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Cliche- Nate Maloley Imagine

You sat in Johnson’s living room, listening to the guys talk about girls, as per usual. You’ve been friends with them for years and they’ve told you on multiple occasions that you’re one of the guys. As much as you love it, you couldn’t help but want them to look at you the way they look at other girls. Specifically Nate. 

You’ve had feeling for Nate ever since you could remember. Even before you were friends with the guys, you would always see Nate around school and you so badly wanted him to look at you in that way. But the closer you got to the boys, the more you realized you weren’t their type. You were the exact opposite.

The guys liked girls who partied, drank, and weren’t afraid to physically be with someone. The girls they went for would always wear little outfits and seemed to have no care in the world. It’s not that you thought you were better or more mature than them, you just wanted the guys to look at you the way they looked at other girls. 

“Are you coming tonight, (y/n)?” Gilinsky asked you, snapping you out of your thoughts. 

Swazz was having a party and you’ve always made up some excuse as to why you couldn’t party with the guys. It was always something like “I got up really early this morning for work so probably not.” but you knew they were bothered by it. It’s not that you didn’t want to hang out with them, it’s just that you didn’t want to sit there and watch as Nate got with some girl that was ten times prettier than you.

“Sure.” You said, as you looked at five boys who were practically begging you to come.

Later that night, as you stood in Swazz’s living room, listening to some douche talk about how built he is, you couldn’t help but watch as Nate talked to a girl; his typical girl. The more you stared, the more you wanted to hit him. You wanted to smack him because maybe then, it would make him realize how much you actually care for him.

You knew you had to remove yourself from the situation before it became an actual situation. You said goodbye to the douche and headed outside. Just as you reached the end of the driveway, you heard Nate’s voice.

“(y/n)! Where are you going?” He said, running after you. 

“I just…can’t do this anymore.” You said. 

“Come on, it’s just a party…I don’t understand what your issue is.” He said and you knew he was genuinely confused. 

“Nate, I’m not talking about the party.” You were trying so hard to keep your anger and jealousy inside of you but it wasn’t working. “I can’t do this anymore.” You pointed between the two of you before turning around to walk away but Nate grabbed your arm and turned you around again.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Why did you pick her?” You asked, pointing towards the house. “Why did you chose her out of every other girl?”

“I don’t know.” You watched as Nate’s face scrunched up in confusion. “She’s hot?”

“Okay, and what about the girl last week? Why did you pick her?”


“Just answer.” You said, cutting him off. 

“She was hot too.” He said, not understanding what your point was.

“You’ve never said that about me. I hangout with you every day of my life and I listen to the way you talk about girls and then I hear the way you talk about me and the difference is unbelievable. You don’t look at me the way you look at other girls and I’m sorry Nate, but I don’t look at other guys because I’m too busy looking at you. And I look at you in the way you don’t look at me.”

“You wanna know the way I look at you?” He asked, getting closer to you. “I look at you and see a girl in a white dress, walking towards me, down an isle in the middle of a Church. I see a girl holding my baby, trying to get it to sleep in the middle of the night. I see a girl buying millions of Christmas presents for our grandchildren. Those other girls? I don’t see that with; I’ve never seen it. You’re different and as cliche as that sounds, it’s true. I held back because you didn’t show any interest but I should have known…you were always one to hide your feelings. You are the one I want; for the rest of my life.” He said, hesitating to put his hands on your waist. 

“You mean it?” You asked, not really believing that this was happening.

Nate let out a little chuckle as he pulled you closer to him so your chest was touching his. He placed his hand on your cheek as he used the other one to brush the hair out of your face. He looked from your eyes to your lips and began to lean in. 

“100%.” He whispered against your lips before finally connecting them with his.

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G isn’t apart of your daughter’s life but the boys help raise her // *Request*

Secret Sibling ~N.M.~

Summary: you’re Nates secret little sister


“What do you mean no one knows I exist Nathan?”

I was calling my brother Nate Maloley. I was 3 years younger than him. I had just moved out to Cali to pursue my fashion and modeling career. I wanted to visit Nate and finally meet his friends.

“I haven’t told anyone about you” he says more like a question.

“Yes but why?”

“I just figured it would be too complicated to explain.” He says sighing.

When I was a baby, before Nate could remember anything, I was given up for adoption. Our parents loved me but money was tight and they already had 3 kids. Stew was barely 18 months. I understood. But when I was 12 my parents got me back, because I was abused in foster care and they found out. I was pretty quiet so I didn’t have to many friends. People barely knew I existed. I know all of Nates friends names but they don’t know me.

Me and Nate were kind of close but not as close as me and stew. We’re actually living together but he’s on tour right now.

“I get it Nate. I would’ve just appreciated if you atleast let them know I exist. And explain fast because I’m coming over. I miss you” I say walking to my room.

“Fine. I miss you too y/n. I’ll text you my address. Reminder all the boys are here and if they say or do any-”

“Nate. I’m fine. I appreciate the protectiveness but I’m a big girl. I can handle myself.”

“I just don’t want you hurt”

“I know. Well let me get ready. Love you bye”

I change from my shorts to some jeans and tshirt. I put on basic makeup and leave my hair down. Who cares how crazy it looks.

I call a uber reminding myself that I need a car.

I arrive at a fairly large house that Nate told me he shares with the boys.

I text Nate that I’m here and he tells me to just walk in.

I take a deep breath and open the front door. I see boys on the couch and in the kitchen. I shut the door and everyone’s heads turn towards me.

