nathan mckenna


Happy 6th Birthday Geordie Shore | May 24th 2011.

I’m so overwhelmed and practically speechless with all of this new music from BANKS. She is such a wonderful, honest, and fierce woman who is nothing but strong and bold when it comes to her music. It’s such a greater feeling knowing that I have grown along with her as I have fought and conquered some of the worst stages of my life. The past two years have been truly an emotional rollercoaster with the loss of two of the most important people in my life, both my best friend and a lover who had my heart in his hands. With her first album ‘Goddess’ Jillian has addressed in interviews that she’s been almost in hiding behind her lyrics, it was an album written about going through obstacles and hard toxic relationships, and this new album is about feeling empowered again and finally being able to stand solidly on pavement. ‘Goddess’ was about her dealing with her depression and her coming out of it, while ‘The Altar’ is really about processing new things and being in a good place. I think the best songs are the ones you can genuinely relate to, the ones that hit hard and BANKS has been that person for me. She’s had such a huge impact on my life and I don’t mean this to be sappy but she truly has. I have stood next to her since she came out with 'Goddess’ two years ago when she took her broken self and all of the pain and translated it into beautiful art. Now she is back to feeling herself and taking that deep breath of finally moving on and no longer feeling the weight of being held back by someone who you once loved but was completely toxic. I’ve personally dealt with a lot of that since the coming out of 'Goddess’ and it makes my heart whole to still be standing next to Jillian as she finds herself and her worth again with this new album. She is hiding less and wants to be seen more like the beautiful goddess she is. I’m so proud and so so excited for the rest of the album. Xo