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The Wedding Job

I love season one of Leverage so much because while we’re slowly building on Nate and Sophie’s backstory through bits of conversation we’re also starting out on the journey that is Parker and Hardison (and also Parker and Hardison and Eliot).

The Wedding Job (S1E07) is one of my favorite Leverage episodes is terms of Nate and Sophie because we get more than a little from Sophie in this episode in terms of how she feels and has felt about Nate for possibly ten to eight years (give or take). 

Toward the beginning of the episode is perhaps one of my favorite lines of dialogue from Leverage, when Sophie is talking about their potential client and how she’s having to wait for her husband to be freed from jail while not so subtly implying how she’s felt about having to wait in regards to the relationship she wants with Nate. You can tell her speech hits the mark by the look on his face and ends up staying with them throughout the remainder of the episode.

One of the reasons I love Nate and Sophie so much are because they aren’t a will they/won’t they couple, they’re an eventuality. You know it’s going to happen from their first scene in The Nigerian Job (S1E01). 

Nate’s speech later on in the episode when he’s playing the vicar calls back somewhat to his conversation with Sophie in The Miracle Job (S1E04) when she tells him that what happens next is up to him. 

“And some people should consider that other people, you know, they don’t, uh, maybe they need a little time, you know, before they start dating some people again and-and-and start committing and…”

We already know that Sam has been gone for a little over two years at this point in time, but what we don’t know is how long Nate and Maggie lasted afterward. We meet Nate when he’s still attempting to drown his problems instead of picking up the broken pieces, which is why I think it makes his speeches to Sophie in season one all the more special because he’s still wounded but it’s so clear that he has strong, dominating feelings for her.

And I’m 100% sure that the tears in Sophie’s eyes during his speech cement the fact that she has the same overwhelming feelings for him.

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Prompt:  Could you write a Carter Baizen where him and the reader had a past and when he returns and she is surprised and he tried to get with her buts she’s with Nate so he tries to make her jealous because he can see she still had feelings for him.

Word Count: 1365


Authors Note: I really enjoy writing stuff with Carter lol

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Post-finale headcanon

Sophie and Eliot call each other at least once a week. Mostly it’s to complain about the others. Because suddenly Sophie finds herself alone with Nate without the team and the job to act as a buffer when he’s being especially Nate-ish, so she calls Eliot all “REMIND ME WHY I SHOULDN’T JUST SMOTHER HIM IN HIS SLEEP” and Eliot is just: “I got nothin’, but call me if you need me to come smack him upside the head or hey, help you dump the body.” “You’re a dear, but seriously, he’s so bored without revenge he needs a new hobby Eliot there’s only so much sex I can have with the man.” “Damnit Sophie, swear to god I am hanging up this time, I’m not listening to you talk about your sex life again.” And then other times he calls her to vent because Parker is turning into a damn good mastermind but she’s still Parker and that means her plans involve even more explosions and spontaneous leaps off of buildings then before, and things get thrown at Eliot’s head far more often than he would like and she doesn’t always rein Hardison in when she really should and it’s not like the team didn’t scrape through by the skin of their teeth more often than not back before they split up but these days it’s like he feels it more. Maybe Nate and Sophie were a buffer for them, too, spreading the risk and the responsibility around but now they’re down to three, just Eliot and these two thieves he needs more than anyone he’s ever met. And sometimes he can’t tell what he wants more - to hug them or strangle them or lock ‘em up where they’ll be safe or turn 'em loose on the world because it’s just such a glorious damn sight to see. And sometimes he just needs to talk to someone who gets it, without him actually having to say any of that. So he calls Sophie and says things like “well Parker blew up a building while we were still in it and set my damn hair on fire, have to grow back an eyebrow now” and “Hardison didn’t duck fast enough and got himself a concussion and he’s being the biggest damn baby about it” and “if Hardison goes off script one more time I’m gonna kill him Sophie he cannot pull off a Kiwi accent Sophie it’s painful he’s gonna blow the whole con” and “Parker’s twice as crazy as Nate ever was and ten times creepier and how am I supposed to deal with that Sophie, huh?” And what Sophie hears is: what if I can’t keep them safe what then. And she just listens and tells him he can’t change who they are and she knows he wouldn’t even want that and btw she can recommend an excellent hot oil treatment that works wonders on split ends. “They’re not split Sophie they are literally singed I still smell like C4 it’s a very distinctive smell.” And he keeps grumbling for another ten minutes but he feels better just getting it off his chest. And then there are the times Sophie has her own little freak-outs about this whole retiring business and Eliot is the one she calls because he once said she couldn’t do it and what if he’s right and she just can’t because she’s rubbish at everything but crime and she can’t talk to Nate about it because he’s actually happy and what if she ruins everything Eliot help me I can’t be normal I’m the least normal person I know. And Eliot just shrugs and says: “So maybe you can’t, you give it a shot, it don’t work out, what then?” “I don’t know. We can’t just go back.” “Well not both of you. Team don’t need two masterminds. But we can always use a grifter so if you need to, sweetheart, you come on home. Cause home is where, when you show up, they always take you in. Hell, you can save us from Hardison acting like a damn - you know what he’s like, the guy can’t help himself. You know what he put on the menu last week?” And he just pretends not to notice Sophie sniffling and keeps talking about the brewpub and complains about Hardison until she’s laughing again and he’s not sure if he even helped that much but he figures Sophie doesn’t need him to fix things, just a little reassurance, to know there’s an exit strategy if things don’t work out, even though she’ll never need it because for all the complaining, she’s happy, too. They all are. And that’s why Sophie and Eliot call each other.

