nate's tats

This is for Makayla. @hyme615405
*Makayla POV*
Its been weeks since Nate has come back form tour, when he first came back from tour we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other and were with each other every second of ever day. Now he’s spending a lot of his time with Swazz.. Now don’t get me wrong I love Swazz and all but when Nate is with him its all about them and never, not one bit, us and I honestly can’t stand it and Nate knows this. Today,Swazz was over and they were playing Madden. Nothing new for them honestly, seen he just got back from tour. He was kinda over the music vibe for a min, he always was after a long tour. As they were playing Nate kept getting mad because Swazz kept scoring on him. This caused Nate to get very frustrated. I watched him, as Swazz kept scoring, Nate kept running his hands through his hair and standing up making it look more intense than it should be. I was actually very shocked Nate was losing because Nate ALWAYS bets Swazz. No offense to Swazz but he wasn’t that good. Nate had to have something in his mind to be losing to Swazz. “Dude I just beat you at your own fucking game.” Swazz says to him. “I noticed.” Nate says frustrated but I don’t think Swazz catches the frustration in his voice. Swazz’s phone begins to ring. He answers it causing Nate to finally look over at me, when he notices I’m already looking at him he looks at the ground and runs his fingers through his hair, which is now all over the place because he’s been doing that for almost an hour. “Okay I’ll be there soon then.” We both hear Swazz say and then hangs up the phone. “You leaving bro?” Nate asks him. “Yeah man, Katie needs me.” I watch as they both stand up and say their good byes. Once Swazz is out the door my eyes are still locked on Nate. He sits down on the sofa, sighs, and runs his fingers through his hair once again. This boy just doesn’t realize what he’s doing to me just by doing that. That was one if the hottest things Nate could do, is to run his fingers through his hair. “Nate?” I finally say standing up and walking over to him. “Yeah?” He says looking up at me standing right in front of him. I sit in his lap, straddling him. “You look frustrated baby.” I say as his eyes never leave mine. “Just a lot on my mind Lil Mama.” He says placing his hands softly on my hips. I wrap my arms around his neck. “Want me to help you take your mind off of it babe?” I say then start kissig his neck. Nate turns his head giving me more access. “Please.” I hear him say, and his grip tightens on my hips. This causes me to rock my hips back and forth causing Nate to moan in pleasue. I behind to actually kiss Nate. It soon turns into a huge make out session. Soon I’m being lefted into the air Nate breaks the kiss. “We gon take this upstairs Lil Mama.” Nate says as he begins to carry me upstairs. I can now feel how hard he is threw his sweats. Oh my god it was killing me at this point. I crashed my lips onto Nates once again as we enter our room. Nate lays me on the bed, he begins to kiss my neck. I moan, knowing his leaving his marks, this turned me on even more. Nate grinds his hips into mine, making me moan again. Nate kisses down my neck sliding his hands up my body. “Lil Mama, I need you so bad.” Nate says kissing me on the lips before slipping my shirt off. “I’m all yours.” I say to Nate before slipping his sweats pants down his hips. The sight of him made me even wetter. Seconds later I was laying on the bed completely naked with Nate on top of me still in his underwear. I flip us over to where I’m on top of Nate. “I’m gonna take care if you tonight. Is that okay baby?” I ask Nate sweetly. Nate pulls me into a kiss, “I wouldn’t want anyone else too Lil Mama.” He says making me blush. Sweet Nate was my favorite and I was loving this. I help Nate take his underwear off causing his to sigh at the little bit of relief he was gettng. Nate looks at me with a serious face, “No teasing.” He states in a very demanding voice and I can’t help but to give him exactly what he wants because at this point him just laying on the bed naked was teasing to me. I slowly slid myself onto Nate letting the pain soon turn into pleasure. Nate and I both moan, I place my hands gently on Nates check. “Oh my god.” I can hear him whisper. He closes his eyes for a second, then looks up at me, “Come here.” Nate says pulling me into a kiss. I rock my hips back and forth at a slow pace to begin with. Nate slips his tounge into my mouth as I moan hits my spot. Nate helps me rock my hips making me hit that spot every time, I moan into his mouth. “Go faster Mama.” Nate says and I do so, loving the feeling. “Oh my god.” I almost scream. “Keep going.” Nate says as I begin to slow down, knowing my high is coming soon. “Nate.” I say as Nate begins to kiss my neck again most likely leaving more marks. “I know babe, I’m close too. Keep going.” Nate says and I begin to try to rock my hips faster. “Ahhh, Nathan.” I say hitting my high, with my vision bluring and thighs shaking. “Ah, fuck. Oh my god.” Nate mumbles into my neck while cumimg into me. It felt amazing. We stayed there for a second coming down from ours highs. Finally I roll over and lay beside Nate. “So did tat take you mind off of it.” I ask Nate. He nods, “You always know just what to do baby girl. I love you.” He says. “I love you too.” I say kissing his cheek. “What was on your mind anyways Nate?” I ask hoping to get an answer because I had never seen Nate that frustrated before. “You honestly want to know?” He asks, I nod. “Of course your my man I should know what bothering you.” I say causing Nate to smile, and not just a fake smile I’m talking about dimples and all. My favorite. “I was thinking about your birthday plans and how I was going to top last years surprise. I don’t see how I’m going to top a surprise visit with an off day on tour.” He says and it melts my heart. Nate always planned something big for my birthday but last year was the best be surprised while in tour. I hadn’t seen I’m for like 3 months at that time because something always came up when we planned our visits and knowing he was trying to top that made me want to cry , it was really sweet. “Nate, you don’t have to do anything for my birthday. You know I would rather sit here in bed with you than go out to town or something. I just want you here okay?” I say he shakes his head. “Nah, you my Lil Mama and I gotta spoil you, and I will. I make no promises, I’ll figure something our for your birthday.” He says. I smile at him, with that he pulls me into him cuddling, and we stayed there wrapped in just each other talking all night long.

