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Omaha AU: You’re dating John Part 2

Part 1

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Dating Sam behind Nate’s back (Sammy Wilkinson)

Requested : Hi can I have an imagine where i’m like skate’s little sister and i’m dating Sam and Skate discovers when he sees us kiss and gets super protective and angry and the boys start a fist fight and Skate screams at me.

A.N: Thank you so much for the request cutie ! I had fun writting this. Omg I really hope this is good cuz I repeated myself, english isn’t my first language. In real life I speak french guys ! 😂

Nate and I it’s been a while we know each others. Over the years, he became more protective over me, my attendance and more than anything my boyfriends.

So when I started to date Sammy, I knew he will be mad. Between us, everyone know Sammy’s reputation is the one of a fuckboy. He is not, but that’s what rumors said about him. Except Nate doesn’t hear it like that, for him no one is enough for me even if the person who I am dating is his friend. Mostly if he is his friend.

We were chilling at Swazz’s place with the whole Ohama squad, just having good time. I was sitting on the couch on the one hand Nate and on the other hand Johnson.
Sammy texted me for say he will be here soon I was excited to see him again. But I was not quiet, we will have to be careful with Nathan in the same house.

Ten minutes later, Sammy was here saying hi to everyone. We were all laughing together, telling some funny stories but Sammy and I were exchanging discrete glances. Until he nodded towards the kitchen.

“ I am thirsty ” I said.

I stood up, making my way to the room. The kitchen were so quiet on the contrary of the living room. I grabbed a glass of water before I felt two strong arms around my waist.

“ You should had waited a little bit more before join me ” I whispered.
“ I couldn’t take any longer”
“ They will notice something”
“ Right now, I really don’t care”

He turned me around face to him, approaching his head. We were forehead against forehead, our lips skimmed when Nate started to yell.


We both startled and discarded quickly but Sammy let one of his arm around my waist, firming his grip.


“ Nate calm down please we are doing nothing wrong ” I tried.
“ Nate don’t make a scene, it isn’t a big deal man ”

The others boys do not delay to come over. There were at first surprised by Sammy’s arm position but also realized Nate will be very difficult to control.

“ Move away from her Sam !” dropped Nate clenching his jaw.
“ I said MOVE away ! ” both are sending deaths glare to each others.
“No I am not going anywhere dude. You need to understand. I am not here in the purpose to hurt her in anyway. I am in love with her ! ”
“ Shut the fucked up ! You don’t mind any single words. The only thing you want from her is sex and I am not going to let you use her only for your sexual needs !”
“ Ouch.. You are suppose to be my friend and actually you can’t trust me. What’s different now ? ”
“ I am not your friends not since you laid eyes on her, she is my sister’s heart and you keep playing with her ! Trying to seduce her !”

I can felt Nate’s anger, he was furrowing his brows and trying to keep calm. Until he started to walk towards us, fast. He only have time, to send one punch in Sam’s face before the guys holding him back.

“Man ! Man ! Calm down !” “ Dude, I know you’re upset but chill, you will regret it ” voices are melting.

However I was only able to think about Sammy. He was bleeding nose but it didn’t seem broken. I cupped his face with my palms while he was staring at me.

“ I am sorry ” I apologized
“ This isn’t your fault ”
“ He hit you because of me ”
“ And I will let him hit me again if this is about you. I will always stand up for you   ”

I knew I shouldn’t but at this instant I can’t stop myself to smile happily.

I was in love with him too.

Break - Nate Maloley (feat. Cody Christian)


Would you ever wrote one with the reader and Nate Maloley used to date and then he breaks up with her because he didn’t want to be tied down on tour and when he realizes he misses her and goes to ask her to get back together she’s in a new relationship maybe with like Cody Christian?

Thank you so so so much for this request, I really love the idea, I might’ve changed it up a bit if thats okay :) Enjoyyy

Sorry it’s short 

Your POV

“Y/N we have to take a break” A familiar voice mumbled from behind me. I looked down at my sock-covered feet as I sat at the office desk of my apartment. I knew this moment would eventually come. 

“I can’t be with you while I’m on tour, I’ll miss you too much a-and I don’t want to be tied down” Your mouth hung agape as he spoke. He can’t be tied down? I fidgeted with my nails as I felt the bed sink next to me. I sniffled focused my eyes on our feet.
“We were meant to be together for ever, you promised me you would always be there” Tears fell silently as I got up and walked out of our shared bedroom.
“It’s not my fucking fault I have to go” He laughed sarcastically.
“Aren’t you proud of me? After all these years we’ve been together, you don’t even care that I’m living my dream, you know what? Don’t worry, this is over” His voice started cracking and he ran to our room to get his bag for tour. 
“Fine Nathan, I’m proud of you okay? And I’m sorry for everything I’ve ever done for us, I’m sorry for this relationship” I screamed after him. 

That was the last time I was going to see him for 6 months.

*1 month later*

Today was the day I was going to get over him. Tonight, I was going out with my best friend, Y/B/F/N, hoping to find someone else. 

“Y/N you ready?” Y/B/F/N shouted from the front door.
“Yeah, coming” I mumbled before grabbing my purse and meeting her in her car. 

The lights of the club were really bright and colourful. Strobe lights beating down on the group of kids dancing. I looked around as we walked in and banged into someone, making them spill their drink, probably alcohol, all over their shirt.
“Shit, I’m so sorry” I said frantically, trying to get it off their shirt.
“Hey, it’s okay, don’t worry about it” the guys voice was deep and nice-sounding. I looked up at him, to see him smiling at me. I smiled faintly.
“Y/N” I said simply.
“Cody, nice to meet you” He smirked.

*5 months after that*

Nate’s POV

“Hey Nate, we’re goin to the club, wanna come?” Derek asked. I shook my head and closed the door of the tour bus. I huffed as I looked at Y/N on my camera roll. I miss her so fucking much. I don’t know why I even broke up with her. Agh I’m such a dick. But, tonight was the last show and it’s in LA, I’m gonna go see her and get her back.

Your POV

I was cuddling with my boyfriend, Cody, on the couch of my apartment when there was a knock at the door. Since it was like 10pm I was confused as to why someone was knocking on the door. I furrowed my eyebrows as I opened the front door. That was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. 

Chapter 2?

Nate Maloley (Smut)

Nate & I was currently at a party that the Jacks invited us, Nate is very distant but I don’t mind because we haven’t told the guys we are dating, so if we were so close they going to suspect. “Hey, Madison” I said hugging her, we became friends ever since I moved to L.A which was 1 year ago and thats how I became across with Nate, the first day I met Nate was when Madison invited me over to hangout with the Omaha guys, it was awkward because I was trying not drool over him. 

“Hey, this is Y/N” she introducing me J. Swazz and Nate. I smiled and sat between John and Nate, We both started to get know each other when all of sudden he asks me for my phone number, I gave him my phone number. An hour later I checked the time and knowing is to late for me to be outside. “I have to leave guys nice meeting you” I said. “I’m leaving too, do you want a ride home” Nate offers. I quickly nodded because I wasn’t going to say no to a hot guy. 
The ride home was very quite and awkward as hell. Once he got to my destination, I hop of the car and thank him for ride home. “Hey,Y/N” he yelled. I turn around. “Yeah” I yelled back. “I like you, we should go on a Date, how thats sound” he said, smiling. “that sounds great, bye” I said . 

“Hey, Baby you okay,” he said over the loud music. “yeah” I said, he hold my wrist taking me upstair being careful not to be seen by the guy. “I told the guy we are dating” he said, smiling. I immediately, kiss his lips, I felt his lips curve into a smirk as we kissed, it was quickly turned into hot makeout session. 

