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Here’s some of my favorite photos from Denver Comic Con 2017! Featuring a dope photo of my beautiful best friend @from-up-on-melancholy-hill as Raven, and pictures from the Nathan Fillion panel ☺️


DCC'17 Nathan Fillion FULL PANEL


DCC'17 Nathan Fillion (Sunday) FULL PANEL

Elizabeth Henstridge PerthNova Panel

It was a little hard to see Elizabeth and get photos even though we were towards the front, because she is so tiny!

What I remember:

-She has learned some Aussie slang, such as ‘how you going’ realising that people often say that as a greeting, rather than as a specific question. She also is obsessed with tim tams and think’s it’s unfair that we get them into tim tams only for them not to be able to eat them in LA etc-though someone in the audience called out that there is a shop in Santa Monica that sells them!

-On a question about Simmons’ development during season 2 and her dark arc: she was happy that the writers decided to not give her the fluffiest story, because in reality everyone isn’t going to be like that when a friend dies and all these other awful things happen. She understood Simmons’ reasoning on the Inhumans though she didn’t agree with it, but in Simmons’ place her worry and anger makes sense, especially how she began to see things from a different perspective once she found out about Skye. But in regards to Ward, she was totally on Simmons’ side about it all, and the vast majority responded with cheers, including me, I was so happy about her response.

-Asked about who Simmons would side with in Civil War, she said that she and Simmons would probably be on the opposite side.

-Preferred superpower would be teleportation, so for example she could go home for a cup of tea and then teleport back to the convention and also not have to deal with jet lag etc

-Her mother is a doctor and her father a physics teacher so ‘science was always in my blood’ she said, and she did science until college when she was planning to be a doctor but then suddenly changed her mind to drama. Then joked that playing a doctor was the next best thing for her mother!

-She loves the Whedonverse family and was so happy that when they started AoS it was like there was already a family they were a part of and it was great being welcomed into it. It’s great to be a part of this family, especially in LA where everything is so competitive, but because of Whedonverse she’s never really felt that.

-She enjoys SDCC etc, but there’s a lot of press for that, and I think she said that this was the only other convention she’d done (or maybe only the second one) and she likes these ones better because even though she doesn’t get to interact with the fans a heap, there is a lot more interaction and she gets to talk to us and hear what we think which is great and there isn’t much opportunity for that at SDCC.

-At the very beginning she said that she felt like we were all friends after this weekend.

-Her mother thought she was weird for taking her koala toy with her everywhere, but during the con everyone was telling her how great it was and also giving her some toys, so she was glad to feel like a normal person!

-Iain is a prankster on set, but the art and make up department gets involved in pranks, and she told us about one where they teamed up with Iain. It was during FZZT filming when she was scared she would hurt Iain by hitting him with the fire extinguisher and that the next day Iain would keep wincing and sometimes clutching his back and she asked him what was wrong and he said he was ok. At the end of the day, he’s shirt was lifted up or something and she saw so many bruises and she felt so bad and they made her think it was real for quite a while before telling her the truth.

-Someone asked who she loves working with the most apart from Iain. She said she couldn’t answer that really, but that Iain would be happy to know what they thought. Then said how much she loves working with Chloe who is so nice, and Ming has a great laugh that is so loud she can hear it when parking her car and walking the 10 mins it takes to get on set. and that Clark is like such a father figure to them.

-Thinks that it would be great for Simmons to get a girlfriend, but in the Marvel universe it probably wouldn’t end well, and then the MC joked that the rock thing that swallowed her in the finale was her girlfriend.

-Talking about the changes in FitzSimmons’ relationship from s1 to s2, that she adored all their scenes together in s1, and while she loved that we got to know them apart, she missed all those scenes and it was sad that when it seemed they were just getting together again, things went wrong. She hopes they can finally have a date in s3, but doesn’t think it likely.

-When they were filming the s1 finale scenes with Iain it was so emotional because they didn’t know whether the show would get renewed or not, so the there wasn’t much talking in between takes, everyone was pretty quiet. But she loved the emotional, meaty scene between them, because they were mostly comic relief in s1, so it was great to have those scenes in the finale.

-Asked about her introduction to the Whedonverse: She watched Firefly first but at the time didn’t know it was by Joss, so her real intro was with the Avengers which she loved.

-When she was asked about who she would love to play, she said Elizabeth Bennet (think she called her kickass or a badass or something which is totally true!!!) and she would also love to do some Shakespeare, like Desdemona from Othello. I gave a big cheer at that of course, because I love Shakespeare and Othello is my second fave one, and she seemed to appreciate the claps and ‘woos’ from one person lol.

-Nathan Fillion crashed her panel for a selfie and it was great!

-Loves the strong female characters in AoS, but especially how they are just part of the team and how it isn’t so highlighted like an agenda, but it’s just a part of reality which she thinks is the best part about it. She specifically mentioned May being such a badass agent.

-She’d like for Simmons to do some action rather than just being in the lab, but on the flipside doesn’t want it because stunts are a lot of hard work.