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Omaha AU: You’re dating John Part 2

Part 1

This was requested a few times by Anons. Hope this helps with your John feels :D <3

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Ana- A Nate Maloley Imagine

Request: hey!! would you mind doing an imagine where you and nate used to date and you used to be really close with all the boys and you finally meet ana? thanks love

Warnings: None!

I missed him. A lot. I missed the boys. A lot. Before Nate and I broke up a couple of months ago, the boys and I have been super close. After we broke up, we just slowly grew apart. It grew more and more difficult to see him, so it grew more and more difficult to spend time at their place.

But today, I’m determined to make that change. See, I didn’t tell you something. Right now, I’m at party with my best friend, Mya. Annnnnd, I see the boys. Over there. In the V.I.P. section. To any other girl at this party, they look like a bunch of attractive guys that they barely had a chance with. But to me, they were a group of guys that I could call my brothers. Except for one, I had to regretfully call him my ex.That’s why I can’t let this opportunity slip between my fingers.

I look over to Mya, tap her shoulder and say,”Hey, I’m gonna head over there,” pointing towards the boys. “Isn’t that Gilinsky, Sammy, Johnson, and more importantly Nate?!,” she asks, surprised I’m finally deciding to speak to them. “Yep, I gotta talk to them, I miss them. A lot,” I say emphasizing the words “a lot”.

“Alright, knock ‘em dead kid,” Mya says reassuringly. I take a deep breath and begin to make my way over. My heart begins to beat even quicker when I accidentally make eye contact with Gilinsky. He narrows his eyes to make sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him and once knows it’s me, he gives me a quick smile then quickly looks away. Okay, I was not expecting that. I thought he’d me super upset with me considering we were the closest out of everyone else.

Sammy must have seen Gilinsky smile, because he turned around to see what he was smiling at, which was me. He looks at me then turns back around like he doesn’t see anything. Maybe, I deserved that.

I look over at Johnson who was laughing and chatting with…Nate. Damn, he looked good. he had his signature man bun, smiling so his adorable dimples appeared, wearing a white T-shirt and black ripped jeans. He looked perfect.

I’m about to find the courage to walk over there and actually talk to them when I see somebody not so familiar. There’s somebody attached to Nate by the hip, his arm draped over her shoulder. She’s beautiful. She’s stunning. She wasn’t me.

I was defeated. It hurt seeing Nate with her, but it’s not like they’re together or anything. I’m about to walk when I hear one of the boys call me over. It was Gilinsky.”Y/N! Wait up! Come over here a second!,” he yells over the blaring music. God, he couldn’t let me leave?

I slowly turn back around and walk over to the guys. Once I get over there, everyone goes quiet. That is expect for everyone else at the party.I decide if I’m going to win back the guys’ hearts’, I’ll speak up,” Hey guys. Remember me?,” I joke. “Yeah, I remember you,” Gilinsky responds. That’s what I love the most about Gilinsky, he always made me feel comfortable in any situation.

“I missed you, kid,” Johnson says smiling at me. I smile back and feel and arm drape over my shoulder. I look over to see it was Sammy and he quickly placed a little kiss on my cheek. I kiss his cheek back and look at Nate who is watching me intently.

When I break eye contact, I’m engulfed in a hug by Nate. At this point, I don’t know what to expect from anybody, because everyone is so welcoming of me. I guess they missed me too. “Hey,” Nate whispers in my ear. “Hey, Skate,” I whisper back. He lets me go and walk back over to he girl he was holding earlier.

He brings her over to me, holding onto her shoulders and says,”Y/N, this is my girlfriend, Ana.” GIRLFRIEND??? “Hi,” I say slowly. “Hi, I’m Ana,” she extends her hand. She has a really sweet voice. I shake her hand and smile at her. “I’m Y/N”.

She pulls me to the side and we just talked the whole night. She was super sweet and friendly. It wasn’t hard to like her. But, I still miss him. A lot.

Awkward Situation ~Auston Matthews Imagine~

Summary: You used to date Auston Matthews. You both broke up due to not seeing each other as much. When you move to Toronto, you run into Auston in a cafe but you’re not alone anymore.

Author’s Note: First off, I am in an Auston Matthews phase so I don’t know why. Secondly, NATE SCHMIDT and MARC ANDRE FLEURY DESERVED BETTER. And I am so proud of my boys, Connor and Auston for getting those awards. Also, I might turn this into a multi-part imagine. 

Y/B/F/N: Your best friend’s name

Kyle: Your boyfriend. I didn’t want you to get confused. So I made up a name for you. 

Part Two Part Three Part Four

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I hated packing. I had to remember every single thing I had unless I wanted it to be gone forever. I didn’t want to leave the warm weather in Arizona. Now, I’m moving to Toronto because of school. I finished putting all the boxes in the car and my friend smiled over at me. 

“Bright side, you have me and Kyle there,” She said. 

“Yeah but still. What if I run into him?” I asked. 

“I’m highly sure, you won’t run into him,” My friend scoffed at me. 

Luckily, my new boyfriend was already in Toronto to help with the apartment. We all settled in the last box before sitting or lying on the floor, worn out from the many trips up and down. 

“You girls want to go try their coffee shops around here?” Kyle asked us. 

“Sure,” I said getting up.

“Help me first,” Y/B/F/N said, reaching her hand out for me. I rolled my eyes before lifting her up. 

“Alright, let’s go and then come back,” Kyle said. We all got inside the car and drove off. 

We were lucky to move near a mini mall. There were many stores and shops surrounding it. We went to their first coffee shop but there was a long line. 

“You girls go outside, get a table, and I’ll get the drinks,” Kyle told us. 

“Thanks, Kyle,” Y/B/F/N tells him. You give him a quick kiss on the cheek before walking outside with Y/B/F/N. 

“He’s a keeper, Y/N,” My friend told me. 

“He is,” I smiled over at her. 

“Y/N?” I looked up to see Auston standing before me. He was with his teammate, Mitch Marner. 

“Auston?” I asked. 

“Hey,” He smiled a little. 

“Hey,” I said. 

“What are you doing in Toronto?” He asked. 

“School,” I answered. 

“Oh right. So, how have you been?” He asked. 

“Great. How about you?” I asked him.


“God you two are awkward,” Y/B/F/N said.

“I know right. Mitch Marner,” Mitch introduced himself to your friend. 

“Y/B/F/N. Nice to meet you,” She smiled as they shook hands. 

“Hey, Y/N, do you want to grab some coffee another time? To… you know… catch up?” Auston asked. 

“I guess. No harm there,” You said. 

“Why would-”

“Three coffees have been served,” Kyle said interrupting Auston. 

“Thank you,” Y/B/F/N said before taking a little sip as she watched me.

“Auston, meet my boyfriend Kyle. Kyle, meet Auston and Mitch. Auston and I went to high school together,” I tell him.

“Really? Nice to meet you man,” Kyle said shaking their hands. 

“Boyfriend? You two are dating?” Auston asked. 

“Yeah. For about three months,” I tell him. 

“Congrats. So, is it okay if we still met up to catch up?” Auston asks you. 

“Yeah. There’s no harm on a little catching up,” I said.

“Cool. Can I get your number?” Auston asks.

“Sure,” I wrote it on a napkin before giving it to him. 

“Text me,” I smiled a little. 

“It was great seeing you again,” He smiled softly. 

“Same here,” I said. He and Mitch left leaving us three with out coffee and talks.

Auston’s P.O.V

“Was that the Y/N that got away?” Mitch asked me. 

“Yeah,” I nodded. 

“You okay?” Mitch asked me. 

“After seeing her again, it made me realize how much I missed her. But she has a boyfriend now,” I told Mitch. 

“Well, go on that coffee date and talk,” Mitch told me.

“It’s not a date. She has a boyfriend,” I tell him.

“Okay. Cause by the looks she gave you, she seemed like she missed you too,” Mitch said.

“She did?” I asked.

“Yeah. Come on. We’re gonna be late for practice,” Mitch told me.

Author’s Note: Part Two? 

jewishraypalmer  asked:

how did amaya react to finding out she took nates virginity i need to know

so i legally had to turn this into a short fic. i couldn’t not. here it is, monster

epic. 800 words. 

The thing is, he had figured she’d known. That she had read it on his face, or, at the very least, had put her fingers in his front hole and felt… something. He’s also heard that’s not true, but by the time he’d reached about 12, he hadn’t wanted to talk to anyone about that part of himself, least of all in that context.

It’s not until he’s laying in his bunk, Amaya laying beside him, heads touching, that he asks her, “Who was your first?”

She shifts, tilting her head back to look at him. He can’t see her, but he’s sure she looks kind of endearingly silly, like she always does when she’s not fully aware of her expressions, the way she moves besides him. “My first what?”

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Anon asked: Can u please make an imagine about Dj Rupp where you get mad at him for his new music video because there is a part where 2 girls are touching him inappropriately and he makes it up for you? Please ? 😁❤️

“Y/N, your gonna wanna check out your man’s new video” my bestfriend Maggie shouted from the kitchen, “it dropped today?” I whipped out my phone, “yeah and I don’t think your gonna be too happy.” She walked into the room with a sincere look on her face, i furrowed my brows. “Your kinda freaking me out, but okay?” I searched up Dillon’s name and the video popped up. I sat there and watched it, Maggie was completely correct. I wasn’t pleased at all. Would you be pleased if you saw your boyfriend of 2 and a half years touching females and letting them touch and kiss up on him? No. I threw my phone, “y/n… Chill” Maggie came to me, “why does he not ask me shit before he does it” I cried out. This was the 3rd time he’s done something like this and every time before he disregarded my feelings and I’ve had it. I’m a woman not an object and I’m not about to be disrespected. I sat there thinking as Maggie tried relaxing me, “he’s got one coming when he steps in that door.” I got up and sat on the kitchens island in plain view of the door.

An hour later Dillon pulled up along skate and Derek and entered the house. “Hey bab–” he stood there, he knew I was mad. “What’s up?” He questioned, Derek and Nate looked at me and knew Dillon was in for it. “You know wassup.” I rolled my eyes, “are we finna do this shit again.?” He rolls his eyes, I took a deep breath in and hit my fist on my leg. “I’m so sick of this man” I laughed out, he stood quiet. “I’m sick of the miscommunication, the fucking secrets, the disrespect and the lack of appreciation Dillon” “what the fuck are you talking about” he scoffed. “Don’t act stupid dillon, you never tell me shit no more, you kept the whole video concept away from me, you kissed some females and let them touch you and shit, you’ve done this 2 other times and when I tried fucking talking to you legit laughed in my face and said you wouldn’t do it again, stupidly I fucking stayed because I’m in love with you. I try and chill with you and have our random date nights and you never have time for me but got time to go with your boys?” My brows scrunched up as I gestured over to Derek and Nate. “I get it, I’m no longer your priority and that’s cool, I can get any one I fucking want but I only want you but I’m so done to be honest” I hopped off the counter, “you are over reacting” Dillon laughed, “bro” Nate held on to his shoulder.

