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You’re Still Perfect  (Skate Maloley ft. Omaha)

Can you do a imagine where y/n gets drunk with the Omaha boys and she’s dating Nate so they take care of her and on the ride home she keeps making all these sexual jokes

– This is precisely my 3rd time writing this…so I’ve taken so much time wanting to make this perfect, I hope you enjoy! - Bri x

You liked pulling his lips onto yours by grabbing his chain and and pressing your hips against his. You saw a girl do it in a movie once, and did it ever since. He liked it when you pressed your lips to his jaw, and whispered sweet nothings in your ear. You both liked taking shots and kissing each other directly afterward, so much so that you get drunk within the span of three hours with the other boys getting tipsy, but not as drunk as you.

The car was parked three blocks away because the parking was cheaper, so you end up staggering the blocks slowly with Nate, Sam, and the Jacks. Nate holds your waist and Sam carries your shoes, “I’ve had…I’ve had,” you take a deep breath, “a little too much.” You state in a matter-of-fact tone.

“You’ve had a lot too much.” Sam teases and you throw him a glare. You hold onto Nate’s hand and walk a pace or so ahead of him, looking back every few moments to make sure that his eye contact remained on the way your hips moved as you walked. You were drunk, but still sensual.

You finally get to your car and you climb into the backseat in between Sam and Nate, Glinsky drives and Johnson rides shotgun, “Yo, Gilinsk turn it up,” You say leaning forward to rest your chin on the back of his seat, you lean over and peck his cheek giggling when Nate pulls you back, not at all liking any sort of affection towards the other guys.

The first song that comes on is ‘Mercy’ by Kanye, you immediately get excited and rap along to the beginning lyrics, changing them to suit your gender, “Lamborghini mercy, your boy he is thirsty,” you look at Sam who has now decided to snapchat and lean into the camera because you were wasted and had absolutely no worries about how you look, “I’m in that two seat Lambo with Nate, he tryna work me…”

“Swerve!” Nate yells and you laugh leaning back into him, you tilt your head back and up and press a kiss to the underside of his jaw.

“Y/N’s mixtape a’bouta drop soon.” Johnson chimed, doing a snapchat video of his own in the front seat.

You move to take off your top but Nate stops you, “Na-uh-uh, we aren’t home yet, babygirl.” Sam let’s out a whine of complaint.

“Late nights no dress code–I can take this off if I want to, Nathan Montgomery.” You speak, obviously copying your close friend Cameron’s lyrics. You hear Johnson and Gilinsky murmuring how you were a ‘riot’ when you were drunk and quite the handful but adorable nonetheless, “shake that, work that, move that oh yeah–I’m a good girl but Nate know’s I’m bad oh.” You sing moving your arms in a completely arrhythmic way.

“Baby, don’t, you’re gonna hurt yourself.” Nate begs and you roll your eyes, your hand rests on his leg and you move it up until he shifts.

“Are you nervous yet?” Nate quickly takes your hand and intertwines fingers with you in order for you not go up any higher with his friends around, “Hey boys! Sex is like a misdemeanor, the more I miss it da meanor I get!” You and Sam–who were probably the drunkest out of all of them–begin to laugh uncontrollably.

Gilinsky turns down your street and pulls into the driveway, “Do you smoke pot? Because weed be cute together.” You say to Nate as he helps you out of the car. Nate chuckles, and drapes an arm around your shoulders helping you towards the front door. Sam hands Nate your shoes and you give the boys a two fingered wave goodbye before entering your bedroom.

“Come on, baby, let’s get you ready for bed.” Nate coos, sitting you down on the bed, he goes into the bathroom and comes out with a makeup wipe, your makeup was already running from many hours of partying.

“Let’s get this off of your face, lil’ mama, you don’t need it,” he chuckles tilting your chin up.

You shake your head, “yes I do.” You argue in a matter-of-fact tone.

“For what?” He plays, running the makeup wipe along your temple and down the side of your face.

