I was quite a shy child, a mummy-dependent child, and would get into tantrums every time she left me at school or playgroup or whatever. I just so wanted to be with my mum, so she took me to dancing so I would be more independent and confident and enjoy something away from her, so it kind of helped me gain some independence at three years old or whatever. - Nathalie Emmanuel

Racebent Pride and Prejudice

Okay @honnleathlion I started thinking about my “all y’all don’t gotta be white” Pride and Prejudice cast here’s what I came up with! Please excuse the shitty format of the post I have no idea how to make gifsets or this would have been pretty for you <3

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Octavia Spencer as Mrs. Bennet

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Laurence Fishburn as Mr. Bennet

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Sonequa Martin-Green as Jane Bennet

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Nathalie Emmanuel as Elizabeth Bennet

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