I laughed to myself, “you know what, I always over react in your eyes so lemme do us a big favor, I’m done. Consider yourself single and no longer held down.” I let tears slide down my face. “Your not leaving” Dillon laughed. “Dillon I am. I hope your happy. Let’s go mags” I grabbed my purse and walked past him, he grabbed my wrist. “Where are you going?” He looked painfully at me, “that’s no longer your concern, Imma dip catch you whenever kiddo” I pulled my wrist and walked out the house. I made it into Maggie’s car and the whole time cried, I layed on her sofa and relooked over every memory. I got message after message from Dillon.

Dills ❤️✨: babe.
Dills ❤️✨: please come back.
Dills ❤️✨: I don’t wanna loose you, please I’m begging you.
Dills ❤️✨: baby, I can’t live without you. Please don’t do this to me…
Dills ❤️✨: Y/N…
Dills ❤️✨: I love you please don’t do this to me, I don’t wanna wake up without you there.

I know me and him aren’t over, but I need him to appreciate me and show me that he cares. Until then, I don’t wanna be around him. I layed there for the next 3 hours looking at every memory of me and Dillon and decided to check his Twitter. One of his tweets caught my eye, it was 2 hours ago. I clicked it and it directed me back to his Instagram, up popped up a picture of me and Dillon when we went to Puerto Rico with Nash. “11/7/2015. I’m never one to be all cakey, but this female means so much to me, y'all don’t even know. 11/7/2015 her birthday and the day I made the woman I wanna marry… Mine. I admit I’m a screw up, I do stupid shit and I question everyday how does she put up with me? Today we had a big fight because I made a stupid choice of not speaking to her. I didn’t write this for y'all to send her hate, so please don’t. I wrote this to just hopefully get at least a text back. Y/N I’m sorry for not talking to you, for lying, for not appreciating you but please don’t leave. I’m trying so hard to work on me, for us. At the end of the day none of these females have what you have, they don’t have good cooking skills, amazing humor, sarcastic jokes, a sexy ass attitude, the best lips in the world and a smile that makes me fall in deeper love with you… Every Time I see you, I get so nervous as stupid as it sounds, I turn into a child with a crush. I love you, and your attitude and everything just everything. Please respond to me, the thought of you leaving and finding someone that’s not me, kills me. It wouldn’t make everything I fucking have worth it, if your not here with me. Please baby respond or at least see me. Love your baby face dill 😔❤️🐷”

I stood there and thought,

Me to Dills ❤️✨: I’ll be home in 10.
Dills ❤️✨: oh thank god. I love you ❤️
Me to Dills ❤️✨: whatever.

I approached the house, grabbing my purse and making sure to keep my guard up. I opened the door and called out for Dillon, I had no response before making it to our bedroom. On the bed stood a big bear, with flowers and a picture of when we went on our first date. Cute if you ask me, I wanted to forgive him in that moment but I needed a little more begging. “Babe..” I heard him step in, “yeah” I sternly said, he walked over to me holding one of my hands in his, “I’m sorry…” He rubbed over it with a finger. I rolled my eyes, “okay.” “Baby, I really am. I get it I get that I’ve been acting like a fucking ass but man I don’t wanna loose you. Your legit everything to me, it would kill me to see you happy with someone that’s not me. I wake up everyday blessed to be next to you, to have the memories I have with you and to go to sleep every fucking night with you. I’m new to this being in love shit and it’s not an excuse why I shouldn’t have asked you but dammit I’m begging literally to give me another shot, I have a lot I wanna make up to you. I wanna spend the rest of my days with you and I’m gonna learn to tell you everything before I do it just please don’t leave.” He pulled me into his arms holding me tight breathing quicker than ever, I took a moment for everything he said to sink in. I pulled back, “Dillon… I” his eyes turned to the side painfully as he let my hand go. “Of course I forgive you, you think you’d loose me that easy? Hell no, I just wanted to teach you a lesson stop being an ass or next time Imma really leave” he turned back smiling brightly as ever before lifting me off the ground and planting a soft gentle kiss on my lips. “ I fucking love you and Imma make up for everything.” “I love you too and you can start making up by putting a movie and having a day to just cuddle me” I laughed “yes ma'am” he laughed placing me down before putting a movie in and lying in bed with me. As stressful as he may make me, it’s worth every tear,sweat, heart ache and headache.

Hayes Grier - Bodyguards

Request:  My name is Jade, do you think you could write an imagine where I’m friends with the guys but they’re really protective. Or if you’d like, it can just be Y/N 💞 x

Okay so I made it as a Hayes imagine, I hope you don’t mind, it just went so good with the plot. I hope it’s not a problem!

I have never been that quite girly girl, I had three brothers and I spent a lot of time with them and their friends growing up. It got a little awkward when I hit puberty but not much changed since then. When we moved to North Carolina I was struggling with having new friends, my mom wanted me to have some girl friends but I ended up being best friends with Hayes Grier. He was a year younger than me, but he was the only one who started to talk to me when I was all alone almost every day at school. I was thirteen and he was twelve at that time, he even introduced me to his family, his brother, Nash was also cool, just like Hayes, so I hung out a lot with them. And when they got kinda famous, I thought they would forget me, but I was wrong.

I got to know other amazing boys, like Cameron, Matt, Aaron and so on and they became my ultimate squad. I travelled a lot with them, they liked to keep me close to them. My mom and dad trusted them 100%, mostly because they were so protective all the time, like I really was their sister, which was a little bit annoying sometimes, but whatever.

It was this summer when Hayes, Nash, Cameron, Nate, Sammy and I went to California for a week. Me and Hayes slept at Cam and Nash’s place, which meant that I was stuck with three boys in an apartment, but just like I said, my parents didn’t even had any problems with it.

We thought that we should go have some fun, so we called Nate and Sammy and met them to find a good party.

“Jade, don’t you dare to accept any kind of drink from anyone other than us” Nash warned me as we were heading to a popular place. I rolled my eyes.

“Okay dad, I won’t do anything!” I joked.

We got inside and everyone went their own way but I noticed that I was never left alone. At first Nash was following me everywhere, and then Nate started a little chat just to keep an eye on me and then Cam and Hayes dragged me to the dancefloor and didn’t let any other guys to ask me for a dance, they scared everyone away.

After a few hours we decided to leave the place and we just strolled down the streets of California fooling around. When we got to a fast food restaurant we agreed on that everyone was quite hungry, so we got inside. Hayes insisted on paying for my meal.

“Hayes, I can order and pay for myself, okay?” I said looking at him raising my eyebrows.

“But I want to be nice, just let me!” he whined glancing at the cashier guy. He was kinda cute, I think he was around Cam’s age.  Now I understood why Hayes was so stubborn.

“Okay guys, that’s enough” I said getting tired of their shit. “I know that you all just want to make sure that I’m okay, but this is ridiculous. I’m not a baby!”

“Of course you are not, what are you talking about?” Cam asked but I was sure that they all knew what I was talking about.

“Oh really? Hayes, is the reason why you don’t want me to order that the cashier guy could hit on me?”

Hayes didn’t answer, but this made it all clean for me.

“You know what? I’m not even hungry” I spat and then stepped back so they could order. They tried to talk to me, but I didn’t listened to them. They all lined up at the counter and at the right moment I sneaked out of the restaurant and walked a few feet from the building, sat down on a bench from where I still could see the entry of the restaurant. Only three minutes passed by, when they realized I was gone and freaking out they got out and started to shout my name.

“JADE! JADE WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?” they all yelled at the same time. I rolled my eyes, got up and slowly walked back to them.

“Oh my God, Jade, where the hell did you go?” Hayes hugged me as he noticed me.

“I was literally sitting on the bench across the street. Don’t get all worked up.”

“Don’t you dare to do this again, okay? It was a bad joke” Sam looked at me with a serious face but all I could do was just laugh at them.

“I’m older than Hayes, but you treat me like a child, guys, relax!”

“But you are a girl, that’s not the same” Hayes stated. It was the worst, I hated when they treated me differently because of my gender.

“I’m happy you noticed that I’m a girl. Too bad you wouldn’t date me, because then you would treat me like a boy again.”

It just slipped out of my mouth. I didn’t want to say it but… I secretly always wished Hayes would see me as a girl for once. We spent so much time together, sometimes it was hard for me that he treated me like one of the boys while I thought of him as someone else, not just a friend.

The guys tried to hide their smile, as I was literally dying inside that I just said that. I felt my face getting red, while Hayes was just blinking at me with wide eyes.

“You know what, guys? We will just go inside, you two need to talk” Nash said guiding the boys inside leaving me and Hayes alone.

“I didn’t mean to… I was just so mad…” I muttered avoiding his gaze.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked quietly.

“What?” I looked at him confused.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you liked me?”

“I don’t know Hayes, maybe because I have never had a real relationship with a boy even though I was with you guys all the time. I thought you all think of me just like a sister.” I was afraid that this would ruin my friendship with them, and then I would be so lonely again just like when we moved to North Carolina.

“The guys do consider you as their sister but I always had a thing for you” he admitted suddenly. I turned to him shocked, this was the first time a boy said something like that to me.

“You did?” I asked still surprised. He smiled and then nodded.

“Yeah, but you are older than me and didn’t even think you would see me like that.”

“I don’t care how old you are” I admitted biting my bottom lip. Then a short awkward silence came between the two of us, when we were just smiling and grinning at each other not knowing what to say.

“Okay, erhm, what do you say if we go ba-“ I started but he cut me off.

“If we go on a date tomorrow?”

“Okay, this one is better than my suggestion” I laughed. “I’m in as long as the boys won’t play bodyguards around me” I nodded towards them, they were now sitting at a table watching us with wide smiles.

“I promise, it will be just the two of us.” I smiled at him.


Dating Sam behind Nate’s back (Sammy Wilkinson)

Requested : Hi can I have an imagine where i’m like skate’s little sister and i’m dating Sam and Skate discovers when he sees us kiss and gets super protective and angry and the boys start a fist fight and Skate screams at me.

A.N: Thank you so much for the request cutie ! I had fun writting this. Omg I really hope this is good cuz I repeated myself, english isn’t my first language. In real life I speak french guys ! 😂

Nate and I it’s been a while we know each others. Over the years, he became more protective over me, my attendance and more than anything my boyfriends.

So when I started to date Sammy, I knew he will be mad. Between us, everyone know Sammy’s reputation is the one of a fuckboy. He is not, but that’s what rumors said about him. Except Nate doesn’t hear it like that, for him no one is enough for me even if the person who I am dating is his friend. Mostly if he is his friend.

We were chilling at Swazz’s place with the whole Ohama squad, just having good time. I was sitting on the couch on the one hand Nate and on the other hand Johnson.
Sammy texted me for say he will be here soon I was excited to see him again. But I was not quiet, we will have to be careful with Nathan in the same house.

Ten minutes later, Sammy was here saying hi to everyone. We were all laughing together, telling some funny stories but Sammy and I were exchanging discrete glances. Until he nodded towards the kitchen.

“ I am thirsty ” I said.