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Living with a boy has its perks. You can cuddle with them when ever you like. You can steal their clothes or use them as an excuse to get away from boys you don’t have interest in.

However, with those perks come to disadvantages. Disadvantages like weird smells coming from their room,never cleaning up or leaving the toilet seat up. 

Unfortunately for me Nate did all 3. Nate had left the toilet seat up at least 100 times, making me almost fall on the toilet. He never cleaned up after himself and his room smelt like someone had died in it. 

It seemed like he tried anything to rally me up and I was sick of it. 

“Seriously, she was flirting with me.” Sam laughed as they all came in the apartment. 

Just great more cleaning to do. I rolled my eyes to myself.

“Nah, no way. She had more interest in me.” Johnson counteracted, sitting down on our recliner.

“Keep saying that, bro. You know she was digging these tats.” Nate said tossing his keys somewhere. 

If anything that action made me madder because I knew he was going to yell at me for putting them somewhere. 

“Guys, she was just our waitress. She didn’t have any interest in any of us.” John clarified.

“Why did you have to burst their bubble? It was funny seeing them fight like that.” Gilinsky laughed. 

“Whatever. You’re all just jealous she liked me the most.” Nate chuckled and joined the rest of the boys. They turned on the TV and started the Xbox.
I walked into the living room and stood in front of Nate.

“Nate,a word?” I asked crossing my arm in front of my chest.

“Can it wait? I’m trying to play this game.” Nate moved his head so he could see around me.

“No,Nathan.” I stood in front of him and waited until he made a move to get up. 

“Seriously, (Y/N). I just want to relax for a little.”

“Nathan Montgomery Maloley, if you don’t get your ass off that couch right now you will not be able to relax for the next week.”

The boys including Nate looked at me with wide eyes.

