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Would you mind recommending some OTH music + scenes/episodes they are in?

sure, i’ll do a big masterpost of some of the best songs/music moments/songs that I really like that feature in the show here to make it easy!

season 1:

  • 1x01 // Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional (Peyton driving her car/Lucas running with the basketball, they are both listening to this song)
  • 1x07 // She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5 (Lucas and Peyton kiss, Lucas says ‘I want everything with you’ and Peyton freaks out)
  • 1x08 // Dare You to Move - Switchfoot (Nathan throws rocks at Haley’s parents’ window and Nathan kisses her)
  • 1x15 // Come On - Ben Jelen (Lucas wakes from his coma and Peyton goes to visit him at his house) 
  • 1x15 // Elsewhere - Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley performs for Nathan for the first time)
  • 1x22 // More Than Anyone - Gavin Degraw (Nathan and Haley kiss in the rain; this is also Nathan and Haley’s wedding song, heard in 3x22)
  • 1x22 // Run - Snow Patrol (ending CODA, but most memorably Lucas finds out that Haley and Nathan had sex/got married)

seasons 2-9 under the cut!

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