I stood up, making my way to the room. The kitchen were so quiet on the contrary of the living room. I grabbed a glass of water before I felt two strong arms around my waist.

“ You should had waited a little bit more before join me ” I whispered.
“ I couldn’t take any longer”
“ They will notice something”
“ Right now, I really don’t care”

He turned me around face to him, approaching his head. We were forehead against forehead, our lips skimmed when Nate started to yell.


We both startled and discarded quickly but Sammy let one of his arm around my waist, firming his grip.


“ Nate calm down please we are doing nothing wrong ” I tried.
“ Nate don’t make a scene, it isn’t a big deal man ”

The others boys do not delay to come over. There were at first surprised by Sammy’s arm position but also realized Nate will be very difficult to control.

“ Move away from her Sam !” dropped Nate clenching his jaw.
“ I said MOVE away ! ” both are sending deaths glare to each others.
“No I am not going anywhere dude. You need to understand. I am not here in the purpose to hurt her in anyway. I am in love with her ! ”
“ Shut the fucked up ! You don’t mind any single words. The only thing you want from her is sex and I am not going to let you use her only for your sexual needs !”
“ Ouch.. You are suppose to be my friend and actually you can’t trust me. What’s different now ? ”
“ I am not your friends not since you laid eyes on her, she is my sister’s heart and you keep playing with her ! Trying to seduce her !”

I can felt Nate’s anger, he was furrowing his brows and trying to keep calm. Until he started to walk towards us, fast. He only have time, to send one punch in Sam’s face before the guys holding him back.

“Man ! Man ! Calm down !” “ Dude, I know you’re upset but chill, you will regret it ” voices are melting.

However I was only able to think about Sammy. He was bleeding nose but it didn’t seem broken. I cupped his face with my palms while he was staring at me.

“ I am sorry ” I apologized
“ This isn’t your fault ”
“ He hit you because of me ”
“ And I will let him hit me again if this is about you. I will always stand up for you   ”

I knew I shouldn’t but at this instant I can’t stop myself to smile happily.

I was in love with him too.

Home ~S.M.~

Summary: you and Stew fuck.

Warning: smut; daddy kink.

“Babe I’m home” I hear as I run down the stairs of our new apartment.

“BABY!” I jump in to my boyfriend of 2 years arms. We had recently bought this apartment together. It made me realize exactly how much I loved him.

“Someone’s excited to see me.” Stew says kissing my cheek and setting his stuff down.

“Well, Stewart, I missed you a bunch.” I say looking up at him. He had been gone finishing all his testing for his last year of school. I graduated early so I’m currently doing online college.

Stew just chuckles and sits on the couch. He pulls some stuff out of his bag we keep under the couch. He begins making a blunt as I sit in his lap.

“God. You’re just like Nate.” I was friends with Stews brother before I dated Stew. But when Nate moved to Cali I became close with Stew. I’ve always had a crush on him but we never really talked. We saw eachother a lot because I was with the older boys but a simple hi or a shared laugh was it.

“Well he is my brother. Here take a hit. I’m gong to grab us drinks.” I took multiple puffs from his blunt. I loved getting high with Stew. Mainly because it usually ended up in amazing lazy sex. He came back in and sat near me. I was already buzzed so I put the joint against his lips. As he took the joint out of my fingers I moved to straddle him.

I grabbed my phone and started playing music while Stew watched me with his head against the back of the couch. His large hands were running up and down my upper thighs. Once the music was on Stew finishes off the joint and put it in the ashtray on the table. He grabbed my hips and pulled me extremely close.

“You are so beautiful fucking. Wait I messed that up. I mean you so are beautiful. Nope that’s not either fuck. You’re-” he stumbled over his words while I giggled at him.

“I understand baby. I’m fucking beautiful.” I saw whispering. Getting close to his face as I slowly grind my hips into him.

“Fuck. I’m so lucky. ” he says then kisses me. After me grinding on him and us making out for a little bit he pushes me down onto the couch.

He starts kissing my neck leaving love bites and bruises. He kisses my sweet spot down to my collar bone. I start moaning at the sensation. Stew blows cool air on the spots he just attacked.

He sat up to take off his shirt as I did the same. He groaned at the sight of me without a bra.

“Y/N were you planning on this to happen?” He say smirking.

I nod and laugh. “I have to be ready for when my daddy gets home.” I say pulling him back down to my lips.

“You’re gonna kill me babygirl.” He says as he moves down to pull of my shorts. “Really y/n? No underwear?”

“So what? I’ve been horny all day.” I say as I sit up on my elbows. He just shakes his head and chuckles and kisses my hips.

“What if I was too tired and didn’t fuck you when I got home.” He says teasing my entrance with his fingers.

I smirk knowing how to speed this process up. “I guess I would’ve had to call Jake. I’m sure he’ll fuck me right.” As soon as I said it Stew attacks my pussy. Licking and sucking my clit while his fingers pumped in and out at a super fast pace. I was moaning and screaming his name.

“Can Jake make you this wet princess?” He says going impossibly fast.

“N-n-no daddy.” I say trying to speak. I could feel my high approaching. “I’m close. So close.” I say trying to grasp the couch beneath me. Stew just speeds up while I pull on his hair trying to catch my release. Within seconds in screaming and my high washes over me. Stew stands up as I’m coming down. He pulls off his boxers. And puts on a condom. I gather all my strength, and get of the couch and kneel in front of him. I stroke his painfully hard member and kiss the tip.

“No y/n. I just wanna fuck you right now. You can suck me off in the morning.” Stew says pulling me up. He lays me down on the couch and climbs in between my legs. He lines him self up and slowly pushes himself in. Once he’s all the way in I give him a nod, letting him know he can move.

He starts out slowly, groaning in my ear which makes me moan. He slowly picks up his speed until he’s thrusting into me so fast I can’t think. I was moaning so loud with Stew whispering dirty words all in my ear while kissing my neck.

“Fuck Daddy I’m close”

“I know baby. On 3. 1…2…3.” As I release on Stew, I feel him shoot his load into the condom. We were both yelling profanities mixed with each-others name.

As were coming down Stew flips us over so I’m laying on his chest. I give him a peck on the lips as I grab the blanket that’s draped over the back of the couch.

“Bet jake can’t fuck you like that.” I hear Stew whisper.

“Nobody can daddy” I say as I close my eyes.

“I love you y/n”

“I love you too Stew”

Hahahaha. Lol there go my stew feels. Haha shoot me pls. Help pls.

dating Nate Maloley would involve

clubbing together .

him always wanting to lay on you .

Him always wanting to use your towel .

I hope you enjoyed ! Let me know the other boys you would like me to make ! 

By the way this is the last thing I’m posting for the weekend ! 

Hayes Grier - Too late

So this one was inspired by a book I read, it’s a really great story, I recommend to all of you: Penelope Douglas - Bully


Hayes Grier was officially ruining my life and seem to be enjoying it. My misery made him happy and I didn’t understand how we could be almost the best friends just a few years ago. The whole thing started when we were thirteen. One day we were hanging out by the lake throwing rocks into the water to see which splash is the biggest, then the other day he turned into the arrogant asshole who only wanted to make things worse for me. I had no idea what happened and I tried to talk to him several times, but when he chose to ignore me I gave up.

He took every chance to ruin my life. First it was in school. He spread horrible rumors about me at the beginning, and the sabotaged every dates I had and slowly no one wanted to be friends with me. That was the time I started my YouTube channel and it became the best thing in my life. While people hated me in my school everyone else loved me online and when I started to gain fame my school mates suddenly wanted to be friends with me, and even though I knew they were just going for the fame at least they didn’t make fun of me anymore.

But then Hayes’s brother, Nash became a big thing online and it didn’t take long for Hayes as well to become a sensation. It wouldn’t have mattered if he didn’t spend most of his time to throw shade on me online. I had no idea how to deal with it, but I didn’t want him to take the only thing that made me happy. I let him ruin my life before but there was no way I would let him do it with my online career. I tried to react to every each of his attempt to fuck shit up like an adult and not make an even bigger drama, but there was one point that was too much and I couldn’t take it anymore.

It was at a VidCon to where we both were invited. I didn’t care too much about the fact that he would be there too, I was just excited to meet the people who watched my videos and supported me, I thought nothing can ruin this day for me. I woke up really early and got ready to look my best since I assumed a lot of photo would be taken. My mom drove me and my best friend to the place where it was held and I couldn’t be happier. As I walked up to one of the organizers and told him that I’m ready to take my place he gave me a confused look.

“You called in sick, you don’t have a spot,” he said like he had to remind me that I was sick. But I wasn’t and I didn’t know why he thought it.

“No, that’s not possible. I didn’t call anyone,” I shook my head not understanding what was going on.

“You didn’t, but a friend of you or someone like that did. He said you have a terrible flu and wouldn’t be able to present today. I’m sorry, but we already replaced you.”

My mind stopped hearing the word ‘he’. I only knew one male who would be able to do this. Hayes.

“I have one more question. Where can I find Hayes Grier?” I asked taking a deep breath and fighting back the urge to scream from the top of my lungs. He went too far with this one, I wanted to stop him. The guy nodded to the right and turning that way I saw him sitting on a table talking to some of his friends.

“Y/N, you should calm down,” my friend told me, but as if I didn’t even hear her I made my way towards the asshole. I wanted to erase that grin off his face immediately.

Not even caring if I was interrupting something I pushed myself into their little circle and if I was able to kill with my eyes he would have already been dead.

“How dare you do this?!” I hissed keeping my voice down so I didn’t turn the attention to us.

“What are you talking about?” he asked giving me an innocent look.

“What the fuck is really your problem with me, huh?” I asked shaking my head at him. We used to be so close and I had no idea what changed, I didn’t know what I did to deserve his hate. “Why do you want to ruin my life?”

I could see the sudden change on his face, like I just mentioned a touchy subject. His eyes were burning into mine as he jumped off the table and grabbing my wrist he dragged me out to a corridor and when he turned back to me his eyes were still flaming, but it felt like it wasn’t fury.

“Why did you do this to me?” I asked again not letting the topic go. “I didn’t do anything against you yet you continue to fuck everything up if it was your hobby or something. Just tell me what I did and maybe we can close this whole thing between us,” I said really meaning everything. I was mad at him, oh boy was I, but in the meanwhile I needed answers.

While Hayes avoided to look at me and clenched his jaw I continued.

“Hayes, I don’t know what happened, we used to be so close and now the whole world is watching our feud that I don’t even know how started. Just tell me what happened, maybe we won’t ever talk again but at leas-“

I couldn’t finish my thought, because suddenly I felt his lips pressing to mine. I was so surprised that I was just standing there frozen. It took me a few moments before I caught myself kissing him back. His arms held me close to his warm body as I tangled my hair through his soft hair and let my lips melt into his kisses. I was so confused but it was as if my brain shut down and didn’t have control over my body.

I never denied the fact that I was attracted to Hayes physically but his terror helped me not to think about this desire, until this point.

Minutes passed by until we finally broke apart. My lips were swollen so were his and I could barely breathe.

