nate x parker

“Will you marry me?”

“No; y - say - you gotta say it.”


“Say the thing.”

“What thing?!”

*subtle nod from Parker to Nate*

“Oh, the thing!”

I was doing light research on what Sophie’s real name might be (for an Amino community) and I rewatched the proposal scene in the final episode of Leverage. While doing so, I couldn’t help thinking how… oddly romantic? … it was for Parker to demand that Nate say the actual words, “Will you marry me?”

I mean, this series took all of these flawed, in some ways broken, characters and fitted them together to build a beautiful pseudo-family who all become wholesomely comfortable in their own skin and grew to accept each others’ quirks. So Nate proposing to Sophie using words that described their specific journey together - “For years you’ve had my back; now I want you on my side…” - seemed perfectly fine without him being forced to utter the actual words of a basic marriage proposal… Yet, somehow, Parker couldn’t handle him not actually stating them.

Now I know that this could simply have been (and likely was) just Parker being orderly Parker. She likes things just so, she sees things just so, she has a hard time understanding and following things that don’t fit into her worldview - despite all of her character development during the course of the series. We see how she meticulously plans a heist, how she fervently believes in things that aren’t real or ways that things should happen, and how she resists these thoughts and beliefs being tarnished or corrected by others.

But still, some part of me finds it romantic that she feels Nate owes it to Sophie to actually say those four words. Well, five, if you count her name.

okay so everyone already knows what makes leverage the best™ (working together as equals, all bringing their best traits, openly acknowledging that they are a family, having unique and flawed characters that aren’t trying to “fix” each other, etc) but my fav thing is how in awe Nate is of Sophie (he is her biggest fan) and how chill everyone is with it like when he’s all “that’s my girl!” and “what can I say, she’s the best” everyone else simply agrees or when Eliot thinks Hardison’s tech is actually pretty cool and tells him because they’re all so supportive of each other have i mentioned how much i love this show????


Cinderella AU:

Once upon a time, there lived a girl. Her name was Parker and she was a daughter of an art collector Archie Leech . They lived happily in their spacious house, surrounded by paintings of famed artists and various artifacts, brought home from their travels.  One late summer Archie came back from his trip with a woman, who he soon later married, and her two daughters. The woman was cold and many times young Parker wondered why her father would be drawn to her.

After a couple of years, Archie fell ill and no doctor in the land could save him. Medication and nursing consumed the bulk of their resources so after his death, the family was in serious debt. Parker’s step-mother didn’t pretend to hide her disappointment and decided that Parker should shoulder the consequences of her fathers demise. From now on, Parker was to take the position of their maid - only fitting, when they couldn’t afford one anymore - and look after the estate. Parker didn’t have a choice but to accept the burden and the accompanying abuse from her step-family.

Meanwhile, the kingdom was in need of an heir to the throne - that was what King Nate heard too often from his advisers. He himself didn’t particularly agree - he wasn’t that old and his son Alec would make an excellent king one day. Alec’s grandmother sympathized but well understood the political situation her grandson would soon end up in so together, they nudged the Prince gently to look for a potential candidate.

For his part, Alec was ambivalent - he could fall in love with someone, surely, but the crucial part of making an heir held no appeal. He went along with the search for a wife and wondered how he would do it.

Lurking in the background and often in the shadow, was Prince Alec’s loyal bodyguard, Eliot. Spending days and nights by the Prince’s side, he hid his feelings well. Even the Prince himself wasn’t aware of how deep Eliot’s love was, for the bodyguard would never risk being dismissed from his post for inappropriate desires.

Soon, they all would realize that what they needed all along was help from Sophie the Fairy Godmother, or as King Nate liked to call her, the Fairy Meddler.

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