“fuck” i moaned as he bites on my neck making several love bite that will be totally visible in the morning. he tap my thigh signaling me to jump, i wrapped my legs on his lower waist, feeling his bulge pressed against my crotch. “do you want to you know?” he said, for me it was weird because i never knew he would be shy in situation like this, I nodded while biting my lip. “stop, biting that lips of yours before you make me jizz in my pants” he chuckles. he took us into an empty room I’m guessing is Johnson’s room. he lift my dress past my ass and waist. “Damm. lil mama no panties or bra” he huskily whispered in my ear, sending shiver down my spine. “do I deserve a punishment” I quickly regret the words that came out my mouth, I should’ve not watched 50 shades of grey before the party. “yes, you do but not now though” he said, laying me on the bed. He slowly kissed all over my thigh and missing the spot where I wanted him the most. I loudly gasped as I felt his tongue flick on my clit, then sucking roughly. I was a moaning mess, my thigh started to shake uncontrollably as I felt closer and closer to my orgasm, right when Nate pulled away, I whine. “You ain’t cuming once I enter that wet pussy of yours, lil mama” he said, hovering over me. My hands finds his structure back. He slowly pushes in, making me claw my nails in his back receiving a groan from him, he then started to increase his pace. “Fuck, Nate I’m so close” I moan out in ecstasy. He lowers his head on my neck, trying to muffle his moan. “Oh fuck” he groaned as he came after a few seconds I came. He pulled out,lay beside me and started to whisper sweets words on my ears. “you know Johnson is going to kill us because you came on his sheets, we should get out before he comes to the room” I laughed, We both quickly got up changing to our clothing. Once we got out the room we saw Johnson going up the stairs, i gasped loudly. “oh my god, Johnson me and  Nate was going to fuck in your room but someone was inside & came on the sheets” i said, Johnson groaned loudly in annoyance this why i don’t like party everybody want to be fucking in my room” he said, making me and Nate laugh awkwardly. “you save our ass” Nate whispered,kissing my cheeks. “hey, Y/n nice hickey” Johnson said, before he left.


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  • Summary: Madison deserved the fight she got
  •  A/N:This isnt as good as i hoped
  • Wordcount:856

Today Johnson is forcing me to go on a double date with Gilinsky and Madison. YAY *note the sarcasm*

See here’s the things about Madison and I. I’m a bitch and say it as it is and she is … well I don’t want to say fake but.. fake. Anyways she knows now not to mess with me, after what happen last time.


‘y/n Madison,Madison y/n’ G introduced us. I , being the normal person I am , checked her out but not in that way. 'Fake fake and fake’ I thought to myself 'Y/N!’ Johnson, my boyfriend of two years, said chuckling. 'What?’ I Asked. 'You said that out loud’ Oops. I looked at Madison and saw her trying to intimidate me with a glare, keyword trying. 'Sorry, JUST KIDDING!’ Then she lunged at me. Bad move Madison. Bad. move. she grabbed hair and started pulling. I stomped on her foot with my 5 inch heel causing her to let go and yelp out in pain the I scratched the side of her face,drawing blood. Finally I stood up deciding she learned not to fuck with me. Johnson had a huge smile on his face and said '1-0’ Gilinsky on the hand was not as happy but was impressed, he didn’t know I could fight. That was the last time Madison tried to mess with me. But that was a year ago.
//flashback over//

'Madison’ I Greeted somewhat kindly

'y/n’ She spat. This bitch.
I looked over at J cause he must of known what I was thinking. Because he rapidly shook his head no. I sighed and listened to him, this time.

All throughout the night she said stupid shit about me then she said something that really hit bugged me.

'Johnson why are you even with her, shes not talented’- Bitch what Im a professional dancer and you just stand and sing ’-and she looks like well, herself’.

'at least i don,t look like a Kardashian wanna be’

'ugh Jacky are going to let her talk to me like that’

'Yes he is’ i said glaring at Gilinsky. Gilinsky knows not to mess with me i already broke his arm…twice and that was just for eating my damn Oreos.

'Sorry’ i heard him whisper to her

'hey Madison why don’t you stand up and come over outside with me real quick’ I said standing up i gave Johnson the usual look and let him know ill be done in about 2 minutes

Madison and i make it towards the parking lot

'Okay hoe you can get one free swing go ahead’

She slapped me,like the bitch she is.

Then i decked her right in her weird ass nose. It broke instantly then i kneed her in her stomach. Shes now unconscious

Johnsons pov

'Is Madison going to end up fine’ jack asked me worriedly.’ not at all’ i said looking at my watch its been about a minute. 'Go get the med kit and bring it to the parking lot’ i said to him. This happens quite often so i know what to expect. There will be a lot of blood and because y/n hasn’t been in a fight in about a month which is the longest time ever then there should also be at least some broken bones.

we get to the parking lot and i see Madison on the ground and y/n leaning against the building wall on her phone posting selfies. I saw her take a picture of Madison,probably going to make it her screen saver because she has been waiting for a long time to hurt her.

y/n saw us and said 'ill be in the car’

Gilinsky bandaged Madison up and carried her to his car and drove off i got in the driver seat and drove home

When we got home i looked at y/n.'you know you have to apologize’

Y/n being the sarcastic and stubborn girl she is replied with a 'absolutely not’ what the hell am i going to do with her

she went to the bathroom to clean the blood off her hands. when she got back she sat next to me on the bed and turned to look at me and asked in all seriousness ’ Do you think Gilinsky is going to call the cops on me?’ “ of course not babe’ i answered 'good I don’t think I would want animal abuse on my record’ she said and gave me a kiss and layed down. I got a text from g

g-i took mads to the hospital they said she broke her nose and somehow three ribs

j- sorry man but you know y/n

g- yeah i hate to say it but Madison deserved it

j- lol night bro


'since i know you want to know Madison has 3 broken ribs and a broken nose ’ i said smiling because i was actually proud. oh no y/n is starting to corrupt me. eh who cares my baby girl can kick some ass. Before i went to sleep i heard her say a little'yes’ to herself. god i love her.

