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Best Albums of 2016

Anti - Rihanna
Mind of Mine - Zayn
Lemonade - Beyonce
Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande
7/27 - Fifth Harmony
Blond - Frank Ocean
Glory - Britney Spears
Death of a Bachelor- Panic! at the Disco
Illuminate - Shawn Mendes
Joanne - Lady Gaga
A Seat at the Table - Solange
Oh My My - OneRepublic
HERE - Alicia Keys
Unfinished Business - Nathan Sykes
Starboy - The Weeknd
24K Magic - Bruno Mars
Awaken, My Love! - Childish Gambino
Coloring Book - Chance the Rapper
4 Your Eyez Only - J. Cole
Nemesis - Bridgit Mendler

Against the wall//(N.M)

Nate and I where outside enjoying the warm and refreshing pool. I finally got back from Y/H/T visiting family. Swazz and Hayes where inside doing god knows what. The sunset is starting to show in the horizon. Nate slowly leaves gentle kisses on my shoulder. I smile softly as I turn around in his arms.

Nate mumbles something in my shoulder that I can’t quite catch.

“I missed you so much… know your here and I have to show what you
missed out on these past two weeks.” Nate starts untying the strings on my bikini bottoms. His lips soon found mine in a steamy kiss. Nate’s hands found there way in between my legs during our kiss.

“Y/N… I need you so bad” Nate said as I slid my hands over his shoulders. My hands found their into his hair tugging as the kiss soon escalated. Nate’s hands disappeared under the water to pull down his swim trunks.

I took a hold of his erection moving my hand up and down. My thumb circling the tip over and over until his low groans were the only music to my ears. I soon wrapped my legs around Nate’s toned torso. Nate slid into me thrusting in slowly before picking up speed.

“Nate.. oh… Nate please I need more” I moaned loudly hoping the boys couldn’t hear us. At this point the thought of getting caught never crossed our minds. He paused and carried us out the the pool to the side of the house. Soon Nate thrusted into me fucking me hard against the wall.

“Fuck…Y/N touch yourself lil mama. Fuck please” Nate pleaded a I saw he was close. A friction burn soon forming in my back. Nate pulled out all the way before forcefully thrusted back in igniting a loud moan from my throat.

“I-I’m so c-close. Oh Nate please I don’t think…ohhhh” My orgasm taking over as my feet curled. Nate thrusted one last time before releasing warm spurts of cum inside me.

“I swear you will be the death of me. Y/N next time you leave you have to take me with you” he sighs against my neck leaving hickeys along the way.

“I think about it Maloley” I say as look around to make sure no one saw us.
“Maybe we can arrange a deal. You know if you fuck me against the wall more often you have deal Maloley.”

“Oh I promise. With you I do anything. Name the place, baby girl and I’ll be there” he has a goofy grin plastered on his face. Nate set me down so I could get dressed again.
Footsteps are heard as we try and cover our selves with the towels laying around.

“Yo Nate— fuck sorry to interrupt! I’ll be inside then. Oh hi Y/N” Hayes walked back into the house covering his eyes.

“Damn you Nate. He probably thinks I’m sex driven kind of girl” I said slapping his stomach.

“I don’t think it’s the first time Y/N. Calm down he can see, but he will never get to do the things I do to you.” Nate kisses my lips before wrapping a towel around himself.

“Lets go inside. I want to have round two in the shower” I say as I make my way into the house. Nate trailing right behind before lifting me into his arms.

“This night will drive you wild lil mama. Be prepared to not see the light of day after I’m done with you” Nate says as he runs past the boys to his room.

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I'm not her(part 4)//(N.M)

Recap: “I forgot to tell you that you are 8 weeks along” he says as he walks back out. 8 weeks. That night when I suspected Nate was planning a very special birthday bash for me. Instead we got caught up tangled in the sheets. A night full of lust, passion, and love. Then 3 weeks later I learn Nate’s talking to Ana again and he forgot my birthday.

I involuntarily run my hand over my non visible bump. I can do this. My peanut and I against the world. And without someone to love them back besides

*1 week and two days later*

*Nate’s POV*

I woke up feeling like shit. The light illuminating my room hurts my eyes, but I’m to lazy to get up and close the blinds. I reach for my phone hoping to see any sign that Y/N has texted me back. The only messages I have been receiving are from Ana.

