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Me this morning:  Wow, Nathaniel is being pretty restrained in his commentary on Hilary’s speech considering it pushes literally all of his buttons. I mean, doesn’t he at least want to go off on the NYT for being lazy suckers?

Me, checking twitter this afternoon:

That’s my boy!

me on my first day of being on the legends writing team

me: here you go i already wrote all the scripts for the next 5 seasons
the rest of the writers: these are all just 5000 pages of nate and ray staring into each other’s eyes
me: what’s the fucking problem


from a page this since been deleted

Nate and I had been freinds for a while. Our first week of high
school was finally over, and to celebrate, Nate asked me if I wanted
to spend the night at his house. I thought it would be fun, so I
said yes, and went over to his house that night. His Dad made us
tacos and refried beans for dinner. They were actually pretty good,
Nate’s favorite, so he had 3 platefuls, I couldn’t believe that, I
was stuffed after only 1. His dad told us he was going to bed, and
that we should do the same soon. So we changed into our pj’s, which
for nate was a very tight pair of grey cotton shorts and a t-shirt.
We crawled into our sleeping bags and layed down, tucked in for the
night, when suddenly, I had to fart soooo bad from all that mexican
food. it built up, and built up until finally PPPPPPRRRRFFFFTTTT! I
let out a loud nasty fart. Nate was discusted. “oh man, that stinks
dude, you’re gonna pay for that.” Figuring he was jokeing around,
and not thinking too much of it I laughed and fell rigt asleep.

I woke up a couple hours later to the Sound of Nate laughing. The
lights had been turned on and I could see Nate standing over me,
still laughing. I couldn’t figure out what was so funny, but I
suddenly realized that my arms were tied together behind my back, and
my ankles were tied together also. “Whats going on Nate?” I asked, he
just giggled a little more and turned around so that he was still
standing over me, but with his back faceing me. Then he started to
lower his body, as he did, the fabric of his tight grey shorts clung
to his ass, which made its way closer and closer to my face. I
squirmed about, but it was no use, and Nate’s ass lowered itself
closer and closer to my face, until it was only about an inch away,
then he finally stopped and
let out one of the loudest, longest, and stinkiest fart I had ever
come in contact with. I guess he heard me trying to breathe through
my mouth to avoid the stink, so he grabbed an old pair of his white
briefs that was laying on the floor and stuffed them in my mouth. As
I squirmed and mummbled with dicontent he lowered ass until it was
now touching my face, and continued to push with his strong ass until
my nose was pushed tightly against the seam of his tight shorts that
was going up his ass crack. He farted again and rubbed his smelly
ass around on my poor helpless nose. Nate was like a non-stop
farting machine oooohhing and ahhhhing as he continued to fart and
grind his smelly ass on my face. I felt like I was gonna die, I was
trapped in the stinky confines of Nate’s ass crack which grew hotter
and hotter with each fart. I was sweatying like crazy, and I could
start to tell that Nate’s ass was sweating as well as his shorts
began to get damp. Just as I began to wonder if this nightmare would
ever end, I heard Nate’s older brother Mike shout from the
doorway “Nate, what the hell are you doing?” I was embarassed that
his brother had seen what he was doing to me, but at the same time
relieved that I would finally be saved. But Nate just laughed and
said “We had mexican food for dinner tonight, and I don’t really feel
like stinkying up the whole house.” Mike replied, “Good thinking,
mind if I use our little air freshener too?” Nate said “Of course
not, just let me get this one last one out.” Nate then unloaded a
mamouth SBD up my poor unsuspecting nose. It lasted almost an entire
minute, and smelled of rotten eggs. Mike and Nate both laughed
hysterically as I lay trapped under Nate’s stinky ass feeling sick.
Nate finally stood up, and for a briefs second I got a wiff of fresh
air. Then I saw Mike turn his back toward me. He pulled down his
pants, exposing tight black boxerbriefs. He sat down right on my
nose and immidiately let out a giagantic fart. Mike Said “How does
that smell Fart Face?” and pulled the briefs out of my mouth so I
could respond. I told him it smelled like hell, like hot stinky ass
and it was makeing me feel sick. Mike just laughed and shoved the
briefs back in my mouth and continued farting. I began to feel like
I was dieing, my whole body felt weak and all I could concentrate on
was the extreme stench. Finally I felt Mike’s ass lift up and
thought it was all over. then I saw his hand reach back and pull
down his boxerbriefs, exposing his bare ass. It was muscular and
slightly hairy. I tried to beg him not to put his naked butt on my
poor helpless face, but between the briefs in my mouth and the lack
of energy, I doubt he even knew I was trying to speak. I saw his
bare ass lowering itself to my face again and heard Mike say “now
you’re gonna get it good Ass Face” Before letting his ass touch my
face again, he spread his ass cheeks apart and pointed right to his
big smelly asshole and said, “thats where your nose belongs.” Then
he continued to hold his butt cheeks spread wide apart until his ass
came in contact with my face again. He pushed his widespread hole
down on my nose, and then let his butt cheeks mold around my face.
At this point, even without him farting it smelled like hell. Nate
said, “careful Mike, you’re gonna kill him” MIke laughed and
said, “Nah, he might pass out, but he won’t die.” and then let go
with the longest fart I have ever encountered in my whole life.
TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! It was a long smelly SBD that lasted well over
a minute. Although I am not sure exactly how long because I passed
out about half way through it.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End - Reader x Samuel Drake: Welcome Home.

