nate ruess

nate ruess emerges from his cave deep within the mountains, squinting in the bright sunlight. he’s dirty, his hair is long and unkempt, the fucking mustache is back. lin-manuel miranda throws a piece of plain white bread on the ground, and nate cautiously approaches. lmm, moving very slowly, turns on the microphone he set up on the ground. nate eyes him suspiciously and glances back at his cave. finally, he inches forward and grabs the bread. he lets out one, long, howling “woah”, then quickly turns and crawls back into the darkness.

nate ruess' studio albums explained
  • interventions & lullabies: i'm in love with this girl but love is fake and i'm really sad i'm gonna fuck a cigarette
  • dog problems: i'm still sad fuck you becca i'm in love with someone else now
  • aim & ignite: i'm in love with someone else now and still pretty sad but in an ironic way
  • some nights: i'm still in love and having a sad gay existential crisis
  • grand romantic: i'm in love with another girl but i really mean it this time and i'm happy now

c'mon // panic! at the disco + fun.