How do we know the Bible is true?

A friend recently asked about reasons as to how we know the Bible is true. One of the things that has been the absolute most helpful to me, and has stuck with me for years, is what I learned in my elementary Awana books. So I thought I’d share it with y'all :)

- We know the Bible is true because the Bible is God’s Word (John 17:17b)

The sited verse simply states, “Your Word is truth.” The Bible does not simply contain truth, it IS truth. It is the foundation on which all reason and morality rests. It is God who defines truth and it is to God that all supposed truths must be compared.

- We know the Bible is true because God says His Word is pure. (Proverbs 30:5-6)

God is incapable of flaw, fault, or error. Therefore His Word also is pure and true. We can believe what He says and know that 100% of the time it is 100% accurate.

- We know the Bible is true because people witnessed the events of the Bible (2 Peter 1:16)

There are COUNTLESS eyewitness accounts of the events of the Bible, many of which are recorded. It is important to note that Jesus is not one for subtlety. He appeared to MULTITUDES. Everywhere He went, crowds followed. Tens of thousands of people witnessed miracles and heard His teachings. His very crucifixion was in front of a great audience. Even after He rose from the dead, Jesus appeared to many so that there would be no doubt that these wonders actually occurred.

- We know the Bible is true because the Bible is historically correct. (1 John 1:1)

The Bible is the most authenticated ancient text we have. What does that mean? It means that the manuscripts have been checked a staggering amount of times against every other historical text we have. The greatest historians of ancient times (Josephus, Socrates, Herodotus, Julius Caesar, ect.) have been authenticated a pitiful amount in contrast to the hundreds upon thousands of times the Bible has been verified. It has gone through the most rigorous test of validity and it never once contradicts either itself or outside sources. Additionally, archeology is a huge advocate for the Bible! One of my favorites is that of Jericho. The manner in which the walls fell, how it matches the otherwise unlikely description in the Bible, the section of wall that was Rahab’s house that remained unharmed. It’s one of my absolute favorite historical discoveries, and there are many more! History always supports the Bible.

- We know the Bible is true because God used at least 40 men to write the Bible and yet it all fits together. (Luke 1:1-2)

Forty men, most of whom never met. They came from all different cultures and walks of life - from kings to shepherds, from prophets to tent makers, and so many more. They spoke different languages, lived on different continents, but yet the Bible fits together in perfect coherency without any errors or contradictions. Have you ever tried working on a group project with a handful of others? It can be quite the endeavor to make everyone agree and work together effectively. Most of these men couldn’t talk to each other, most of them lived centuries apart. The continuity of the Bible shows that it is from God alone.

