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William Nylander - Part 8

Can’t think of anything witty to say, so just read my story. 

The thought filters through my mind right when he hand reaches out and grabs my thigh. My breath catches in my throat. I don’t know what to do. It’s not an inappropriate touch, but it still makes me uncomfortable. So, I do the only thing that comes to mind and take his hand in mine.

               It seems to please Nathan and he gives me a cocky smirk that makes my stomach turn. His hands are still clammy and now I understand why. I fold his one hand between both of mine, making it so his hand is not touching my leg in any way. The play is halfway over, I can handle this for the next hour. I hope.

               Rian shifts slightly beside me, moving even closer to me. I know she can feel the anxiety rolling off me in waves. She gently places her hand in the crook of my elbow and squeezes, I relax a little. If I was alone with Nathan this would be a whole different scenario. Jake catches my eye and I can see sadness reflecting back at me. We both know now. We know what’s different.

               I have no idea what’s happening on the stage and I don’t care. All my energy is focused on the boy sitting beside me that reeks of booze. I don’t know how I missed it earlier, especially when he hugged me. When did that start? Why is he drinking? No wonder Jake doesn’t like being around him anymore. Jake is a casual drinker, only at hockey games and the occasional party will he throw back a few. Both Jake and I learned our lessons while going through college together, all our time we used to spend at parties and bars was replaced by hours upon hours poring over our computers and notes. We learned then what was more important. Our future or a few hours of fun that we wouldn’t even remember? It was an easy choice.

               I haven’t even had alcohol in almost a year now that I think about it. Most of my friends are in the wine craze, I could care less about alcohol. If you need a substance in order to be fun to hand around with, then I most likely don’t want to spend time with you. Now looking at Nathan dread fills my stomach. What am I supposed to do with him once the play is over?

               Jake would take him if I asked him to. Take Nathan home and let him sleep whatever is in his system off. But I know Jake wouldn’t like it. Something happened between the two of them that Jake isn’t telling me, I can feel it. I could bring Nathan back to my apartment and make him stay there until he sobers up at bit. That’s most likely my only option as I don’t know Nathan’s roommates and would feel incredibly awkward dropping off a drunk boy to them and high tailing it out of there.

               Applause makes me jump and look around, everyone around me is standing and clapping at the actors bowing on stage. Rian squeeze my arm before standing, her hands coming together slowly but her eyes are down on me. I manage to get to my feet and then half drag Nathan out of his. He’s hooting and hollering and while I’m happy my hands are finally free, I almost wish I was able to make him stop shouting so much.

               Catching Jake’s eyes, I widen mine at him and nod at the isle, it’s time to go. Jake nods and takes Rian’s hand, it doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. He bring her out into the isle with him and waits for Nathan and me to go ahead of him.

               “Come on, Nate,” I say over the chatter around us.

               “Already? But they just finished,” Nathan complains, looking down at me and I try my best not to scrunch my face when his breath hits me.

               “That’s the point, bud. Play’s over. Time to go,” I say as if I’m talking to a small child. I take his hand and pull him along behind me. To my surprise he doesn’t resist, just follows along after me like a puppy dog on a leash.

               “Jake!” Nathan booms when he sees him. “How’s it going buddy?” He clasps Nathan’s hand, letting go of mine.

               Jake gives him a half smile and takes the opportunity to wrap an arm around Nate’s back. “Everything’s good man,” he says while giving me and Rian a look that says ‘get me the fuck out of here.’ Rian and I lead the way, trying to block out Nathan’s drunken words babbling out of his mouth.

               “So you and Rian. Bet Y/N beat your ass over that.” I can’t argue with that one. But I don’t listen to Jake’s reply, if he even has one. My sole focus is finding Nathan’s car in the now dark parking lot. I turn back to Jake and Nathan, my hands filtering in and out of Nathan’s pockets in search of his car keys to make the alarm go off.

               “Whoa, shouldn’t that wait until we get back to your place?” Nathan asks me, a grin on his face as my hands skip into his pants pocket.

               “Yes, but I need your car keys in order to get back to my place,” I say, going along with it as long as it means I get his car keys.

               “Gotta go up higher then,” Nathan says, the lazy grin still on his face. Nathan is a very attractive boy, and looking up at him now, with the boyish smile and shy eyes gone, he looks even more attractive. But I push all that away, I hadn’t ever thought of him like that and I never will. I flip open his jacket lapels, my hands fine the cool metal in the first pocket I check.

               “There they are,” I mutter and turn away from him. Holding the keys high over my head and hitting the horn symbol. To my left, down two rows the beeping emits from. I flip off the alarm and head across the parking lot. Handing Rian my own car keys I talk to her.

               “Take my car to my apartment, I’ll take Nathan in his car there as well. I don’t know his roommates and don’t want to leave him alone if they aren’t home. Jake will take you home,” I add but that was probably pointless, Jake is one who brought her here.