Set at the end of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. 
Elena calls you in the early morning, telling you that Nate and her have made it back home. That something happened on the trip, and Nate needs to talk to you as soon as possible.

When Elena had left you a voicemail about Nate’s whereabouts, you had panicked. The feeling of suffocation wrapped around your lungs, tightened your throat, and flashbacks of a life before everything flooded your mind.

You had left numerous messages since with Elena, and even Nate. You talked to Sully briefly, but the distance affected your call; drowning your words with static. Apparently Nate was after Avery’s treasure again, a dream you thought to be long lost since…

Sully mentioned that Elena was with him, and on a mission to getting home soon. But the thought of Nate out there again in danger like the old times scares you, and Elena being with him worsens your concern. You can’t lose them both. Not after Sam.

You place your mobile next to your pillow and curl up under your blankets, hugging your knees tightly to your chest. You breathe out a long sigh before sobs start to shake your chest, warm tears spilling over your cheeks in emotional waves. Fifteen years it’s been, fifteen long years of moving on from the past and looking towards the future. And yet, it feels like it was only yesterday when you first met him. When you first met Sam.

You close your eyes against the tears, too many have been spilled over him. It hurts your heart too much, even after all this time, it hurts just the same as it did when Nate first told you.

You remember the day Sam walked in to the local library. You were minding your own business, studying to finish your assignments. Ones that you weren’t particularly fond of, or on schedule with.

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This calls for a new drinking game ...

From this comic forward, Nate decided to stop wearing shirts.

[X-Force #12,page 7]

He was fully clothed last issue … but he has spontaneously decided to have this confrontation with Domino-Cat shirtless.

There’s a lot of completely unnecessary shirtlessness in this panel.  I fear for your leadership skills, Nate.

He’s also wearing gloves. 

Why are you wearing gloves, Nate?

But wait!

One page over …

[X-Force #12, page 8]

The gloves are gone! 

Did he take off his gloves to dramatically pound desks?

Will he use them to slap Domino-Cat about the face and challenge her to a dual?  I wish! She’d win.

At the end of the issue, Nate is still shirtless.

[X-Force #12, page 14]

Nate, are you on strike?  Does a woman’s betrayal make you think back to the days of your youth?  When you ran wild and free and shirtless? And infinitely better drawn?

Suddenly you have gloves, though … is the cleanliness of your hands more important than the cleanliness of your chest?

[X-Force #13, page 4]

The base is being attacked!

I can think of no legitimate reason to put on shoulder pads and NOT put on a shirt.  Wouldn’t it chafe?

There aren’t even any guns in those shoulder pads!

[X-Force #13, page 11]

For some completely incomprehensible reason, Nate decides to get dressed in the MIDDLE OF THE FIGHT.

Not just a little dressed … A WHOLE LOT OF DRESSED.

Layers like the layers of an onion!

[X-Force #14, page 2]

The base has exploded!  Quick!  Take off all your gear –

Oh, shirtless again. 

Those pants are mysteriously intact.

So are those gloves.

[X-Force #14, page 7]

Then he gears back up … shirtless.

[X-Force #14, page 7]

Flies this plane … shirtless.

[X-Force #14, page 18]


Just when he’s going to have to fight Deadpool … he puts on a shirt. 

Nate.  I’m concerned over your understanding of clothes.

Someone needs to intervene.

[X-Force #14, page 22] 

Not that kind of intervention.

