nathan bishop

The Signs as Heroes Characters

(not according to their actual signs)

Aries: Ando
Taurus: Niki
Gemini: Mohinder
Cancer: Peter
Leo: Nathan
Virgo: Noah
Libra: Elle
Scorpio: Sylar
Sagittarius: Claire
Capricorn: Matt
Aquarius: Micah
Pisces: Hiro

[AU 5+] Consequences:  The Monster I’ve Become


=/  Really?  900 years in the future Deadpool?  Why you gotta do that to present day Wade?  Doesn’t he deserve the joy of raising Hope with Nate?

I think this did not end up where you (or I) expected it to end up.  Something went horribly wrong here.  Enter at your own risk.  I’m warning you!  There’s a monster at the end of this book.  I’m serious like a heart attack.   Keep one finger on the back button.

This music is mood appropriate (written to):  Cave Theme
This one too (scan edited to):  Virtua Mima

So, if you dare …

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