sidstoleyourpants  asked:

Can I make a request for the 1st anniversary celebration? I would love to see you draw a scene where Nathan Drake is in a very embarrassing situation where he loses his pants or is somehow losing his clothes during an adventure. It should be funny, not erotic. Something like that comic your drew where Rafe had his swim shorts torn off by Flynn. I know that it can not be NSFW so I do not expect it to be naughty. Just something funny for those of us that love Nate. I hope you will do this idea.

Hi, thank you for your request!

Yeah, I like funny gag scenes too!
This time I tried drawing Nate’s baked butt. 

I had a doubt that his clothes have never been torn.
This is a mystery. hehe

I’m happy if you like this!

abithagray  asked:

I am so happy you're doing requests again! May I request your stripper AU, where Rafe is stripping for Sam, Nate, and Harry? Please <3

Thank you for your request! ( and answering my question! )
but what a request. lol

This case ( Drakes and Harry are the audience ) is also interesting.
And the meaning of this scene changes depending on whether they are watching from the perspective of a performer or as just a audience. haha

btw I wonder how many more butts to draw.

I’m happy if you like this!

For those who know NOTHING about “Uncharted” but still want to read my stories about it

A “little” backstory (this is so long probably no one will read it but oh well, still posting it) : 

Samuel and Nathan Drake are two brothers who were orphaned rather young. Their father left, and their mother (Cassandra, from whom they were very close) unfortunately died. She was a historian and taught them many things about ancient civilisations and such…The story begins when Sam is about 17/18 and Nate 13/14. You learn that Nathan is in an orphanage and doesn’t really behave (fighting a lot and stuffs) and he’s grounded in his room when…Sam helps him to “escape” the orphanage he’s in, to go get their mother’s journals back (their father sold them) in an old mansion in the outskirt of town. Long story short, things turn bad. The resident of the house, an old woman who knew their mom very well, and who was an (lonely) explorer too…dies of a heart attack, and since she thought they were robbers, before realizing they were just kids who were after their mother’s possession, she called the cops and well…let’s just say that Sam and Nate had to run to not get caught by the police and get in trouble, especially since now, Sam is an adult, he can get convicted…

And so begins their life full of adventures. Sam, who was suppose to leave to work (and so not see Nate anymore) abandons that idea, and Nate never goes back to the orphanage…Instead, they become the “Drake Brothers” (their actual name is “Morgan”, they decided to change it inspiring themselves of Sir Francis Drake’s name), treasure hunters (basically, thieves). So here we start, with two young orphan boys, who decided to take their destiny in their own hands. “Sic Parvis Magna”, greatness from small beginning. 

Since they were quite young they’ve been obsessed with the treasure of a legendary pirate called Henry Avery (their mom’s journals are basically all about it). One day, they have an actual strong lead, and team up with a rich kid called “Rafe Adler”, to get into a panamian prison and retrieve an artifact hidden in its old fort. Only the guard that was bribed to get them out afterward got greedy, and asked for a share of “whatever they were into”…Rafe (who’s really an unstable man I’d say…Also since he was born everything has been handed to him on  a silver plate and that gave him lots of issues, spoiled brat) got a little mad and kinda…Stabbed the guy. Which resulted in a huge shoot out and Sam, Nate and Rafe trying to run away and…Oops. Sam, as they were escaping through the roofs, got shot and fell. Nate tried to find him after you know ? To make sure he was dead. And everything was indicating that Sam indeed died that day…Heartbroken, Nathan decides to never talk about his brother ever again (not even to the love of his life he’ll meet later, “Elena Fisher”). 

Fast forward 15 years : Sam is actually not dead. OH OH SURPRISE NATE ! He’s been stuck in prison in Panama for fifteen fucking years, and got out thanks to a mob boss called “Alcazar” who escaped thanks to heavily armed people who came for him…The reason he brought Sam with him was because he was Sam’s cellmate, and Sam often talked about Avery’s treasure and how he could find it…Of course, mob boss Alcazar wants his share. So he busts Sam out too, and threates him to get the treasure and pay him, or he’ll kill him ! At least…That’s the story Sam tells his brother to get him into all of this. 