- We know the Bible is true because the Bible was written over a time period of 1500 years and yet it all fits together. (2 Peter 1:21)

I’m going to say that again. ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED YEARS. Compare this to the Quaran or the Book of Mormon or any other so-called “holy” book. Most all of them were written by one man, over a comparably short period of time, with the writer as the sole witnesses to this “divine revelation”. Not so with the Bible. The enormous time span, the diversity among the people who wrote it, the flawlessness of the Bible, can leave only one conclusion: this is the Word of the One True God.

- We know the Bible is true because events that were prophesied really happened. (Deuteronomy 18:22)

It’s not just the hundreds of prophesies that came to pass, it is the staggering detail in which they did. Take Jesus’ birth for example. First of all, it was said that a virgin would conceive. Please take a moment to think about how insane that alone sounds. It can’t physically be possible. So that right there points to the supernatural power of God. It was also told that Christ would come out of Bethlehem, which was a town pretty low down on the list of esteemed cities. Bethlehem was not something to be proud of. This was where their king of glory was supposed to hail from? It was ridiculous. And those are just two examples. The list continues on and on. And seeing as we humans can’t accurately predict the weather half the time, that’s a pretty downright incredible thing, to say the least.

- We know the Bible is true because the Bible changes people’s lives. (Acts 16:29-31)

This is, perhaps, the most vivid representation of the power of Christ. I don’t know how to summarize the effect that He has on people. Just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the stories of Nate Saint, Corrie Ten-Boom, Joni Erickson-Tada, and the thousands of others that faced the greatest trials with JOY because of Christ. The Bible itself contains the most incredible accounts. Paul, who killed Christians by the hundreds, BECAME one himself. David killed a giant with a single pebble. An impenetrable fortress came down by people walking in circles and blowing trumpets. A girl became queen to save her and her people from annihilation. The love of God does the most indescribable things. It gives strength and peace against all odds. This love that saves us from sin and the punishment in Hell that we all deserve. This love that sets us free. God is so much more astounding in glory than we could ever imagine.

Nick Valentine X Mia, my (first) sole survivor. So I was on the middle of writing this fic when I saw someone post this prompt. Well, I decided it was the perfect way to go with it. In a way. 


 Sole Survivor x Nick Valentine, mid-main quest (after finding Kellogg), a few days after finishing Nick’s personal quest. So, some spoilers I guess. I know @zombies-apocalypse wanted to see any NickxMia fics I post so, here. ;P 


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Wedding Series: Night Before the Wedding

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    “You okay?” Swazz asked, hopping over the fence and taking a seat next to Nate. He had been sitting outside for thirty minutes now, just staring out into space. Nate looked at John for a second and then back out into space. “You’re not getting cold feet are ya?” Swazz said in a joking way. 

“Nah man I’m just thinking,” Nate mumbled, “I did get cold feet once.” John’s eyes widened in surpise at Nate’s confession. He clearly wasn’t expecting Nate to say that. Nate laughed at the reaction he had gotten from Swazz. “But yeah, I’m not having cold feet.” How could he not get cold feet a some point. A few years ago Nate wasn’t the type to settle down with one woman. He loved women there was no doubt about that. Being a bachelor had its perks, but when he had met you something changed. Now he was on his way to getting married. 

“Well when you’re done being all philosophical out here come inside I got something for you,” John chuckled, patting Nate on the shoulder before getting up. Nate smiled at his words and looked back up at the stars for a moment. He was so scared for tomorrow, but knew you probably were too. You both were going through this together so it put Nate’s mind at ease. A sigh left his lips as he stood up, whatever it was Swazz had planned better be good. He needed all the sleep he could get tonight. “What’s this?” Nate asked with furrowed eyebrows, looking at the group of guys that somehow appeared in his home. They must have shown up when he was outside. 

“We just have some presents for you…think of it as a pre-wedding gift,” Johnson explained. The rest of the guys snickered making Nate even more curious to what was in the boxes. Knowing the guys this had to be something more for him to use rather than you. Now that he was thinking about it, he couldn’t help but to wonder what you were doing.

