nathan cuevas

sign on the dotted line.

here’s the bottom line. being in the navy is fucking awesome sauce (so far) in a-school.  and this is why.

  • you make money going to school
  • military discounts (nuff said)
  • make lots of friends from all over the world (japan, africa, texas, russia,the moon, jk)
  • free food (3 meals/day!)
  • civillians respect you. true story:  someone paid for my bill at a restaurant one time
  • it is possible to be naked and sing with other people
  • benefits (free medical and dental!)
  • etc.  :D

as for me.  have i changed?  am i no longer nathan? am i (finally) buff?  is music a thing of the past?  will i make it a career?  why or why not?  use and cite quotes from the text.  lol.  no really.

well coming from me:  i have changed.  in a good way!  ill be up front.  i lacked self confidence, now i have that.  thanks bootcamp.  im no longer shy.  thanks again bootcamp.  i am unfortunately still skinny.  lolz.  believe it or not!  fail.  but i am physically/mentally stronger no joke.  i can do way more pushups than i could have in the past.  and i got better study habits.  as for music.  shiiit music has been wired into my life too much, that i never forget about it.  i still dance randomly, sing (badly), and listen to the world musically, but i do it much more dicretely. marching is musical believe it or not!  for a career?  maybe.  just maybe.

what i hope my friends see from me:  accept my change.  yeah nathan wasn’t like that before.  aka saluting, doing left/right faces, basically being “militarized."  you have to understand that i am held to a higher standard in society.  and i hope you guys understand that being in this position is an earned privilege (bootcamp aint hard, but it aint easy either!). Less than ~3% of the whole population is military. ONE mistake and i could lose all the benefits i worked hard for.  yeah yeah i know it may not mean a lot to you since your just reading it from a paragraph, but one day you’ll see where i’m coming from. 


as always stay musical!  Hooyah Navy!


Kissing U Cover!  Check it! With @mintxxo!

Music Tip Series Introduction!

Yeah sorta like BroTips.  I haven’t seen any tips relating to music on tumblr so I decided to create this series.  Inspired by BroTips! Plus I was fucking bored. 

I’m going to focus on music generally - stuff like music theory (like building a Rootless 7th Dim chord), or sight reading is no bueno here.  Instead I will give tips on how music relates to our lives and if you’re not musically-inclined - fret not (no pun intended!), I’m sure one of these quotes will relate to you.  Somehow.  Some way.  Hopefully.

All these tips are from me.  My own words.  So yeah, any quotes sounding similar to you, is a coincidence. :P Great minds think alike.

And yes I know I’m no crazy good musician, but I will definitely give you my two cents.

Here’s to seeing the world more musically!

So it begins…(Lord of the Rings omg)  :D

1 ship.

300+ sailors (and marines).

missing family, friends, and lovers.

each with an individual background.

differences come up.





yet we stick together like family.

young and old.

different reasons.

united for a common goal.

through the hardships of life.

we’re always there for each other.

and we still get the job done.

a bond outsiders would never understand.

shipboard life.

here’s to smooth sailing.

safely back to our families.


me performing @ filipino fusion for KAMP!  CHEG IT OUUUT HOMEGIRL BOY DAWG! 


Me and @laurenmanuel doing a last minute cover of Halo at Gising Na’s open mic. 

Thanks again Jon Carr for letting us perform!  :D