               Rian nods any way. She takes my keys, though she keeps her fingers around mine. She’s nervous about being around drunk people, always has been. Our parents don’t drink much, no one in our family does really, which is probably the cause of her discomfort. She hasn’t been around it.

               Jake and I are able to get Nathan sprawled out in his backseat.

               “What do you think he had before he came here?” I ask Jake as soon as we are able to get his long legs in and shut the door.

               “I have no idea, but whatever it was, the wine was a little over the top I’m thinking,” Jake says and I squeeze his shoulder.

               “I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

               I get into the driver’s seat of Nathan’s car and pull out into traffic.

               “Please don’t puke, Nate,” I say, looking over my shoulder at him in the backseat. His eyes are closed and he looks like he might be sleeping.

               “I won’t,” he mumbles, his lips barely moving.

               We ride in silence for a few minutes, not even the radio playing.

               “I don’t know what I have to do.”

               I hear Nathan whisper in the backseat, his words a little jumbled and I know he didn’t mean for me to hear, but I listen anyways.

               “You don’t want me like this,” he says a bit louder this time and I frown, looking in the rearview mirror at him.

               “Excuse me?”

               Nathan brings an arm to his face, covering it so only his mouth shows. “You don’t want me sober either.”

               “Nathan, what are you talking about?” I ask again, he doesn’t reply right away. I can see his mouth opening and closing, repeatedly licking his lips.

               “You’ll never see me as more than a friend.”

               My mouth pops open, I don’t know what to say.

               “Always be little Nathan, the boy who fell in love with the girl who broke this nose and who beat him in every sport and test in school.”

               I swallow hard in my throat, wishing my apartment was closer so I didn’t have to listen to this.

               “The girl who doesn’t want him.”

               “Nathan, stop!” I snap, my eyes flashing to the mirror again, his face is still covered. “Stop talking like that.”

               “Why? What does it matter? You already knew how I felt, yet you didn’t do anything about it. I thought maybe when I kissed you the other night that it would change things. Instead tonight you turned away from me,” he slurs and I wonder how he’s even putting thoughts together.

               We finally get within sights of my apartment complex and relief floods my system. The sooner I get him on my couch and sleeping the better. I don’t want to hear everything that’s spilling out of his mouth. Luckily, by the time I’m pulling into my parking lot, he’s snoring. Also an unlucky thing because I still need to get him the eleventh floor.

               Jake and I somehow manage to prod Nathan awake enough to get him into the front lobby and into the elevator. Rian runs forward with my apartment keys to open the doors for us. We shuffle sideways through my front door and disrupt Kota’s nap on the couch by flopping Nathan down on it. With a flick of her tail and annoyed meow, she disappears down the hallway.

               “Thanks, Jake,” I whisper, which is pointless because Nathan is out cold.

               “You sure you’re good with him here?” Jake asks, his eyes a cloudy brown when he meets mine.

               I nod.

               “Everything will be fine, Jake. He’s already asleep. When he wakes up he will be back to normal,” I take his shoulder and lead him back into my small foyer where Rian waits. “Just take my sister home and then go home yourself.” This time I level him with a severe stare. “Just boot her out and leave. No goodbyes of any sort. Do you two understand me?” I demand, pointing back and forth between the two, one hand firmly on my hip.

               Rian flushes scarlet and Jake just looks sheepishly at me. “Yes, Ma’am,” he salutes me and I bite back a smile.

               “I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” I say to Rian and she nods. Then the two of them are out my door.

               I stand in the foyer a moment, the night replaying like a whirlwind in my mind. What the hell? I glance at the clock over my catch all table for my keys and mail, 9:20. Earliest night I’ve had in a month. Then my mind flashes to Will and his game, I rush back into the living room, glancing at Nathan to make sure he’s still sleeping and flip on my T.V and right to the Leafs game. Ten minutes left, Leafs ahead.

               Settling down in the single chair beside my couch, I pull a blanket over me and turn my full attention to the screen. I watch the mix of blue and white jerseys, Tampa Bay is in town. My eyes searching for one jersey in particular, oh there he is. Oh, he just gave up the puck. Some impressing he’s doing. A thought comes to my mind and I glance at my phone, back at the T.V and back to the phone again.  

               Snatching up the phone I open my messages before I lose my nerve.

               When you said you wanted to impress me, I thought you meant it…

               I hit send before I can erase anything and the anxiety already pools into my stomach. Now I have to wait for a reply and he’s not even done with his game yet.

The game ends with a Leafs victory in regulation, the first one in five tries. I switch to another game being played out in California that just started, my typical night routine; watch hockey until I pass out. Although I do move into my bedroom so I don’t disturb Nathan who quietly snored my ear off the last hour.

When my phone vibrates on my pillow I jerk awake, unaware of when I drifted off. A quick glance at the game clock tells me that I was asleep for six minutes tops. I pick up my phone and when I see the message is from Will my stomach drops. I had forgotten about my message. Sliding open the screen I see his reply.

Ouch. But u said u weren’t going to watch to why waste the energy?

