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Hi! Could you please do a Derek Luh imagine no. 25. 'Everyone always leaves' Thanks! 😄

“Everyone Always Leaves”-Derek Luh


You and Derek were walking in from your annual week night movie date. “I told you the doctor was evil!”, you exclaimed. “You called it babe” derek said kissing your nose. Just then your phone rang, it was your aunt. “Hey Aunt- woah Elle slow down. No, no please tell me your lying! I’m, i’m on my way”,you said dropping your phone and running upstairs. “Woah, baby hey what’s going on?”,Derek said running after you. 

“I,I,I need to go, my dad needs me.”, you pleaded with tears down your face. Derek embraced you and you held on to him for dear life. You then broke down in his arms. He rubbed your back and stroked your hair till you were done. “What’s going on baby”,he said softly. “M-My dad had a accident at work today, a-and he a-apparently loss a lot of b-b-blood”,you said looking at Derek. “Derek,I’ve got to get home to him, he’s all I got”,you said. Derek nodded his head and with that you two were out the door.

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You and Derek finally got off the plane and headed to the hospital. You finally arrived to see your Aunt Elle and Uncle Keith. You and ran to her and began crying again.”Remember the last time we were here, I was 7″,you said to her. “Hey, don’t think about that”,she said hugging you. You wiped your tears and continued to embrace your aunt. “Shhh honey, it’s gonna be okay, he’s going to make it baby”,she said comforting you. “You said that about mom remember”,you said picturing the little girl sitting in the waiting room waiting for some type of good news that never came. “I-I miss her so much”,you said while your voice shaked, Derek then came over and hugged you, making you cry even harder. “Derek, I-I can’t loose him, I can’t”,you pleaded. “I know babygirl”,he said rubbing your back.

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After 4 long hours, the doctors finally came out of the surgery room. “Ms.(y/l/n)?”they asked. “Yes”,you said standing up. Derek was right behind you, putting his arm around your waist. “It looks like your father didn’t make, we’re terribly sorry. We did the best we could”, they said. Your body turned weak and you couldn’t speak. You felt numb and limb. Derek then embraced you, making sure you were secured. You cried and cried, you cried for what felt like hours. Your Aunt and Uncle were also shocked. They finally left the hospital to make the funeral arrangements. You sat in the chairs waiting for Derek to come back with your coffee.You then thought about your mom and sister, and now your dad in Heaven. You wondered if Heaven was nice or even real. You felt alone and unneeded on earth now since your whole family was dead. “Ready to go baby?”,derek said snapping you out of your daydream. “Yea,babe”,you said smiling at him. “Thanks for being with me for this”,you said to him. He then kissed you with love and passion. “I love you (y/n)”,derek said. “I love you”,you said.

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We finally got back to the house. It brought back so many memories. You and your little sister playing school. Your mom and dad dancing in the kitchen. And especially when they kissed, and you and your sister would almost puke. “Wanna see my high school bedroom?”,you asked. “Sure”, he said following you upstairs. You walked in and saw that nothing had changed. (y/s/n) side was the exact same as she left it too. “Babe, you never told me you were a cheerleader”,derek exclaimed. “Oh,God”, you exclaimed. “Wanna show me some moves”,derek said jokingly. You then walked to your desk to find a picture of your family on their annual beach trip. “Baby, what happened to them?”,derek asked quietly. “Well, my mom and sister and baby brother were coming home from my Aunt Elle’s because they were planning my little brother’s baby shower. It was January so there was ice on the road, a-and um when my mom went to stop her brakes they locked up and they slammed into the back of a semi truck and it killed them instantly. My mom was pregnant as the time”,you explained”. “Ready for bed?”,you said changing the subject. “Yea baby”,derek said. You both fell asleep not ready for tomorrow’s events.

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The sound of Derek’s phone woke you up the next morning. The constant dinging of texts from Nate were so annoying. You picked up his phone from the side table, to turn his ringer off when a text caught your eye. 

“See you today at 3 for rehearsal. Glad you talk to (y/n) about you skipping the funeral today. Send her my love” -Nate

You got up and immediately started packing Derek’s things. “Yo mami, what are you doing?”,he said in his sexy morning voice. “Packing for you”,you said in a annoyed tone. “Why baby, there’s still things to do today”,he said sitting up in bed. “Oh I know that, but since Nate’s expecting you today in the studio”,you said throwing the bag on him. “Look baby, that’s before I knew your dad passed away. I made the plans before you got the new”,Derek said. “Look Derek, you don’t have to lie. I’m used to being on my own. My dad worked all the time first of all. Friends have come and gone, same with boyfriends. Everyone always leaves, its nothing new.

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“Baby, I’m bot going to leave you, I promise”,he said hugging me. “That’s what they all say”,you said with tears rolling down your cheeks. “I’m not going anywhere baby, you’re going to have to do a lot to get me to leave you”,he said kissing my tears away. “You promise?”, I said putting my pinkie up. “I promise forvever”,he said intertwining our pinkies.

Inferno - Sam Drake/Reader

Title: Inferno

Pairing: Sam Drake/Reader + Nathan Drake & Reader (friendship, because Nathan is just a wonderful human being and I imagine being friends with him and Elena would be aces)

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 2244

PROMPTSam/Reader meeting after fifteen years? Like post Uc4. They were a couple for 4 years before Panama. Sam promised to come back from there in one piece, obviously he didn’t. Reader was heartbroken. So now it’s something along “Samuel fucking Drake, you have some nerve showing up here after all this time.” And please don’t make Sam and Reader fall into each other’s arms and live happily ever after? Reader is pissed, maybe willing to give Sam another chance, but he has to work for it really hard.

A/N: This is full o’ angst.

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The only warning you get is a text message from Nathan.

You haven’t seen him in a few months, when he went back to Elena in New Orleans and you continued travelling around the world for your research.

Getting a text from Nathan isn’t unusual. You spent years travelling with him and Sully, so when you finally parted ways, you were happy that you kept in close contact with each other.

When you fish your phone out of your pocket, you close your laptop and sit back in your office chair.

Are you home?” – Nate

You frown slightly at the question, but type your response. “Yeah, why?”

It takes a while for his response to come through, but when it does, your frown only deepens.

Just don’t freak out.”

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