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All eyes on Josh Killacky.  Unfff.


joshkillacky in this video though

anonymous asked:

Hi, I was wondering that since you do such fantastic metas. Could you possibly do one on how each of the team on Leverage played a big part in Parker's development? Not that I'm saying none of the others had huge growth because they all did but Parker had the farthest to go and I really think out of everyone Hardison helped her grow the most although he never had to actually get her to do anything, he was patient and just dropped truth tea every now and then lol.

Ah, thank you for the lovely compliment!

I’ve been wanting to write something on Parker for a while, and this really is the perfect question.

This gets super long, so I’m putting it behind a cut. 

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Lay It Down danced by the Outsyderz.
If it’s Outsyderz, you can guarantee it’s going on this blog.


Mindless Behavior | Keep Her On The Low | Choreography by: Dejan Tubic (by iDejANCE)


DANCE LIKE IT HURTS TO STAND STILLIan Eastwood Choreography | “Coast Is Clear”

Dancers: Brian Puspos, Trevor Takemoto, Lex Ishimoto, Anthony Westlake, Nathan Maas, Isaiah Baluyot, Bru Vidal


Nathan Maas, China Taylor, and Jake Landgrebe dancing to You Rock my World by Michael Jackson

Nathan danced with Z in her Replay video and China was one of her backup dancers. China’s on tour right now dancing for Janet Jackson with Dom.

It’s a small small dance world. ;-)