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Hi! I've seen you post a lot of wonder women stuff and wanted to know if you have any opinion on supporting the movie vs not because of gal gadot's stance towards israel? I've seen a few posts talking about how it's harmful that she is a zionist but I am not a Palestinian or Israeli and dont know how to feel about the movie. I very much want to support a female superhero movie and a female director, but at the same time dont want to support an actress with harmful views

So a little background: Gal Gadot is an Israeli citizen. Israel has a mandatory two year army service with their national army the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). Gadot did serve that army service. What the source of most people’s discomfort with her was an instagram post she made during the peak of the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict. She posted a photo for Shabbat including the hashtags “We are right” and “Love IDF”. There was substantial backlash to the photo and the hashtags though as far as I know Gadot never addressed it. 

There are lots of reasons to boycott movies. You could boycott the movie because it’s American and the U.S. is doing an incredible amount of things to destabilize the safety of the world right now, you could boycott it because you are vehemently opposed to Gal Gadot and what she said about Gaza. You could not watch it because you don’t like the way Gadot looks in boots. It’s a personal choice, and it’s up to you, I don’t care if people don’t see a movie for whatever reason. You don’t owe anyone your dollars. On the flip side it doesn’t make you a bad person to watch the movie either. 

Everyone has their own line and for me, unless the movie has a major creative force (director/producer/main actors) that I know are violent criminals (think Polanski, Nate Parker, David O. Russell, Woody Allen and Mel Gibson) if I’m interested I’m going to see it. I’ve also given up arguing with people who go to see these movies. I don’t agree with them but some people believe in a separation of art/artist and that’s fine too. And even my hardline doesn’t satisfy everyone. Movies that I have watched in the recent past that people have sent me nasty messages for seeing include but are not limited to: Zero Dark Thirty, Zero Motivation, Suffragette and Everything, Everything. I get negative messages when I post about Detroit, I get negative messages when I post about Wonder Woman. For some people that’s their line and that’s okay. 

It does sound in your comment like you do want to see it so here are three things to make you feel better in case you do: 1) there is no movie that exists that is made by perfect people and you buying a ticket to see a movie does not mean you are endorsing everything everyone in the movie has ever done 2) your ticket is a drop in the bucket either way in terms of box office 3) if the movie flops no one will attribute it to a post Gal Gadot made three years ago they’ll think women can’t open movies. 

It’s been two long seasons…

« Gone but not forsaken »

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Guest Listings 4/20-4/24:

Monday, April 20: Guests include LL Cool J, Rose Byrne and musical guest Big Sean.

Tuesday, April 21: Guests include Blake Lively, Brian Grazer and Nate Bargatze. Weird Al Yankovic sits-in with The Roots.

Wednesday, April 22: Guests include Russell Crowe, Governor Chris Christie and musical guest Kenny Chesney.

Thursday, April 23: Guests include Chris Evans, Monty Python, and musical guest LunchMoney Lewis with The Roots.

Friday, April 24: Guests include Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Olsen, and Fallonventions.

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What do you think of actresses who choose to work with Woody Allen? Their defense is usually that he's one of the few major directors who actually writes roles or makes movies about women and tbh, even though I find it morally wrong to work with him knowing what he's done, I kind of get it?

Anon this is a blog about women directors! I’m here to talk about them, not to meditate on the morals of actresses. You ask I’ll answer though!

Look I think Allen is a rapist and he’s disgusting. I think actresses excuses for working for him are a bunch of bullshit and I think actors have even less of an excuse. None of the people in leading roles in his movies, the people who get these so-called complicated roles, are starved for parts (really when was the last time Allen “discovered” or helped an actress to break out? For decades now it’s people at the peak of their careers going to work for him). And did you know they don’t get paid well either? No they will work for less than their typical asking price even knowing that Allen is more miss than hit these days because they want to be part of Allen’s legacy. The legacy that includes all those Oscars, not the part where he married the sister of his children and the daughter of his girlfriend and (allegedly) raped his daughter. 

Also no one should buy into this “well x is an abuser but they write women really well” bullshit okay? Because Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Nate Parker, Mel Gibson, David O. Russell (all accused of rape, abuse or sexual harassment FYI) are not the be all end of all directors. We don’t have to excuse their criminal behaviour because some people think they make good art. You know who else writes (and directs) women really well? Jane Campion, Sally Potter, Nicole Holofcener, Ava DuVernay, Sofia Coppola, Lynne Ramsay, Amy Heckerling, Céline Sciamma, Kelly Reichardt. They’ve also never been accused of rape or abuse either. 

Pirates Play Flappy Bird

Sooo this is what happens when you sit in a car for five hours lol enjoy :)

MC: Russell you have to tap it to make the bird fly

Russell: I cant get it to go through the pipe *taps to fast and dies*… This game is stupid!

Thomas: Can I try it?

Russell: Just take it! *shoves game at Thomas and pouts*

MC: Oh calm down *throws raisin at Russell*

Russell: *munch munch*

Thomas: I got to three!!

Russell: *chokes on raisin* What?! I was playing that for an hour and couldn’t get past one!

MC: Thats great Thomas!

*Nathan walkes out of kitchen*

Nathan: What’s going on?

MC: We are playing Flappy Bird. Would you like to try it?

Nathan: S-sure. *starts playing* I got to 15.

Russell: what?! I bet you can’t do that again!

* thirty minutes later*

MC: Please don’t fillet my phone Nathan! *takes phone out of frying pan*
Thomas: Doctor Christopher you should try it.

Christopher: Haha no. This game is definitely not good for my health

Captain Morgan: HAHAHA let me try this flappy game.

MC: No way! You are way too drunk. You’ll spill booze all over my phone.

Eduardo: Heh you guys just don’t know how to play it right. Let me see this thing. * dies at 14*

Russell: Haha Nate still has you beat by a point!

Eduardo: *looks at Nathan* Not for long.

MC: Russell you saw those sparks flying right?

Russell: Y-yeah I did.

Eduardo: *dies at 12, 9, 2* *forever stuck on 2*……. *pulls out gun*

MC: P-put the gun away!

Eduardo: You’re right this game is stupid. It should be fed to the sharks instead.

MC: No!

Eduardo: Fine. Lets see if you can do any better.

MC: O-okay. *dies at 46*


Eduardo: *shoots phone*

Nathan: *fillets phone*

Eduardo: *takes cooked phone and feeds it to the sharks*

MC: (O_O;)