My Strong Girl (Skate Maloley)

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“Hey ma, “ A random guy about twenty greets you, you offer him a friendly smile and continue to walk into the party. In the distance you could hear Nate and Sam performing on stage–they always had to be the center of attention, they loved it more than just about everything. You push toward the front of the stage making instant eye contact with your boyfriend. He smiles and reaches for your hand, placing an affectionate kiss on it before rapping the next verse. 

You were attractive, there was no doubting that, you had always made boys drool just by the sight of you. Not because you were the most beautiful person in the world, but because you were confident in yourself and didn’t look like every other girl. 

“Do you want a drink?” Someone nudges you and whispers in your ear, you look up to see the familiar looking guy from the door that called you ‘ma’. 

You roll your shoulders into a shrug and shake your head, “I’m fine, thanks.” The guy rolls his eyes and turns to the girl beside you, she says no as well and her boyfriend confronts him. 

“Yo, dude, leave the girls alone.” He states pulling his girlfriend behind him, the guy steps forward, and begins to get into the other guy’s face. 

“Stop it.” You demand, using your hand to grab his forearm. You absolutely hated it when people fought, especially so close to you, and at the same time Nate was performing.  He yanks his arm away, and in a movement to punch the second guy he elbows you in the face as he jerks his arm back back, “Oh shit.” You double over in pain, clutching your nose and cheekbone, you were in complete agony 

“Whoa, whoa, whoa what’s going on there?” Sam shouts through the microphone, “Y/N, are you okay?” There’s a sound of a microphone dropping and soon Nate is hopping down from the stage. His jaw is tense, and the veins in his forearms are popping out. Nate was an extremely over-protective boyfriend, he was never one to get into fights but when it came to you he was all for it. 

“Hold him.” Nate says bluntly pushing the ‘ma’ guy onto the second guy. The second guy grabs his arms and Nate throws a few punches as you hold your face. Nate punches the guy until his face is covered in blood and Nate’s knuckles are raw. He knees the guy in his stomach while holding his shoulder, and backhands him across the face, “don’t you ever touch my girlfriend ever again.” Nate states in a calm tone, “look at her, look at her.” He tips the guys chin up and points at you, “look at what you fucking did. See that?” The guy makes eye contact with you and you quickly divert your eyes away, “get him out of here.” Nate demands. 

He turns around and gestures for the second guy to take him out with his head, before turning to face you. Nate takes your face in his hands and caresses your cheeks, “Hey, babygirl, you alright?” You nod and he kisses your forehead. Nate was sweaty, and his breathing was labored. He was shirtless and his snapback had fallen off in the process of laying into the guy with his fists. The crowd remained more than silent, and Sam soon was off the stage, checking on you as well. 

“Make sure he’s gone.” Nate tells Sam, “and get her some ice, please.” Nate looks at the faces  in the crowd and quickly pulls you away. In the process of the fight, your tank top straps had fallen down, and Nate pulls them up, making sure that your chest was completely covered as he takes you to the nearest bedroom. You sit down on the bed, and he pries your fingers away. Your nose was bleeding, and your cheekbone was a sickly purple color. 

Nate kneels down in front of you and grabs a tissue, he wipes away the blood that trickled down your nose and you tried not to wince, “look at my strong girl.” He teased with a weak smile, you laugh painfully and he presses a kiss to each of your shoulders. Sam comes in and hands Nate the ice, telling you that he’d give you a few minutes to get cleaned up. Nate presses the pack of frozen peas wrapped in a towel to your face and pushes your hair behind your ear. 

“Thank you…” you trail off, cheeks red from all of the attention you were getting. 

“Anything for /my/ babygirl.” Nate emphasizes, pressing a delicate kiss to your forehead. He closes his eyes and his muscles relax one by one as his face buries in your neck. 

Nate was an over-protective boyfriend, a concerned boyfriend, and it felt amazing to have someone who cared about you that much. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTHEW LEE ESPINOSA. I can’t believe my baby is not 18. This is so unbelieveable. But matt, I just want to thank you, thank you for teaching me to be myself and to make others happy. Thank you for teaching me what happiness feels like. You truly are amazing. And now you’re all grown up so go do grow up things like pay a bill or something 💕






I’m not gonna skip out on tonight’s party just because he’s going. I can care less if he’s going, I can are less if he doesn’t go. It won’t affect at all if I see his face after six months of being apart. We both went are separate ways, we shouldn’t be worried about each other.

