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This is one of my favourite Cyclops quotes because it beautifully illustrates the sad development of radicalisation in him.
At some point he just couldn’t turn the other cheek anymore. Because it didn’t seem to work.


Who could play Cable… Liam Neeson? Stephen Lang? Dolph Lundgren? Ron Perlman? Keira Knightley? Pierce Brosnan? Russell Crowe? David Harbour? Brad Pitt? Michael Shannon?

PIL: Discovering You Had An Abusive Ex


You’d woken up from a frightening dream with a soft smile, a red on your cheeks, and you’d poured your heart out to him, told him everything about what had happened to you, about how your ex had treated you. 

“You didn’t deserve that” He whispered to you with his arm draped over your waist as you had woken from that dream,
“It felt so real” You whispered quietly taking your lower lip between your teeth,
“It was at one point, but it’ll never happen again, I can promise you that” He said with his lips pressed against your ear, he let his fingers dance across your back, moving around some of the scars that littered it, tracing them slowly, carefully,
“I’d never do anything like that to hurt you, I couldn’t hurt someone that I love this much like he did” He whispered his hand, his fingers were still slowly tracing your scars,
“You mean too much to me (Y/N)” His voice trailed off quietly like he had so much that he wanted to say, but as though he couldn’t figure out the words he needed. 

“I don’t understand how someone could do that to the person they love” He whispered to himself as he took in the broken look on your face,
“He told me I deserved it” You said softly as you stared ahead, your mind was wandering off into a past that you wished that you one day could’ve forgotten but you knew it would always be stuck with you.
“He did it because he loved me” You felt yourself being held tighter, as Russell stared down at you with concern lining his features,
“You disn’t deserve any of that, and I love you, I love you so fucking much, and I would never try to hurt you. He didn’t do it because he loved you, he did it because he’s an asshole (Y/N)” He said sadly, letting his eyes search yours.

You were scared, you cowered back as he rose his hands during the argument, you couldn’t he wouldn’t hit you, would he?

“I’m sorry” You mumbled as you cast your eyes towards the ground waiting for the impact, waiting for his hand to meet your face. A frown made its way onto your lips and he voiced his opinion,
“Please don’t hit me” You whispered still cowering away from him. His eyes welled up slowly as he watched the way in which you inched away from him,
“I would never…” His voice shaky. 

Finally letting your eyes make its way back up to his face, you saw tears in his eyes,
“I would never out my hands on you” He said bringing his hand up to his eyes to push away the tears. Shaking his head he slowly made his way over to you, reassuring you that he would never hit you,
“Don’t be afraid” He said quietly as he stood in front of you,
“You don’t have to worry about me hitting you, I would never” He announced, placing his hands slowly onto your face, cupping it,
“I can make a promise” He said softly and you shook your head,
“He always promised” You said your eyes casting downward,
“I’m not him, and I keep my promises” He breathed,
“I promise to never hurt you like he did” He whispered his breath hitting your face. 

You bit your lip harshly as Eduardo continued to yell, having flashes of a past you had escaped. You often fought with him, but never like this, he had never gone on this much of a tirade with you. You didn’t know why he was now going on this tirade with you, but it scared you. 

He seemed as though he was too caught up in his anger to notice the fear in your eyes, the shaking of your body. 

You felt as though you knew what would happen next, moving a hand to your shoulder, that’s where your largest scar currently lay. After every summer, autumn followers, and after every argument, every time he’d lost himself in an argument, you flinches remembering the hits, the knives.

 You tried to stay silent, you tried to stay out of his way but you couldn’t stop the sob that was currently lodged in your throat forcing you to cough. 

Eduardo turned to you, fierce brown eyes burning through you, seeing your tears seemed to only work as fuel for his anger, you grabbed harder onto your shoulder,
“Why the hell are you even crying?!” He demanded throwing his hands into the air. You shrunk backwards, his anger was quickly turning to confusion as he watched you shrink, he watched the tears pouring down your cheeks, realising how tentative and frightened you were,
“(Y/N)” He whispered unsure, he took a careful step towards you, but hurt flashed across his features as you instantly took a step back, keeping the distance and refusing to meet his questioning gaze.
“(Y/N), I’m sorry, I’m not mad at you” He tried to convince you, a sad look present on his face, once again trying to move towards you. 