“You want to know why I was like this all this time?” he angrily asked. I couldn’t speak up, so I just nodded. “Because I was fucking jealous of every male you laid your eyes on. Remember what happened when we were thirteen and I came home from football practice and you were sitting on your porch with Mike Sanders?”

“Yes, he took me out for an icecream,” I mumbled thinking back to that awkward first date that ended to be the last, because on Monday everyone was talking about how hairy my armpit was and that I didn’t shave. I know, it’s ridiculous, but thirteen year-olds can be cruel and can make fun of anything. Mike never talked to me again even though the rumor wasn’t true.

“I hated him. I hated him because he had your attention. I wanted to be him so badly that I wanted to do anything to keep him away from you.”

My eyes widened hearing his words. I couldn’t believe it.

“I didn’t want to hurt you, but I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t stand the thought of you being with someone else that I turned into something I’m not proud of. I started to do this on purpose and when I realized how badly I fucked up it was too late, you hated me and you had a damn good reason for it.”

Right then I realized that the anger I earlier felt wasn’t towards me. He was angry at himself because he wanted me to only himself. This took everything into a whole new lighting.

“Are you serious?” I whispered putting the pieces together.

“I am. And… I know that you hate me and-“

“I don’t hate you,” I heard myself saying. My brain was screaming at me for saying this, but that was the truth. Because deep down he was still the silly boy I grew up with and who was the only boy I needed in my life.
His eyes widened and I think he thought I was just messing with him.

“Y-you don’t?” he asked as if he was afraid I would laugh into his face in any minute.

“Am I mad at you for being the biggest asshole? Yes. But can I forget that you were my best friend for 13 years? No.”

He exhaled sharply and pressed his lips into a thin line focusing on me.

“I want to make it up to you,” he said so determined that I believed him.

“It’s going to take some time, but… If you really want to get me back I can give you another chance.”

He nodded making a mental note to himself not to fuck this up.

“I’m sorry about today. Spend the day at our booth, I’m sure the boys wouldn’t mind if you joined us,” he suggested and I nodded with a small smile as we headed back.

“And about that kiss…” I started, but he cut me off.

“I’m sorry, I just… couldn’t hold myself back. It won’t happen again, I swear.”

“It can happen,” I shrugged. “But only after a decent date.”

He slightly chuckled nodding.

“Got it.”

Too Cute(Derek Luh Imagine)

hey, can you make an imagine where the reader (Y/N) and Delany are best friends and Delany is trying to make the reader go on a date with Derek?

“Delany, No” I tell my best friend. She pouts at me and continues scrolling through her Instagram. “(Y/N) I don’t understand why not, Derek is smart, funny, cute and he really likes you” I loved Lany but, Derek and I were always the daily conversation. I’ll admit that I’d had a crush on Derek when me and Delany had first met, but now he wasn’t my type and I’m sure I wasn’t his. “No, Lany if I said no yesterday and the other ten thousand times you asked what do you think my answer is?” She opens her mouth to say something, but closes it when Derek enters her bedroom. “What’s up D, Hey (Y/N)” he smirks at me showing his pearly white teeth. “Hey Derek” I smile back returning his flirt.

   Derek plops down on Lany’s bed right next to me. I look over at Delany and she is pursing her lips together to keep from smiling. Why now of all times? I say to myself. “Hey Lany I think I’m gonna head home” I grab my keys from the night stand and I feel Derek’s eyes on me. I wasn’t wrong when I around he hasn’t stopped looking. “Awe, I thought you were staying the night” I narrow my eyes at her “You should stay (Y/N) me and D were gonna go out to eat” I want to stay I really do especially with Derek looking at me with those brown eyes. “Fine” i sigh in defeat there was no winning with these two “I’ll be back later, I got to go handle a few things at home” Derek gets up and follows me out “Are you really gonna come back?” he whispers in my ear and my whole body shivers. “Uh yea, I-I am” he pulls his lip through his teeth and leans in to hug me “Good”.

    I rushed home to pack me an overnight bag and all my necessities, when Delany calls me. “So how was that hug?” I giggle at her question “It wasn’t like that Lany, it was….I don’t know, nice” I hear some background noises and a door shut. “So do you like him?” her voice echos “Lany where are you?”              “I’m peeing, now back to my question” “Not like that, just as friends” she huffs into the phone “For God’s sake (Y/N)! just go out with him one time he’s not what you think” I sigh maybe she’s right, he can’t be that bad. “Fine, but how? I can’t just ask him” “Don’t worry about that leave it all to me” she laughs mischievously “Delany what are you–” she hangs up and leaves me stranded on the line

    When I make it back to Delany’s her and Derek are out front laughing at something. “What’s up guys” I say walking up “Hey (Y/N)” the two say in unison. “Come on, we have to go get ready” Delany says dragging me into the house. I pull out my tan body-con dress and some wedges. “Oooo fancy” Delany says observing my outfit. We both head into the bathroom to do our makeup when Delany starts to hold her stomach “Lany, what’s wrong?” she walks back into her bedroom and lies down on her bed. “I don’t feel good all of a sudden” I call Derek to come up the stairs and we both kneel at the bed. “D, we don’t have to go out tonight we can stay in” Derek says covering up his sister.

    “Absolutely not, don’t worry about me this will pass, just take (Y/N) and we can all hangout when you get back” Derek looks at her with confusion and then at me “(Y/N) is that okay with you?” I look down at Delany and she mouths the word yes “Yeah I guess that would be okay” Derek nods his head and leaves the room. I lean down and whisper in Delany’s ear “You are good, you know that?” she laughs and nods her head “I know, I know” I head back into the bathroom and finish getting ready.

     When I finally get my dress on i need it to be zipped up. “Lany could you?” i point at the zipper. “I can’t I’m sick….DEREK!” she yells “What?” he rushes in and he looks good, really good. “Zip up (Y/N)’s dress” he puts his hands on my hips and turns me around, and zips up my dress one of his hands never leaves my hip. “Does that feel okay?” he puts his hand on my hips again and turns me to face him. I nod my head and he smiles “You look really good Baby” my eyes get wide and he grabs my waist pulling me into him. “Ight D, you need anything while we out?” she shakes her head and pulls the covers up to her chin. “Have fun you two”

    Derek was so sweet the whole night and he never stopped telling me how beautiful I was. “What do you wanna go do after this?” he asks me handing the waiter our bill. “Umm, I don’t know, lets get some movies and ice cream to watch with Lany” he smiles “Thank you for coming out with me tonight babygirl” “Anything for you”

    When we get back to Delany’s house Derek drops the bags on the counter, turns around and starts to kiss me. “I really like you (Y/N)” Derek says between kisses. “Derek I really like you too” he sits me up on the counter and his hand search for the zipper on my dress. “How Cute, I take it the date went well” Delany smirks at us. Derek shoots her the finger and helps me down from the counter “Later” he whispers grabbing three spoons, a gallon of ice cream, and leading me out of the kitchen to the couch with Delany. She smirks at me and Derek and pops a scoop of ice cream in her mouth.

8) “Don’t forget about me”


I finally wiped my tears off my face, cleaned my face, reapplied a little make up and went back downstairs to finish up dinner and to lay it out on the table. I called out dinner was ready and they all came running in. “Thanks for dinner love.” G said “Yeah thanks baby girl.” Nate replied. “Love your cooking princess.” J walked up to me and kissed my temple. “We love you babe/baby” the Grier brothers said in unison. Their little nicknames to me flutters my heart, knowing they are like brothers to me, so the meanings are different. I looked up and saw a jealous Sammy knowing he used to call me that and was able to, but now he can’t. He used to hate it when they would call me those nicknames when we were dating. if we were still dating, and they called me those, he would’ve wrapped his arm around my waist, pulled me closer to his side and say “MINE” with a look on his face to the boys. I sighed to myself wishing he would still do it, but remember that he would used to do that.

They all grabbed a plate and started piling it with food and walked into the living room with their foods. I followed behind them as they all took a seat. One seat left between Nate and Sammy. Of course. I rolled my eyes as i wiggled my way between them. “We have drinks y/n. is it okay if we drink and smoke?” Nate asked in between bites. I just laughed at him and nodded with approval. “You guys can stay the night too. No need to go home. You all have extra clothes here.” They all cheered of my invitation. “And breakfast?” G mischeiviously smiled at me and wiggles his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes at him and sighed out a yes. They roared in a bigger cheer. I just laughed and ate my food.

As the night progressed, them drinking or smoking and playing video games became real fun to them. I did not feel like doing any of that so i just cleaned the dishes and the kitchen and all. At 2am, the only person that was sleeping was Hayes. I had Nate carry him into one of my guest rooms so he could sleep in peace. I walked downstairs, “okay boys. stay up as long as you want, be as long as you want. there’s food and drinks in the fridge, like you don’t know that. snacks in the cabinets. like you didn’t know that either. you know where your extra clothes are. i’m going to head to bed. come into my room if you guys need anything.” “Good night. Thank you (their nickname to you). We love you” they all said back to me. I made my way to my room, changed then got into bed. I instantly fell asleep.

Sammy’s POV

After y/n decided to go to sleep, i started to think about that box of memories that she still had. I sighed, as i made my way into the guest room i’ll be sharing with Nate. I sat at the edge of the bed, thinking about y/n. I got up and quietly opened her door and slid inside her room. “y/n?” i whispered. no response. i tiptoed to her face and saw her breathing steady, face soft, and muscles relaxed, knowing that she is sleeping. I looked around her room to find the box and saw it on the floor at the edge of the bed. I quietly picked it up and sat at the end of the bed as i opened it and rummaged through it seeing all the pictures and letters i used to write her. There was a picture in there that made me smile the hardest, the day she let me move in. I huffed out a deep sigh as i looked around the room. I finally noticed that everything where my stuff was, is still empty. she never filled it in. she never expanded her things, she left it as if it’s waiting for me to put everything back. My side of the closet and show rack is empty, my side of the table where i would put my bracelets and watches and stuff is still empty. I turned to look at her sleeping and noticed that she only sleeps on one side of the bed. My side is still made, like it usually is till i would get in bed with her.

“Looks like she hasn’t moved on either.” I whispered to myself. I got up, put the box where i found it, and walked next to her face one more time. I kneeled down as i moved a strand of hair out of her face behind her ear, “ Don’t forget about me or our memories y/n. I love you.” I kissed her forehead as softly as possible, got up and left her room.

Drunk Confessions Pt. 3

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8

Skate’s POV

     Finally I find y/n laying on the floor completely unconscious. I pick her up and place her on the couch. I try to wake her up but fail. I see no signs of alcohol poisoning so I decide to wait and let it run its course. Derek sits next to me on the couch. “Has she ever done this before?” he asks me. “No, never. It’s probably all because of me. I should have never tried to mess with her.” I tell him. “You were just being protective it’s understandable.” Derek says.  I try to believe what he says but it’s hard. That’s no excuse. I’ve really got to do something for her to show I’m sorry. I start to think of things we did in our childhood that she would love to do again. Or maybe I can take her back to Toronto where she was before I made her move. I could bring Derek. She’d enjoy it. I look to my left and see Derek asleep on the couch. His head beside y/n’s. I lay down and drift off into sleep.