This kind.


It’s been a week. A week since I finally left. Do I regret it? Hell yeah. I packed up my bag along with Aiden’s and headed to stay with my oldest brother and his family for the time being. I didn’t want to feel like such a burden but Aiden was so happy to be with his cousins. I was planning to sometime soon leave my brother’s house and head out to my mom’s soon which is another hour away from my brother’s house and 2 from Nate’s and mine home.

After the fight I just couldn’t take it anymore the fighting was all too much of a toll on my mental state. My chest has felt heavy ever since I left our home. The look on Nate’s face after I said I gave up broke my heart but it was best for the both of us.

Flash back

“I give up” I whispered. I was now mentally drained. I couldn’t continue this fighting it was just making everything in life twice as much difficult. I just needed a break.

Finally I decided to look at Nate’s face and for once since we began talking I could read his facial expression. Nate seemed to be hurt and angered but I could sense a slight relief within his eyes. The thought of Nate being reliefed I was giving up brought the worse of chest pains. I couldn’t  hold in the pain anymore I bawled my eyes out. And for once I was able to say I was at my most vulnerable state.

“(Y/N) I don’t know what to say” Nate spoke suddenly  looking away. Avoiding eye contact all together now.

“Don’t say anything Nate. We both knew this relationship was toxic and in the end one of us would end up hurt but now that Aiden is included into the equation I’d rather have myself hurt than my baby. We just need to civil about this situation.” I couldn’t bare standing here in front of the man who broke my heart it just caused unnecessary pain. I slowly closed my eyes clutching my hair and breathing in deeply I attempted to steady my breathe and stop the tears once I was calm I opened my eyes.

“(Y/N)” Nate attempted to reach out for me but I took a slight step back holding my hands up to stop him. “Nate this hurts enough already. Please just let it go.” With each word spoken my heart sunk lower and lower. With that said I pushed past Nate slightly bumping shoulders and headed up stairs. I woke up to an empty bed for the second night in a row. Letting out a heavy sigh I dragged my body out of bed because I couldn’t physically get out with the pain that weighted down my chest. I made my way through the room searching for a duffle bag once I found my old gym bag I started throwing as much clothes as I could possibly fit in there before zipping it up. I carefully unlocked my door and turned the handle looking out both ways before making my way into Aiden’s room and searching for a tote bagel to place clothes in for him. Once all the packing was done I  was about to reach for Aiden’s sleeping body when I noticed a notebook and pen next to his bed and decided to be civil and leave a note for Nate. Flipping through the pages of the Notebook I stopped at the page covered in Nate’s sloppy handwriting. Carefully examing it I read each and every word describing Nate’s love for his tiny family and how blessed he feels to have Aiden and I be his number one fans. I couldn’t help to crack a smile along with shedding a few tears. I turned the page before I could change my mind and wrote Nate a letter.

Dear Nate,

We have been through a lot. And I honestly believe I can’t do anymore as much as I love you I can’t. Let’s be honest we both saw this coming I can’t keep going with the “flow.” We are just at different stages at our life’s I’m ready to settle down and continue my job, have family vacations, and a simple typical life. While you want to live a spontaneous and reckless adventure. I want you to be happy with your life so understand what I’m about to do is for you. To support you and your career. To move forward. I will always love you Nate but we need time apart. This is my goodbye.

           -yours truly (Y/N).

I ripped the page out the notebook and picked Aiden up off his bed placing him on my hip. I placed the paper on Aiden’s pillow and threw both bags over my shoulders closing Aiden’s door slightly careful not to make a sound. I walked slowly down the stairs. Once I was at the door it all hit me. I was leaving Nate and I was planning on not coming back.  I looked into our living room noticing him laying there asleep with a blanket draped over his body.  I took one last glance at Nate and turned the door handle without hesitation and walked to my car.  Opening my side door to Aiden’s car seat I strapped him in placing his blanket over him and throwing the bags on the car floor. I closed his door making way to drivers side and plugging the key into the ignition turning on the car and adjusting the mirror looking up I reversed out of our driveway but not before I notice Nate’s body get up off the couch quickly I drove out the neighborhood. I drove all the way to my brother’s house only shedding a few tears but not once since I opened the door has my chest stopped hurting and having this weight upon my shoulders.

Today was like any typical day I got up out of the guest room I showered and brushed my teeth. I threw my hair up into a ponytail and put on my scrubs making my way to work at our dentist office. Before I left to work I kissed Aiden goodbye and thanked my sister in-law for the coffee and taking him to daycare with the kids.

