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eimie1  asked:

A recent ask on your blog made me think about something.... Jefferson was planning to frame Nathan by buying a bus ticket in his name right? Well, that bus ticket in Kate's locker for before the Vortex Club party she was drugged at.... What if Kate was meant to die after their session, and Jefferson made Nathan plant that ticket in her locker? And maybe the only reason she survived is because Nathan chickened out and got her outta there ;-;

holy shit
I didn’t even think of that wow holy moly ???
dude that is so sad you are probably spot on omg,,,
I’m thinking maybe Jefferson was able to get it into her locker because they were so close, but you are most likely right about the part where Nathan got her out of there, maybe that is why Kate only remembered Nathan? maybe Nathan told her he was going to get her help but ended up not doing it because he would get in trouble with Jefferson ? and that’s why she can only remember Nathan, because that’s when the drug was starting to wear off
dude omg you are brilliant