naked boys in front of me.
“A threesome. I asked Nath first and he seemed up for it.”
“Ummm…” I bit my lip. A threesome? Holy fuck that sounds super hot.
“Please? We’ll make you feel amazing.”
“Okay. I’m up for it.” I grabbed their hands and led them to the bedroom. Once in there I felt Nathan move my hair to the side and begin to kiss my neck while removing my tank top. I sighed softly and closed my eyes. I felt two hands tug on my pyjama bottoms then rough hands caressing my thighs. I felt Nathan suck on my collarbone. I moaned quietly.
“Come on love. You can be louder than that.” He whispers nibbling on my earlobe. His hands undid my bra and he replaced the bra with his hands kneading my breasts softly. I felt hot breath on my now wet pussy.
“Max… Do something.” I moaned.
“What would you like me to do princess?” He asks and I can just hear the smirk in his voice.
“I want you to eat me out. Use your fingers anything.” I moaned. He chuckles and kisses me through my underwear. I buck my hips trying to get more friction. Nathan’s now pulling on my nipples and massaging them between his fingers.
“How does this feel Olivia?” Nathan asks huskily in my ear.
“Just good? Max, mate I think we need to step it up a little bit.”
“Plan b?” Max asks.
“Plan b.” Nathan says picking me up and laying me on the bed. I noticed Nathan looking in the closet for something. Max wastes no time and buries his face in my wet pussy I push his face in deeper and he moans against my clit causing me to buck up my hips.
“I need more.” I moaned loudly.
“Nath…” Max said motioning Nathan over.
“What is that?” I ask.
“It’s something that you’ll enjoy. Lay back down.” I felt Max enter two slick fingers in my pussy. I felt a warm tingling sensation erupt in my pussy and I moan loudly. Max attaches his lips back onto my clit and I motion for Nathan to come over here.
“What baby girl?”
“I want your cock in my mouth.” I moaned reaching for his cock. He moves closer and I kiss the tip before taking him slowly into my mouth. He groans and I see him tip his head back. I start to bob my head and as I came up sucking on his tip. I felt my climax coming soon.
“Max…” I whined taking Nathan out of my mouth for a second.
“I know princess, I know.” I continued to suck Nathan off as Max brought me closer and closer to my desired orgasm. I started to gasp and instead of sucking Nath, I ended up just pumping him.
“Max.” I scream pushing my hips into his face. He held me down through my orgasm. I trembled with undeniable pleasure.
“Holy fuck.” I moaned and Max never stopped. He sped up his motions thrusting the fingers in and out of me.
“Max no..”
“Why princess? Can you not handle your anniversary gift? I thought this was one of your fantasies.” I couldn’t form words at this point.
“Answer me.”
“It is Max..” I scream out in pleasure.
“I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Nathan chanted and I quickly stuck him back into my mouth as he came down my throat. He slumped against the wall after he recovered. I was getting close again.
“Max, I’m gonna cum again.” I warned.
“Go baby go..” He whispers nibbling on my over sensitive clit. I whined and twisted my body in weird ways. I finally hit my second orgasm of the night and was spent.
“Olivia, you alright?” He asks coming up with a glistening chin. I nod.
“Wow that was amazing.” I whisper.
“We’re not done yet. Who do you want to fuck you?”
“Nathan.” I whisper.
“Me?” He asks. I nod.
“And I’ll suck Max off while you’re fucking me.” I said and they switched places Max was by my head and Nathan was currently putting a condom and some lube on. I started to suck Max off as I felt Nathan line up with my center. I felt him enter me and I cringed at the feeling. He was bigger then Max.
“Are you alright Liv?” Nathan asks looking at me. I nod.
“Continue please.” He smiled.
“As you wish.” He starts thrusting in slow but powerful thrusts. We could hear the headboard slapping against the wall. I moan loudly but; it’s muffled against Max’s cock in my mouth. I hollow my cheek to give him more friction. He lets out low groan that almost sounded like a growl.
“Holy fuck… Holy fuck! Holy fuck!” Max groaned as he came in my mouth. I swallowed it all.
“I love you Olivia.” He groaned kissing me. I moaned and arched my back.
“I love you too Maxie.” I looked at Nathan who was panting above me.
“Fuck, you are amazing.” He groaned. I clenched around him and he started to thrust faster into me.
“Faster.” I moaned and he snapped his hips faster. I felt Max’s hand reach down to play with my clit. I felt myself get closer and closer to my orgasm. I whimpered.
“No, no, no…” I cried out as I hit my orgasm. I started to see white and all I could scream was Nathan’s name. Once I came down from my high I felt him pull out and lay beside me.
“That was so fucking amazing…” I pant out of breath.
“Happy anniversary Olivia.” They said.
“Thank you boys.” I whisper before passing out into a blissful sleep.