The truth actually is that Rafe heard a rumor about how Samuel Drake was still alive, and bribed guards to get him out. No shoot out. And the reason Rafe did that, is because Sam in an authority on Henry Avery, like he knows everything about it, and Rafe never gave up on finding the treasure (Nate did, their leads never got them anywhere, and he wanted to find Avery’s treasure with his brother…Who he thought was dead, it was too painful, so he left Rafe, who was kinda crazy anyway), and he wanted to help…That’s when we learn that Sam has been out for TWO YEARS but never came to Nate before (assuming it’s because he wanted to get every clue Rafe had on Avery’s treasure so that him and Nate could find it, because “all he ever wanted in life, was to find this treasure with his brother”…Like Nate is important to Sam, and that’s an understatement, and Sam, though maybe he didn’t always handle it well, always tried to look out for his brother, and Avery’s treasure ? It’s more than just the treasure…it’s him and his brother finding that thing their mother was obsessed with, it’s him and his brother against the World…if that even makes sense…basically, it’s important, and not just because of the gold, it’s much more than that, but like, I can’t talk too much about it or it’ll take days for me to finish writing this thing, and it’ll be very boring ^^’).

Anyway, all of that ? Nate won’t know it for quite a while. he won’t know in fact, until they almost find the treasure and everything is revealed to him…But that’s for later. Right now, Nate only knows that that “Alcazar” guy (who actually died in a shoot out months before) will kill the brother he just found back if he doesn’t help him find Avery’s treasure. 

So they have a few adventures. In Italy, Madagascar, Scotland…And finally they find the island where Avery’s treasure is suppose to be. But hey, they find something even bigger, they find “Libertalia”. A legendary city that was suppose to be Pirate Haven basically (kind of like Nassau IRL, except way better, huge, perfect). Blahblahblah. They find the treasure, after multiple fights and such with Rafe (who isn’t too happy that Sam betrayed him). And…Basically, that’s Uncharted 4. With a lot of amazing thing left out…just…A “little backstory” really, for those who know nothing about it. And I didn’t really spoil it too much, so you can still enjoy the greatness of the games ;-) (besides I only talk about Uncharted 4,not about all the great other ones). 

Now I’m gonna talk about a few characters that are important : Victor Sullivan, he met Nathan when Nate was about 16 (Nate stole the thing Sully wanted right in front of his nose) and ever since kinda became like a surrogate father to Nate. Important man. He has Nathan back ALWAYS. Will always be here. And though he’s not really a reasonable man, he’s more often than not the voice of reason for Nate. Anyway, surrogate father, important dude. 

Elena Fisher is, in this game, Nate’s wife (they had a lot of “on/off” things before it finally worked out…I fucking love their relationship). She’s a badass journalist/writer and saves Nate’s ass more than once. The two of them ? Relationship goals. They’re perfect for each other. Both witty and funny, and just so damn cool. I undersell her really, she’s like a fucking great female character. She doesn’t take anybody’s shit, and certainly not Nate’s…But man they’re in love. It’s almost disgusting how much they love each other. 

Rafe Adler : Rich kid. Kinda psycho. Obsessed with Avery’s treasure too…doesn’t like to be double crossed (haha). I feel like in Uncharted there was much more to him than we were shown…Like he clearly has a problem with the fact that everything has been handed to him on a silver plate. He wants to EARN SOMETHING ON HIS OWN FOR ONCE. He has…issues. 

Nadine Ross : owns a company called “Shoreline” full of mercenaries. Helps Rafe. Is super ruthless. And man she can fight. She’s awesome, though in Uncharted 4 she’s portrayed as some kind of villain, in “The Lost Legacy” (a spin off game) we learn more about her and we understand…She’s not just the heartless warrior she seems to be. She’s actually really cute and naive more than once. But for real. You should see her fight. 

Chloe Frazer : Not in Uncharted 4 but in The Lost Legacy. She used to have a thing with Nate…But most importantly ? She’s a badass treasure hunter too. Like she’s fucking great. Smart, funny, impressive…Chloe Frazer. I don’t have much to tell about her but the fact that she’s just super cool. Oh and, basically, The Lost Legacy is about daddy issues, Indian folklore, Horn of Ganesh, cool enigmas, relationship bonding between Chloe and Nadine, Sam being a goofy man, him and Nadine fighting a lot (orally)…I might make another post to talk more about this awesome game that’s “The Lost Legacy”. 

…Ok that was a bit of a mess but I tried to tell you the most important things about Uncharted 4 (probably the game out of all the four Uncharted I’ll write the most about). Anyway. Here. Thought I’d write a little summary of it. 

And you can find my own story here : “You deserve so much better than…him” (Sam Drake x Reader). Anyway. Here. Boom. The end. 


If Uncharted did sesame street 😂

Nate:Hey kids this is the letter “L” which spells words like “Libertalia”….erm Sully a little help

Sully: *thinks fast* “Lesbian hooker”

Nate: *face palms*

Sully: what!!! they exist Elena paid Nadine Ross last night for her services.

Nate:what my wife cheated!!!……do you have any footage i can watch?