This time you let him, you let him pull you against his strong frame and hold you as close to him as possible, rocking you gently,
“I’m sorry” You mumbled,
“It’s just” You hesitated. He pushed you away gently keeping a solid grip on your hips, looking at you nodding for you to continue. He was afraid he knew where this was going; he needed you to say it though,
“He would yell like that all the time. He always took his anger out on me; he would hit me. I’m sorry” You apologised again, turning your head to look at the floor. 

Grasping your chin firmly he forced you to look at him,
“That’s nothing to say sorry for. Don’t you ever apologize for what that bastard did to you. You’re perfect and beautiful. You deserve better than that. I’m sorry for scaring you, it won’t happen again. I promise" 

Thomas was bright red, you were stood in front of him in your towel with wet hair, but then as he took a closer look at you, at your every curve, at your arms, and back, at the parts he could see, he could see old scars. 

He walked up behind you, running his hand over your scars, you froze up, feeling his cold hands on your skin shocked you, turning you found yourself face to face with a red faced, sad eyed Thomas. 

"You’re so covered in scars” He whispered to you, and you just looked away from him, with that pain in his voice and the pain in his eyes. You couldn’t look at him, you knew he’d see them at some point, you knew you’d have to tell him at some point, you’d just hoped you would have had time to sort out your own thoughts and ideas.
“You still look beautiful” He continued in the same soft voice, watching the pain dance in your eyes as well, he knew this moment was hurting you. You turned looking directly in his eyes, watching the way that the adoration danced with the pain before wrapping your arms around his neck, moving your head into his chest, hiding yourself, your face as you felt tears pouring down your cheeks. 

Thomas didn’t need to ask you, from the sobs he could analyse what had happened, he might be young but he wasn’t stupid, and he felt a few tears escape his own eyes imagining the pain you had to go through, he never wanted you to get hurt, never but there had been a time, a time before when he couldn’t protect you. 

“I promise, I’m here, no one will ever hurt you again” He whispered to you, a soft voice, a soft smile, a soft red on his cheeks, you were his now, you’d always be his, and there was no way in hell he was letting anyone touch you. 

Chris had long ago noticed the ever lasting scar beneath your collarbone, and after the late night conversations, and a little bit of his own internal thinking, he knew what it was from, he didn’t want to ask, he didn’t want to hear the words form your lips. 

It was left by your ex. 

You had told Chris before that your ex was a rather aggressive guy, but now, looking at you, he knew what you really meant when you said that. Chris was just stood there silently, his fingers tracing the scar. 

His fingers made their way up to his chin, lifting it gently so that you would finally meet his eyes. He searches for the words that he wants to say to you, to tell you it’s okay, that he’ll protect, and watches as you search for your own words, but neither of you can find any. 

Tears well up in your eyes instead and begin to fall. 

He wipes them away, and then lifts you up, moving to place you on the bed that you both share, carrying like you were a princess and he was saving you from a monster. You sob into his shoulder, but eventually he makes the tears and the sadness go away simply by hugging you, holding you close to him so you could feel his heartbeat, placing his lips on yours, repetitively, allowing you to loose your breath with him. 

Making sure you forget every single thing that your ex had done to you. 

Morgan had never seen you even close to naked in the light it was something that you had well avoided, it’s not that you hated your body, you didn’t like the scars that covered it, the history behind them, it reminded you of something that the Siris Crew saved you from. 

Today though on this island, you found yourself in yours and Morgan’s room in front of a mirror wearing a rather revealing bikini, Morgan had picked it up for you, and today you were at his special place, it was sunny, and you were planning on going swimming, but looking at your scars you suddenly found yourself panicking slightly. 

Morgan, being your boyfriend, and it being his room, the captains room, didn’t knock as he entered, he’d seen you naked enough times, he knew every curve of your body like the back of his hand. But walking in the sight in front of him shocked him, though few, the scars were obvious, yet you looked so beautiful. Glancing at their placement they were all placed so they would be hidden under everyday clothing, but in places you wouldn’t be able to reach yourself.