48) "I'll do anything to make you happy" (part 3)
  • Anon 3: Title "I'll do anything to make you happy."
  • Sammy's POV (continued)
  • J: Nate, Mike and I had a deep talk with her one time at like I think 3 am. When G and madison were on a date and Sam was in New York.
  • Mike: I remember asking her why she likes hanging around us! All of us, all the guys! Us, Nash and the guys, Derek and the guys! Why does she like it? And she openly said "Sometimes I feel like you guys are immature, but at the same time I like it because you guys bring out the goofy in each other and me. Meaning, you guys are truly all best friends. No matter who you are with, where you guys are at, you guys are still rides and still act the same and I respect that. And the way I see Sam with you guys, it makes me smile. Cause I can see it in his eyes that you guys mean so much to him. You guys aren't just his friends, you guys are his family, his brothers. You guys also make me feel like part of the family too. You guys never fail to make me smile, ever." She likes to observe things sometimes and I love her for that because she doesn't always have to talk. She'll just absorb things that's going on and still be content with us, even with the dumb shit we do and say. She's easily entertained just by watching us. And she's like a sister to all of us, so we love her.
  • Nate: I remember asking her how she does it. Being who she is and keeping up with us especially you Sam. How does she ALWAYS make time to hang out with us and have fun when I know damn well she has a busy ass schedule. She said something in the line "It's hard but it's doable. I make it doable because, I like you guys. and I care about you guys so I'm going to make time. and Sam and I are in a relationship. So I put in the effort to make sure he feels important in my life again, even if I do put my career/school to the side for like 2 seconds. I'm willing to do that for people that I want to keep in my life. It's never a problem for me to put people before my future. You guys send positive vibes in my life and I want to keep that around for awhile. Especially Sam. I'm planning on keeping him around for a while now. So I hope you guys are willing to have me around for awhile." We all laughed but she was so serious about it.
  • J: As for I, I asked her a pretty serious question. I asked her about you Samuel.
  • Me: What did you ask her?
  • J: I asked her how she does it. How she has the will to TRUST YOU and still be with you. No offense Sammy, but you do act like a fuckboy sometimes. And I just wanted to know how she trusts you and everything. This is when I think G walked in. She said, "it's hard. because I know he can act like a fuckboy, childish, or single. But here's the thing, when I like a guy, I put in my all into him. Even trust him with everything I got. and I HOPE that he won't make me regret it. As stupid as that sounds, for a girl who got cheated on twice, I still try to trust him. It's different if HE does something, or when a FAN does something. I know how to keep my cool, I know when to react. But I have it in my heart, to at least trust him. Because if I don't trust him, what's the point of being with him? Y'know? I love him. I'm not willing to lose him over some trust issue. He knows I have trust issues. But in reality he has never given me a reason to not trust him, I'm just paranoid. Finding trust in someone is hard, don't get me wrong. When I first met Sammy, I thought he was a fuckboy too. When he first asked me out, I was like this kid, never will I trust him. We could never date. But here we are now. I don't know how he was before, you guys known him longer, but I feel like he changed. He's becoming, a man. That's why I can trust him." And Samuel, I think she was right. You have changed. You have given her reasons to trust you. You are turning into a man. My level of respect for her and you is over the top. More than anyone I respect in this world. I think G asked her something.. didn't you?
  • G: Did i? I did. Right when your siblings walked in, I asked her, why she loves you? What she loves about you? If she just likes the physical things you do, or the little things you do. Like when she misses you, what does she miss. all of that. Her answer gave all of us, even your siblings a more reason to love her. She said,
  • Ben: We loved her even more cause of this.
  • G: She said "I like Sam. The way he makes me feel when he just looks at me sends shivers down my spine. The smile he puts on my face when I'm just walking around the house or when I'm having a bad day. The lame jokes he says because he thinks it's hilarious. I love the twinkle in his eyes when he's passionate about something. I have physically seen the way he looks at me, like I am some prize he won that he will forever keep. I was glancing at the mirror, and I saw him looking at me, not like a piece of meat, like I'm his prize possession. He cracks a smile that just melts my heart. He makes sure I never shed a tear and if I do, he tries to make sure no more come out. I don't JUST like his hugs, or his kisses, or the way our skin touches and how comfortable that is. I love the way he sings and listens to music. I love the way he dances. The way he laughs and the things he laughs at, no matter how stupid it is. I love the way his little dimples mean so much to me. I love the way he talks about things that he is interested in. I love the way he loves talking to his parents on ft. I love the way he's close with his brother and sisters. I love how he has close friends he can trust and he talks about them nonstop. I love how we can sit in silence, and it's still comfortable. Then after a little, one of us cracks a giggle and we start laughing. I love that he remembers things about me, even the little things. I love the way he eats. I love when his eyes light up when he gets a glance at me when I walk in the room. I love the way he wakes up in the morning and goes to sleep. I love that he can trust me. I love that he talks to me about everything. I fucking love Sammy and his little smile that can make my day 100x better. I love that we vibe sooooo well together. I love that he's changing who I am, and how I see the world differently now. I love that he's on this journey with me."
  • Me: Wait when was this conversation?
  • J: Like two days ago before we all got here. And you were in NY.
  • Me: She said all of that?
  • Y/N: And I meant every single one of it.
  • *turns around*
  • Me: Y/N? What are you doing here?
  • Y/N: I decided to spend Thanksgiving here in Omaha with my second family. My family is ok with it. When I told my family about our fight they were on my ass of how immature I was being even if it was for them. They put me in my place. And they were right. I should've at least compromised with you. And I'm sorry for that. Sorry for being a hard ass. I just haven't seen my family in a while. But it's ok, cause Christmas, we are going to Y/H/T for MY family. Then we come here the 27th for YOUR family. Stay here for 3 days then. LA for New Years, with OUR friends.
  • Me: No baby, go home. I'm sorry. You should be with your family.
  • Y/N: Bitch too late I'm here already. What's up guys?
  • Y/N: And btw I did say all of that. I love you Samuel Wilkinson. And *I'll do anything to make you happy.*
  • Me: Mmm anything?
  • Y/N: Slow your roll cow boy. I just bought an airfare here today. You ain't getting off the hook that easily.
  • Mike: Aww you guys are gonna be here for New Years?
  • Y/N: Don't worry Mikey, I bought you a plane ticket to come with us to LA too.
  • Mike: Fuck, can you be my girlfriend???
  • Me: MINE!
  • Y/N: Yours.
“I love you bubba.” (Nate Maloley Imagine)

Requested by anonymous: “Can I please have an imagine where y/n and Nate are dating and she calls him bubba. Y/n post a snapchat of calling bubba and his friends start making fun or him.”


You and Nate have been dating for a few months, and naturally you started using nick names for each other. “Lil mama,” “Princess,” and “baby girl” where just a few of Nate’s preferences. You called him “bubba” once, and it just stuck for you. Other than by his name, and Skate of course, you only ever called him “bubba.”

* * * 

You were hanging out at his place one weekend, just you and him, watching movies and eating junk food. You were sitting up on the sofa, and he was laying down, his head in your lap. You were playing with his hair while he was fast forwarding through the previews. You pulled your phone out of your pocket and snapped a picture of your view.

“lazy movie day with my bubba :)” you captioned it and posted it to your snapchat story. Within a matter of minutes, Nate’s phone starts buzzing uncontrollably on the coffee table.

“Jeez, what is going on?” Nate asked as he sit up and grabbed his phone off of the table. “Oh my god.” He said, his jaw dropping.

“What is it?” You asked. He handed you his phone, showing me the group chat messages between him, Sammy, and the Jacks.

“There making fun of me because of your snapchat.” Nate said, taking his phone back.

“Wow, that’s childish.” You said, a bit upset.

“I just replied, ‘Whatever. Y’all are just jealous that I have a girlfriend, and y’all don’t.’ Now, phone on silent, back to the movie.” Nate said, re-positioning himself in your lap. He looked up at you and smiled. “Baby girl, I can tell you’re upset because of what they were saying, but you really shouldn’t be. They’re just being themselves. Besides, I think it’s cute that you call me that, and that’s all that matters. Pet names are a given in relationships, and they’re quite cute.” He said. You couldn’t help but smile. He always knew the right things to say to make you feel better.

“I love you bubba.” You said as you leaned down to kiss him.

“I love you too baby girl.” He said. He rolled back over and you finally started the movie. You hung out for the rest of the day, just enjoying spending time with your bubba.


Nate’s POV

Today’s the day, I’m asking her to prom. I’m almost positive she has a date, but it won’t hurt to try.

“Good luck man.” My best friend, John pats my back as I spot her in the hallway. She’s by herself, skillfully maneuvering her way though the crowd of people. I approach her, trying not to bump into anyone.

“(Y/N)!” I call, and she stops, turning to look in my direction.

“Nate? Hi! Long time no see!” She flashed me a bright smile, using her free arm to give me a hug.

“So I had a question.”

“I might have an answer.” She jokes, but looks at me for my question anyway.

“Do you have a date to prom yet?” My heart raced as the words left my mouth, and her static facial expression didn’t help.

“Nope.” She says, popping the p.

“Wanna be my date?” Her eyes widen, but she refuses to look in my direction.

“Uh-” she hesitates, the bell ringing interrupting her answer, “I’m sorry! I have to go to class.” She dashes off, leaving me in confusion in the middle of the hallway.

Later at lunch she came up to me, a smile plastered on her face.

“I’d love to go to prom with you Nate. Although you’re a little late with the invite.” She said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

Later that evening

Knocking on this girl’s front door was probably the most nerve wracking thing I’ve done tonight.

Her mother opens the door, greeting me with a sweet smile.

“You must be Nate, (Y/N) wouldn’t stop talking about you when she got home.”

