Don’t Test Me (Skate Maloley)

I wanted to write something sexy…that showcases Nate’s jealous side…so this is what came out from it haha, thank you all so much for your support! I write a lot of Nate imagines, so I might write some of the others tonight as well! - Bri x 

“Uh hi-” you speak awkwardly on the phone with your ex, raising your eyebrows as he begins to talk about how much he misses you and would love if you gave him another chance, “you know I’m not down for that.” You say, gulping as Nate walks in, his jaw tense and his eyes giving you a once-over. 

“Who’s that?” He questions and you wave him off, not wanting your ex to know that he’s in the same room as you, “I don’t think you heard me, who’s that Y/N?’” He was testing you, he already knew who it was, but you were just as good at playing as he was. 

“Baby, I gotta let you go.” You flirt into the speaker, biting your lip as you smile. Your ex asks you what’s up and you reply simply with, “I’ll call you back in a bit, hmm?” You question and he quickly agrees. You hang up and throw a glare at Nate as you rest back on your bed, scrolling through your twitter feed which just so happened to be a nervous habit you developed. 

Nate scoffs, “what you trying to do, babygirl?” He sits on the bed beside you and snatches your phone from your grip, resting it on the bedside table, “you want to kill me?” You roll your eyes are his drastic comment, “because you know that’s what happens when you talk to other guys–especially other guys that just so happen to be your ex.” 

“He called me, I talked to him, it’s over.” You bluntly remark, “I don’t like it when you get controlling like that.” You explain shaking your head at him. 

Now it’s Nate’s turn to roll his eyes, “come on, baby.” He opens his mouth to speak again and your phone rings on the bedside table. You sit up on your elbows to answer it and see the caller ID as your ex again, “fucking guy doesn’t get the memo…this is what happens when you throw the word baby around!” 

You groan, “I just won’t answer it, goddamn.” 

Nate tosses the phone at you, “Answer it.” You open your mouth to object but by the way he moves to rest in between your legs you can’t argue and click the green button. 

“Hello?” Your ex replies hastily, and in your time of trying to piece together what he’s saying you begin to feel Nate tugging your panties down beneath your skirt. Your muscles tighten as his lips kiss up your inner right thigh. 

“Y/N…I can’t stop thinking about you.” Your ex whispers into the speaker, Nate was nibbling at your inner thigh causing you to inhale sharply. 

You furrow your eyebrows, “I-I have a boy-boyfriend.” You stutter, trying to contain your sighs and moans as Nate hums against your inner left thigh as he bit down. 

“Look at what I do to you, you’re so tense.” Nate murmurs against your skin, reaching up to feel your toned and tight stomach. 

Your ex sighs, “are you okay? Why are you stuttering? I’m sorry if I made this hard on you.” 

“Na-No, no you’re so, oh god, you’re so amazing.” You speak rashly, mostly speaking to Nate but your ex thought it was for him. Nate’s lips work maliciously against you, causing you to arch your back. 

Your ex chuckles, “Baby…” He trails off, “do you miss me touching you?” You didn’t miss him touching you at all, but you moan regardless from the way Nate’s tongue flicked against you, “oh god baby, you really do miss me…” 

Nate teasingly breaks away and kisses up your body, working against your neck your hips move sensually against his, “Oh god.” You whisper wanting to hang up the phone but Nate holds it up against your ear. 

“Y/N?” Your ex questions, “I could just come over…” 

“Nate!” You moan loudly, not worrying about your ex on the other line at all as of now. 

Nate takes away your phone and speaks into it, “You don’t need to come over, buddy, I’m doing a great job.” He hangs up and wraps both arms around you kissing you sincerely. 

“Don’t test me.” You beg, wanting him to finish what he started, “you know I can tease you better.” 

Nate chuckles, “I have a few exes we can call.” 

Would you guys like a pt. 2 with Y/N calling up one of Nate’s exes!? I love, love, love the thought of this! - Bri x 

“Tyler? “Yeah?” “I need to ask you the most important question I can ask someone.” “Okay..?” “Will you.. *drops to one knee, presents bottle* share a coke with me?”