     Nate wasn’t at all suppose to be here. He was suppose to stick with the cheesy tradition of not seeing your before the wedding. Coming to see you now was going to ruin that, but Nate was always the rebellious type. Besides it was his idea to stick to tradition so it wasn’t so bad that he was breaking it right now. For some reason you weren’t answering your phone, so Nate had to find a way to sneak into your best friend’s house and then sneak you out. Though it wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be.

He could spot you through the curtains of the patio window. From what it looked like you were alone which was the perfect opportunity to steal you away for a few. Nate lightly tapped on the window, the sounds catching your ear seconds later. Your eyes widened when you saw him peeking through the curtains. “What?” you mouthed out to him in confusion, looking behind you to see that your friends weren’t there. Nate told you to open the door as quietly as he could and you rolled your eyes while unlocking the patio door. “What are you doing here?” you hissed, moving back so that he could come in.

“I wanted to see you,” Nate said, giving you a quick kiss on the lips. 

“You couldn’t wait-” you glanced towards the clock then back at Nate. “Ten more hours?” you laughed, stumbling back as he pulled you in for a hug and another kiss. 

“Nope,” Nate chirped. He pulled away from you, heading to the bedroom door and peeking out for a second. “Let’s go somewhere,” he begged, “I’ll bring you back before the girls even notice you’re gone.” He pulled you back towards the patio door. 

“And where does the guys think you are?” you mumbled, quickly grabbing your shoes before he fully pulled you out the house. You reluctantly followed him out the back gate and towards his car. Once you were inside the car you slipped on your shoes then buckled up. 

“Well, the guys think I’m out buying some more drinks,” he replied, starting the car up. His right hand landed on your thigh, squeezing it once before placing it back on the steering wheel. You shook your head at his answer. The guys weren’t stupid and knew that he must have left out to see you. You sat back in your spot, not really sure where Nate was taking you. “Are you hungry?” he questioned, turning the corner until he was on a main street. You nodded at his question then reached into the back seat for his sweater. 

“Where are we going?” you asked, placing the sweater on. Nate took a few more turns before pulling into the parking lot of Pizza Hut. 

“We are going to the beach,” he told you. Your eyebrows rose in surprise and you sat back in your spot as he turned the ignition off. “I’ll be back,” he smiled, reaching into the pocket of the jacket you were wearing to grab his wallet. You laughed in amusement, of course he had something so out of the ordinary planned. He could never not see you, knowing that Nate was probably going to break his word to stick to tradition. 

You laid back against Nate’s chest, a slice of pizza in hand as you watched the ocean. It was nearing ten and so far you both ate half the pizza and just talked. “I’m stuffed,” you mumbled, tossing the crust into box. Nate nodded in agreement, hands rubbing up and down your arms in a soothing motion. Everything right now was so calming and you could feel yourself drifting off as he continued the action. It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep. Nate looked down at you with a smile and shook his head with a chuckle when he noticed you fell asleep. He kissed at your hairline, thumb brushing over your cheek.

“Goodnight Sunshine. I’ll see you at the alter,” he whispered. 

No more “All”s

{Hey guys. Okay so there are TEN Nates now and I’m sure there will be more but from now on, when I reblog a meme, no more symbol + ALL or whatever. No more “All”s, my hands CRAMP so bad, and since I’m in the middle of making aesthetics, the cramps in my hands are bad. So just though I’d put that out there.}

Breakup to Makeup Preference

Nate- “You are so annoying” Nate shouts at me. Normally, words don’t affect me, but when hurtful words come from Nate it hurts ten times more. I can feel my face getting red with anger because of what he just said.

“I’m annoying?” I could feel myself getting madder and madder. He nods at me and raises his eyebrows. “We can’t even have a conversation without you bringing up Sam, do you know how it feels to be second best to Sam?” I shout at him.

He shakes his head at me and mumbles something under his breath and leaves the room. After he leaves, I begin to cry. Tears fall onto the bed, creating a puddle.

Nate comes back upstairs for something, but notices me crying on the bed. He’s by my side in an instant apologizing and wiping away my tears.