I smile despite myself and lay back in my pillows, holding the phone just above my face.

I was under the impression that all pro athletes give 110% every time they are on the ice?

That’s a lie. We would all die if that were the case

His reply is instant and I feel like a teenager again, albeit I am only twenty.

Not nice to lie to the fans

Are u a fan of mine?


Ouch. Again. Who knew u could even wound my ego over text?

I send the sassy emoji, the girl with one hand flipped up and unimpressed expression.

And thru emojis…

I start to type out a reply but I see the little bubbles pop up that he’s typing and hold my breath waiting.

Are u already done with the play?

My thoughts stray to Nathan passed out on my couch and sigh.

Yeah, Cinderella wasn’t all it was cracked up to be

Why not?

I hesitate, thinking out a response.

Cinderella is no place for drinking…

Ahh. Some asshole ruin everything?

Pretty much, and now he’s passed out on my couch.

There’s a long pause before he starts replying, a whole commercial break for the game playing in the background.

On ur couch?



Yes, but I feel like you forget you’re also blond…

Nah, my hair is just better. How did he end up there?

I hesitate again, this is hard to explain over text.

Short story is that he had a lot to drink before showing up and I couldn’t leave him alone.

Playing the good friend card?

Apparently, no one else was willing to.

Well, that puts a damper on what I was going to ask you.

My heart jumps in my chest and I swallow hard.

What was that?

It’s not that late so I was going to ask to hang out. I know we said Wednesday, but I leave for a road trip Thursday and won’t be back until Monday.

I let out a frustrated growl. Stupid boy sleeping on my couch continues to ruin everything even when he’s passed out.

You could come over…?

I send it and bite my lip waiting for a reply.

U just said blondie was asleep on ur couch?

I have other rooms

Right when I send it I realize the double meaning and want to hit myself, but Will’s reply doesn’t hint anything.

Are u sure?

Am I? I think so, I want to see him. Really bad.


On my way

My heart thunders in my chest, excitement taking over my every being. As soon as it comes, so does the realization at what I just did. Nathan’s in my living room and I invited the boy I’m actually interested in over. I sit up in my bed and stare my door. What did I just do?



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A weird AU where grahamscott gets a misterious package and they realise it's a game and when they get to play it they realise it's a game about "their lives" aka life is strange.

Omfg. Can’t you imagine them being like.
“???? What the?? Fuck???” and playing it.

  • “Hell yeah get it nerd boy!”
    “Warren don’t talk about yourself like that oh my fucking god-”
  • “Oh god who’s that piece of shit.”
    “Nathan that’s you.”
  • “Boom! Headshot!”
    “That’s not the most appropriate thing to say while headbutting your boyfriend…”
  • “Oh Max is so cute look at her expressions.”
    “Don’t talk about Caulfield when I’m sitting right next to you what the fuck.”
  • “I’m my own aesthetic goals.”
    “Nathan you got beat the fuck up.”
    “Yeah exactly. Look at those bruises. Damn.”

“IT’S BEEN TWO DAMN WEEKS!” Eliot boomed, startling Nathan. “IT’S BEEN TWO WEEKS AND I HAVE NO DAMN CLUE WHERE Y/N IS!” Nathan gave him a pitiful look. The man’s love for you was obvious, to him at least.

“We got coordinates to a warehouse.” Alec said from his desk. “I chipped the guys phone. He’s spent a lot of time in this place. I did research, it’s been empty since 1953. I think she mig-” he wasn’t able to finish his sentence, as Eliot had snatched the coordinates and ran out the doors.

The warehouse was only a few blocks away, Eliot deciding it would be faster to sprint than to get in a car. He’d waited long enough.

Nobody in the warehouse was remotely good at fighting, Eliot managing to get through no problem. This could have also been titled to his anger, his need to get you out of there.

So he went with his gut, and cut off the power after he had gotten rid of everyone, proudly standing at the front door waiting for you to come out. He knew you would be able to find your way, you weren’t called the Breaker for nothing.

It took everything in him to not run to you, which he didn’t have to worry about, you’d done it yourself. You wrapped your arms around him in a tight hug.

“I can’t believe your here.” you mumbled.

“I always come for the people I love.” he replied, placing a light kiss to your lips. You gave him a shocked look.

“I love you too!” you cried.


    “I don’t regret
            nor will I forget
                   all who took that road with me,“

X-Men #62, “Capital Punishment (X-Tinction Agenda pt. 9)” January 1991
Written by Louise Simonson. Art by John Bogdanove and Al Milgrom.

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Boom. Butterfly Effect.
Today is the one year anniversary of the dreadful tragedy that took place on Mount Prescott when half-sisters Kristine Prescott and Rachel Amber left the safety of their father's lodge and headed out into the storm. They have not been found.

Here it is.


I’ll say what I said in my Lazy Note: These characters will not be taking on the personalities of the Until Dawn characters. I’m going to make then as in character as I can. Also, I’m tweaking the story a bit to match the characters. You’ll see when you read it. :)

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!