“Stop me if this sounds familiar. One good sibling, determined to live like a monk, and one selfishly evil sibling, willing to murder to satiate their hunger. Oh, come on, you get it. The parallels are too good. Our story is your story, Stefan. So now here’s the test. Which girl are you?”

“An innocent girl became a monster. All because her older sibling forced her to adopt her lifestyle, even if it meant killing and eating men to stay alive. So, I ask you again. Which girl are you?”


your humanity is gonna flood back and crush you. you’ll be consumed with guilt for killing tyler lockwood, for kidnapping ric and caroline’s children, for turning enzo against bonnie, for selling your brother’s soul to cade, and if we’re being honest.. for stealing his girl.

Nathalie Kelley Gif Icons ;;

Below the cut, you will find #60 Plain Gif Icons of Nathalie Kelleyย on The Vampire Diariesas requested by anon. These gifs were all ย made, sized, and edited by me, so please give it alike/reblog if you decide to save and/or use these.

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