“I’m so sorry sweetie, you know I didn’t mean it” he says, wiping away more tears with his shirtsleeves. I nod at him and wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug.

“I love you babe” he whispers into my ear. “I love you too” I mutter back.

Cameron- I wipe down the last counter, letting out an annoyed sigh. “What’s wrong babe?” Cameron asks, entering the kitchen.

“Nothing” I mumble. Cameron shrugs me off and enters the living room, turning on the tv. I walk upstairs and try to rest my head, but fail miserably. My mind is filled with doubt and negativity, so instead of sleeping I walk down the stairs and try to get Cameron to pay attention to me.

Within the first few minutes I realized that he wasn’t paying attention to me in the least bit. I let out a sigh for him to hear, but somehow he tunes me out.

“Cameron” I say, twirling my hair in my fingers. “Hm?” He asks, not looking away from the tv.

“Never mind” I shout, standing up. His face is painted with confusion, he obviously didn’t notice me trying to get his attention.

“You never pay attention to me anymore” I cry, surprising myself. I knew I was emotional, but I didn’t expect myself to cry.

Cameron’s eyes get big with confusion for a moment and finally realizes what I mean, “Oh babe, I’m so sorry” he says to me, opening his arms for me.

I shake my head at him and look away so that I can wipe away my tears. Cameron stands up and puts his arms around me, “I’m sorry babe, I was just really into this show” he admits while kissing my head.

I nod at him and wipe off my tears with his shirt, but Cameron doesn’t seem to mind.

After I’ve cleaned myself up he asks if I’m okay with a smile. I nod at him and throw him a smile, “okay good, now, do you want to watch this with me?” he asks, pointing towards the tv. I smile at him and lay down in his arms.

Gilinsky- I sing along to the song playing on the radio, mindlessly playing with my hair. “Why do you do that?” Jack asks curiously, pointing at my hair intertwined with my finger. I shrug at him and jokingly ask him why he cares.

Jack clearly does not see the humor because he exhales loudly and begins to tap his finger on his knee, that’s his little sign that he’s angry.

“What’s wrong?” I ask him. Jack shrugs me off and attempts to lie and say that ‘nothing is wrong.’ “When we first got together we promised ot always tell the truth, no matter what. What’s going on?” I say, causing him to look at me.

“I’m just in a bad mood, okay? Am I not allowed to be mad?” He shouts back. His words shoot through me like bullets, making me cry.

He looks my way and realizes that I’m crying. His face instantly softens at my tears, “I’m sorry babe, I didn’t mean to take my anger out on you” he admits.

I nod at him and say that it’s okay, but he keeps apologizing. He begins to tell me about how the fans were starting rumors about me again and he noticed it.

“I love you babe. Next time, just talk to me?” I ask, kissing his cheek.

“I love you too baby. I will” he says, putting his arm around me.

Nash- I stomp down the stairs, agitated at everything, but nothing in general. Nash stops me at the stairs and throws me a weird look, one I don’t quite recognize. “What’s the face for?” I ask him.

He shrugs his shoulders and asks “What’s the stomping for?” I shrug at him and laugh weakly.

“I do what I want” Nash says to me. I throw him a look of surprise and act as if he hurt me.

He raises his eyebrow at me and laughs. “I’m hurt” I fake, which only causes him to laugh more.

“Bring it on” I say to him, smiling. Nash runs at me, tackling me to the ground covering me with kisses.

“I’m angry!” I shout, once he’s done kissing me. “Well, I’m sorry baby. Don’t be mad at me anymore, I love you too much” he says, batting his eyelashes at me sarcastically.

I kiss his nose and begin to tickle him, attempting to get him off of me, but failing.

“Why ya gotta be so rude?” he sings to me, laughing.

“I love you” I whisper to him.

“I love you too Y/N” he says before continuing his singing.