Your POV

     You wake up with a migraine and nausea. It doesn’t take long to remember what happened last night. You look up and see Derek next to you, Nate on the other side of him. You look to the clock and see its noon. You go to the bathroom and wash your face in the sink. You then head to the kitchen to get aspirin. After taking the pills you turn around and walk into a figure. You recognize Derek’s tattoo on his stomach and smile. You look up to him and he has a disappointed look on his face changing your expression.

    “What was up with that last night?” He says to you. You shrug your shoulders and look down to the floor. He takes his hand under your chin and pulls your head up. You push his hand away not wanting to talk about it. He grabs you by the waist and sits you on the kitchen counter. So your faces are at the same height. “I get it you’re stressed, but if you ever do this again I will send you to a drinking class got it?” he says. You don’t believe he has the guts to do it but you nod your head in agreement anyway. You feel his hands start to trail your back as you guys lock lips. “I don’t care if you guys do this, but not in front of me please.” You hear Nate say from behind. You ignore Nate as you’re still mad at him. Derek turns around and gets something out of the fridge leaving you on the counter. “Y/n can I talk to you inside for a minute.” Nate asks you. You hop off of the counter and walk inside, Nate on the couch and you on the arm. “Look I understand what I did was fucked up. I was just being protective but I know that’s not an excuse. I want to make it up to you. What if we all went on a trip back to Toronto? With Derek and then I’d bring a friend. We could spend a week of you touring us around the city. What do you think?” Nate asks. You decide not to hold the grunge over him. Yeah what he did was fucked up but it’s the first time he’s done something like this. You get off of the arm and walk towards Nate. You smile seeing that he really wants to do this for you. You stand in front of him and he lets out a small smirk.

     “I would love that.” You say before embracing him in a hug. “I really missed you y/n. Even for the short time it was. I never realized how much I needed you.” He says. Your hug gets tighter at his words. “When are we leaving?” You ask Nate. “Help me find a hotel/flight and we’ll leave tonight.” He says. You run into the kitchen grabbing Derek’s laptop and running back over to your brother. You quickly search up hotels and flights. You book both. “We have to go home and pack” You say to Nate. He agrees. “Derek do you want to meet us back at my house tonight?” Nate asks. “Yeah I will.” He responds. You swiftly give him a kiss and run out the door into Nate’s car. You get home and pack your bags. You start to feel anxious as you feel as if you’re forgetting something. Your train of thought is stopped when you see a new face sitting on the couch. You see him stare at you and you stare back. He looks familiar but you’ve never come into contact with him. He’s attractive, long eye lashes.

     “Hey y/n have you seen my tooth brush.” Nate says breaking you out of your trans. “Uh yeah it’s in the 2nd bathroom down here. You say pointing towards the hall behind you. “I see you and Sam have met again?” He says. Again? “No I don’t believe we’ve ever met” you say. Sam stands up holding his hand out to you to shake. You shake it “We have.” He says winking. You get lost in his eyes for a minute. He lets go of your hand and sits back down. You follow Nate into the hall. “Where’s John?” You ask him hoping that Sam is not the one going on the trip with you. “He doesn’t have his passport renewed so he can’t come. You remember Sam. He was my best friend back in Omaha.” Suddenly it clicks. Sam, the scrawny kid with the freckles. Damn he grew up. You hear the doorbell ring and answer it. It’s Derek. He walks in kissing your forehead. He then walks up to Sam and does some kind of handshake with him. ‘He knows him?’ you say to yourself. “Hey babe where’s your bag?” Derek asks. “It’s upstairs.” You say leading him up. He grabs it for you and heads downstairs. “Give me 5 more minutes and we’ll head out!” You hear Nate scream from upstairs. You can’t help but smile ear to ear. You get to show Nate and Derek the city you’ve come to love. You hope Derek falls in love, so you could possibly move there with him one day. Although it would be hard with him being and LA native. Derek notice you smiling and smiles back. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this happy.” He says

Finally everyone is ready to go and you head out of the door.

Your POV

     The flight was simple. Four hours. Since it was late at night everyone was asleep. You guys checked into the hotel around 4am. Nate was still being slightly protective so he made you sleep in the same bed as him, with Derek and Sam in the other. The next morning you wake up but everyone else is still asleep. You see there is a Tim Horton’s across the street. You get dressed in the bathroom and head down. You order a dozen donuts to bring back. While walking into the elevator you see Sam walk out. “Are those for us?” He asks pointing to the box. You nod yes. “Well then looks like I’m going back upstairs.” He says laughing. You notice him staring so you look towards him to see what’s up. “Damn you’ve grown up nice.” He says.

You roll your eyes and ignore it. He clearly hasn’t grown up other than looks. You get into the room and see Derek and Skate still sleeping. You leave the donuts on the dresser under the TV. You pull out your laptop and start looking for things to do. There’s so many things you don’t know where to start. You know you definitely want to go to the Island with Derek alone. Especially since you haven’t had your proper date yet. You suddenly feel a body on your left.

“Good morning baby.” You hear Derek moan. “What are you looking at?” He asks. “I’m thinking our first proper date should be on the island. There’s a ton of stuff to do there.” You say. He looks at the pictures over your shoulder. “Should we go tonight?” he questions. “Do you think it’d be okay to go on the first night?” You ask him. He nods and kisses your neck causing your heart to flutter. He then walks into the bathroom. “What’s up with that?” You hear Sam ask. “They’re dating isn’t it crazy?” Nate says from the other side of the room. “You’re dating him?” Sammy asks shocked.

“Yeah is there a problem?” You say to Sam. He shakes his head then gets up and starts going through his bag. About half an hour later the boys are ready. You’re walking out to the street next to Nate with Derek and Sam in front of you. While walking through the door Sam holds his hand out “After you” He says. You huff, roll your eyes and keep walking. Derek now next to you “What was up with that?” He asks. “He thinks he can hit on me because I use to know him back in Omaha.” You say sternly. “He hit on you?” Derek says shock looking back at him. “Mhmm.” You say shaking your head. You guys reach the side walk. They all follow you since you know where you’re going. You decided to take them to the CN Tower first since it’s the iconic symbol of Toronto. You and Derek walk hand in hand the whole way. He’ll rub your thumb with his every once in a while, forcing you to smile. You get to the tower. On occasion the boys would be boys and get on your nerves slightly. You did love how goofy they were. When they’re not working they stop being so serious and let their guard down. Sometimes you regretting being in public with them though. We get to the top and all the boys start taking pictures. You go out to the deck that leads outside. You enjoy the view and fresh air. You then feel a body from behind.

At first you thought it was Derek until you feel a watch on the wrist. Derek wasn’t wearing a watch. You quickly turn around to see Sam.

“Get the fuck off of her!”

Derek’s POV

I haven’t had this much fun in a while. Being with y/n and hanging out with my friends in a city I haven’t been too yet. It was a dream come true. A dream I didn’t even know I had. We get to the top and the view is incredible.

We head over to the glass floor and start looking down. I see y/n head out onto the deck that leads outside. I stay with Skate taking a couple pictures. I see Sam disappear. I remember what y/n said about him hitting on her. I didn’t believe it at first with Sam being such a good friend, but yet again Skate set me up before. I walk outside to see exactly that. His arms around her waist. I see her push him off in disgust. That’s my girl, but who the fuck does he think he’s fooling? The sight of it makes my blood boil.  “Get the fuck off of her!” I scream at him pulling him away. “Look man I-“ I cut him off. “If I ever see you touch her again you’re going to wish you never even met her.”

Skate then jumps in between us. He pulls Sam aside and I pull y/n back into the tower. “Thank you for that.” She says. “You tell me if he touches or even talks to you again okay?” I say to her. I don’t want him anywhere near her ever again. She nods and I kiss her on the cheek. I decided I now want to leave. I text Skate and tell him we’re going to the island. ‘Have fun’ he responded. Y/n and I then head down. We took a cab to the ferry instead of walking. While waiting for the boat a couple of fans had stopped us and asked for pictures. We then realize we never even told the fans we were dating. Skate only found out two days ago. They all ask and when we confirm you can see a couple of them give y/n a look and talk under their breaths. I pull her aside under my arm. “Don’t worry about them.” I say to her. She ignores it. We get on the ferry and what I see is beyond incredible. “You can see the whole skyline.” I said in awe. Y/n laughed at me in amusement. I never knew something like this could make me feel so, calm. I never ever imagined being with my dream girl looking out onto a skyline like this. I see why she loved it here so much.

The island was better than I could imagine. It was perfect for our first date. Y/n kept pointing to things and explaining them. I have to admit I wasn’t quite paying attention as I couldn’t stop admiring how happy she looked. She looked as if she didn’t have a care, like the whole world was in her hands.

Your POV

You and Derek decide to go to a restaurant first. You guys get a table out on the deck looking out onto the river that cuts through the island.  There is a couple yachts out there that catch your attention. Derek notices you starring. “I’ll buy us one, one day.” He says. “I actually have a fear of boats. I just like to look at them.” You respond. He laughs at you. “I’ll help you get over that fear.” He says smirking and winking. You can’t help but smile back. “I’d love to see you try” You tease him. It was nice to finally be alone with Derek and not have to worry about anyone. It gives you a feel of a real relationship. You guys finish up and head out to the pier. Derek enjoys teasing you and picking you up by the waist twirling you around.

He pretends to try and throw you off of the pier just to hear you scream and laugh. You guys then rent out bikes and ride to the light house. “You know they say that the old keeper of the light house was accidentally killed and then his parts were scattered all over the island causing it to be haunted.” You tell Derek. You see him get nervous. “Then why are we here? I’m not trying to die.” He says turning around. “Awhhh is someone afraid of ghosts?” You laugh. He ignores it and keeps biking. You follow. “You know there is a nude beach here? One out of the only three in Canada.” You say smiling. “Oh no, if anyone was going to see you naked it’d be me, and only me.” He says. You laugh and start to pull the bottom of your shirt up to tease him. He takes his shirt off and puts it on you. It’s so big it covers your whole outfit. You can tell he thoroughly enjoys it as he stops and stares admiring you in his clothes. He then checks his phone. “Hey Skate just texted me and asked if we wanted to go to a club with him and Sam tonight are you interested?” Derek asks. “Depends, will you and Sam cooperate?” You say. “I will if he does.” He responds. “Then yeah let’s go!” You say excitedly. You guys head back to the hotel and get changed. You guys decided to go to Uniun since they supposedly have amazing light shows.

You arrive and it’s extremely crowded. You start walking to the bar and see a familiar group of girls. “Y/n!!!” They scream. It then clicks. They’re your old friends from school. You laugh as they embrace you in a group hug.