“Oh shit. She used your full name and her mom tone. She’s mad. I would go find out what she needs, Nate.” Johnson said. Sam, John and Gilinsky nodded their head in agreement.

“Fine lets so talk.”

I walked into the kitchen away from all the boys. Nate groaned and followed me into the kitchen.

“What do you want (Y/N)?” He asked running a hand through his hair.

“What do I want? I want you to act like you care about the fact you live in this house. You don’t do anything here except make a mess. And it’s frustrating me. I can’t clean all by myself. All I ask if for you to help clean and leave the toilet seat down.” I vented out. Nate needed to see that I wasn’t his house maid and he needed to pick up his slack.

“Alright. I can do that. Anything else?”

“Nope. Bye Nathan.” I walked past him to leave the kitchen but he grabbed my hand.

“You’re still not mad at me are you?” He asked concern in his eyes.

I decided to play with him a little.

“Let me go Nathan.”

“C’mon (Y/N)! I’m sorry!” Nate whined.

I tried to look at him angrily but my smile gave my cover away. 

“See! I knew you weren’t mad. You can’t stay mad at me.” Nate smirked at me.

“Yea, yea. Whatever,Nate.”

But truth be told I could never be mad at Nate.

A/N: I hope this is what you were looking for anon! XOXO Sam💋


Tattoo // Nate Maloley Imagine

you should do an imagine based on the video of nate getting tatted and either you’re getting tatted as well or you’re the one tatting skate and idk make it cute

Getting tattoos with Nate has been almost a common date night for us. Nate was trying to touch up and finish up his sleeve and I was just starting mine. I loved this time with Nate. I’m probably the only person that loves spending time with their boyfriend in a grungy looking tattoo parlor. When we are there it’s all real and natural. There’s no bullshit. You see someone you love in a real, vulnerable state. 

Nate bites down on his lip as the tattoo artist starts going to work on his tattoo. He looks over at me and smirks. I smile back at him and hold on to his hand. He caresses my hand with his thumb, trying to keep his focus on me. 

I can tell it’s getting late. Not only has the sun stopped shining through the glass windows, but Nate’s eyes were beginning to get heavy. With my tattoo finished and wrapped up and Nate’s slowly starting to take more shape, it’s obvious we have been in here for at least five hours. 

Nate begins bobbing his head to the beat as I begin to get comfy in the red leather chair that I have been sitting in. He begins humming.

He looks over at me then licks his lips. He then starts rapping. This rap was one that I was very familiar with. Whenever I couldn’t sleep at night, Nate would pull me into his arms and rap me to sleep. Corny and cheesy, I know, but it always works. 

Nate’s eyes continue to get heavier as the song goes on. It most likely was a mix between the long hours we have spent in this tattoo parlor and the loud we had smoked in between our tattoos. 

He looks back over at me and smirks before shutting his eyes, leaning his head back and beginning to rap again. 

I said, what’s up, what’s up

from the west side but you know i get it up

I grin from ear to ear as he continues. 

go to sleep, go to sleep

go ahead and fall asleep to the beat

This was the Nate that I loved. The Nate that would do anything to make me happy. The rough around the edges, but heart full of gold, Nate. The Nate that every night, no matter the distance, made sure I knew how much he loved me and cherished me. 

There was something about this grungy tattoo parlor that makes me fall more and more in love with him. Who knew it could happen while getting tattoos. 

More Than Average 4

I’ve been on tour with the boys for almost three weeks, in all of those weeks I’ve never attended a show. I would always wait at whatever hotel we were staying in and get ready for the after party. But today I’m already dressed and my hair and make-up is done. The after party tonight’s going to be small, the boys, myself and a few members of their crew. We’re celebrating the end of the tour. Our flight back to LA leaves as 5am

Back stage is dimly lit and teaming with a busy network of people, they’re like bees in a hive: everyone has a purpose. Except me.
Huge lights hang from metal bars above the stage entrance, but all the light is directed onto the stage, illuminating it. I didn’t realise how many people it took to prep just two guys for a show. There’s lighting, make-up, wardrobe people, security, ticket people along with plenty others who are all running around doing this and that to prepare for the show. I’m in the way, but I have a good view.  