“Mooooommmm, he doesn’t need to know that.” (Y/N) groans, walking into the living room from her kitchen.

I swear my jaw dropped. Her white dress fit perfectly to her figure and showed off her long slender legs.

“So you’re talking about me now?” I smirk, and I can see a blush creep upon her face.

“I had to tell my mom who my date was, doesn’t mean I was rambling.”

“Come on you two! We have to take pictures, before your dad comes home and the real havoc begins.”

I go beside her, wrapping an arm around her waist and she rests her head on my shoulder.

I can feel her smile and her well known peace sign covers her face. I grab her hand to move it, and right when she looks at me, her mom snaps a picture of us.

“Oh! That was so cute!” Her mom cooes, showing the picture to us. There wasn’t a flash, but (Y/N)’s eyes seemed to sparkle a little. It was a really romantic picture.

We hear a car horn honk outside, and her mom rushes the two of us out.

Her house isn’t far from where prom was being hosted, it was only a few doors down in the hotel ballroom.

We’re kinda late, and people are too invested in dancing to notice us.

“Come on, let’s dance.” She smiles, pulling me with her to the dance floor.

After dancing for what seemed like forever, they finally decided to do prom king queen, Prince and princess which has determined the senior and junior year couples.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” Our student body president, Iliana, claps her hands while talking into the mic.

“For our Prom Prince, it goes to…..Ja-which one?” She asks, looking over to the person who tallied the ballot.

“Oh! The prince of the Junior class is Jack Johnson!” I see my friend Jack throw is fist in the air, dashing up the stairs to the stage to accept his crown.

“Thank you Junior, and Senior Class!” He yells, causing everyone to laugh, while he adjusts the crown

“Okay…and our Junior Princess is….Sierra McGee!” She squeals from the crowd, slowly walking up the stairs to have a small crown placed on her head.

As a tradition, the prince and princess have to kiss when they are picked, so Sierra and Jack did. It’s never anything special for the junior class.

“I’m gonna get paired with that annoying ass jock who everyone thinks will be perfect for me. It’s like fate.” She whispered into my neck, scoffing afterwards.

“For our Prom Queen, (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!” As if she already knew, she was already on her way to the stage, accepting the crown as if it was meant for no one else.

“Looking good, babe!” Someone yells, and she discreetly flips someone off in the front row.

“And our Prom King… Nate Maloley!” She exclaims, (Y/N) clapping with excitement, along with all the other girls in our senior class.

I get on stage, and Iliana placed a crown on my head, and I turned to my beautiful date.

“I’m an annoying ass jock?” I ask, stepping close to her.

“Yep, it’s like fate.” She wraps her arms around my neck, “Your my annoying ass jock now Nate.” She whispers before kissing me softly.

Her lips tasted like peaches, and it was absolute heaven. She moaned into the kiss, causing us to deepen it.

A big eruption of cheers rang out, as her fingers found their way into my hair.

“Someone’s getting laid tonight.” Johnson announced into the mic, causing the two of us to laugh.

“Am I?” I asked, hopeful for a yes.

“If you’re lucky.”

“I’m feeling pretty lucky.”

Hayes Grier - Double busted

Request: Hey! I know requests are closed but can you just save it and do imagine later?
Can you do like I am Sam Wilk’s little 15years old sister and I am secretly dating Hayes and only who knows about this is Nate? Thanks😊Btw I am obssesed with your blog you are the best!! And sorry for bad english


I never thought that my first ever romantic relationship with a boy would be a secret that I can’t tell my brother. Hayes being Sam’s friend made things harder for us. I knew he would flip if he knew Hayes and I were together, so we both agreed on not telling him for a while. We went on like this for months, no one knew about us, it was like we were living in another world. I always told Sam that I would sleep at one of my friends’ but then I spent the night with Hayes, and he would only come over for the night when Sam wasn’t at home. I’m not going to lie, it was hard sometimes that we couldn’t be just like the other couples, but we had to wait until we were sure that he could handle it.

But then we got busted. Fortunately not Sam was the one who saw us, it was Nate. The boys were over, they were doing videos together and Hayes sneaked up to my room so we could be alone for a couple of minutes. But when he wanted to leave without anyone noticing Nate saw him coming out of my room and then sat down with us asking if we were together.

“Yes, but please don’t tell Sam!” I immediately said pleading.

“Why not?”

“Because he would get angry and kill me,” Hayes said raising his eyebrows.

“I can see the truth in it. How long have you two been doing this?” he asked shifting his gaze between us.

“Five months,” I admitted closing my eyes. It felt so bad that I had been keeping it away from my brother, but I had to.

“Woah, guys, that’s actually impressive,” he chuckled. “Okay, I won’t tell him, but next time if you don’t want to get busted you have to be more careful and not just walk in and out of Y/N’s room when the house is full of Sam’s friends.”

“Right, and thank you,” Hayes said running his fingers through his hair.

“But you know that he is going to be angrier when he gets to know that you kept it as a secret,” he said warning us.

“I know. I will try to figure something out,” I said nodding.

With Nate knowing about us things got a bit easier. He could cover us sometimes and help us keep our little secret. Another two months passed by and I knew that the time is coming. We had to tell Sam, but I just didn’t know how. But eventually, we got busted, again, but this time Sam saw us, so the game was over.

Nate was over at our house, they were working on some lyrics when Hayes sneaked into my room through the window.

“Hayes, he is home!” I whispered trying to keep my voice as low as I could.

“I know baby, but this is our seventh month anniversary, I had to see you before I leave to New York tomorrow.”

My heart melted hearing it. I couldn’t be mad at him for this, it was the sweetest thing ever. He pulled me into his arms and pressed his lips to mine giving me a passionate kiss. I could easily get lost when I was with him and I forgot about myself. I guess the situation was the same with Hayes, because he lifted me up and pushed me against the wall that happened to be the wall of Sam’s room too. We might have been a bit louder than we wanted to, because a couple of minutes later the door opened. I was scared to death, but it was just Nate.

“Are you guys out of your mind? I could literally hear everything in the next room!” he said giving us a death glare.

“Fuck,” Hayes groaned putting me down, but he didn’t let go of me.

“You better be praying that Sam was too lost in his work,” Nate warned us but then the door shut wider and Sam appeared behind Nate.

“What the hell is going on here? Hayes, would you please explain why you are hugging my sister? I didn’t even know you were here.” I could tell he was getting the picture together and when he realized what was happening, his face started to turn into red. “Explanation! Now!” he shouted. I sighed giving it up. There was no way we could have avoid telling him the truth.

“Sam, please don’t be mad at us,” I whispered barely looking up at him.

“Mad? I’m fucking furious. You are my sister! Why are you hooking up with my friend?” he yelled at me stepping into the room leaving Nate behind him.

“Bro, please just hear us out,” Hayes said trying to calm him, but it was useless.

“No! How long have you been doing this behind my back?” We didn’t answer, but I guess it was some sort of answer to him too. “You know what? I don’t care. Do whatever you want to do,” he said storming out of the room. I hated when he said this, I knew he was madly furious at us.

“I’ll go talk to him, but you two have to deal with him later,” Nate said looking at us and then leaving.

“Oh God,” I whimpered when we were alone again.

“Fucking hell, I thought he was going to kill me,” Hayes replied shaking his head.

“There is a chance he will later, we just have to wait for it.”

“At least the secret is over.”

“But I didn’t want him to know it like this,” I sighed.

“It’s okay. We will solve this, okay? He will understand it,” Hayes assured hugging me tightly. I was hoping he was right, I didn’t want my brother to be mad at me for a long time.

Jealousy (Nate Maloley)

Request: can you do an imagine where y/n used to date cameron and now she’s dating Nate and Cameron’s really jealous and Nate doesn’t like how close the two are even though they broke up?