Derek’s POV

I feel y/n slip out of my hand as she runs towards a group of girls calling her name. I wanted her to stay with me but I can tell she misses her old friends. She did randomly have to just pack up and leave this place. She really misses it I can tell. I then feel someone tap my shoulder taking my focus off of it. “Hey man I just wanted to let you know I’m sorry for before and I won’t touch her again. I just kind of let it take over me when I saw how much she’s grown up.” Sammy says to me handing me a drink. I didn’t want to fight Sammy he’s one of my friends. “No hard feelings” I say giving him a fist bump. As the night goes on I see y/n disappear. I go out to find her. I really wanted to spend this night with her but her friends took her away. “Dude you’re going to want to come see this.” I hear Sammy say. I follow him into the VIP room and I see two tall stocky men with their arms on either side of y/n. “Who the fuck are they?” I hear Skate say on the other side of me. I see her push them off but then they follow back and do it again. She walks into the girl’s bathroom to get away from them but I see they go after her. Anger fills my body and I run after him. Sammy and Skate behind me. I bust open the door and see one behind her and the other in front pulling her closer to him. I hear a slight scream of terror from her which pushes me over my breaking point. I completely black out from anger. Not paying attention to a thing. I see one of the males run out bleeding from the mouth before I feel Skate pull me off of the male I had beaten pretty badly. As soon as my mind catches up I feel a strong sting from my cheek and blood from my lip. Y/n rushes over with a wet paper towel and starts dabbing my wounded area. “We should head back to the hotel.” She says to me. Sammy and Skate stay as they’re still in good shape. We get back and I lay on the bed. Y/n runs out with the ice bucket. She comes back putting the ice in a bag and wrapping a paper towel around it. She straddles my body while she lays the ice on my cheek. I hiss in pain as the wound is still fresh. She then takes a towel with alcohol on it and rubs my bottom lip. This time I grunt in pain as it stings. She laughs enjoying the fact I’m in pain for once. She then blows on the sting cooling it down making it feel better. I moan as it now feels better. I can see y/n enjoying the noises I make so I send her a smirk. She can’t help but giggle. I didn’t like when she does things for me only because I want to spoil her. But I could get use to this nurse thing. The way her eyes sparkle knowing she’s taking care of me is a sight I’d never trade. She lays her head down on my chest. Relaxing the rest of her body on mine. I loved the feeling of her on me. Her presence was something indescribable. The butterflies in my stomach start to tell me something. I think I’m falling in love.

Your POV

You were happy you had someone like Derek around to protect you. It made you feel secure. Taking care of him was something you loved. You laughed as he winced in pain. It showed he’s not as tough as he makes himself seem. You lay down on him enjoying the feeling of him under you. You enjoyed being in control every once in a while. Your stomach churns as you can’t help but feel in love as you drift off into sleep.

*I’m sorry if this sucked and is short I’m drugged up from my wisdom teeth medicine. I hope you enjoy and a HUGE thank you to @wilkinsonsmainchick​ for helping me out with ideas for this part!*

“Wait, He Is Your Crush?”-Nate Maloley Imagine

Request by: batwoman123456

Originally posted by gabriellamaloley

I was playing Truth or Dare with Nate, Sammy, the Jacks, Cameron and Swazz. “ Y/N truth or dare?” Sammy said, “Truth” “Ok..Ermm” “I know something” Johnson said, he whispered something in Sammy’s ear and Sammy said: “ Okay, Y/N who’s your crush?” he said grinning. you looked over at Swazz and Cam bc they already knew, they just smirked at you, “Do I really have to say that?” you said rolling your eyes “YEAH! We wanna know” Gilinsky said making you chuckle a little “Okay… Well.. It’s Nate” you said getting a litlle bit red. “Wait, he is your crush” Sammy said laughing, you looked over to Nate who was sitting really quiet smiling to his self. “Y/N can we please talk for a sec?” he said, “sure”. He grabbed your hand and you blushed a little, you guys walked to his bedroom and when he closed the door he pushed you onto the door and kissed you hard, “You don’t know how long I wanted to do that” he said when you guys pulled away. “So you like me too?” you said confused “Yeah, I do Y/N” he said smiling, “So will you go on a date with me tomorrow night?” “Yes” you said kissing him. When you guys got back into the living room, where the boys were, they all stared at you guys. “Soooo??…” Swazz said. “Well we’re going on a date tomorrow night” Nate said grinning. Everyone began to clap and ‘whoohoo’ and you guys just laughed. “Well at least they like us together” Nate laughed.

A/N: Here you go! I hope you liked it!! xx

Imagine #6- Cute Nate Imagine


“Hey Sammy, I’m going out with Lox. I’ll be back in a bit” I lie to my brother as I make my way out the door. I’m almost home free when-

“Y/N wait” I freeze in my tracks, spinning around on my heels as Sammy approaches me. “What are you and Lox doing?” He asks me, I already had an elaborate plan. “Movies” I state casually, he squints his eyes at me. “Which theater?” I roll my eyes “Cinemark at the mall” I say, clearly getting annoyed. “Sammy, I’m gonna be late” I say, reaching towards the doorknob. I begin walking towards my car as Sammy follows me down the driveway. “What movie are you seeing? Will there be boys there? Are you staying the night?” He asks a string of questions as I unlock my car and hop in.

I start the car as he approaches my window, tapping on it repeatedly as I roll my eyes. I roll down the window “What!?” I yell making him jump. “Answer me!” He whines, crossing his arms over his chest. “Ugh” I groan “We’re seeing Finding Dory, no there won’t be any boys there and yes I’m spending the night. I’ll call if anything changes, okay?” I say all in one breath. “Alright…can I get a hug?” He looks at me and spreads his arms. “Bye Sammy” I roll my eyes and start backing out of the drive way.

“Bye, love you!” He yells as I flip him off and drive away towards Nate’s house. Okay, so I’m not going to the movies with Lox, alright? I’m going to my boyfriend Nate’s house. Nate and Sammy have been friends since high school and he’d kill both of us he found out we’ve been dating…for about 8 months. Sammy doesn’t want me dating anyone in general, let alone his best friend.

I pull up in my usual parking spot, which is around the corner in case one of the boys come and I can leave or hide or something. The only person who knows about Nate and I’s relationship is Mahogany, she helps us cover up if there’s ever any suspicion. I know that’s really bad but we can’t really trust anyone with keeping secrets in our group of friends.

I get out of my car, walking through the apartment complex and up to Nate’s apartment where he was waiting for me outside. He sees me coming up the stairs and smiles, meeting me halfway. “Hey baby” He smiles wrapping his arms around my shoulders. “Hey” I smile, taking in his embrace. “I missed you” He grins, kissing my forehead. “Nate…it’s only been a day” I laugh, cupping his face before kissing him softly. “C'mon, let’s get inside” He says looking around before he grabs my hand and we run up the stairs, into the apartment.

Some time later.

Nate and I ordered pizza, we were watching a movie, and eating, when a sex scene came on. Needless to say…it got the both of us a little hot and bother. I decided on make the first move, I rest my hand on Nate’s lap, rubbing his thigh. He looks at me for a second, smirking before he cups my face and brings his lips towards mine. I straddle his lap, taking off my shirt and bringing his face closer to mine, his face rests in my hand comfortably.

“You’re so beautiful” He says, quietly, his eyes looking over my face, looking at every detail of it. “It’s for you” I whisper, examining his face as he did mine. His face is so extraordinary, he’s so beautiful. I lean in, my lips brushing his ears and he brings his hands to my face and I whisper in his ear; “It’s all for you” I bring myself face to face with him again and connect our lips in a passionate, intense kiss.

He’s kissing on my chest, caressing my body, and every part of my body he feels tingles at his touch. I grind my hips on his, both of us breathing heavily, panting and moaning and sweating. It was so…sexy.  "Fuck, you’re so-“ Nate begins, but we soon get cut off by the door swinging open.

"WHAT. THE. FUCK.” Sammy barges through the door, his face red and his fists clenched. Nate and I jump apart as Mahogany runs up behind Sam, panting and screaming “STOP! DON’T!”. The room goes silent, all you can hear is Sammy’s heavy breathing.

“S-Sammy…what are you doing here?” I squeak out, slowly getting off the bed.

“W-WHAT AM I DOING HERE? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” He screams, getting closer as I back away. Nate runs in front of me, pushing Sammy away. “Get away from her!” Nate yelled as Sammy stumbled back. “Who the fuck do you think you are?! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE MY BEST FRIEND?!” Sammy screams in Nate’s face, he pushes Sammy again. “Get the fuck out of my face!” Nate yells as he cracks his knuckles, as if he’s ready to fight my brother.

“HEY!” I scream, getting in between the two, and pushing them away from each other. “And you!” Sammy says, disgusted “How many of my friends have you dated?! How long has this been going on? Are you just gonna fuck all of my friends!? Why do you always have to act like a slut!?” Sammy yells in my face. “Okay…that hurt…” I whisper, looking down at my feet as I tried not to cry. “What the hell is your problem?!” Mahogany yells at Sammy, coming up, and hugging me. “Are you fucking kidding me?!” Nate screams, pushing Sammy to the floor.

“That’s your fucking sister, that’s my girlfriend!” Nate looks down at him, disgusted. Nate walks up to me, wrapping his arms around me. “Sammy, we’ve been dating for 8 months…We haven’t even had sex yet…I would never use your sister like that…I love her.” Nate kisses my cheek, wiping the few tears from my eyes as Sammy gets up. “Really? 8 months? A-and you didn’t tell me…?” Sammy asks softly, walking up to Nate, and I. “Because I knew that this is how you would act…” I say, looking up at him “I-I didn’t know you were gonna call me a slut…but I knew you’d get angry…” I whispered, walking up to him.

“I-I’m sorry, Y/N…I can’t believed I called you that…” He says, coming up, wrapping his arms around me, and suffocating me. “S-Sammy, I can’t breathe…I have asthma.” I yell, trying to pry myself from his grip. “I love you, lil sis.” He says, letting me go. “And I’m…I’m okay with you guys dating…I guess” Sammy smiles, as I squeal in excitement, hugging Nate.

“Awww, this is such a cute moment!” Lox smiles, clapping her hands together excitedly. Nate smiles, wrapping his arms around me, and kissing my forehead.

“I love you, Y/N” He smiles.

“I love you too, Nate.”

Busted || John'Swazz'Swift Imagine!

Requested;One where the guys don’t know she and John have been dating for 5 mnth (cuz they ship it) until they think their home alone and get it on and she’s loud as fuck and they both walk out the room and the guys are like ‘busted/I knew it/finally👌’??

“Baeee” Sam dragged out, trying to snake his arms around my waist as I entered his,skates and johns apartment.

“Samuel stop” I use his full name knowing he hated it, trying to push him away.

“Awh babe, why you gotta be like that ” he groaned, this time pulling himself away.

“Ha bitch” I laughed walking away from him and his over-confident self.

“Rude ass hoe” he spoke before following me into living room, where my boyfriend and skate were sat.

“Hey assholes” I said joining the seat next to skate, the only one empty after sam had taken the one by John.

It was silent as we watched John vs skate on the Fifa, before skates phone dinged. He smiled before standing up and speaking to Sammy.

“Come on Sam, we gotta go studio” he smirked at Sam, okay then.