The venue is already starting to over-flow with fans. The boy’s will be on soon. I notice Nate. He’s sitting on some black staging boxes by the stage entrance. His head is in his hands and he’s bouncing his leg furiously, I guess it must be nerves. The crowd’s larger than I anticipated. 

“Hi,” I smile as I approach him.
Nate looks up at me, “Have you seen Sam?” he blurts.
“You don’t know where he is? You’re on in like,” I pause to glance at my phone, “5 minutes!”
“Don’t you think I know that?!” He snaps leaping up from his seat. Nate steps towards me. I stay rooted in place and stare up at him.
“It’s fine, we have five minutes to find him. You don’t have to start exactly on time. We should both split up and look for Sam, he can’t be far.”
“What if we don’t find him Y/N? This is going to be so bad for our careers.” Nate looks genuinely concerned. I feel so bad for him, he puts so much work into the music and Sam could ruin this with his care free attitude.
“If worse comes to worse, I’ll go on stage and preform with you.”
“Can you sing?”
“Not at all. Don’t even know Sam’s parts. But I can mix it up, throw in a freestyle, rap some Nicki Minaj.”
“This isn’t a joke! This is my career.” Nate yells, stepping closer. It earns us a few worried looks from some backstage people.
“I understand that. But if neither of you go out there tonight the backlash will affect both of you. But if you go out there, explain the situation and at least try to salvage the show,” I reach up to cup Nate’s face in my hands and I look him dead in the eye; I take on a serious expression. “Your fan will love you for it. They’ll love you so much just for showing them that you care.”
He needs to realise how amazing he is and how much support he has.
After a tense few seconds Nate breaks into a huge smile. He leans down and presses his forehead against mine. “You’re really good at prep talks.” He whispers. Then he ruins the mood, Nate pats his pocket and says“I knew my lucky pants would come in handy.”
I grin at him. Then shove him back, “Grow up Maloley…go look for your buddy!” 

Nate wonders of in one direction and I in another. Suddenly I have a brainwave; I don’t know why nobody thought about it before. I leave the main backstage area and make my way down a surprisingly empty corridor. The white-wash walls seem like they’re getting closer and closer together as I make my way down the endless length of corridor. Eventually I find the concrete staircase and make my way onto the second floor.

I can hear the faint buzz of music already, I role my eyes, this is so typical of Sam. I walk into a fairly small box room. There’s a small crowd of people, mostly girls, and right in the centre of the room is Sammy. He’s holding a red solo cup in his hand. I’m surprisingly mad about his selfishness and idiocy. It sucks to see Nate working so hard when Sam keeps acting like he doesn’t give a damn.

I don’t even realise that I’ve moved, but the next thing I know is that I’m grabbing Sam’s wrist and hauling him away from the blonde he’s talking to. I pull him towards the door and Sam follows compliantly. “I knew you’d change your mind.” He whispers. This is the first time he’s brought us up since he threw up the other day.
“I didn’t change my mind fuckhead. The show’s meant to be starting now!” I snap angrily.
Under his breath Sam mutters, “Shit.”
He takes of running in the direction of the stage.  

When I arrive backstage the boys are already on. I sit down and watch from the entrance. The sheer volume of everything is insane. I’ll be deaf in the morning. Nate’s shirt is off. He’s moving around the stage dripping in sweat and spitting a verse. I can’t help but smile.

The shows almost over. I’m sitting cross-legged by the stage entrance watching the boys. Watching Nate. “So guys I just wanna say a special thanks to a good friend of ours, without her tonight’s show might not of happened.” 