Truth or Dare?

Imagine request: can I have a nate imagine where y/n is best friends with the omaha squad and they have a party at her house & play truth or dare & someone dares nate “to kiss the most beautiful girl in the room” and he kisses y/n & after the party nate helps her clean up the mess while the boys are asleep & they talk about what happened and its the start of something great and new? Maybe smut? 💖 thanks!

“Let’s play truth or dare!” Lauren yells over the loud music. The parties been going on for hours and the group has narrowed down to about 10 of us now: Me, Lauren Giraldo, Andrea Russett, Lia Marie Johnson, Nate Maloley, Sammy Wilk, Jack Gilinsky & Johnson, and Kenny Holland. I’d say it’s all of my favorite people who came to the party that are left.

We all gather into the living and sit down on the couches and the floor. Sammy sits next to me on the love seat and puts his arm around. We don’t have anything going on between us, he’s just being his flirty and very touchy-feely self. Nate sits in front of me with back leaning against my legs.

“So, who’s going first?” I ask.
Nate raises his hand a little bit, “I guess I’ll go first.” I scoot away from Sam and lay against the the arm rest.
“Alright Skate, truth or dare?” Johnson asks.
We all look at Nate and can tell he’s really thinking about it. “I’ll go for dare, why not?” he replies and he shrugs his shoulders at the end.
“I dare you to kiss who you think the most beautiful girl in the room is.” I immediately look at Andrea because, well she’s gorgeous, and I’ve always thought that Nate had a thing for her so this would be his chance to make a move. I’ve always kind of wished it were me he had a thing for instead, but what’s a girl to do?
Andrea whispers, “y/n.” I look around to realize that everyone is staring at me. Including Nate.
“Wait, what?” I ask.
Nate laughs and leans in and kisses me. Me! I feel his tongue glide across my bottom lip for entrance.
We continue to kiss to kiss until we’re interrupted by Kenny yelling, “get a room!” A wave of laughter goes across the whole room and Nate & I part from the kiss. I can’t help but blush as I look down to the floor in embarrassment.
Nate starts to blink a lot and rub his eyes, “sorry, guess I got carried away,” he mutters starting laugh to himself at the end.
“Yeah, just a little bit,” Sammy says as he pats Nate’s shoulder.

For about an hour, we continue playing truth or dare, making complete fools of ourselves. Spilling some of our darkest secrets and doing things we’ll definitely regret later. After truth or dare, most everyone made their way home, except for Nate who offered to stay to help me clean. I told him he didn’t have to do that but he insisted.

Nate and I finally make our way to the last room that needed to be picked up, the kitchen. Nate started throwing all the empty cups in a garbage back as I put away all the bottles of liquor.
“So… what was that all about earlier..” I ask nonchalantly. I peak over at Nate to see him smiling.
“I don’t know, I just think you’re very beautiful..”
“What about Andrea?”
He turns around and looks at me with confusion, “what about her?”
“Don’t you have a thing for her?”
He walks to be closer to me while shaking his head, “y/n no… My feelings are for you..”
I instantly have butterflies in my stomach, “wha-what? Why?” I stutter.
He puts his arms my waist, “well why not? You’re intelligent, funny, you’re always supporting my music, and you’re pretty damn sexy too lil mama,” he replies with a smirk. Is this really happening. My head turns to the side a little as I look down the floor, trying not to smile.
He takes his hand and lifts up my chin, “I want you to be my girl, ok?”
I nod and he smiles. He leans in and kisses me again before signaling me to jump up so I can straddle him. He carries me over to sit on the counter. His kisses trail down to my neck causing me to moan softly.
“You don’t have to be so quiet,” he says with a wink before returning to my neck.
“Wait,” I manage to mumble out. He stops kissing me and looks at me, confused. I hop off the counter and grab his hand, leading him out of the kitchen and upstairs to my room.
“We can finish cleaning tomorrow,” I say softly. He nods and bites his lip before closing the door behind us.
Oh la la! 😏