“You showed up?!” My friend sounded surprised when she opened the door. I don’t understand why the hell she’s even surprised. “It’s the Fourth of July Emily and you are throwing a party.” I don’t mean to sound like a bitch but I’m just a tad heated right now,

“It’s obvious you need a drink Y/N.” She dragged me through her crowded house and brought me into her even crowded kitchen. “Do you never know all these people?” I said as she handed me a red cup. I look down and smirk at the substance.

“Nah but it’s good.” She laughs and grabs a red cup full of lean. For sure tonight is gonna be a turn up night. With no fucks given at all. I took a swig of my drink, at that time Nate walked in the kitchen.

He wore a smug smile on his pretty little face. He was dresses like a proud American, a USA tank on and tan shorts. He didn’t catch my eyes staring at him, he’s too busy flirting with some blonde who looks like she just got done doing a line in the bathroom.

“Aye, eyes of him girl! Let’s go dance Y/N.” Emily gracefully distracted me from my ex. I took her hand, this time I’ll be leading the way. As I walked passed Nate, his eyes landed on my face but went down to my ass.

“Fuck.” He hissed under his breath, I turned towards him with a smirk. “Sup Nate.” I sent him a wink and made sure to look sexy while doing so. “Let’s dance babe.” I took Emily’s hand again and dragged her to her pack living room.

“Did you see the way he looked at you?” Emily was overreacting a bit but yeah I saw it. “He still wants me.” I proudly said.



I didn’t expect to see her here or even to see her in that dress. She caught me off guard when she walked passed me, she knew what she was doing. She purposely slowed down her paced when she reached me. Y/N loves playing games. B

The blond chick I was talking lost my interest after an hour. All my mind could think about was Y/N. It’s been too long since I’ve seen here, of course feeling came back when I saw. They never left really.

“Aye you seen Y/N.” I pulled Sammy away from a few girls. “I saw her head upstairs awhile ago.” He tells me and I give him a pat on the back. He went right back to his thots while I headed upstairs.

I found Y/N passed out in one the rooms. Her legs open wide for everyone to see. Her cup of lean is now spilled all over the carpet. She’s a mess and there’s no way I’m gonna leave her here. What if someone takes advantage of her?

“Y/N it’s me.” I to,d her as I lifted her off the bed. I don’t want her to panic and knock me out. “Hmmm.” She couldn’t even speak. I just rolled my eyes and carried her bridal style out the room.

Heads turned as I walked down the stairs with her in my arms. I ignored the stares from others, the fuck they starring for anyway? Half them people don’t even know me. “Front or back Y/N?” I didn’t know of it was best to put her in the front with me or the back.

“You know I don’t like taking it from the back Nate.” She whines out with her eyes still closed. I smirked at her words, she’s telling the truth. “The front it is.” It was a struggle to open the door but I succeeded on getting her in and strapping her up.

I’m not gonna bring her back to my place because I know people are gonna be there. So I drove her back to her place. She’s wide and awake when I pull up in front of her house.

“Did we miss the fireworks?” She asked looking hella confused. “Yeah, can you make it in by yourself?” I regret asking that as I watch my ex struggle to take off her seat belt. I didn’t mean to laugh but I couldn’t help it.

I helped her put the car and yet again carried her to her door step. She was able to successfully unlock the door. Once we were in she went crazy and threw her shoes off, almost hitting me in the face.

“Chill baby.” My tongue slipped up, it’s been so long since I called her that. “Nate, stay with me tonight.” Her eyes are no longer red, it’s like she sobered up in a snap of a finger.

“You sure you want that Y/N?” I asked,matching her remove her dress before me. She walked up the stairs half naked, waiting for me at the top. “Yes I’m sure I want you.” She slips up and says but she didn’t take it back.

“You want me mama?” I tempt my shirt and walked up the steps. Once I reached her I lifted her up. Her legs straddling my waist. “I want you Nate.” Those words were al, it took for me to rush her into her room and finally get to have yet another taste of her.

his tattoos are so 😍

8 Literary Characters to Bring With You On a Life-Changing Roadtrip*

*plus three not-really-YA-but-seriously-good characters all the same 

by David Arnold, author of Mosquitoland

Photo credit: Yuanvillanueva

Ed. Note: Summer is the season for hopping in the car and heading to whatever destination you choose, but who do you take along? We asked road trip novel MOSQUITOLAND author David Arnold to put together the optimal lineup of literary characters to bring on a life-changing roadtrip! 