“Cam!” I yelled running into Nash’s house. All of the boys were at Nash’s, and I was so excited to see everyone. I gave him a hug and we caught up with each other. Then, Nate came up to me and put his arm around my shoulder. “Is there a problem here?” Asked Nate. “Um, no.” I said. “Cam and I were just catching up. Do you have a problem?” I asked. “Yeah, actually I kind of do. My girlfriend comes here and the first thing she does it talk to her ex who I KNOW is still interested in her! I hear things Cam, and I know shit. So you better back the hell off before I-” “Nate!” I yelled. “Let’s go talk in private.” I led him upstairs to a guest room. “Nate. Baby. Please stop. Cam and I dated months ago, and you know I’m so in love with you. YOU. Not cam, or anyone else. You make me the happiest and you’re the one I want. We were just catching up. So please, just chill Nate.” “You’re right lil mama. I’m really sorry. You just know how protective I am over my princess. And I love you too baby.” We went back downstairs and Nate apologized to Cam. “It’s okay bro, don’t worry about it.” Cam responded. We went outside with everyone else and I was catching up with Johnson when Nate lifted me up and threw me in the pool. “Nate Maloley I swear I’m going to kill you!” I screamed. “Have fun trying, lil mama.”

14) “If you’re reading this it’s too late”

Sammy’s POV

We were now in Y/H/T, Y/N’s hometown. Her family was out of town so we all got to stay at her house instead of a hotel. Jacks in one room, Nate and Kenny in another, and Y/N and I in her room. We aren’t together or anything, boy i wish, but I’m the most comfortable one she feels closes to, to sleep in her room with her, since we did date. She was giving us a tour around her neighborhood, her city and everything. The last time i was here, we were such goofballs together.


I dropped my parents off at their hotel and i drove back to y/n’s house to hang out for a little before our conjoined family dinner. I was nervous about it and so was y/n, because this would be the first time our families meet, siblings and everything. She gave me the key to her house so i could just come right in just in case she was in the shower.

I walked through the front door and saw a letter with my name on it.

Sammy. Take this toy to defend yourself. good luck. (: By the way, if you’re reading this, it’s too late. I put the card down and saw 3 nerf guns below me.

“GET HIM!!!!” i heard from the side of me and saw y/n and her siblings run towards me, shooting me with their nerf guns. I got mines and ran aroun the house hiding. This went on till my family showed up for the dinner, 3 hours later.

~Flashback over~

I smiled at the memory. As we got back to her house, we were all chilling in the living room when she decided to take a shower. I immediately got up and went into her room looking through her closet to see if she still has the nerf guns. She did. I grabbed them, and took them all out into the living room. “Why do you have nerf guns?” J asked. “Let’s have some fun guys. We all attack y/n at the same time when she’s done in the shower.” A roar of yeah came from their mouths. We all prepared the nerf guns and picked hiding places. I placed her set of nerf guns and a letter right in front of the bathroom door. The door finally opened, and she picked up the note,

Y/N. It’s payback time. If you are reading this, it’s too late.“

"NOW!!” I yelled, as we all ran toward her. she dropped the note, grabbed her set and hid. The first day we all felt like little kids again in a while.

Love Birds- Nate Maloley Imagine

Okay this one is for Maggie, and this has been in my inbox forever, I’m sorry, but I hope you like it! If you want one just request and I promise that I’ll have it out!

Request: Hey, my name’s Maggie and I was wondering if you could do me an imagine with Nate, where we’re dating for couple of months and one of the boys tweet picture of us with capture like ‘look at these lovebirds’, fans will be crazy about it with lovely tweets but with hate too and I’m really insecure so it won’t really help and he’ll try to make me feel better and at the end of the day we will comfirt our relationship and we will cuddle and the rest of the squad will be there too?Thanks, love ya!

“Nate stop!” You said laughing as he nearly tickled you to death. “You guys are goals.” Sammy said looking at you guys. You both looked at him and laughed before Nate turned back and continued to tickling you.

Later that day, you realized that Sammy had posted a picture on Twitter saying “Look at these lovebirds.” Of course there were the lovely tweets about you guys being goals and otp, but then there were the hate comments.

The hate comments were never a walk in the park, they were always really hurtful, and you always took them personal. All your life you had grown up insecure, you had always struggled with your weight in high school and middle school. When people would talk about it, it would make you upset.

“How the hell is he tickling her, if she was to move she would crush him.”

“What the hell, she is like two times bigger than he is.”

The comments continued and tears began to form in your eyes. For so long you had to keep in how you were feeling, but not anymore, you just let it all go. You cried and cried and cried. “Hey lil ma-” Nate said while coming into the room. “Baby what’s wrong.” He said coming over and sitting with you.

You continued to sob until Nate realized you laptop open. He pulled it away from you and looked at the comments. “They’re just jealous. Maggie you’re an amazing and beautiful girl. You can’t let this bring you down.” He said lightly rubbing your back. It didn’t matter you buried your face in a pillow and kept crying. Nate didn’t say anything just sat there and rubbing your back up and down.

Eventually, you fell asleep and Nate left the room. About an hour and a half later you woke up and you could hear Nate talking in the other room. It was only the two of you in the house, so you decided to go and see.

“Hey guys. I know you all know that I have a girlfriend, Maggie. And sometimes I see things that I don’t like to see on Twitter, Instagram, everything. Sometimes those comments can bring her down, I understand, the things that some people say, anyone would be upset. But please guys, I know that you guys always want me to be happy, and Maggie makes me happy, I just want you to know that.”

By the end of what he is saying you were leaning up against the doorway. Nate looked up at you and back down at the camera, you knew he was doing a YouNow. “I just love her, okay?”

He closed his laptop and came over giving you a big hug.  


When I Was Your Man

Hi can you do an imagine where you and Nate used to date and were super in love (based on When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars) and he sang it during one of his concerts and dedicated it to you and you found out bc of Twitter the next day and you ran into him at the mall and he tried to talk to you about it but your new boyfriend (preferably Colin Kaepernick please ❤️) shows up and you guys leave and never get to talk to Nate

“Nate, I’m sick of it!” I scream, slamming my hand onto the wooden table. “I’m sick of not being a priority!”

“My music is my main priority, I told you that.” He calmly states, leaning back in his chair as if this wasn’t a problem.

“Okay, and I understand that. But-”

“Then why are we having this conversation?” He cuts me off, and I just gave up.

“You’re right, Nathan. Why are we having this conversation? Obviously you don’t care, so why should I?” I stand up, “I hope you can find someone who’s alright with your music meaning more than your girlfriend.” I leave his apartment, leaving the keys in his mailbox.

|2 Years Later|

We’ve been apart for two years, two years exactly. No apology, nothing. Hasn’t even called.

I still follow him on social media, because regardless of our relationship, I’ll be a strong supporter.

His snapchat has been a little down lately, with break up songs and shit. Maybe the bad habits of the relationship came back to bite him the ass.

The one that caught my attention was from ‘Bad’ Remix by Jacquees where he said 'Why the girl of my dreams had to run and leave?’ And he put my name in the caption, and I’ve seen the tweets he’s been tagging me in, trying to apologize.

I’ve ignored them though. I’m happy with Colin, my new boyfriend. Colin Kaepernick, the football player to be exact. Always had a knack for football, I’m surprised I snatched him up when I did.

“Come on baby girl, I’m taking you to the mall for your birthday, since I’ll be playing when it rolls around.” Colin comes into our room, giving me a kiss.

I’m technically dressed, in a football jersey that Colin bought me for my birthday last year, and a pair of jeans. I slide on a pair of sneakers and pull my hair into a ponytail.

Colin and I rarely talk during car rides, mostly because he likes to listen to the sports network when he drives. So I plug my headphones and scroll through my tweets and my mentions, and the same video of Nate keeps popping up with the same crying emoji’s or hearteyed emoji’s. Then I get a text from Sam, sending me the same video with a text after that.

