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Imagines Masterlist

A/N: Okay so tons of people kept asking about a masterlist for imagines I’ve written and I finally made one! You honestly don’t know how long this took me to make. I don’t want to put my older imagines on here because I think they suck, so some imagines may not be on this list (these include all personal imagines I’ve written for people).

Warning: Most imagines are smuts they will be italicized.  


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Sneak PeekHigh Rollers, Part 2, Part 3 (5sos)

Quatuor Bestias Noctibus (5sos)

Like A Snack (Ashton Irwin)

Chosen (Calum Hood)

New Man (Luke Hemmings)

Pheromones (Luke Hemmings)

Havoc, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4 (Michael Clifford)

Dyed (Michael Clifford)

Coverings (Luke Hemmings)

Please Don’t Go (Ashton Irwin)

Side Chick, Part 2, Part 3 (Calum Hood)

Eating Pie (Luke Hemmings)

Capabilities (Michael Clifford)

Heartbreaker, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (Ashton Irwin)

Agent Hemmings (Luke Hemmings)

Lemonade (Calum Hood)

Could This Be Our Last Goodbye, Part 2, Part 3 (Michael Clifford)

Cough Syrup (Calum Hood)

Wrong (Luke Hemmings)

Forbidden (Luke H. & Calum H.)

Experimenting (Ashton Irwin)

Awkward Encounters (Luke Hemmings) 

365 Days (Calum Hood)

Reunited (Luke Hemmings)

Juke Jam (Ashton Irwin)

Presents (Micheal Clifford)

Lazy Days (Luke Hemmings)

Coming Home (Micheal Clifford)

Seductress (Ashton Irwin)

In Those Jeans (Ashton Irwin)

“Well this is a nice surprise…” (Calum Hood)

Lessons (Calum Hood)

Charge (Ashton Irwin)

Better This Way (Ashton Irwin)

Foolish (Michael Clifford)

“I messed up” (Michael Clifford)

Untitled (Luke Hemmings)

The Battle (Luke Hemmings)

Good Girl (5sos)

Mistakes (Luke Hemmings)

Fandom Insecurities (Calum Hood)

Birthday To Remember (Luke Hemmings)

A Living Nightmare (Luke Hemmings)

Home Sweet Home (Calum Hood)

Summertime (Ashton Irwin/Gabe Morales/Jack Johnson)

On Bended Knee & All My Life (Michael Clifford)

Soccer!Untitled (Calum Hood)

Untitled (Luke Hemmings)

Give Me Love (Ashton Irwin)

Sin is the Game (Calum Hood)

Holding On (Luke Hemmings)

More Than Friends (Ashton Irwin)

IM5 & David Scarzone:

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“You gotta move your hips” (Gabe Morales)

I Don’t Disappoint (Dana Vaughns II)

Disappointed (Dana Vaughs II)

Forgotten (Dana Vaughns II)

A Thin Line Between Love and Lust (Dana Vaughns II)

Hot Summer Nights (Dalton Rapattoni)

Untitled (Dana Vaughns II)

Obsession (Gabe Morales)

The Hideaway (Dalton Rapattoni)

The Show Must Go On (Gabe Morales)

“I’m not in the mood to share” (Gabe Morales & Dana Vaughns II)

Sparks Flying (David Scarzone)

“We’re not going to be lonely anymore” (Dalton Rapattoni)

Untitled (Gabe Morales)

Untitled (Dalton Rapattoni)

Untitled (Dalton Rapattoni)

Untitlted (David Scarzone)

When Midnight Falls (Dalton Rapattoni)

Untitled (Cole Pendery)

Summertime (Gabe Morales/Jack Johnson/ Ashton Irwin)

Untitled (Dana Vaughns II)

Upgrade U (Dana Vaughns II)

Untitled (Gabe Morales)

Omaha Squad/OGOC & Swazz:

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Private (Jack Gilinksy)

Coincidence (Jack Gilinksy)

Instructor Maloley (Nate “SK8″ Maloley)

Inks and Pain (Jack Gilinksy)

Haters (Jack & Jack)

“I ain’t scared” (Nate “SK8″ Maloley)

Oh Brother (Nate “SK8″ Maloley)

Face In The Pillow (John “Swazz” Swift)

Gone (Jack Gilinksy)

Back Rubs (Jack Gilinsky)

Dry Spell (Nate “SK8″ Maloley & Sammy Wilk)

Unrequited Love (John “Swazz” Swift)

Control (Nate “SK8″ Maloley)

Bed (John “Swazz” Swift)

Crossing Boundaries (Jack Gilinsky)

Dangerous Snapping (Jack Johnson)

Summertime (Jack Johnson/Ashton Irwin/Gabe Morales)

Untitled (John “Swazz” Swift)


He loves you even when you don’t love yourself. He loves your chubby cheeks that you hate and spend so much unnecessary time trying to contour and slim. He didn’t care that you woke up with a blemish on your forehead, or that it added to the many more blemishes you disliked on your face. The size on your jeans didn’t matter, he loved the way they hugged your curves. The muffin top that poured over the waistband of your jeans was okay because it came from you two laughing and eating your favorite food at 3 in the morning. He’d rather you spend as much time with him then spend hours at the gym trying to flatten your stomach. He loved the way your eyes lit up when you walked through Sephora and saw all of the pretty makeup you loved to play with, but didn’t necessarily need. That tight black dress that you hate because it shows your thick thighs and back fat? He adores it because it shows off your top notch booty, he might even get in a grab here and there when you’re out with friends. It’s okay that you have a few fat rolls when you lay on your side, I know he’ll spoon you anyway and don’t you dare worry about those stretch marks, if you look a little closer he might have a fair few too. Don’t be afraid to have him pick you up or sit in his lap, I promise you’re not too heavy. If you don’t feel like wearing a bra, don’t wear one, your breasts don’t have to be constantly pushed up to look fuller and rounder. They’re perfect just the way they are and so are you.
—  For the girl who told me to remember the girls who aren’t ‘small’ <3