One Smitten Mikaelson Brother: A Kol Mikaelson Headcanon

Request from Anon: Can you write something where kol keeps trying to get you to date him but you think he’s a weasel and how he would convince you

Hope this is okay for you! Enjoy x

Hearing stories of the infamous Kol Mikaelson from Caroline, which no doubt Klaus has told her. 

“I mean, he’s hot, no wonder all the girls fall for him. But sadistic and murderous isn’t exactly my type.”

Making your own mental note to avoid him at all costs should you see him around Mystic Falls.

Seeing him across the bar at the Grill for the first time, not knowing who he is, thinking he’s cute. 

Kol staring at you, smiling and feeling elated when a blush rises to your cheeks. He’s smitten from the word go, in all of his thousand years, those which he wasn’t daggered, he’s never seen someone quite like you. And he wants you. 

Your heart beating rapidly when he begins to approach you, still unaware of who this stranger is. 

“A pretty little thing like you deserves a free drink, don’t you think?”

His accent adds to his mysterious qualities, and you’re so close to letting him buy you that drink when Klaus comes over. 

“Ah, Y/N. I see you’ve met my little brother, Kol.”

“Nik, I was just in the process of buying the lovely Y/N a drink.”

Your heart still beats rapidly but out of fear of the two Originals in front of you.

“Actually, I’ll pass.”

You leaving pretty quickly, feeling Kol’s eyes burning into you, and you get on the phone onto Caroline, ready to tell her what just happened. 

Kol going home, determined to get you to talk to him one way or another. 

Caroline in complete shock, vowing to protect you from the youngest Mikaelson brother. 

Flowers and letters turning up at your house over the next week, Kol’s attempt at asking you to be his after only such a brief encounter. 

Seeing him on occasion at the Grill, shifting under his gaze, but being quick to leave when he tries to talk to you. 

Eventually he corners you, calling you Darling, Love and a number of pet names. 

You telling him that you know what he’s like, that he’s a weasel who discards of girls when he’s got what he wants from them. 

Quoting Caroline: “I mean, you’re attractive Kol. I understand why you think I’m just gonna fall for you. But sadistic and murderous isn’t exactly my type.”

“Oh, I think I’m exactly your type. And I think you know that I’m right, darling.” 

“One date. That’s all I ask.”

Heart once again beating fast when he strokes your cheek, his lips only inches from yours. Part of you bewildered that someone like him could want you, part of you terrified beyond imagination, part of you desperate to close the small gap between you, and part of you wanting to run, but knowing you’d never make it before he caught up with you. 

“Come on, love. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“You could kill me.”

“Feisty, aren’t you?”

“I try.”

Him smirking, acknowledging that he was right to go after you, and realising that you could truly be the one for him. 

“One date, Y/N.”

You rolling your eyes before answering, knowing Caroline’s probably going to kill you when you tell her. 

“One date. Don’t let me be right about you.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”


  • Elena: So you lied to me.
  • Nate: That depends on how you define lying.
  • Elena: Well, I define it as not telling the truth.
  • Elena: How do you define it?
  • Nate:
  • Nate: Reclining your body in a horizontal position?
  • Elena:
  • Elena: Get the hell out of here.
  • Nate: Absolutely.

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