You exhale deeply, you felt so much better with a little makeup on your face, “for my sanity.” Nate rolls his eyes at your drunk tangent and continues to take your makeup off.

“You’re perfect,” he whispers upon finishing with taking off your makeup, Nate leans forward and pecks your lips repeatedly, “so, so perfect.” You smile against his lips and he moves to take your shirt off in a caring manner.

“Now you let me take it off,” you tease and he scrunches up his nose playfully, he reaches for the button on your high waisted jeans and peels them down and off of you,”You’re so hot, even my pants are falling for you.” You chime in a playful manner and Nate chuckles along with you. You take his hand and pull him onto the bed, he lands on top of you and your fingernails trail up his back causing goosebumps to arise on his muscular torso until you can pull his shirt over his head.

“Babygirl, you’re drunk-”

“I’m drunk and you’re still perfect.” You interrupt him, a smile toying on your lips you lean up and kiss him pulling him closer by hooking your finger on his chain.

It was nights like this that you were thankful to not only be young, but to be with someone who let you be you..and that someone just so happened to be Nate.

Best Date

Jack G: 

You and Jack have been friends since like forever, honestly you told Jack everything you loved Jack he was your best friend. You also had a huge crush on him, you convinced yourself you didn’t love him until he said something to you. Jack finally admitted he loved you. Of course you love him too. Your first date was pretty cool. He took you to a movie, you walked through the park, and ate ice cream. You both had an awesome time. You couldn’t wait until the next the time you get to go on a date with him. 

Sammy Wilk: 

You just met Sammy. You instantly fell for his smile and eyes. You worked at a clothing store, Sammy and few friends of his came in the store looking for shoes and a snapback. You helped them and flirted with Sammy.. A lot. When paying for his things you wrote your number down on the receipt and the time you got off work. Once you clocked out Sammy called you. You went out on a date that night! It was awesome, all you guys did was star gaze and walk through a park a night. At night the park has all these lights it beautiful. And also when bringing you home he kissed you. Honestly best kiss ever. You can’t wait until the next time you guys hang out. Best date ever.


You and Jack have been friends for about a year. You always liked jack. He was so sweet but so dirty. It was funny, he wasn’t creepy sexual it was funny. Whenever you’re around him you have a smile on your face. You just want to be with him all the time. Finally you told him how you felt because you couldn’t deal with it anymore. He felt the same way. The weekend came and he took you on your first date. He took you to a dinner nothing to fancy but you couldn’t wear sneakers and jeans. You both had a good time. You two hung out a lot and went on a lot of dates after that. 


Nate.. Nate was a douche a first, well so you thought. You hated each other he was stuck up and rude to you. Nate lived right next to you while growing up. When you hit your teens you moved. Finally. After a few years you moved back to your hometown. Little did you know Nate was still there too, he was your neighbor. You and Nate talked for a while, until he finally asked you out on a date. Nate knew that you liked hiking so that’s what you did. You had an awesome time and you both couldn’t wait to see each other again. 


Well at first you were a fan of Kenny’s until he saw you and met you he asked you out on a date ever since you two have been together. Well your first date was great but the second real date was amazing. You spent the whole day together. You went to eat then the beach, then you got ice cream, walked around, drove around, sex, and mostly fun. You both had an awesome day and couldn’t wait for the next date. 


You and Nash, Best friends. You loved Nash his brother Hayes new that. So one day he told Nash and after  Hayes texted you telling you he told Nash, Nash called you and asked you out on a date. Your date was fun. Movies and skateboarding. And you finally got to kiss him. 


Cam ran into you while you were in a coffee shop. You became really good friends truth is you had a huge crush on him but he had a girlfriend. The one day you couldn’t take it anymore and you told him you loved him. The next day him and his girlfriend were no longer together and he was texting you telling you to meet him at a restaurant, Of course you went. He told you everything and how he felt. You had an amazing first date and you have an amazing boyfriend.