Sunday Night Music Club: Nate Ruess

Tonight’s featured track is ‘Great Big Storm’ from Nate Ruess’ debut album Grand Romantic

Because we’re holding our own in a great big storm
and though we’re cutting it close
we won’t let go
Oh no I can’t believe
everything falling down around me
but now we’re holding our own
and won’t let go

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Wynfik head canon time . big thanks to @aces-low for being my sounding board and getting my love for these two numbskulls 

Gunny would have spent half the time in iraq low key hating Colbert and his eye f@&$@ with Nate,

But would have finally lost it  after the whole bridge incident…Dragging Nate behind their Vector he made sure his feelings for Nate were understood , kissing him rather soundly , but then Mike kind of went all calm and said that it was wrong and he would not fight charges if Nate wanted him courtmartialed for it.

Nate was so blown away by Gunny kissing him and actually voicing out loud his feelings Nate was speechless which unfortunately Gunny took as a bad sign

All through OIF Mike had been this Solid dependable presence to Nate , always there just to listen to Nate talk and vent his fears and frustrations. And Nate knew that his feelings for his Gunnery Sergeant were more than he could ever admit too

But when Mike admitted to Nate how he felt Nate was overjoyed but also realised that  the middle of a warzone was not the time to declare feelings of love

Mike was  worried Nate was his LT and ten years younger

and he actually says to Nate that someone like Colbert was better for Nate and he understood that Nate could never have any feelings other than friendship for Mike

Mike refused to talk about it until they got back from OIF ..At Nate’s Paddle party Nate finally dragged Mike aside and asked him did he still have feeling for him,

Mike admitted that yes he did but he was unable to do anything about it as they had him shipping out again in a few weeks and he did not want to start something with Nate when he knew he was going back to Iraq and Nate was leaving for college ,

They both promise to write and phone and while Mike is away …

Mike tells Nate that he wants him to be happy and have a good life away from the bullshit of the corps and if he finds someone that Makes him happy take that chance and not wait for Mike , Find someone who can always be there for Nate …And Nate is like you Dumb Marine You’re the one who has always been there for me I don’t want anyone but you

anonymous asked:

Who has the best friendships?

Emmy & Magnolia, Melody & Jessica, Brett, Annabelle & Nikita, Nate & Logan, Mars & Bella, Finn & Micah, Phoebe & Seth, Aviana & Noah, Liana & Cassidy, Ethan & Colt, Eli & Aiden.

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Wynfic  head canon part two …ok you can tell me to stop otherwise I am going to be spamming every ones dash with this stuff today …

They spend the night together but it was bittersweet , the ease of which they worked together in the field also translated into their lovemaking . neither wanted to let go afraid the other would vanish.

Soon enough the world crashed into their bubble Nate had to return to Boston and Mike Pendleton , Skype , emails and phonecalls had to keep them going .

Mike still worried that he was not the man for Nate and could not give Nate what he needed and tried several times to tell Nate this, Nate was not having any of it

Mikes deployment did not go well and he returned stateside feeling disheartened and tired, Officers like Encino man and NCOs like Griego were too common.

As soon as he set foot back stateside Mike was on a plane to Boston , he had sent Nate a quick text “I am home “ within minutes his phone had pinged with Nate’s answer “I can be there in a day ?” Mike felt his heart skip and texted back

“No at airport just about to get on fight to you OK?”

Nate’s reply was typical Lt “ Gunny get your arse on that flight and I will see you soon “