Consider the hijinks! The conversation! The tears of laughter and joy! And the metaphors, my God, the metaphors! Without further ado, here is my fiction expedition, my Winnebago Dream Team. (Yeah. A Winnebago. What can I say. This ain’t your grandmother’s road trip. [Unless your grandmother drives a Winnebago, in which case it’s pretty much the same thing.]

1. Frankie Landau-Banks from The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart

When tasked with this post, this was the very first character I thought of. Our Winnebago operates outside the panopticon, off-grid, rumbling along into the great, wide unknown, boldly traveling where few have gone before. As such, I’m fairly certain Frankie is at the wheel.

2. Simon Spier from Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

– Quick! Our road trip requires insane amounts of Oreos, contagious innocence, and grammatically correct emails, WHERE DO WE TURN???? It’s cool, guys. We’ve got Simon freaking Spier on Team Winnebago. All is well. (And delicious.)

3. Ali Brooks from When I WasThe Greatest by Jason Reynolds

Everyone needs an Ali in their lives—fiercely loyal to friends and family, fearless, and all kinds of clever. Should something go awry on our trip, Ali is the one to rally the troops and organize a plan.

4. Mia Hall from If I Stay by Gayle Forman 

Whether it’s a playlist or an old school mixtape, music is an integral part of all good road trips. But how many Winnebagos can boast the presence of a live cellist? (Don’t worry—there’s a kitchenette. Plenty of room for Mia to perform Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 to our hearts’ content.)

5. Ryan Dean West from Winger by Andrew Smith

Imagine this: a road trip. Now imagine this: a road trip with Ryan Dean West. S’better, yeah? An added dose of youthful enthusiasm, witty banter, and self-deprecating humor. Just what the doctor ordered.

6. Bodee Lennox from Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens 

Aka, the Blue-Haired Boy, Bodee is our Winnebago’s resident confidant and friend. When traversing the country, what could be more valuable than sage advice and a helping hand?

7. Lois Lane from Lois Lane: Fallout by Gwenda Bond

Lois can try to fit in all she wants, but like any good reporter, she’s a rabble-rouser at heart. As our Winnebago’s cunning correspondent, you can bet whatever shenanigans we find ourselves in will be duly observed, documented, and published in the Daily Scoop.

8. Braden Raynor from Conviction by Kelly Loy Gilbert

The moral compass of our trip—whether it’s talk of baseball or faith or families, Braden is always there to lend an ear. Also, should Team Winnebago ever break out into a spontaneous game of whiffle ball, I’m siding with Raynor.

9. Nate Foster from Better Nate Than Ever by Tim Federle 

No matter how stellar the trip, chances are there will be lulls. Enter Nate Foster –– slayer of boredom, dismantler of second-guessing, and our Winnebago’s thespian-in-residence, to restore the magic of the trip.

10. Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

I think we can all agree that a road trip of this stature will most likely require a certain amount of unexpected bravery, vicious loyalty, perhaps a little volcanic climbing, and… taters. You know. Po-Tay-Toes?

11. Wade Watts from Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

We are nothing, if not prepared. Team Winnebago travels armed with a disaster readiness scenario; should our road trip begin to sour—should Frankie and Simon and Ali and Mia and Ryan Dean and Bodee and Lois and Braden and Nate and Samwise cry in unison, We can’t take it anymore, turn this thing around!—Parcival can just log into the Oasis and push the red button.


Ready for your road trip? Start with a journey through the brilliant, convoluted, and hilarious mind of 16-year-old Mim Malone, who hops on a bus from Mississippi to Ohio and makes you wish the trip will never end in MOSQUITOLAND! 

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Your Fave is Problematic: Nate Ruess

-wears pants that are too short bc he’s obvs trying to make himself look taller
-the tongue thing
-took a song we thought would be on fun.’s album and put it on his album
-like really fuq u for that, nate
-is a fucking gnome
-what even is your tattoo
-sometimes wears big glasses that kill me
-jumps alot
-like really he’s gonna break an ankle
-cut his long hair
-the AhHa music video
-you could fit a fucking ship in his nostrils
-speaking of ship, he’s stuck in the sand
-literally he’s so problematic peeps
-like he needs to be stopped