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incorrectdnquotes had me cackling (mainly this person –> douche-matt for reblogging in a time period that I happened to see this) and figured I should give voicing this over a shot. So I hope you all enjoy and crack up as much as I did. (I don’t own the art used for the cover.)


Roger: Okay children let’s start the day with a few math problems. What is 5x2? C'mon children, don’t be shy just give it your best shot. Yes, Matt?


Roger: Okay, now let’s try to get an answer from someone who’s not a complete idiot. Anyone? C'mon, don’t be shy.

Near: I think I know the answer, Mr Ruvie!

Mello: [mockingly] Meh meh meh meh meh meh mehmeh!

Near: Shut up fat boy!

Mello: HEY! Don’t call me fat, you fuckin-!

Roger: Did you just say the ‘F’ word?!

Mello: Fat?

Near: No, he’s talkin’ about FUCK. You can’t say FUCK in school, you fuckin’ fat ass.

Roger: NEAR!

Mello: Why the fuck not?

Roger: MELLO!

Matt: Dude, you just said fuck again!

Roger: MATT!

Linda: [muffled] Fuck!

Roger: LINDA!

Mello: What’s the big deal? It doesn’t hurt anybody! Fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck!

Roger: How would you like to go see Watari?!

Mello: How would you like to suck my balls?

[Big gasp from whole class]


Mello: Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Actually, what I said was, [pulls out megaphone]


So apparently, the plan for season 6 of Leverage was to have Eliot, Parker and Hardison continue with the whole Leverage inc. thing while Sophie and Nate struggle with retirement for like five episodes until they decide to take on a case and it turns out that it’s the same job that the other three are working on. 

Then like halfway through episode 5 the two groups literally run back into each other and decide to just stick with it and I don’t know about you guys, but I really would pay a lot of money to see this. 

Altar-nate Ending

Words: 1374
Steve Rogers X Reader
Request: “Hi! Can you make an imagine where Steve and the reader are getting married but first he is not into wedding preparation and she feels like he doesn’t want to get married but then he starts helping but on the wedding day he stoods her up bc a mission at the end fluff and happiness pls! I would really love to read this! btw i love your imagines!” -Anon

“Steven Grant Rogers!” You barged into his office without waiting for an invitation. Natasha and Sam were with him. The three of them were bent over a splay of tactical plans, until they looked up at you who had stormed in unapologetically.

“Someone’s in trouble.” Sam chuckled. Nat and Steve glared at him simultaneously. “What? We were all thinking it, but suddenly I’m on trial for actually saying it? Whatever she’s mad about, I’m on her side now.” Sam pointed at you before shrugging his shoulders and walking out of the room.

“I’m going to take a coffee break.” Nat excused herself gracefully, leaving only you and Steve in the room.

“Please explain to me how you can spend weeks planning for a mission, but you cant carve out five minutes of your time to help me pick out flowers, or a dinner menu or literally anything for this wedding.” You sighed in frustration. “Do I need to remind you that a wedding is supposed to be a celebration of our union? Meaning both of us becoming one team? I know you know what being part of a team is, so why can’t you just, be there for me?” Steve left a long pause hang in the air. He wanted to make sure you were finished lecturing him before he spoke.

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"Sebastian Stan-"

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We are now opening the up submissions for main, recurring and guest characters. ALL ROLES ARE OPEN TO US AND INTERNATIONAL AUDITIONERS! We are currently working on “The Origins”. An adaption of Volume 1 comics and need more voices! Main characters are in every episode unless otherwise stated. Recurring characters will appear randomly throughout the podcast. Guest characters only appear in the episode they are written in too. Please make sure to read the guidelines thoroughly!

We are casting for the following characters:

  • Nate Richards (Main) Accent preferable*
  • Steve Rogers (Recurring)
  • Jessica Jones (Recurring)
  • Jonah Jameson (Recurring)
  • Gunman #1 (Guest)

Please note that if you auditioning for any parents you have to sound older than the cast actor.