“Y/N, he’s a mess. He misses you like crazy. I know that you are with that Colin dude you’ve been crushing on for as long as I can remember. But that’s besides the point, you need to talk to him and you have to talk to him now. That’s all I ask, although I know your stubborn ass is going to ignore this.”

I take a deep breath, tapping on the video he sent me.

“This one goes out to my ex-girlfriend, (Y/N) (Y/L/N). She left me because I didn’t treat her like a priority, and I, now that she’s moved on and my album has landed me this tour, have now realized that I fucked up with her. But she’s moved on, she’s happy. This isn’t me asking for her back, this is my apology. ”

“Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now,
Our song on the radio but it don’t sound the same
When our friends talk about you all it does is just tear me down,
Cause my heart breaks a little, when I hear your name.

It all just sound like 'woo-oo-oo-oo-oo’
Oooh, too young, too dumb to realize

That I should’ve bought you flowers,
And held your hand
Should’ve gave you all my hours, when I had the chance
Take you to every party cause all you wanted to do was dance
But now my baby’s dancing, but she’s dancing with another man.

My pride, my ego, my needs and my selfish ways
Caused a good, strong woman like you to walk out my life.
Now I’ll never, never get to clean up the mess I made.
And it haunts me every time I close my eyes.

It all just sound like 'woo-oo-oo-oo-oo’
Oooh, too young, too dumb to realize

That I should’ve bought you flowers,
And held your hand
Should’ve gave you all my hours, when I had the chance
Take you to every party cause all you wanted to do was dance
But now my baby’s dancing, but she’s dancing with another man

Although it hurts
I’ll be the first to say that,
I was wrong.
Now I know I’m probably much too late
To try and apologize for my mistakes
But I just want you to know

I hope he buys you flowers
I hope he holds your hand
Give you all his hours, when he has the chance
Take you to every party, because I remember how much you love to dance
Do all the things I should’ve done
When I was your man
Do all the things I should’ve done
When I was your man.”

It took Colin asking me was I alright for me to realize that I was crying. Hard.

“Hey, baby. What’s up?”

“I-it’s Nate.” I told him the whole situation.

“What did he say?” He stops the car so abruptly I nearly hit my face on the dashboard.

“It wasn’t bad, he’s apologizing. In the best way possible.”


“He admitted what he did, to a stadium full of people, and sang his apology.” I wipe my eyes, hoping more tears don’t fall.

“I know that’s all you wanted. ” His hand rubs my thigh, and he starts driving again.

We arrive at the mall, and its packed. I mean, it’s a Friday, but it’s more packed than usual.

When we go inside, I see a big poster of Nate with the words 'Meet & Greet’ underneath his name.

I ignore the poster, and Colin and I keep shopping. Once we finish, he goes to buy something to eat, and I sit quietly near the meet and greet.

I feel someone slide into the booth across from me and I look up.

“Nate? Shouldn’t you be meeting fans?” I ask, turning around to see the place he was doing the meet and greet at was empty, not even fans lingering.

“Its over, but I need to talk to you.” He cuts straight to the chase, and I pay attention.

“Listen Nate, I know you’re sorry. And I accept your apology. I know I’m stubborn, but Sam made me rethink my feelings toward you.” His eyes light up.

“What do you mean?” He smirks, and I know he’s asking me to be specific about the feelings I had for him.

“I-” I started, but was quickly silenced by a cup being placed in front of me, along with a bag of McDonald’s.

“Beat it, Maloley.” Colin snarls, and Nate looks at me.


“Nope, I don’t wanna hear it. Get lost.” He looked at me with pleading eyes, and I shrugged.

“Just go Nate.” His eyes darken, and he gets up in defeat.

“I’ll see you around, right lil mama?” He asks me, and I nod, watching Colin stare Nate down like a hawk when he walks away.

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“Lil mama?”

“A nickname. He gave it to me before we started dating, it’s just been a thing.”

“I don’t like it.”

“And I don’t care.”

Brother vs Boyfriend

Imagine request from omahabemybae: Can I have a imagine where Nate is my brother,I’m dating Sammy,when nate discovers he gets angry with Sammy&they start fighting then I say something&Nate starts shouting to me&then Sammy protects me&they start fist fighting&the Jacks pull them apart♡
I’m sitting on my bed listening to Shawn’s new album when I hear a knock on my balcony door. It must be Sammy. He has to climb up to my balcony for us to hang out because if my brother, Nate, knew he would be pissed. I guess most brothers don’t want their best friend dating their younger sister. Nate has the Jacks over so he’ll be too busy to suspect anything is going on tonight. I open the door and let Sammy in. We decide to just lay down and watch a movie. We choose A Walk To Remember, one of my favorites. “Is Nate home tonight?” Sammy asks. “Yeah but don’t worry, he has Jack and Jack over so he’s preoccupied with them watching the hockey game in his room.”

We start the movie we are paying more attention to each other than the movie. Sammy leans in and kisses me. We start making out and Sammy gets on top of me and takes off both of our shirts. We continue kissing for a few minutes.

“SAMMY WHAT THE FUCK” I look up and see Nate standing in the doorway. “Fuck” Sammy mutters to himself. The Jacks run in and are standing behind Nate. “What the hell is going on here? Care to explain?” Sammy get off of me and sits on the edge of the bed. I go to my shirt back on but I can’t find it so I put Sammy’s on. “Nate listen, don’t flip out but Sammy and I are saying and have been for the past 3 months..” “WHAT” Nate yells. He runs over to Sammy and tries to punch him in the face but Sammy dodges it. “Oh shit” Jack J says. “Listen dude, I promise I will never hurt her.“Sammy says to Nate. "Sammy shut the fuck up. I know you better than anyone else does. You don’t settle down, you fuck around with a girl for a few nights until she can’t get you off anymore and then you move onto the next one.” “Nate I swear, it’s different with y/n. I love her.” Nate’s face fills with rage. “Y/n, how did you fall for his shit, you’re so fucking stupid. You know better. I can’t believe you. What is wrong with you? Do you even think? Maybe if you stopped skipping school your actually have common sense. And I’m guessing when you skip school you’re with him?” I start to tear up. Sammy stands up and pushes Nate, “don’t talk to her like that.” Oh god. Nate pushes him back, and they are in a full on fight before I know it. “STOP” I scream.

The Jacks pull them off of each other. While Jack G is still holding Nate, Sammy runs downstairs and I follow him. We run to his car and speed down the street. I turn around and see Nate standing in the road screaming, “GO TO HELL SAMMY!” “I’m really sorry Sammy…”
Hope you enjoyed!

Yall seem to be enjoying this imagine so feel free to send in requests!
Madison and Jack G.

I’m at the point where I’ve just given up on this boy. Oml he is just a straight up fuckboy now. I have like ¾ hate on Madison because she’s sort of a whore, won’t benefit him, can’t sing, and she’s underage. But at the same time most of us are her age and is we dated Jack we’d get the same amount of hate. Honestly Fuckboy can stick a buttered cactus up his ass for being such a fuckboy now. I want my sweet Gilinsky back.

Busted - A Nate Maloley Imagine | NOT REQUESTED |

Nate Maloley Imagine

You are Sammy’s sister and you date Nate behind his back

Word Count : 800 words

Requested : Nope

“ C'mon Y/N, what’s the worse that can happen ” Nate said.

“ Sam will catch us babe, he always finds stuff out ” I said back.

Nate gave me a pouty face. I really wanted to go out with him tonight, but my brother is already suspicious. He caught us holding hands and asked us what we were doing and Nate came up with one of the worst saves ever, but Sam of course believed him because he believed whatever Nate says.

“ Sam won’t find out babe. He’s out with the thee guys ” Nate said, still trying to convince me to go out with him. “ Can we just hang out here tonight ” I asked.

“ Yeah, sure. I just wanna be with you, that’s all ” he said. He walked into me and Sam’s house. We went over to the couch and sat down. We turned on the tv and just sat with each other.