Nate Maloley morning blurb

Strings of sunlights escaped from the curtains woke you up, as you sat up in the not-unfamiliar bed as you stretched out you noticed Nate standing in the doorframe staring you down.
“Good morning, lil mama” he’s raspy morning voice told you that he just woke up. “come back to bed, Natee” you dragged out, before you could even start thinking about something else he attacked the bed and hovered you while kissing your neck, “I could get use to waking up to this” you giggled while Nate were completely mesmerized by the look of you in his own bed.
Sorry for my bad writing, I just had major Nate feels at ten pm🙈

He Gets Turned On When... (Preference)

he gets turned on when you… enjoy (;


Cameron: You sway your hips. You walked out of the bedroom and into the dining room where Cam was sat, scrolling through twitter on his phone. Without a word, you grabbed his hand and attempted to stand him to his feet. “Do you need something, baby?” Instead of answering him, you walked away from him, making sure to move your hips seductively to catch his attention. After you took a few more daring steps, you turned your head and smiled innocently over at him, noticing his dropped jaw as he stared at your hips. Once more, you wiggled your hips and held out your hand, causing his eyes to flicker up at your awaiting, outstretched arm. “C’mon, Cam. Follow me.” Wordlessly, he raced over to you and placed his hands on both of your hips, eagerly leading you to the bedroom.

Taylor: You get angry. You walked into the house and threw your car keys down to the ground, angrily stepping out of your uncomfortable heels. Taylor walked up from the basement and raised an eyebrow at you. “Glad you’re home, y/n! Where did you go?” You stared at him in complete anger and threw your arms up dramatically. “I was waiting for you to remember our fucking date and show up! I was waiting for two fucking hours, Taylor!” He frowned, his entire face falling as he remembered. “Shit, baby, I’m so sorry… I can’t believe I didn’t remember our date!” You shook your head and pushed him into the wall, glaring up at him. “If you can’t remember the plans we make, I’ll make you remember at least one thing tonight.” Taylor’s jaw dropped as he stared at you, waiting for you to finish. After you didn’t, he gulped. “And what will I remember, y/n?” Smirking, you leaned forward, connecting your lips to his neck before murmuring, “My fucking name.”

Johnson: You brush against him. “What flavor do you want?” Jack asked, pulling his wallet out of his back pocket. You moved closer to him and brushed your ass against his crotch, standing on the tips of your toes to look at the menu. His eyes fluttered closed momentarily and he hugged you closer to him, resting his chin on your shoulder. “I think I want chocolate,” you replied, running your fingers lightly over his forearm, creating small goosebumps on his skin. He stared down at you and tried not to think of the things he could do to you, and instead, ordered your ice cream. As you both sat at a booth in the parlor, you brushed your leg against his. Before you could even take a lick of your delicious dairy treat, Jack glared down at you and pulled you outside and into the car. He buckled his seatbelt and glanced over at you, “It’s not going to work this time, princess.” You smirked and brushed your hand along the small bump in his pants, hearing him whimper in the proccess. Cockily, you giggled, “Not to burst your bubble, but it’s working, babe.”

Sam: You whine. “Give it back!” You stomped your foot, jumping up and down as you attempted to grab your phone back from Sam’s hand, which was outstretched above his head, much higher up than you had expected. “Not until you apologize!” Sam shouted back, chuckling at your pouty figure. You crossed your arms over your chest and jutted out your bottom lip. “Sam,” you whined, “Please give it back.” His face changed and he stared down at you, his arm lowering slightly as he stared at you with glossy eyes. You knew exactly what to say, and so you smirked up at him and confidently whined once more, “Give it to me, daddy.” Within seconds, Sam’s risen arm fell down to his side. He licked his lips and continued to lock eyes with you, all the while handing your phone back. Before you could run away, Sam pushed your back against the wall with his lips on your neck. You whimpered at the feeling of his hot, lingering kisses and against your skin, he murmured, “I’ll give it to you, baby girl.”

