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Kiss It All Better - GrahamScott

{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Life is Strange 

Character- Nathan Prescott & Warren Graham {Also includes Max Caulfield, Chloe Price, Zachary Riggins, Logan Robertson & Hayden Jones} 

Word Counter- 2103 Words {One of the biggest I’ve written and I’m super happy with it

Warnings- Episode 4 spoilers. Violence. Language. Bit NSFW towards the end. 

So I’ve never wrote a GrahamScott fic before, but they’re like, one of my OTP’s xD Enjoy<3 

Nathan Prescott. 
Little Rich Bitch Kid. 
Poor Little Rich Kid. 
Freak. Psycho. 

He was curled up on the floor, tears streaming down his now blood covered cheeks and onto the carpet underneath him. He has his hands over his face, lying there in a pool of his own pity and shame. He could never face his fucking father like this. He tried to sit up, but he couldn’t seem to make it, he slumped back down. He wanted to call for help, but he wouldn’t dare risk his reputation. Warren Graham would pay for what he’s done. 

 Warren Graham. Good Guy. Sweet. Cutiepie. White Knight. 

He finally stopped running, Max and Chloe were right behind him. 

“Damn, that was intense,” Max says, slightly out of breath, “Warren, thank you so much,” 

“For what?” Warren asks, his voice sadder than Max and Chloe expected it to be, didn’t he want payback?

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