I saw that Natkedd is upset. So I wrote a little something… 

Nathan belongs to Acid and Rave belongs to Kira. 

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Nathan just wanted to slip into bed and sleep until all his problems were gone, but since the world wouldn’t work the way he wanted it to, he groaned as he sat in class instead. Everyone around him talked to each other, to their friends while they waited for the teacher to start talking, but at the moment, he was occupied with organizing everything. Nat sighed and rubbed his face. Rave was sitting in front of him, distracted with a script. He waited and waited… but the usual comments he would receive from Nat didn’t come.

Although it felt like a relief, Rave was curious as to why Nat was bothering him. The brunet casually looked over his shoulder and caught a glance at how annoyed and upset Nat looked. Rave raised an eyebrow before fully turning himself around and crossing his arms.

“Something up your ass today?” He asked, and was stunned to get a roll of the eyes from Nat as a reply.

“The fuck is wrong with you?”

“Leave me alone,” Nat mumbled, looking out the window so he wouldn’t have make any eye-contact with Rave. He didn’t want to put anyone else in a bad mood, and he was already regretting answering the brunet in such a rude way. It wasn’t like he wanted to. It just happened, and he couldn’t help it.

“Whatever it is,” Rave said, “It could be worse.” With that, he turned back around at the sound of their teacher’s voice welcoming them to class.

Nathan merely sighed softly and shook his head.

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Whaaaa I thought I’d start the day off with finishing a LONG OVERDUE request!! I’m so sorry this is about 4 months old but I was having trouble with Nat’s hand and IT APPARENTLY TOOK ME 4 MONTHS TO DECIDE TO JUST CUT IT OUT.

Anyways! Some College Nave for u sweetie~ <3

Nat belongs to c2ndy2c1d

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“Sabotage” by Beastie Boys

Ill Communication (1994)

anonymous asked:

Soo.. I know it's not Valentine's month but I really couldn't help myself!! If you're still taking promps could you make one that it's Valentine's day and Kevin and Edd like each other but they're waay too shy to admit it, so Nat decide's to play cupid? Oh if you could include a little of Nathames it would be great! Ps: I loooooove your stories <33

I got this sooo long ago, and I’m sorry it took me long to write it. ;n; 

thank you, for the sweet comment, <33

Title: Cupid’s Arrow

Word Count: 1461

Nathan belongs to Acid~

Rave belongs to Kirakurry~

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Challenges (nathames rp, closed)

Nat clicked his tongue while he sat with his friends in the theater, tapping his fingers along his pockets. His eyes wandered from the wall to wall, keeping himself entertained by picking out the old ladies in his line of vision with the biggest hair. Kevin had invited him to go this play with Edd, the redhead promising he had someone for him to meet. And here he was, bored out of his mind while he waited for the play to start. 

“How much longer?” he drawled, only to be assured by Edd for the thousandth time that it was soon and to be quiet. 

iiii got bored and made some simple shippy buttons! the background is transparent, feel free to use these if you want for whatever, i don’t mind. THERE’S A BUNCH UNDER THE READ MORE. i tried to get as many as i could remember, but if you want some EEnE specific (OCs included) ones for a pairing that i missed, let me know and i’ll make it for you

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Let Me Fix You- Chapter One

Rave waited impatiently for the bell to ring. He couldn’t afford to be late to rehearsal again. Someone tapped his shoulder and he turned around.

“Hey Rave, have you seen Nat?” asked Kevin. “I need to borrow his notes from the day I was absent.”

“No,” he replied, “I haven’t seen him since lunch, thank God.” Kevin frowned and opened his mouth to say something, but just then, the bell rang. Everyone got up and left the room, eager to begin their weekend plans.

After stopping at his locker, Rave headed down an abandoned hallway, a shortcut that he used often. As he passed a broom closet, he heard something. It was crying. He opened the door and nearly screamed, or had a heart attack, or both.

Nat was sitting there sobbing, with blood running down in rivulets down both of his arms. Rave didn’t have to ask who did it; Nat was still holding the razor.

“Nat?” he breathed, feeling a pang in his chest when he looked up. He didn’t necessarily like him, but it hurt to see what the poor guy had been reduced to.

“G-go aw-way,” Nat whimpered between hiccuping sobs. “D-don’t look at me.” But Rave did, and he was shocked by what he saw. Besides the new cuts, Nat had criss-crossing scars all over both of his arms. Some were pale white, and some were an angry red, a sign of how often he did it. He even had words carved into his pale skin- worthless, fag, stupid, fat, ugly, freak. All things Rave had called him, without a second thought.

“Nat…” he said, trailing off. He shut the door gently and sat Indian style next to the green haired boy, rehearsal forgotten. “Nat, give me the razor.” Nat shook his head and clenched his fist around it, causing blood to drip from his hand onto the floor. He shut his eyes tightly and began to rock back and forth, whispering something over and over. It was a minute before Rave caught it. “Please God, let me die.”

Rave wrenched the razor out of his grasp, cutting his own fingers in the process. He pulled Nat into his lap and held him tightly, surprised at how small he really was; he could feel his ribs. Nat struggled for a moment, then gave in and clutched at Rave’s shirt like he was going to disappear, sobbing into his chest.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Rave murmured again and again, as if each apology would heal one of the cuts on Nat’s arms. “I promise,” said Rave, with determination in his voice, “I’ll fix this. I’ll fix you.”

Nat belongs to c2ndy2c1d. Rave belongs to Eyugho.