nathan aguilar

So finally I got a little time to make something for AC movie. And I drew Yusuf again da lalalalalalalala

To celebrate the movie release in China 2017.2.24

Wish I could see all these deleted characters in Blu-ray XDD

Ancestors - descendants

Aguilar de Nerha - Callum Lynch
Yusuf Tazim - Emir
Baptiste - Moussa
Duncan Walpole - Nathan
Shao Jun - Lin

Ben: I am really digging Dead Heavens!  You might recall I was recently shot-down for posting a Gorilla Biscuits track.  Well, the guitarist for Dead Heavens is none other than Gorilla Biscuits’ Walter Schreifels.  Now, before you get all scared that I’m going to turn this into a hardcore blog, which I think would be pretty awesome, take note: this is Walter almost thirty years later.  Dead Heavens have cited Cream and Black Sabbath as reference points, and I am digging the heavy stoner-groove of this track.  Enter the 36 Chambers.    

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