Dillon: You sit on his lap. Dillon lifted his red solo cup, taking a sip and glancing over the rim to meet your eyes. He swallowed loudly and nodded over at you. “You havin’ fun, babe?” You nodded and downed your third shot of the night, feeling your legs wobble slightly. Dillon’s expression suddenly changed and he shot you a very concerned look. “Shit y/n, are you okay? Here, take a seat baby!” Without thinking, you plopped right down on Dillon’s lap. You felt his hot breath down your neck and you gulped, glancing over at him. “I’m sorry,” you slurred, “Is it okay if I sit here?” Dillon smiled and nodded his head, failing to hide his smirk. You wrapped your arms around his neck for extra safety and innocently grinned down at him. “You’re comfy, Dillon!” You began to bounce on his lap, the alcohol seeming to control your actions. Dillon let out a soft groan and you immediately stopped, cocking your head to the side. Before you could ask what was wrong, you felt him poking you through his jeans. You giggled and ran a finger down his chest, “How about instead of sitting on your lap, we can go upstairs and I can sit somewhere else…”

Carter: You act jealous. You both had made an appearance at the club with the guys, and instead of sticking by your side like you had asked him to, he wandered to the bar area and you watched as he paid for some girl’s drink. You cocked an eyebrow and glared over at him, making your way to where he was sat at the barstool. “Who the fuck was that, Carter?” He shrugged his shoulder, taking a sip of his own drink. “No idea,” Carter replied cooly. You furrowed your eyebrows and let out a frustrated sigh. “And why did you buy her a drink? You came here with me, remember?” He chuckled and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “She was a dollar short, so I helped her pay for it. No need to be jealous, babe. You said it yourself; I’m here with you.” You glared up at him and crossed your arms, still slightly pissed. “I’m not jealous,” you murmured quietly to yourself. Carter smirked and pulled you into his arms, pressing a long, lingering kiss to your lips. “You are,” he spoke, “And it’s so fucking hot, baby.” He kissed you again, his hands to run up and down your sides as you moaned softly into his mouth.

Gilinsky: You talk with a sensual tone. Jack was in the studio for the day and you were bored at home, so you called him. He answered on the third ring, worry laced in his voice. “What’s wrong, baby? Are you alright?” You bit down on your bottom lip and slowly replied, “I’m fine, Jack. I just miss you.” He would let out a content sigh and you could almost feel his cheery smile through the phone. “I’m glad to hear that. I miss you too, baby. I can’t wait to come home and see you.” You let out a soft gulp, loud enough for Jack to hear, and smirked to yourself. “I can’t wait to see you too. I’m on the bed, waiting for you. Waiting for your touch… Your lips…” Jack’s breathing got heavier and he cleared his throat, sternly scolding you. “What are you doing? Not now, y/n.” You purposely let out a loud moan, and you’d seductively ask, “Guess where my hand is right now, babe?” He groaned softly on the other end, and you could hear how heavy and raspy his breath was getting. “Fuck…” Jack murmured, “I”ll be home in ten minutes.”

Nate: You told him what do to. Nate came home with a face full of battle wounds, and he was whimpering in slight pain at the thought of his previous fight with the douchebag that hit on you at the club. “Baby,” he mumbled, “I’m so sorry you had to experience that.” You shook your head and grabbed his arm, pulling him into the bathroom where the first aid kit was. He smiled uncomfortably as you examined his scratches. “Take off your shirt,” you suggested, watching as he cocked his head to the side. Impatiently, you added, “Now!” Nate quickly pulled off his shirt, revealing a long scrape on his shoulder. You sighed and handed him a wet towel. “Clean your wounds, Nate. Don’t let them get infected.” He raised an eyebrow and smirked, not moving from his place. “What are you waiting for?” You asked, slightly annoyed. Nate smiled and wiggled his eyebrows, “Well damn, y/n. I wish you were this demanding in the bedroom.” You smirked back and giggled, shaking your head as you came up with a compromise. “If you hurry up and do what I say, maybe that can be arranged, Maloley.”

