Which DC Show have the best Bromance?

Oliver and Diggle

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Barry and Cisco 

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Winn and James

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Nate and Ray

Bonus: Ray and Mick

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So Barry and Iris have done every trope at least twice (confessions of love, first kisses, proposals), let’s keep that up with their wedding. 

I want the Legends, Team Arrow, and Team Supergirl to come to CC for the wedding. I want all the females being Iris’s bridesmaids. I wanted freaking Linda to be the maid of honor. I want Oliver talking to Barry about how he was wrong saying guys like them don’t get the girl. I want some end of the world thing to happen as Iris is walking down the aisle and they all run outside to see what it is. I want Barry to pull Iris close because god fucking damn it he can and will protect her. I want the villians to be fucking good and I want there to a shit ton of fighting. I want Barry to almost die and Iris go off on someone (preferably Oliver because why the fuck not) about how he is the love of her life, she almost died with Savitar, but she would not lose him on their wedding day. 

I want everyone fighting tooth and nail. I want them to save the day. Then I want there to be a scene where Barry and Iris are holding hands, exchanging vows, (mostly coming from Iris because Barry tells her his every other episode at this point). I want there to be an after party scene where Cisco makes a speech about Barry being a stubborn ass and Iris not being much better, and god help all of them should they ever have kids. 

Then I want it to end with Barry and Iris waving people goodbye. She looks at him with the biggest grin and says,” So what happens now, Flash?”

And he says,” Whatever comes next, Mrs. West-Allen.”

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Highlights from The CW's Superhero Crossover Event

  • Every interaction between Kara and Barry
  • H.R calling Barry B.A. and Barry not liking it
  • Diggle complaining about Barry making his life abnormal
  • Thea joining the team again because hello, aliens
  • Kara memorizing everyone’s names and being super cute and excited
  • Sara crushing on Kara
  • Iris crushing even more on Ollie now that she knows he’s the Green Arrow (bonus: Barry’s face)
  • #TeamGeek
  • Wally getting all Kid Flash
  • Sara calling Nate and Amaya “the newbies”
  • Oliver sticking up for Barry
  • Sassy Sara when Barry is struggling with his leadership
  • Barry asking Ray about Snart and his puppy face when Ray breaks the news
  • Mick calling Kara “Supergirl”
  • Fight scene: Barry and Ollie vs. their brainwashed friends
  • Felicity sharing her umbrella with Mick
  • All the cameo’s in the Arrow episode 
  • Malcolm saying that Tommy is a doctor in Chicago because Colin Donnell
  • Every time Supergirl enters the scene #Girlpower
  • Cisco Ramon, King Of Nickname Approvals
  • Fight scene: Ollie, Sara, Dig, Thea and Ray vs. Malcolm, Deathstroke, Damien Darhk and the soldiers
  • The waverider saving Ollie, Dig, Thea, Sara and Ray from space
  • Gideon. I just really like Gideon
  • Cisco and Felicity on the waverider, talking in Ciara lyrics
  • Mick, Amaya and Nate being rescued by the geeks
  • Finale fight against the Dominators
  • Oliver Queen and his bad ass army stopping Barry from turning himself over to the Dominators
  • Ollie telling Kara to back off and then Kara saving his ass
  • Cisco making Kara a device so she can communicate with them from Earth 38 and come over whenever she wants
  • Felicity saying that looking at Kara is like looking into a mirror and then Ray pointing out she looks like his cousin (there was an opportunity, they grabbed it)
  • Mick asking Sara, Queen of Approval, whether she also finds the president hot
  • The crew having a party (minus their costumes)
  • Ollie, Kara and Barry having a group hug 
  • Mick asking “Skirt” to “call him”
  • Ollie and Sara acknowledging this all started with them when they stepped on board of the Queen’s Gambet
  • Oliver Queen and Barry Allen having a beer at the bar. I repeat, Oliver Queen and Barry Allen having a beer at the bar.
You know what would be a good show?

Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and the Legends all together under the same roof, Big Brother style. Living together, all day, all the time. No escape, no nothing. Just them being themselves amongst themselves, you know? Like dorks with no escape and a lot of pancakes to make.

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Reasons why the Legends are the badasses of badasses:

It took both Barry and Oliver a season EACH to take down Thawne and Merlyn/Darhk. The Legends are having to deal with ALL THREE VILLIANS and are probably doing to defeat them in the width of a season as well. You can argue that the Legends have more members to make it easier but Barry and Oliver had teams too and it still took them as long.


I’m sorry, but wasn’t Sara the leader on Legends? It should have been her to give the ‘ok’ to Nate’s suggestion. Not Oliver. Not Barry.

Because neither of them have a timeship, and they are not the Legends leaders.

It was ok on the Flash episode to have Barry taking the lead, and it was ok on Arrow to have Oliver leading. But this was a Legends of Tomorrow episode. So it should have been Sara calling the shots.

Flash and Legends thoughts - Spoilers


- Kind of over Nate and Amaya?  (Was always over them.)  Especially since their hookup came out of nowhere, and was kind of creepy?  In a sexist way?

- I don’t like that men are deciding that Amaya’s future is focused around what comes out of her womb and the womb of her children.

- Gideon and…what…why.  1st - where did that even come from, and 2nd - can we really stop with the “women who are artificially built are sexually attractive” thing, because it kinda sorta actually reinforces this idea that women are objects.  It’s way different than explorations of “Is an AI alive, and why?”  All I can think of is that statistic of there being more aliens/robots on TV than actual women.  I just feel like that whole thing didn’t need to jump straight to that.  ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING THE SICK POWER IMBALANCE THAT HE DEMONSTRATED - She does not have equal power to Rip!  She is programmed to be submissive to him!  It’s just…erg.  Really gross and rape-culture-y.  (I know, I see you rolling your eyes.  Keep scrolling if you don’t like that assessment and keep your hate to yourself.)

- Speaking of rape culture, I am very much a believer in the fact that manipulation is a tool of rape.  I think we need to consider what is happening when Nate makes a decision to break it off with Amaya, but decides he can at least get sex out of her first.  It wasn’t framed at all like this whole, “I don’t believe in fate, and we have feelings, and maybe I’m part of this whole fate” thing.  It was one of those dude bro shrugs from a guy who wanted sex first and truth later.  It was really gross.  Amaya deserves better.

- I wish Sara’s queer side didn’t sound like it was written by a frat boy.  Like Supernatural’s Charlie sounded.  (You can be a woman who loves women and not sound like a creeper, okay?  There are other ways to demonstrate sexual attraction without being creepy.)

- However, the word “bisexual” was actually spoken, so there’s a plus!

- I did wonder where Gertrude’s feathers were.

- I personally wanted Rip to be evil for much longer than he was.  I thought that would be really great for his character and for the crew in future seasons.  It would’ve created a lot more drama the longer it went on.


- Not really into Jesse just having to rearrange her life for a guy.

- Not loving the “ask permission” thing.

- Barry was reprimanded for lying about why he proposed, so that’s good.

- I didn’t love that people kept trying to convince Julian that he should give consent.  I was really happy when he said no.  But then it didn’t stick.

- I’m glad Jesse did the right thing and told everyone what happened with Wally.

- I’m wondering where Joe’s arc is going and if he’s going to be around much longer.


in The flash new episode they made a Houston/astronaut reference and in Legends of tomorrow they literally went on the moon

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