To: Nate
From: Ana
Hey wondering you want to meet up later today?

To: Nate
From: Ana
Nate why aren’t you answering me? Is it because your rebound girl found out about us? She clearly isn’t worth it.

To: Ana
From: Nate
I’m not answering you because you cost me the girl I was supposed to marry in a few years have a big family with.

To: Nate
From: Ana
Well she didn’t cross your mind when you met me a week ago. Not even when you responded to all my text asking to meet you and something more. And she clearly didn’t cross your mind when you gave me a heated kiss at the club. Don’t be foolish Nate she was just a rebound until I got back.

After reading her text I wanted to throw my phone at the wall again. Y/N would never be a rebound I was expecting to marry her after two years of dating. I’ve never cuffed before like I did with Ana. Y/N makes it feel natural like spending life with her would be a dream.

*Y/N’s POV*

I woke up today receiving texts upon texts from Nate.

To: Y/N
From: Nate
I know I did wrong kissing her. Trust me it was the worst mistake. I love you, please never forget that, baby….

To: Y/N
From: Nate
Y/N its been a week and I’m a wreck without please answer me.

To: Y/N
From: Nate
I know you don’t want to hear from me but at least let me know your

To: Y/N
From: Nate
Say something, I’m begging on my knees

To: Nate
From: Y/N
I’ll be by later for the rest of my things. Please don’t be there and text me when you are on your way home.

It was heart breaking sending him that text. Sooner rather than later I had to send it as I receive another text from Dr. Nicholas which I’ve come to know his name is James.

To: Y/N
From: James
I was wondering if you wanted to meet at the local ice cream parlor in front of the park near the hospital?

To: James
From: Y/N
Sure,  I would like someone to talk too. Meet you there at four I have to do a few errands.

To: Y/N
From: James
Great see you there.

I reread his text and I’m decided whether to cancel or not. The local ice cream parlor he is talking about is the one I used to go with Nate. I decided to stick with meeting seeing as I have been hiding in my apartment for the past to days.

I change into some casual clothes and walk towards the vanity in my room. My cheeks are pale my eyes do not have there usual sparkle. The baby bump has become a little more visible.

It looks like I gained a couple pounds, but I know my little peanut is growing in their. He/she will always know the feeling of being loved. I will fulfill all their dreams like my parents did for me .

I get in my car and drive to Nate’s house. The driveway is clear of any cars which I was hoping for. I walk in with the duplicate key. The living room is a mess bottle aid Hennessy piled up on the table. Glass all over the floor. The pictures frames holds only pictures of me.

The ones of both of us has Nate missing. He scratches his face out or ripped the picture in half. My fingers run over the ink that he used to scratch his face out. It’s fresh the ink staining parts of my finger.

I slowly walk up the stairs towards our bed room. The door is closed, but a punch in the door is visible. I open the door and find a figure laying on the bed.

“Nate?” I question from the doorway.

“Y/N” he says getting up and rushing towards me. I step back holding my hand in front of me to stop him from advancing.

“Don’t step closer. I asked you to text me if you where here” I tell him shaking my head as tears cascade down my face.

“I know, but I had to see you one more time” he says looking at me when I refuse to look at him back.

“I’m here to get my things and leave” he grabs my wrist as I walk into the room. Swazz soon appears and Nate let’s go.

“Do you need help?” Swazz asks. I nod my head as I grab suitcase to put the rest of my undergarments and shirts in the bag. He grabs another to put my pants in that one. Nate’s watches from a distance tears falling from his eyes.

I do the best to ignore it and keep packing. I grab the suitcases, but soon pulled out of my grasp.

“You shouldn’t be carrying something like this” Swazz says as he takes them from my hand. My eyes widen at his words.

“I’m just saying you look fragile right now” he says as he walks down the stairs. I let out a sigh of relief seeing as he knows nothing about my pregnancy.
I walk behind him not looking back this time.

Nate’s eyes follow me as I walk outside. His face appears in the window when I give Swazz a hug goodbye. I leave the driveway hoping that this house will just become a distant memory.

I make my way to the ice cream to meet James. Maybe he can help with this obstacle I’m facing right now in life.

This is so true hands down😂👌🏾


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