The crowd went crazy, screaming questions, and cheering the way they did whenever the boys talked.
Nate started to walk towards me. I shook my head suddenly nervous. What was he doing? “No!” I told Nate as he came closer. He was grinning mischievously, “no, no, no, no, no,” I laughed as he grabbed my hand and dragged me on stage.
Sam handed me an extra mic. The first thing I did was look at Nate and say: “you have really sweaty hands,”
The audience burst out laughing, as did the boys. I smiled. It was good, this was going well.
“Can we have a cheer for Y/N?” Sam asked.
In obligation to his request the crowd went wild. I blushed awkwardly not knowing what to do. Luckily I didn’t need to. Once they quietened a bit Nate brought his mic to his lips, “Most of you already know Y/N, Nash’s cousin, he couldn’t make it tonight so she came instead,” Good cover up Maloley, “back stage Y/N promised me she’d come up on stage and freestyle for us.”
The crowd screamed.
“No! That’s not what I promised and you know it!” I say, but my voice lacks its usual bite. Nate smirks, knowing he’s already won.
Sam starts up a chant, “Freestyle, freestyle, freestyle,” In a couple of seconds the entire buildings chanting along with him.
I concede, “Fine.”
Nate proceeds to quieten the crowd, just as silence descends some girls screams “Rap battle Nate!!!”
The crowd erupts again. Its minutes before they settle.
“Are you ready to lose?” Nate grins,
“Don’t be so cocky Maloley; it’ll just make me beating you even more embarrassing.” Even though I’m pretty sure it’s me who’s going to be embarrassed.  
The crowd screams again.  
“Save your lines for the battle,” Nate smirks, “Yo Sam give us a beat.”

“You got it. Remember guys the idea is to be as offensive as you can” Sam starts up a beat and the crowd goes quiet. “Do you wanna go first?” Nate asks, he doesn’t use the mic. I shake my head. Nate steps forward, he using the hook form a song he and Sam released. He begins to spit:

It ain’t nothin’ to a king,
uh, no, it ain’t nothin’ to a king,
Neck sporting gold chains, and other types of bling
But baby girl can’t get a ring.
It ain’t nothin’ to a king…

I need a queen.
Bad ass bitch
to ride with me, Die with me,
Lay with me,
Say it with me:
It ain’t nothin’ to a king.

Bouncing that booty, like a she’s tryna start a thing,
Spent months fantasizing ‘bout me now she wants the real thing,
Baby girl just remember:
you ain’t nothing to a king.

The crowd goes wild and Nate grins at me. “Oh wait is it my turn?”
He nods. I take a deep breath and go:

Look at this dude, thinks he’s cool an all that,
White boy playin’ hard just cause he got tats.
C’mon Nate we all know that that king shits over-rated
…In my next verse imma make you feel…degraded?

How can you say I’ve been Fanta-si-zing,
Tryna start a thing, when you got my panties in your pocket?
See me in my underwear,
I just might ride you like a rocket
I might ride you to the moon and back,
But my mind’ll be on jack and jack.

So Nate, what you think?
Have I got you trippin’ or not?
As you can see my flow is tighter than a dick in the butt.

The crowd roars, and Nate stares at me mouth opened. I can’t help feel nervous. I feel like that went terrible, was I too offensive? Did I get to graphic? I can’t believe I said half of that stuff. I don’t really know what to do now. Nate’s just staring at me and I have no idea if it’s good or bad. In an attempt to lighten the mood I bring the mic to my lips and whisper: “You ain’t nothin’ to a queen?”

Nate smiles. The crowd roars. I’m pretty sure Sammy laughs.

The next thing I know Nate is hugging me. Beaming, I hug him back; burying my head in his shoulder. I can hear the smile playing on his lips as he whispers in my ear, “That was bad ass lil mama.” 

Hope you like it- also I apologise for my awful attempts at writing freestyle (the last two lines are stolen from a nicki minaj song)