nate x chuck


Don’t you see? They’re all protecting each other!
This is what they always do. 

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A part of you know that it’d be happen some day.
But not so soon.
After you give everything to him. Your trust, you heart, your virginity.
And not with this Brooklyn whore.
As you turn around you hear Nate’s voice, but you feel to numb to understand anything.

As you get in the limousine you can’t hide your tears anymore. Embarrassing loud sobs leaves your mouth, making it nearly impossible for you to breath.
“Miss? Do you need anything?” The driver asks and you shake your head.
“Just bring me home.”

In the elevator to Chuck’s apartment you put some new make up on, but you know that doesn’t help.
He’ll see that something is wrong.
“There she…” Chuck stops speaking and frowns. “What happened?”
You open your mouth and close it again, but no words come out.
Wordlessly he pulls you in a hug before you sit down on the couch, your head is resting in his lap.
“He cheated on me.” You whisper after a few minutes of silence.
Chuck takes a deep breath and asks in a quiet voice who it was.
In this moment the doors of the elevator opens and Nate storms in while Chuck stands up. Rough he grabs Nate’s collar and presses him against the wall.
“I’ll destroy you, Archibald.” Chuck hisses, but Nate ignores him.
His focus is on you.
“I’m so sorry, (Y/N). Forgive me.” Nate pleads and you shake your head in disappointment.
“You messed with the wrong one.” You respond coldly. “And now go.”
Nate sighs as Chuck let him go, knowing that whatever he’d say nothing can convince you to forgive him.