It all started off as a hobby like 10+ years ago and then was introduced to a shop in SD called @autofashion_usa for a sponsorship. Little did I know that when I showed up to their shop that I would meet a group of guys that today I would call FAMILY. Best group of people I know til this day and I couldn’t be anymore grateful to be blessed with these guys and gals in my life. 🙌 #autofashionusa #AFfam #kevlife #chewlife #natelife #didnttageveryone #butyouknowwhoyouare

@ Nate

I know you probably are going through a tough time right now, but I’m always here for you to talk. If I could, I would give you a big hug right now and give you one of my Magic Cookie bars. They’re really yummy and good. :) You deserve happiness, you do so much for everyone and you’re an amazing person. You work so hard, and you try your absolute best. I’d love to have a big brother like you! You’re also an amazing father to your kids, and anyone would be lucky to have you as their soulmate. Whatever that has happend, try your best to not think of it since it’s near Christmas time and just try to enjoy yourself, for YOU. Nobody else, okay? I don’t know the exact situation, but you can come talk to me about it anytime. It just really hurts to see you depressed like this and saying you want to dissapear. I’d cry my eyes out if you ever died, you are one of my favorite people. Please keep your head up and smile.

Love, Anna :D