“Oh okay, you two gonna be alright together” I nodded slowly, glancing johns way.

“Ye were good man” John spoke up for me before nodding his head up, sending a quick wink my way.

“Okay, we’ll be like two hours maybe"Skate grabbed his all white back pack before walking out of the main room with Sam following behind him.
Me and John waited until we heard the front door slam before moving near each other on the couch.

I sat crossed legs facing him as he turned the game off, putting on a film from Netflix. Once he was done he turned to face me,his right arm rested on the head rest as we stared at each other.

“Hey” he spoke, making me giggle.

“Hey” I whispered biting my lower lip, this always turned him on. And I was in need of some yano.

“God i missed you” he smiled, before moving our lips closer, but not close enough.

“You saw me two days ago” he scoffed before smiling again, fulfilling the distance between our mouths.

“Two days to long” he said pulling away, he grabbed my hand softly pulling me up with him. I followed him to his room, and continued to make up. Until one thing lead to another.


Me and John had been dating for four months, secretly. It had been my decision because I had been friends with Sammy and Nate since we were young as our parents were great friends, but this meant that the pair were over protective of me and did background checks on every boy I dated, which was a few, the rest had been scared away by the pair.  

But what they didn’t know couldn’t hurt them right?

I had met John or Swazz as the boys and everyone else calls him, I prefer John to be honest, through Nate who had introduced us at one of their basket ball matches. I wasn’t hooked from day one. I actually thought he was stuck up and didn’t like him for about three years, but then when he moved in with Nate&Sam he changed?

He was cute, nice and sweet. He told me I was beautiful when I walked into the room and treated me like a queen. And I fell.


A slam from down stairs knocked me out of the pleasure I was feeling. Wait. Two hours. No. Oh shit.

“John” “stop” I spoke quickly and quietly, praying the boys hadn’t heard us.

“What” he stopped moving looking down at me. When another bang came from down stairs followed by a bunch of laughter.

“That” I rushed my eyes widening.

He pulled himself up and out of his position, rushing to grab his clothes, muttering curse words. I copied his actions but much slowly, shocked at our situation, this had never happened.

I pulled my hair into a quick pony before opening johns window, making his bed and leaving his room with him behind. As I did I walked into a built body, I looked up to see my bestfriend, Sam behind him.

“Busted” John whispered.


Snapchat AU: Nate Maloley (OGOC) (not requested) You’re dating Nate Maloley and he puts you on Snapchat.

(enjoy! The girl I used is tia valentine)

Nate Maloley - Little one

Request:  Can you do an imagine for a black girl where Nate gets her pregnant and he’s really excited and he tells everyone and he goes and buys all this baby stuff


Me and Nate had been together for four years, a year ago he even asked me to marry him and of course I said yes. Also we weren’t planning on getting married yet, but a few months ago we started to work on our baby project. We talked about it a lot and decided to try, but we didn’t succeeded yet. Until now.

My period was late and I bought a test yesterday which turned out to be positive, but I wanted to make sure that I’m 100% pregnant, so today I went to my doctor who told me that the test was right and I was two weeks pregnant. I rushed home and texted Nate on my way to come home from the studio because I had big news for him.

He got home a few minutes after me, he looked like he just run the marathon and when he saw me he rushed to me immediately.

“What’s wrong baby, is everything alright?” he asked worrying and checking if I was okay. I smiled and nodded happily.

“Yes, everything is more than alright” I smiled at him widely.

“Then why did I have to rush home?” he asked finally able to breath.

“Nate, I’m pregnant.”

I waited for him to respond, but his face went completely blank. I started to feel worried that maybe he changed his mind about the baby. But then suddenly he picked me up from the ground and spun me around with a wide smile on his face.

“I’m going to be a dad?” he asked still not believing it.

“Yes!” I laughed as he put me down finally. “I bought a test yesterday and it was positive, but I wanted to be sure, so I went to my doctor today and he confirmed it” I spluttered happily.

“Oh my God, it’s the best day of my life! Can I tell the guys?” he asked with bright eyes.

“Yes, of course” I grinned at him. He turned away to get his phone, but then he turned back to me and pulled me close to him and kissed me slowly and gently. In that kiss I could feel everything, his happiness, his eagerness and all his love.

He immediately told everyone the news, that we were going to be parents and everyone was so happy for us. Nate was super hyped about the whole baby situation. He kissed my stomach every time he had a chance. Every night before we went to sleep he talked to the baby and because we didn’t know the gender yet he called the baby ‘little one’. He dragged about how he loved us and what the baby would look like.

“If it’s a boy, he will be handsome like you” I smirked at him while he was caressing my now growing stomach.

“And if it’s a girl, she will be beautiful just like her mother” he said rather to my stomach than me. I loved when he was talking to the baby. “Either way, our baby will have your beautiful skin that I love so much” he said kissing my belly.

When we started dating a lot of fangirls hated on me because of my race but Nate stood by my side every time I got bullied because of the colour of my skin. He loved me for who I was and when his fans saw how happy he was with me they started to accept us as a couple.

A few days later we found out that it’s going to be a girl and Nate dragged me to a store immediately to shop for her.

“Baby, we still have time to get everything, we don’t have to do this right now” I said as we walked into the shop where they had every kind of baby things. My stomach was now definitely visible and Nate made sure that every one knew about my pregnancy in the world. He posted a lot of photos of me every day.

“But I’m so excited, I want to buy a bunch of things now!”

No one could have stopped  Nate, and we ended up buying like half of the shop. We bought the cutest crib and other furniture, cute little clothes and everything was pink or white.

Her room was ready by the time we hit the eighth month.

“Tell me what you are doing baby” Nate told me as he was filming me while I was packing all the clothes we bought lately.

“I’m putting our little one’s new clothes to the drawers” I answered smiling. My belly was huge, I had difficulties sometimes with getting up from the bed or things like that, but Nate was mostly always right by my side helping me with everything.

“And how are my princesses?” he asked stepping closer still recording.

“We are a little bit hungry” I pouted my lips looking at him with puppy eyes.

“What do you desire, my love?”

He always went to the store for my first word. If I wanted icecream, I got icecream. If I wanted a sub, he got it for me. He was the best.

“What about some French fries?” I asked smiling.

“We are getting some French fries then!” He put his phone away and pulled me to him which wasn’t so easy because of my belly, but we solved the problem.

“You feeling good baby?” he asked kissing the top of my head.


“ I love you.”

“I love you too, Nate. Now give me those damn French fries!”  

Inked up... Part 5

Inked Up… 5

I raced home, urging the taxi driver to push the speed limit, getting home at a crazy speed. I quickly paid the man, before stumbling up the stairs to Sammy’s apartment. My hands shake as I tried to put my borrowed key in, I missed a couple of times, after all it’s hard to see with blurry eyes. But I held in the tears finally jamming the damn key into the hole and twisting unlocking the door. After pushing it open with my shoulder, I ripped out my key slamming the door shut and leaning against it. Banging my head lightly, and pushing my hands through my hair before the tears came. They were warm and salty as the sobs wracked my body and I slid down the door, I pulled my knees up sobbing harder into them. I cried until I couldn’t anymore, just sitting there on the cold hard ground with nothing but my breaking heart. After what felt like hours, did I finally push myself up, wiping at my face, and stumbling to my room.

I throw off my shoes, and the t-shirt dress I’d been wearing, pulling on a comfy man t-shirt leaving the thigh socks on. I took off my bra as well before taking out the Bobbie pins in my hair. I sit down in front of the floor length mirror, taking out make up remover wipes needing to remove the dark raccoon circles that were now surrounding my eyes. Allowing my face to breath and for me to become comfortable in my skin. I was starting to wipe off the lipstick when I hear the front door being slammed and my name being called. But I didn’t feel like answering him. deciding instead to continue with what I’m doing I continue to wipe off the rest of my makeup, I’ve just thrown the last used towelette when sammy slams my door open glaring at me before leaning up against the doorframe.

“Why’d you leave?” He asks.

“I couldn’t handle all the noise in the club, so I left” I whisper.

I’m still not looking at him, just seeing his face in the mirror. Although he meets my eyes I quickly look away, while putting my hair up in a top messy bun, grabbing my phone to see a text from Nate.

Nate: hope you made it home safe, we need to catch up, lunch date tomorrow?

I sigh biting my lip while trying to think. Often at my recent lunch dates things never really went the way they were planned. But I had missed Nate. Just as I was going to reply my phone was snatched out of my hands.

“Sammy give it back” I whine glaring at his feet.

“Why the fuck is Nate asking for a lunch date?” Sammy asks instead ignoring my pleas.

“Um I don’t know, maybe because we haven’t hung out in forever?” I ask sarcastically arching an eyebrow as I finally look at him.

Just to se his thumbs moving against my phone, he’s smirking as he does this causing my anxiety to spike as I lunge for my phone. I end up tackling sammy to the floor while reaching over his head to grab at my phone, until my hips are being grabbed, shocking me still. I can feel my body stop, the warmth of his hands sweeping through the thin t-shirt as I’m now straddling him while I hover above his face. His eyes are sparkling while I feel like running away, again. But his hands are gripping my hips so that I can’t really move, so I do what I can, and sit atop him instead hovering just above his lips. Swallowing thickly and looking away from those piercing blue eyes.

“Hey.. Y/n, look at me please.” He whispers.

I bite my lip ignoring him, looking at the wall art in his hallway, or the doorway that leads to the kitchen, anything to avoid his gaze.

“Look at me.” He growls.

But contrary to his tone of voice, when he grips my chin, he’s gentle even caressing it a little with his thumb, before I look at him. He’s still holding my chin and running his thumb over it, though it goes up and starts rubbing against my bottom lip.

“Have I ever told you how hot it is when you bite down on your bottom lip?” He asks quietly.

“No I can’t say you have” I whisper, licking my lips, and accidentally his thumb.

His eyes darken considerably as he looks at me. He bites down on his own bottom lip, while I can feel a stirring down stairs. For the both of us.

His other hand is still on my hip, though it glides up and down from my bare thigh to my hip, slowly pulling up my shirt until his hands are tracing my tattoo. I close my eyes enjoying the sensation when he slowly starts to rock his hips. I bite down on my lip now, slowly moving my hips with his before quickly pushing down a little harder to feel him up against myself. Moaning slightly as he’s getting harder the friction at my most intimate spot. The hand that was caressing my bottom lip moves to the back of my neck as he pulls me down and slams his lips hard against mine. Before he pulls away a little brushing them slightly, he nibbles on my bottom lip, our hips are still rocking, slightly more. Tired of his teasing, I pull him closer, sucking on his bottom lip before his tongue tangles with mine eliciting another moan from me. Sammy groans, before rolling us so that I’m underneath him, his hips still keeping the tortuous slow rock of his hips. He kisses my bottom lip, before leaving wet kisses against my jaw then the underside of my jaw to my neck, I arch my back into him tugging on his hair.

“Fuck, sammy” I whisper as he starts to suck against my neck.