Please reblog! Follow us to keep up to date on the podcast and casting!


“Because in the end we have each other, and that’s at least one thing worth living for.”

John Rogers is the Anti-Moffat

Or, things you can learn while watching Leverage with commentary.

  • John Rogers and Nate Ford have a lot in common, especially when it comes to alcohol. Not only does Rogers usually tell the listener what he’s drinking, you can often hear the ice clinking in the glass when other people are talking.
  • Take away Eliot’s disastrous military career and stint as assassin for hire and you basically have Christian Kane: musician, chef, brawler, actor. The man does all of his own fights, I swear.
  • Sterling never loses, but he sometimes admits Nate is right.
  • At the beginning of each episode, the commentators introduce themselves. At the beginning of “The Frame-up Job”, in which Sterling thinks Sophie has stolen a famous painting, every commentator impersonates Mark Sheppard as Sterling during his introduction.
  • Portland is full of good actors.
  • Every instance of fraud on the show has real-life counterparts, most of which are far worse than what the show portrayed.
  • The heartbreaking detail of Hardison, Parker, and Eliot holding hands in death was *not* in the script, but came from the actors.
  • Pretty much everybody cried on set during the filming of the final episode.
  • Gina Bellman decided on Sophie’s real name.
  • John Rogers subscribes to the Smithers Hypothesis, which is that shows are more interesting if you assume the bad guy’s sidekick is secretly in love with him. (This applies regardless of the genders of the bad guy and the sidekick.)
  • Rogers also subscribes to the theory that the characters’ sex lives are “whatever makes you want to watch the show”.
  • Rogers really is the Anti-Moffat. I came to this conclusion after noticing how often he compliments Gina Bellman, Beth Riesgraf, and Jeri Ryan on their appearance, then listening to how he does it and what he says about the men on the show. The right pair of boots on an actress will make him fervently exclaim, “Jesus Murphy!” He seems to think Beth Riesgraf has the best smile in the world. But he’s full of praise for the skill of Nadine Haders, their chief costumer, and he lavishes much  more praise on the actresses’ work than on their legs. He also repeatedly calls  Christian Kane “charming” and acknowledges that women go for him. He openly admires how Aldis Hodge looks in a suit. And he’s lavish in praise for the men’s acting as for the women’s.

I have actually not once heard John Rogers say anything skeevy about women, in four seasons’ worth of commentaries. (I don’t have season one yet.) All of his female characters have depth and agency. None of them is ever merely a damsel in distress, not even a 12-year-old girl. Nobody, male or female, ever gets shamed for having sex. Set the number of times he admires an actress in boots or remarks on her charisma next to the number of times he praises her ability and craft as an actress, and his praise for ability and craft weighs far more.

John Rogers is the Anti-Moffat, and this is another reason why you should watch Leverage.

beatriceeagle replied to your post:

                   I love that the DVDs for Leverage has commentaries…                

I’ve been slowly listening through all of them. I’m halfway through season 5. Sometimes I think I’ll scream if John Rogers says “Nate Ford is not a nice man” one more time, but they are really, really illuminating, and I’m so glad they did them.    

I’m almost to the end of season one’s. The technical stuff is so fascinating to me! I think they’re more in-depth than commentaries tend to be? 

(I’m still kinda disappointed Criminal Minds stopped doing episode commentaries after season 2, iirc. And that most shows don’t tend to do them)

We thought it was really important for us to complete the story that we set up in Captain America: The First Avenger and in Winter Soldier. So as much as the other Avengers are in the film, and a big part of the movie, it really is about the culmination of that relationship between Steve and Bucky. And we really thought it was important that we pay that off for the fans, honestly, and for Chris and Sebastian, two very talented actors who, we believe, have great chemistry, and still have so much more story to tell.
—  Nate Moore at Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Red Carpet Premiere