nathan coff

Insomnia by Hands of Hope.
This song alone made me realise that I can’t change my past but I need to live with it and move on. The way this song was written perfectly describes my life and how I feel so alone even though i know my girlfriend loves me or even when I’m surrounded by the company of friends. That feeling just never leaves. It even includes lyrics about the feeling of not being able to be strong unless you’re with the one you love. I suffer from these feelings, I am only strong when I’m talking to or with my girlfriend.

This song has simply made it to my No. 1 favourite song. Locals bands do not get enough recognition for the hard work they put into their performances, recordings and just how much of their own money which they may not be able to afford they throw into their bands. I will support the local scene forever.

Even the first time I met the Vocalist Nathan Coff, we were talking about how I wanted to start screaming. I still remember his exact words to this day. he told me to “Never give up, If It’s what you want you just need to go for it and don’t waste the opportunity”.

Liam Dauncey, Hands of Hope’s Drummer. The first time I met him was at POW! in Werribee, I could tell that he was so appreciative that myself and their other fans showed up to sing along and support them.