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heroes + the original heroes

  • Sirius Black: It’s a big moment, right?
  • Peter Pettigrew: I guess, yes.
  • Sirius: Because of you, the Slytherins will all wake up tomorrow with pink hair. I mean, this is how you’ll be remembered when you die.
  • Peter: I’m not sure about that. I hope I’m remembered for joining the Order of the Phoenix when we graduate, to be honest with you, not for this one hair prank.
  • Sirius: You should be proud of this achievement, Peter. This is a good thing to be remembered by.
  • Peter: Well, you know, there are a lot of things that... that I... that I hope to be known for, especially for being in the Order and maybe, you know, for defending the wizarding world from evil, and, you know, I did become an Animagus as a fifteen-year-old, and...
  • Sirius: No offense—I don’t think anyone’s going to remember you for that.
  • Peter: Hard to say.
  • Sirius: Well, a legacy isn't always something you always get to choose. And I truly believe that this, and only this, will be your legacy, and there is nothing more to discuss about it.