Nate then put his arm around me, and I snuggled deeper into his side. I started to drift off to sleep when I felt Nate kiss the top of my head. I smiled to myself and drifted off to sleep.

  • Skip about an hour -

I was awoken to the sound of yelling and fighting. I open my eyes to see Jack G sitting next to me and Johnson standing in front of me, almost like he was guarding me I tried to see what was happening, when I see Sam yelling at Nate.

“ What the fuck dude. Why were you all up on my sister like that dude, that’s not chill ” Sam said, pushing Nate into the wall.

“ STOP IT SAM ” I screamed. All attention was then turned on me.

“ Y/N, you need to leave this room ” Johnson said.

“ NO I CAN’T LET SAM BEAT UP MY BOYFRIEND ” I screamed even louder.

“ YOUR BOYFRIEND ” Sam said, shooting a glare at me and then screaming more at Nate.

Sam then punched Nate in the face and that was it for me. “ WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU SAM ” I screamed, getting up from the couch and pushing Sam out of the way.

“ Okay, Sam, you and Y/N need to talk ” Gilinsky said, taking Johnson and Nate into another room.

When they left, it was an uncomfortable silence between me and Sam. I finally broke the silence between us. “ Sorry ” I said.

“ Why didn’t you tell me ” he said, looking at me.

“ Because I knew you’d get mad and tell me I can’t be with him ” I answered back.

“ Well, you are right. I can’t let my baby sister be with my best friend ” Sam said.

He was always a protective brother. He always made sure that I was okay and that nobody was hurting me.

“ Sam, you need to accept the fact that I am a year younger than you. You also need to accept the fact that I will date whoever I want. It could be your best friend or not, but in this situation, it is and I’m sorry that I fell in love with him, but it’s just what happened and you need to accept it. I’m sorry that I’m acting this way but I really need you to understand that ” I said. Sam looked at me sympathetically.

“ I’m sorry Y/N, I just don’t want you getting hurt, that’s all ” he said.

“ I promise you that Nate wouldn’t hurt me.

Sam then told the other guys that they could come back into the room. When they walked in, you could see a black eye forming on Nate’s face.

” Oh my god Nate, are you okay “ I said, walking over to my boyfriend.

” Yeah, I’m fine “ he said.

Sam then walked up to us. ” Sorry man, just remember if you break my sisters heart, I will break my sister’s heart, I will break you “ he said.

Nate chuckled ” I promise, I would never. “

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The Day Has Come – Nate Maloley imagine

I put a name in for your best friend I’m sorry!

I was currently pregnant with my ex fiancé’s baby, it was a girl, her name is going to be Kaydence Marie Maloley and I already had one boy his name is Aiden Maloley he is only 2 months,  Nate doesn’t know about the one on the way because before I was able to tell him he broke off the engagement. We never saw each other since he was always traveling. Yeah he would come home occasionally but then he’d always get called to leave so he just ended it. Our wedding was only 2 months away but it was probably better for us to split up.

I was laying in my bed and I scrolled though twitter and Nate tweeted he was in town with the Jacks and Sammy. “Great, the day I’m going out with my Cassie and Aiden, the boys are back, oh well I can’t cancel on Cassie. Did I mention she is dating Sammy?

I rolled out of bed got in the shower, I washed my hair washed my body and got out before Aiden woke up.I went to my closet, got a white dress, with a vest that had lace sleeves and my tan boots with white knee high socks.

When I finished getting dressed I went to my vanity to do my makeup, as I sat down I looked at the little tiffany box that had my ring from Nate on it

I didn’t keep it to because I was selfish I didn’t even want to keep it but Nate didnt want it back so I kept it. I held back my tears because honestly it just wasn’t worth it anymore. I did a little bit more makeup than I usually do because 1. I was going out with my best friend and with her it’s not just a little while it’s an all-day thing, and 2. Nate was in town and if I run into him I don’t want to look like shit.

I’m surprised Aiden is still asleep with all the noise I’m making, anyways I finished my makeup, outfit and I just straightened my hair.  As I finished up I got up and started getting Aiden ready, I put on one of his outfits Nate’s mother got him at his baby shower.

 My phone starts ringing

Cassie; Hey Y/N can we take your car Sammy came back last night and he took the car this morning with the rest of the boys.

Me; Sure, I’ll be there in 15!

I put Aiden in his car seat and I strapped him in the car, I got in the front and put my purse in the passenger.

I pulled up to Cassie and Sammy’s House Sammy was outside with Nate and the Jacks, thankfully you got a new car and your windows were tinted very dark so no one was able to see inside. Cassie hurried and got in before the boys even looked back.

Y/n I’m sorry I didn’t expect them or well him to be here when you got here, I know it’s hard for you.

“No, no I’m fine, he’s happy and they’re career is taking off how they wanted, at least he broke up with me instead of cheating or something you know?”

Cassie just nodded her head.

“So where to first?” I asked “why don’t we go get coffee first?” she replied.

I drove to Starbucks while Cassie and I just talked about the baby that was on the way and her life and stuff.

When we got there Cassie got down and ordered then came back to the car. We left and went to the mall.

When Cassie and I walked in we noticed the boys, My heart sank when I saw Nate, he was with a new girl, a much prettier one, she was blonde, and had perfect skin and a perfect body, big breast and Ass just like how Nate loved, yeah I had that but then I got pregnant and well I kind of lost it.

Cassie and I went in the direction to Victoria’s Secret ignoring the boys, but unfortunately Sammy noticed Cassie. Before Sammy was able to call Cassie we went inside of the store fast.

“Cassie! I know you heard me calling you!” Sammy said “oh hey babe, and no I didn’t its loud in the mall I could barely hear y/n”  “Hey y/n” “Hi Sammy”

“Cass I’m going to leave you and Sam to do your thing if you need me I will be at the sprays and lotions”

I walked to the sprays and stuff over hearing Nate and his new girlfriend. “anything you want babygirl get it” then you hear them kiss. You just moved on to what you were doing.

While you were at the sprays you heard a familiar voice talking to one of the employees asking what sprays and lotions are the best as a gift for your girlfriend. They came over to the section you were at, you tried to ignore and just go on and leave but before you were able to leave someone grabbed your arm.


“Hello Nate. “

“Wow Aiden looks so handsome just like I remember him”

“well yeah he does take after his father”

“ & you have another wow y/n you move fast”

“actually Nate I didn’t, this child inside of me belongs to the same man as Aiden”


It’s Not What It Looks Like!

Imagine Request from smokingmaloley:  something like Nate gets in a fight with one of the boys because he thinks their making a move on (y/n)

Jack G and I have been close friends since we were little. We always had a playful and flirty friendship, but nothing ever happened between us really. We kissed once, but we knew we shouldn’t take our friendship in that route, but we still remained flirty. Until I started dating Nate. Ever since Nate and I started dating about a year ago, Jack and I haven’t been as close as we used to be. Normally I would talk to Jack about my relationships, but it’s different now. Nate is one of this best friends so it’s awkward. But today Jack is coming over to hang out which will be the first time we’ve hung out alone since Nate and I started dating… Nate has things to do so he won’t be there. I hope it isn’t awkward. 

I hear the doorbell ring so I jump up to run and answer.

“Jack!” I yell.

“Y/n!!!” he yells and he picks me up. After a minute he sets me down and we go into the kitchen.

“How are you doing? How is Nate?” he asks. 

“We’re both doing good! He’s not home much.. he works a lot..”

“That sucks.. I’m sorry…”

I shake my head, “oh don’t be sorry! Not your fault… we make it work.. I guess.” There’s an awkward silence for a moment.

Jack starts to smile, “I think to celebrate us finally hanging out, we should invite one of our oldest friends..”

