“this is the story of a man named Nathan”

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Here Right Now
Nate Smith/Nathan Sharp/NateWantsToBattle

This song, I am lucky to have. Seems that when NateWantsToBattle, or Nate Sharp, or whatever he’s calling himself now does something new, all of his old stuff suffers. This is the product of that change, one of a few songs (no others of which I have) that was released before he became NateWantsToBattle. Despite his decision to remove the song from the face of the earth, I still managed to get a hold of it, and I think any NWtB fan should listen to it if you already haven’t. I like this song more than any song he’s ever released.

I have a lot of feelings about Nathan Sharp

If Nate wasn’t my favorite artist already, the new “StopRewind” music definitely put him there. (Tied with Dodie of course lol)

I never paid attention to the lyrics before. But after watching the video, I understand it a lot better. It’s about pushing through when life sucks because someday you’re gonna be where you want to be, even if you don’t know it yet. The video showed him reaching out to the “exit” many times, just to put him right back where he didn’t want to be.

Because if you focus too hard on how much you hate where you are, it takes focus away from working through to make sure you reach your dreams.

His face when he saw the collage of all his videos (including his tour announcement, which I noticed, that was a nice touch) just kind of made me want to cry. He’s come ridiculously far, and looking back on all the things he’s done must be incredibly surreal.

Man, imagine looking into the future just to see a screen full of the things you’ve achieved ten years from now. There are so many amazing things in store.

The video sort of helped me restore hope in myself. I’ve had a difficult time believing that I’m ever going to reach my dreams, but if Nate can do it, so can I.

So thank you Nate, even if you’re not going to see this. Thank you for following your dreams, thank you for giving me another wonderful role model to look up to, thank you for making this video, thank you for EVERYTHING.

Hey Wafflecrew fans!!! I need your help!!

This is a Paultin charm that I commissioned from the wonderful and incredibly sweet @hawberries and received him from a convention today. I love this charm to Barovia and back and I have a extra that I would love to give to Nate! Now here is my problem, I live in Australia and are not traveling to the USA anytime soon but I really want to give him this charm. If anyone has any ideas on how to do this (I thin he doesn’t have a PO box?), I would love to hear them!!!! Thank you!

EDIT!!!!!! Thank you everyone for you suggestions! I have a way! The kind and amazing @commanderholly (over on the Dice Camera Action reddit) and many of you wonderful people has told me that I can sent it off to her and she can give it to Nate when they meet up! This is amazing and thank everyone for helping me make this a reality, once again proving what a wonderful community we are apart of!

「game over」

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Things Every NWTB Fan Agrees On

Sandcastle Kingdoms had us shook.

Natemare is love. Natemare is life.

Lowkey miss Nate wearing glasses.

Watched the English Dub of Luck and Logic because of Nate.

Live Long Enough to Become the Hero is the most encouraging song ever.

Count Me In needs a reunion.

Nightmare is sadder than it should be.

The FNAF musical.

The Yandere Sim musical.

Nate as Senpai.

Morgan is the best cook (and we all want to try her food).

Rylo. No need for context.



Nate needs a massive concert in a stadium.

Nate’s tattoos (and he plans to get a third).


Give Heart Records exploded in the fandom


what a nerd 💕

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