He smirks into my skin when he’s done moving up to kiss me again when my phone goes off. Distracting me, as I start to remember that sammy had my phone, but sammy is more distracting as his tongue licks against my burning skin. I start to get lost in it when my phone goes off again.

“Sammy” I whimper.

“What is it babygirl?” He asks hotly against my skin.

But instead of needing to answer, my phone goes off yet again. Causing both of us to groan, before we stop moving, just breathing hard while sammy pulls my phone towards us. He hands it to me sitting us up so that he’s resting against the wall while I lean my chest against him. Before turning in his lap and looking at my phone.

Nate: y/n?

Me: sorry I can’t go on a lunch date with you tomorrow. Or ever. I don’t want any dates with you.

Nate: sammy boy how are you.
Nate: that was sammy right?
Nate: the fuck is going on?!

I glare reading the message I apparently sent. Turning I’m angry.

“Sammy you can’t jus-”

He cuts me off kissing me hard swallowing my next coming words. His thumbs massage the back of my neck as I lean into him and his kiss. Before he pulls away too soon in my opinion smiling. I whimper a little as his lips leave mine and pouting.

“What was that babe?” He asks laughter clear in his voice.

For a moment I’m confused by what he’s saying, his lips have jumbled my train of thought, before it comes back to me.

“You can’t say stuff like that to na-”

He kisses me again laughing as I sigh and whimper.

“What was that baby?” He asks again smirking down at me.

“Forget it.” I groan rolling my eyes getting up off his lap, swaying towards my room when he grabs my ankle.

He looks up at me, rubbing my ankle before standing up slowly, his hand moving up my leg before resting against my ass as his chest brushes up against mine as our breathing deepened. Instead of leaning down to kiss me as I hoped, he kisses my forehead.

“Goodnight baby girl” he whispers, before walking to his room after sending a wink my way.

I blush whispering back goodnight, before slipping into my room and closing the door, breathing heavy while sliding down my door grinning.

Sammy kissed me.

~ ~ ~

I’d been sleeping peacefully, when I could feel something warm and damp brush up against my eyelids. Before it was brushing up against my whole entire face leaving me in giggles as I opened my eyes. A shirtless sammy was what I saw first and his cheeky smile.

“Sammy what even?” I ask giggling.

“Well y/n. I thought I’d wake you up with kisses and breakfast in bed”

I smile clapping before sitting up, he kisses me against the corner of my heart causing my heart to race hard, while he just smiles seeing my blush, before turning to grab the breakfast tray he had set up on the nightstand. My eyes grew large as I saw that he had made me eggs, pancakes, bacon, and strawberries with whip cream.

“Oh my gosh this looks delicious sammy” I smile. Kissing his cheek.

“Not as delicious as you” he mumbles, so low that I’m not sure if I heard right.

Either way I’m blushing as I pour syrup on the pancakes while Sammy gets the ketchup for the eggs. I smile feeding him a bite of pancake while he gives me a bite of Eve and some bacon. We finish breakfast like this sharif and feeding each other before swallowing it all down with orange juice. Sammy places the trey back when we’re done, before getting back in bed and pulling me to his side.

“So is our lazy day today?” He asks rubbing my arm.

“Mmm we can have a lazy morning.” I say already getting sleepy resting my head in the curve of his neck.

“Why not the rest of the day?”

“Mm because I have a lunch date with Nate, and you’re picking me up and you guys will hangout while I figure out how my apartment is going. I mean I’m sure they’re done with renovations by now right?” I ask.

Sammy has stopped rubbing my arm, and when I look up at him he’s frowning.

“What is it Sammy?” I ask moving to smooth out the wrinkle between his eyes.

“Nothing, just thought you might want to hang out with me instead of Nate.”

“I do sammy, but I mean I haven’t seen the kid in a minute.” I say soothing

“You saw him last night” he says countering what I say.

“Yeah but we didn’t talk and catch up, come on you can even pick me up kinda early” I say.


“I promise” I laugh snuggling back into his arms.

“Oh one more thing” he says.


“What was the name of the people doing your renovation?”

“Blue man or something” I say.

He must’ve nodded before kissing my lips softly and stroking my hair. I fall asleep with a smile on my face.

Unbeknownst to me sammy looked worried as he got his laptop typing away the look only worsening.

Hi babes it’s been awhile ha.. I hope you enjoyed this part 6 more will be coming soon/eventually 💕😩😘

New Kid Pt 4

Pj day: I walked into school and made my way to first period. I had my batman onzie and I curled my hair so it looked really cute. I opened the door and came into class placing my things down. I left and roamed the halls. I ran into sammy “Samuel!” I said interrupting him trying to pick up a girl from school. “Yesss?” He said giving me a annoyed look “where’s nate?” “He literally just left to class like 10 seconds ago” “okay continue, remember wear a condom don’t spread your aids” I said laughing hysterically while walking away. The bell rung and I made my way inside the classroom and sat down. I turned and Nate wasn’t there. “Okay class, presentation day any volunteers?” The teacher roamed the class looking for volunteers and picked me “my partner isn’t here though” “present for the both of you” he says smiling “bastard” I breathed “what?” “ I said, yay I’m excited” I grabbed our poster and placed it on the desk and waited for the class to stay silent. “Okay, hi. My project is about the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. What’s the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre?–” I’m cut off by a voice i recongzied as Nates “It was one of the deadliest days in chicago history. 7 mobsters gunned down. No prints, no witnesses and barley any usable evidence.” He came to the side of me and I smiled looking him up and down my eyes grew wider and so did my smile. He had on the exact same batman onzie as me. We continued our project. “And that my friends is the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, a sad tragedy but interesting event in Chicago History.” The classroom erupted in claps all around. I looked over to the teacher and he had a wide smile. “If you don’t mind me asking, why was this project such a interesting topic for you?” He asked “well sir, I’m from Chicago. I’m puerto rican but I was born and raised in chicago. So growing up I always had a fascination with Chicago History and Puerto Rican History so when I first learned about this I was so intrigued and wanted to fill my mind with as much information I could.” I said smiling “well we all know you got a A plus on this, good job” he said smiling “thank you” I smiled and took a seat. I turned to nate and gave him a high five. “Looking good loser.” I laughed “not so bad yourself” he chuckled. Lunch: I grab my food and head to my table, the same table I’ve sat at for 3 years in a row. Slowly the lunch room piles up and my girls eventually sit. “You know we have to take pictures right?” Lexi chuckles “how can I forget?, every year on spirit week we take pictures weather I like it or not” I laughed out loud. From the corner of my eyes I catch Nate and the boys grab their lunch “Heyyy, fuckboy” I yell to them and sammy turns back instantly “shut up” he laughs back “that wasn’t ment for you but I guess now it is” I laugh back and he flips me off. They each grab their food and make their way to my table. Everyone at the table looks over to them, “oh yeah I forgot to introduce you guys” I stand up “guys these are Nate, Sammy and Jack and Jack they are chill and yeah guys these are my friends” everyone introduces themselves while I casually eat my lunch. After a couple minutes I get goose bumps because I feel like someone’s watching me, I look up and see nate staring “you good?” I ask messing with my pizza on my tray “you know we gotta take pictures” he laughs “ugh not you too” I tease back. Half way through lunch me and my girls plus the boys sneak out and head up stairs, we make our way to the student union and take pictures. Twords the end Nate yanks me and we pose, we oddly enough have been getting along so much aside from the fact we met 1 month ago. After that the bell sounds and we make our way to class. After school: “I don’t wanna go home” I say throwing my hands at my side “come chill with us” johnson says “where, when?” “Obiously now and hmp the fair is going on we can go if your down.” “That sounds dope I’m down” “good then it’s a date” sammy says placing his arm around me “ew, I’d rather go on a date with anyone besides you ” I remove his hand “burn” gilinsky laughs. Making our way to the fair, nate informs the group 2 more people are gonna be joining us. We head in and wait by the ferris wheel, I slowly dift off into thought looking at it that I’m unaware that the 2 people that were joining us have arrived. “Y/N… Y/N!” “Hmpp?” I get pulled out my thoughts and turn to meet 2 attractive new faces “they are here” johnson says “I can see that” I sarcastically say back and the 2 guys laugh “Hi, I’m John but I go by Swazz” he extends his hand “Um, hi my names Y/N” I pull a strand of hair behind my ear and shake his hand. “That’s a pretty name” he says back still holding my hand “thanks, your pre– I mean your names pretty dope too” I chuckle back he let’s out a chuckle “okay, I guess I don’t have to introduce myself” the second guy says “oh, I’m sorry” I say taking my hand back and turn to the unidentified guy “hi my names.. you know my name already why repeat” I extend my hand once again and he laughs “Hi, my names Dillion but people usually call me Rupp” he shakes back “dude I dig your name” I say laughing “okay can you guys stop flirting” nate cuts us off with the most serious face. I instantly fall silent and stare at my feet. We start walking and my shoe lace comes loose. The boys walk ahead and before I know it they are way out in front “Nate!” I yell and he turns “wait” I signal. I look down and tie my shoes and when I look up they aren’t there. Great. I wander the festival looking for the boys but find no sight of them. I call Nates phone but no answer. After a while I bump into swazz “Y/n, where were you I was looking for you” he says reaching for my hand “oh, I was tying my shoes and told nate to wait but he didn’t, I’ve literally been wandering alone for 15 minutes. My feet hurt I think i'mma head out.” I was lowkey upset but I didn’t want John to see and tell nate. I don’t know what Nates issue was but he didn’t have to leave me to wander alone with a bunch of horny teenage boys. “No, don’t go please.” John says grabbing my arm “nah I have to, my feet really hurt” “are you sure?” “yeah, I’m sorry I just wanna go home” I say staring at my feet “here take my number let’s text” he says grabbing my phone from my hand. He puts his number and we hug goodbye. I watch him walk away and head to my car. Later That Night: I was texting swazz and he was telling me everything that I was missing, turns out gilinsky threw up after getting on a roller coster with johnson John “Swazz” 😌: gilinsky won’t stop vomiting it’s making me sick 😂

Me: ohmygod #PrayForGilinsky 🙏 💀💀

John “Swazz” 😌: LMFAO dude his gags are so ugly.

Me: gags aren’t supposed to be cute you know that right? 😂

John “Swazz” 😌: have you seen gilinsky? With a face and body like that you’d think his gags would sound beautiful 💀💀

Me: Ohmygod John shut up 😂😂

John “Swazz” 😌: nate just asked about you.

Me: oh really? Cool.

John “Swazz” 😌: you don’t wanna know what he said?

Me: if you wanna tell me go for it dude no one’s stopping you.

John “Swazz” 😌: he wants to know if your mad at him.

Me: yes.

John “Swazz” 😌: why? ~ nate

Me: I’m sorry but the person you are trying to reach is currently unavailable please don’t leave your name or your number and she will not get back to you as soon as possible.

John “Swazz” 😌: don’t be like that. Why are you mad? ~ nate

Me: I don’t have to explain nathan. You know why. I'mma head to bed tell swazz I said goodnight and I’ll text him tomorrow , thanks.

John “Swazz” 😌: Y/N talk to me please.

Me: Seen ✅