I can’t help but be confused. It was always just me and him. I never became close with Jack Johnson so there was always a bit of jealousy between the two of us until a few years ago.

Jack starts to laugh, “MR TICKLE MAN!!!” he says loudly as he starts to chase me around. I forgot about Mr Tickle Man. It was always a bit of an inside joke between us because most people just referred to it as the Tickle Monster, but what can I say, we were different than people.

We can’t stop laughing as he chases me around the house trying to tickle me. Jack tackles me onto the living room floor as he attacks me with tickles.

“What the hell?” We look up and see Nate at the entryway of the living room. He looks angry. 

Jack gets off of me and stands up, “that might have looked wrong, but I swear it’s not what it looked like.”

“I highly doubt it. I know you’ve always had a thing for y/n, and now you’re just proving it” Nate says with rage.

“Nate what the fuck are you talking about?” I ask. 

“Y/n, you know he always had a thing for you. And if you didn’t notice it, you must be blind” Nate snaps back. 

Jack turns to me, “you know that isn’t true.” Nate runs over and punches Jack in the face when he isn’t look. They start fighting and I don’t know what to do.

“NATE STOP IT!!!” I scream. 

They won’t stop so I starting tugging on Nate’s shoulders to pull him off of Jack. I finally get him stop after Jack’s nose is already bleeding and he will probably have a black eye. Nate appears to have some bruising developing on his face too. I pull Jack into the kitchen to help take care of his nose. 

Jack sits down at the kitchen counter as I hold paper towels at his nose and give him an ice pack for his eye. Nate stands in the living room still trying to catch his breath. 

“Nate you know I would never do that to you.. You’re one of my best friends and so is y/n. I would never come between you two. Yeah, I did have feelings for her at one point but that is in that past. I’m with Madison now, you know that.”

Nate sighs, “I’m sorry Jack. I overreacted. I guess I’ve just been really paranoid lately because I haven’t spent a lot of time with y/n and I’ve just been worried she won’t want me anymore and I guess this just kinda sparked those thoughts.. I really am sorry.” 

“Nate, I still want to be with you.. I’m not going anywhere! I love you, and a little distance isn’t going to change that” I say as I walk over to Nate, leaving Jack to hold his own ice pack and napkins. I grab Nate’s face and kiss him.

“I love you too, y/n” Nate responds.

We walk over to Jack and Nate gives him a hug, “it’s alright bro. I get it, I would have probably done the same thing in this sort of situation” Jack says with a bit of a chuckle. 

“How about we just order some pizza and pretend this never happened?” I propose. 

The guys laugh, “perfect” they respond in harmony.


Did you guys like this? I haven’t written any Gilinsky imagines yet so that’s why I chose him to be in this… Send feedback, and as always, requests are open! I am trying to get out the requests as fast as I can! :)

Undercover Love - Nate Maloley imagine

A/n : 

Could u make a Nate imagine where ur a famous model and the two of you are dating, but keep it low key until the paps catch the two of you being freaky in the backseat of his car  and it is all over the internet and stuff.


“You looked really beautiful walking down that runway tonight baby.” Nate leaned it, going in for a kiss, his hands running along the side of thighs. I playfully pushed him away, looking around us trying to see if anyone was over here. Nate and I have been dating for a few months now, him being the famous rapper he is, and me being a well known model we decided to keep our relationship on the low so we wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of paparazzi. However both of us being into pda, it was a hard a task to keep our hands off each other in public. Especially on nights like there, were both of us are dressed up, looking even better than usual. Nate was always handsy after I did a show, he said it was a turn on of his seeing me walking down a runway looking confident.

“You do know someone could be watching us nate.” I said giving him a playful glare, having some serious tone behind my voice. He gripped onto my hand, pulling me out of the back door of the building we were in, walking us over to our car. He kept this extremely goofy grin on his face, looking around us a few times himself. He knew how worried I was about us becoming something public, and being shown to the public eye. It wasn’t that I didn’t want people to know about us, I was nervous, and Nate had his doubts about it as well. Seeing how badly other relationships went due to the public getting between their relationship, putting out bullshit articles, and fake pictures. We were secure about our relationship, but we could get paranoid at times. The only people who knew about us dating was our friends, of course a few fans can suspect that we’re dating, but since we are always so careful, there’s no real evidence to prove it.

“Then let’s go somewhere private then.” He leaned in again, pressing his lips against mine, I didn’t push him away, since I was dying for his touch, as much as he was dying for mine. He let go of my hand, opening the back door of his car, sending me a smirk, the top buttons of his shirt was already unbuttoned, showing off his body he’s been working on for the past month, and he’s been having really good progress. I gladly accepted his offer, slowly getting into the backseat of his car, grabbing onto his hand, pulling him on top of me, using his foot to slam the door, not paying attention to anything that was going around us, we got lost into our own little world for the following time in that car.


The next morning, I woke up lazily on a side of Nate’s bed, grinning at the thought of the acts that was done between me and him last night, getting out of the bed to go into the living room to grab something to eat. I guess the tv was never turned off, I almost got a headache from how loud it was that early in the day. I went over to turn it off, and my eyes immediately shot open to what the news was talking about.

“A new couple in town? Famous model y/n, and rapper Nathan Maloley, was caught having some very intimate time of their own after one of y/n’s shows last night.”

I felt like screaming. I think I did without even knowing, because Nate soon ran down the stairs, a worried look taking over his face, his eyes laid on my blank expression, and was about to open his mouth to ask me what was wrong, then he looked over to the tv to see what I was looking at, and you could see his face turn the darkest shade of red. He ran his fingers through his hair, gripping tightly at the ends. Finally walking over to me, before turning off the tv, leaving the room completely silent. We both sighed at the same time, before looking over at each other. My phone started to vibrate in my pocket, obviously knowing it was one of my friends telling to go to that station to watch. Some were notifications on twitter of fans being excited finding about me and Nate.

“Maybe it won’t be as bad as we’re thinking it will be.” Nate finally said, reluctantly looking over my way. He licked his lips, eyebrows placed high on his face, a small look of hope spreading across his face. My eyes soften from his shocked expression, and sent Nate a warm smile.

“Yea, you’re right. Maybe we’re just overthinking everything. Our love for each other is strong. We know each other enough, to not let some silly media drama mess up our relationship.” I said, my smile getting bigger, as I saw a huge smile growing on Nate’s face, he walked over towards me, wrapping his arms around me, pulling me in, placing a small kiss on my forehead, pulling away, mumbling.

“We got each other y/n.”

Nate's girl

For / @yesjustanotherwriter

Nate is probably the most cute boyfriend that I ever had, we’re always together. People always said that we are like and old married couple. Well, it is kind of like it, I’ve moved from my house to Nate’s one two months ago, now we have a 1 year dating and everything is so right with us, I think I could marry him if he ask me to do it tomorrow. We are always having fun, dancing around the house , cooking or just cuddling each other. Of course when we said to his fans that we are dating, they completely freak out, they always said that I was not enough for him. They always said that I want him for his money and fame, I just laugh about it because when I met Nate I don’t even know that he was famous. I’ve always been such a strong girl so I was scared but know I just don’t care, I fell so badly for him that I don’t even care. I am the most happiest girl in the world with the love of my life and nobody can change that.
“ Y/N I want you now ” my baby said screaming.
“ What happened baby boo”
“ I feel bad right now I have a headache” then I kiss him so deeply.
“Why did you kiss me like that ? Are you on your period or something like that”
“ No Nate! Just , I don’t know I love you so bad and I want you to feel good”
“ I just need you to be happy baby , you are my strong little girl and I love you for everything that you do, so now could please hug me and giving me more kisses, I’ll feel better if you do it”
“Of course my prince charming”
“Baby I don’t look like a prince charming”
“ No you are not, but you are my dark prince, and you are everything to me”
By : @babekylie - M💎

Hope you enjoy girls💗🙆🏼🙆🏻