For linestalker, who requested Nave cosplaying preciousmetal which is utterly precious in it’s own right because - RAVE as SILVER. NAT as GOLD. 


No colour because I realized Nat’s colour would clash most horribly with Gold’s… no way I’m going near that headache = v = Rave in Silver’s colours on the other hand…

Whaaaa I thought I’d start the day off with finishing a LONG OVERDUE request!! I’m so sorry this is about 4 months old but I was having trouble with Nat’s hand and IT APPARENTLY TOOK ME 4 MONTHS TO DECIDE TO JUST CUT IT OUT.

Anyways! Some College Nave for u sweetie~ <3

Nat belongs to c2ndy2c1d

Rave belongs to eyugho


“Sabotage” by Beastie Boys

Ill Communication (1994)

Challenges (nathames rp, closed)

Nat clicked his tongue while he sat with his friends in the theater, tapping his fingers along his pockets. His eyes wandered from the wall to wall, keeping himself entertained by picking out the old ladies in his line of vision with the biggest hair. Kevin had invited him to go this play with Edd, the redhead promising he had someone for him to meet. And here he was, bored out of his mind while he waited for the play to start. 

“How much longer?” he drawled, only to be assured by Edd for the thousandth time that it was soon and to be quiet. 

iiii got bored and made some simple shippy buttons! the background is transparent, feel free to use these if you want for whatever, i don’t mind. THERE’S A BUNCH UNDER THE READ MORE. i tried to get as many as i could remember, but if you want some EEnE specific (OCs included) ones for a pairing that i missed, let me know and i’ll make it for you

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