“Someone hurt you” He stated with a soft sigh, he didn’t like the idea that someone else had hurt you, and looking at the scars, they’d hurt you more than anyone else. You hadn’t noticed him, and turning to see him, you realised that he could see absolutely everything, every little scar,
“Who did it?” He asked as he approached you, but you could feel tears building in your eyes, your body becoming shaky at every moment, you simply shook your head, you couldn’t speak. You fell the the floor after your knees gave out.

He ran over to you, lifting you off of the floor and placing you on your bed, laying you down, he moved on top of you, propping himself up on his elbows. He didn’t know what to say as he watched the tears flood down your cheeks. Moving he kissed away the escaping tears,
“Who hurt you?” He whispered to you in a hoarse voice, and it hurt you to see him looking almost as broken apart as you felt.
“An Ex” You whispered to him, and Morgan moved, he couldn’t believe another man would hurt you, he’d watched you, the way you move, you’re more shy and delicate than others, why would any guy ever try to hurt you. 

Morgan moved placing his lips on yours, and then moving, placing his lips on one scar, then another, you felt your breathing pick up, but Morgan wanted you to know that he loves you more than anything, more than anyone ever could, no matter what your past was. 

And Morgan was going to take all day, showing you, showing your body, how much he loves, that he’d never even dream of hurting you. 

“Leave them alone” You muttered tiredly into your pillow, you’d just told him about your ex, about what had happened and showed him your back, but he’d asked you to lay down, and now you were irritated as he traced the scars on your back, they were something you wanted to ignore and here he was tracing them. 

Tracing the patches of skin on your back that were broken and discoloured.

Alan now knowing where you had gotten them, he wanted to look at them,
“Why?” He questioned softly, continuing to trace them. Turning your head towards him you shot him an annoyed glare, they weren’t something you liked, but having Alan as a boyfriend you decided that it was his right to know,
“They’re beautiful” He muttered with a soft smile, watching as your cheeks turned red, he loved everything about you, he’d always loved everything about you.
“Just like the rest of you” Tears pricked your eyes, you hated these scars, they were a part of your past you wished would fade, and now you were stuck with broken and discoloured skin for the rest of your life.
“They’re hideous” You corrected him, turning away from him so he wouldn’t be able to see you cry. 

“You’re wrong” He whispered and you could feel his warm breath against the skin of your back, you could feel the red on your cheeks increase. Your hear skipped a beat as his tender lips pressed against the flawed skin of your back.

“They’re beautiful” Alan repeated so much conviction to his voice,
“They show how strong you are and how far you’ve come” He explained continuing to place his lips against the blemishes on your back. You turned to him despite the tears that were on your cheeks,
“I love you” He whispered softly, kissing your lips,
“You’ll never have to worry about scars again”

You didn’t tell him, you’d been sleeping one night, tossing and turning, and Leonardo had noticed them, he wasn’t sure what to think when saw those scars on your stomach, he’d watched for a moment not sure what to say or think. 

He loves you so much. 

Thinking of someone hurting you, it hurt him, he moved tugging your form into his, holding you as tightly against him as he possibly could, you woke up, well, you shuffled opening tired eyes and looking at Leonardo,
“What’s wrong?” You muttered with a yawn as you looked up at the man who was just staring down at you with a very soft smile, and adoration in his gaze, you were too tired to figure out these things,
“You’re absolutely gorgeous” He muttered to you, that same soft look, the love and honesty in his voice. You smiled, you didn’t even know why he had said this and then you just cuddled yourself even closer to him, he tightened his grip on you as if he was trying to protect you from the world.
“So gorgeous” He whispered, and you felt a red grow on your cheeks, he moved placing his lips on your forehead. 

You hadn’t noticed that Leonardo had figured out what had happened to you in your past, you’d be ignoring what had happened to you and so here you sat a day later, you’d realised what he meant, and it made you happier than it ever was. 

You love him so much, and he obviously loves you, you knew he would protect you. 



On this day in 1983: The King’s Demons Part One

The TARDIS appears at a medieval joust between Frenchman Sir Gilles and Hugh Fitzwilliam. But King John seems more curious than alarmed, as is Sir Gilles.