Matt: You stare at him with lingering, lustful eyes. “Do I look alright to you?” Matt asked, fixing the tie around his neck. You glanced up from your magazine and almost did a complete double-take. He looked good. You smiled softly and closed the magazine, locking eyes with him. Without a word, you nodded your head and bit your lip, eyeing his professional image. His hair was perfectly quiffed, and his dress pants and crisp collared shirt made him look twice as mature. You couldn’t help taking your eyes off of him, thoughts of grabbing the tie around his neck and pulling him down to kiss you sounded like a good idea. Matt raised an eyebrow, smirking slightly. “I’m guessing you’re enjoying this?” You stood to your feet, eyes locked with his as you made your way closer to him. Your fingers grabbed the neck tie, tracing the stripped pattern before tugging it sharply, causing Matt’s head to drop down toward you. “Oh yeah,” you agreed, “More than you’d think, Matthew.”

Nash: You wear his clothes. “Y/n!” Nash screamed from the laundry room, “Have you seen my red flannel? I can’t find it anywhere!” You stood in front of the mirror in the bedroom, securely tying the sleeves of his flannel around your waist. You were dressed in his favorite black lace lingerie, and to top it off, you found his favorite flannel. Nash pushed open the door, screaming your name once more, but stopped mid-sentence when his eyes locked on you. They trailed up and down slowly and he’d cock his head to the side. He licked his lips and stared at you in awe. “Is that…?” He trailed off, and shook his head, “I can’t believe you look better in my flannel than I do,” he chuckled. “But right now, I’m afraid you’re going to have to take it off for me, babe.” You smirked and nodded your head, untying the sleeves and letting it pool around your ankles on the floor. Nash’s eyes followed it, and they slowly raked up your legs until his eyes met yours. “You’re so beautiful, y/n.”

Jacob: You act possessive. You agreed to come along to a meet and greet with Jacob to meet his fans. After watching the girls wrap their arms around Jacob and kiss his cheeks, you began feeling a little less like his girlfriend. After he finished talking with his last fan, you jumped on his back and wrapped your arms around his neck. Jacob chuckled as you pressed your lips to his cheek, giving him a long kiss. “What was that for?” He finally asked, setting you back down on the ground. You walked closer to him and wrapped your arms around his waist, grinning up at him. “I just wanted to give my boyfriend a kiss.” Jacob would raise an eyebrow and smirk, playing along. “Is that the only thing you’d like to give your boyfriend?” Shaking your head, you stepped even closer to him. “Actually,” you smirked, “I’d like to go home and give my boyfriend a night he’ll definitely remember.” Jacob’s eyes widened and he bit down on his bottom lip, trying to hide his smirk. “Let’s make your dreams reality, baby girl.”

Shawn: You lick your lips. You two were stuck inside the house in the bitter winter, snowed into the house with no heat and no power. “Shawn?” You asked quietly, tugging on his sleeve to get his attention. Shawn turned to you, smiling sweetly. “Yes, beautiful?” You grinned at his response and wrapped the warm blanket tighter around you, trying to keep warm. “My lips are chapped. Do you have chapstick that I could borrow?” He shrugged his shoulders, his nose a rosy pink color. “Not on me, but there might be some chapstick around here somewhere.” He began to stand up in search of some, but instead, you pulled him down. “No, stop! Come here to keep me warm.” Shawn raised an eyebrow and chuckled, “I thought you needed chapstick!” You shook your head and licked your lips, softening them up. “Problem solved.” Shawn watched you and his mouth fell open slightly as he watched you licking your lips. He began to think of the other night when you were sucking him off and your chin was dripping with his release as you licked it deliciously from your lips. His cheeks flushed and he perked up immediately. “Actually,” he smirked, “I’ve thought of an idea to keep your lips from chapping.”

Aaron: You give him lingering kisses. “I’m bored,” you sighed, flopping down next to him on the couch. Aaron shook his head and chuckled at your child-like behavior. “Well then let’s do something. What do you want to do, cutie?” You thought for a moment before smirking to yourself. You leaned over and pressed your lips to Aaron’s cheek before turning and giving his other cheek a kiss as well. He whined as you kissed his forehead and nose before finally granting a short peck to his lips. Aaron stared down at you in disbelief and you sighed with false boredom, shifting in your spot as you began to sit up. A pair of  arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you back down, causing you to giggle. “Oh, no you don’t!” Aaron whined, turning you around to face him. He smiled and connected your lips once more, for a fuller, more needy kiss. Your plan was a success.


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