“Who the hell-”

“Y/N” Nate screams my name and runs for me. God I missed this kid. He picked me up and hugged me tighter than I’ve been held.

Did I mention I haven’t seen Nate in 3 years.

“I’ve missed you so much Nathan. You’re never leaving me again. Ever.” I say wrapping my arms around him.

“Agreed little one”

He sets me down and just starts talking to me. Asking me how I’m getting settled in, if I made any friends, how’s work. We talk until I remember his friends.

“Oh hi guys. Okay let me see” I say first I point to Johnson. “You’re Jack J, you’re G, You’re Swazz and you’re Sammy. And Nate I don’t know that one” I say turning to Nate.

“Alright um. You guys. This is my little sister y/n. Y/n, Johnson, Gilinsky, Sammy, John or Swazz and Dillon.” Nate says as he points to everyone.

“Nice to meet you guys finally” I say sticking my tongue at Nate.

“Sister? Really. I don’t believe you. Nate I’ve known forever. How do you hide a sister. What about when we were little and we played with stew. Where was she?” Swazz says confused.

I look over at Nate and his head is down and he looks upset. His eyes are watery and I can’t see him like this.

“Um. I preferred to stay in the shadows. I moved in with my cousins when I was born but then Nate begged for a little sister so my parents got me back and I moved back in with them when I was 12 and I wasn’t a fan of people. So I stayed at home and hung out with stew and Nate till he moved” I say coming up with a tiny lie so Nate wouldn’t feel bad and the boys wouldn’t pity me.

Nates head shot up at me and he slightly smiled. I grabbed his arm and squeezed.

“Wow. That’s cool I guess. It’s nice to meet you. Since you’re Nates blood I’m assuming you smoke” Dillon says

“No she don’t” Nate says standing up straight.

“Um no I don’t usually. I do drink though”

“No you don’t. You’re barely 18”

“Nate. You’ve been drinking for as long as I can remember. You’re barely 21”

“Yeah but you don’t drink. You can have a coke.”

“Just mix me something. Not too strong” I say to Dillon then look at Nate.

“Nathan. Please chill on the protectiveness. I’m an adult. If I have a problem I swear I’ll come to you.”


“Swear.” I say as we do our little handshake.

I follow the boys into the living room and while Nates not looking I roll a joint.

“Thought you didn’t smoke?” Dillon said not even looking at me.

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him” I say smirking.

Prisoner - Part II [Nate Maloley imagine]


*Nates POV*

I got to my place, completely out of my mind, I don’t really know how I made it there, but I made it. “Y/N” I called her, no response, “Y/N” I called her again a little louder, still no answer. I walked to our shared room, hoping she was asleep, but I’ve found a paper on my pillow. I took it and read it. Shit. I fucked it up, I was drunk, but sober enough to understand I fucked a while ago when I was even more fucked and that she was gone.

I couldn’t let her go, she was my everything, I started thinking where could have she gone, I grabbed my phone and called Y/BF/N, she must be there, she’s always there when we argue. “Hi?” a sleepy voice answered, it was her, “Y/N, babe, please come home, we need to talk” I begged her “Skate?” “Indeed” she hung up, she was not going to get rid of me that easily, so I grabbed my car keys and headed to Y/BF/Ns place.

*Y/Ns POV*

I was trying to sleep, when Y/BF/Ns phone rung. As I didn’t want to wake her up, I answered. It was Skate. He wanted to talk, I didn’t want to but I would let him speak, even tho I probably won’t forgive him, I got a hoodie and waited for him outside. I sat on the front door when I saw his car getting to the driveway. “Fuck.” I thought to myself. Skate ran to me and got me in his arms, I didn’t hug him back. “Babe…” “Talk, I don’t have nothing to say” “Why?” “Why, what?” “Why you leaving?” “You know why? Because I don’t belong to your lifestyle, I don’t belong to this clubbing thing, this weed and alcohol thing, I mean nothing to you, Nathan, I always thought I did, and I didn’t want to see reality, I was fucking blind, until tonight you showed me how many fucks you gave about me. I’m done” “Babe, I didn’t mean to” “Old same excuse, bye Nathan” I turned around and opened the door. Nate grabbed the handle and closed the door “You’re not going nowhere until you’re mine again” “So we’ll stay here forever then”

We both heard the door opening, we turned to see Y/BF/N trying to understand what was going on. “Guys, come in and talk inside” Skate entered and I followed him. “Try not to break everything and wake all the neighbours up, thanks.” Y/BF/N told us and walked to her room. I sat on the couch and Skate sat next to me. “Ma, what do I have to do to show you that you are my fucking everything and I need you more than you can imagine?” “Nothing Nathan, I can’t trust you anymore” Skate took my face in his hands and turn it to face him. “Look into my eyes.” now my eyes were staring deeply into his “I. Love. You.” His eyes showed he truly meant it, but there was something inside me that told me not to trust him. I stood up “What?” Skate asked “Nate, I think we need to take a break, get things clear, you know?” “I don’t need to get anything clear, I know what I want and it’s you by my side” “Don’t make me this even harder and go, please” “If I leave now, tomorrow I’ll be back” “Nathan, please, I’m begging you” “I’m not giving up until you’re mine again, you get it?” I nodded and opened him the door. He kissed my cheek, whispered an “I love you” and walked to his car. I closed the door and went back to my room. I put changed again and got into bed. My phone vibrated, a new message, it was Nate “I love you forever, never forget it. Sweet dreams, lil ma. ”


Apparently Weezer gave Nate some shoutouts at their show in his home state of Iowa, and got the crowd to sing We Are Young