Driving to my office was probably the worst time of my day I was so alone even the radio couldn’t distract my thoughts. I kept thinking over and over of how I should turn the car around and go back home to Nate and apologize but I knew I couldn’t I had made this decision to make his life easier.  No matter how much it hurt I had to stand my ground and let Nate do his thing.  When I finally got to the office I went around the counter dropped my bag behind the desk and got my assigned files for today going to my chair waiting for people to come.  Occasionally I would go up to the front desk to talk to my co-worker Gloria about our days and the kids.  The day was almost done which I was glad for because I was absolutely exhausted mentally and physically. I had one last person to check up and I was done for the day. I heard Gloria let my last appointment in getting everything prepared I politely asked them to sit down in the chair before I started. I washed my hands and while drying my hands off with a paper towel I reached for the gloves slipping them on grabbing the folder with the patient’s records. Still not looking up I looked down greeting my patient.

“Good afternoon…” I looked at the files name and froze. Clearing my throat. “Nate.” I breathed out heavily. I finally looked up to his eyes. I could see the clear pain plastered on them it was like looking in a mirror we both looked just about the same. Hot messes. I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for Nate. He was just as torn about our breakup as I was. I cracked an awkward smile trying to break the tension between us.

“(Y/N)” Nate spoke softly. I felt my heart beat pounding in my chest. I don’t know why he would come here. He must be here for his regular check-up right?  I couldn’t function with his presence here.

“Nate.” I muttered back. I must not crack I need to prove to him I’m fine on my own I don’t need him and he doesn’t need me.  As much as it hurt to think that I needed to protect my baby. “We need to take X-ray’s of your teeth and then start your regular cleaning.” I turned away from him reaching for the mat to cover his chest and a small napkin and clips. I reached over Nate’s neck carefully clipping the napkin to hang over his neck.  I could feel Nate’s hot breathe on my neck giving me the chills I quickly pulled away but when I was about to reach for our X-ray Nate reached out for my hand gripping tightly.

“(Y/N) hear me out please. I know I messed up. I know I haven’t been the best of dad and boyfriend but I’m trying. As soon as you left I couldn’t stand it. I saw your car reverse out our driveway thinking you were going to get some groceries only to go upstairs and realize you took most your stuff. I can’t stand the fact I let you go without a fight. The fact I let the mother of my child walk out my life all because I was selfish. I don’t blame you for leaving. You had every right to I was possibly the worse father ever leaving you to take care of Aiden all alone. My mom even saw Aiden more than I do and she lives states away. Please even if you want nothing to do with me let me be part of my son’s life.” he breathed heavily. I could see the tears begin to well at his eyes causing tear to shed from my eyes. I wipe them away with the back of my hand.

“Nate.” I took a deep breathe closing my eyes. Once I opened them I began to speak again. “You can see your son and have as relationship. I’m not going to stop you from that. As for us.  We need to work this out right now Nate I want to know where we stand. Do you have faith in us?  Are you willing to work on our relationship and giving it your all because if you’re not I want you to know now that—” I couldn’t even finish my sentence because Nate had stood up and wrapped his arms around my waist kissing my lips to shut me up.

“(Y/N) you talk way too much. I am here for you and my son. You are my family and I will do anything to fix what we had.” he whispered once he parted our lips. He carefully laid his chin onto the top of my head bending down a bit because of the height difference.

“I missed this.” I whispered, holding Nate tightly by neck. Nate kissed my forehead whispering sweet nothings into my ears. And for the first time in a while I felt the pressure reduce from my chest and I was able to breathe normally.



When Apple first approached me about doing a mini movie- I was a little apprehensive. It was a great idea- being able to showcase some of the music off of “Grand Romantic” in an atypical way. But acting has never been something I’ve been into. I appreciate the art form too much, and I’ve only ever wanted to be a single threat (song). So I struggled w the idea pretty hard. But then they asked Anthony Mandler to direct it (NWL, Carry On, and Some Nights) and I had no choice. I think Anthony did a tremendous job (as always) working with what we ended up filming and turning it into such an exciting way to showcase the music. I can’t believe how much I actually love it. See you tomorrow for Chapter 2.
—  Nate Ruess (check out Chapter 1 of “The Grand Romantic” here – the whole movie should also be available on Nate’s Apple Music page)