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Come for the smoking hot pictures of Holtby, stay for the discussion of his fashion sense and the specatular bromance with Nate Schmidt.

Braden Holtby’s runway is the walk from Verizon Center parking garage to the Washington Capitals locker room before each game. His carefully assembled suit typically elicits compliments from arena staff, and the fashion choices that used to be the subject of light ribbing from his teammates now earn a nod of appreciation.

“The bar has been set,” defenseman Nate Schmidt said. “And the bar is, what is Holts wearing today?”

“I love it,” Schmidt said. “It inspired me. I went and bought a hat. It’s not very good though. He said I need to go back and try again.”

When the team is on the road, Schmidt has occasionally tagged along on Holtby’s spontaneous shopping trips to some of his favorite boutiques — John Varvatos, Ralph Lauren’s Double RL and Suitsupply. “I just kind of hang out and watch in awe, then flip over the price tag every once in a while,” Schmidt said. If Schmidt feels conflicted in what he should wear, he texts Holtby for guidance.



Okay so, I wanna point out that just because YouTubers have their lives relatively public and may have had public relationships in the past DOES NOT mean you can go stalk their personal Facebook profiles. I heard that some people when to Nate’s personal Facebook and found out that he might have a new girlfriend.

Don’t do that. It’s creepy, if Nate does or does not want to share his relationships with the public that is his choice and we, as a community need to accept it. Markiplier kept his relationship with Amy relatively under the hood for a while until he was comfortable bringing her into the public eye. Morgan may be open about her relationship with Xander but Nate is his own person and we need to respect his privacy. Don’t go stalking his Facebook, he’s a human being who deserves privacy just as the rest of us do. Let the man have it.


Guys…this is it!!!

Took me a month to finish it, not counting past six months of doing my “first try”. But…hard work pays off, and I see it myself. Well, hope you’ll enjoy it!😊

Word Count: 792

Triggers: Violence?

Sophie’s Adopted Kid Series

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 

Prom series

Part 1 | Part 2

Requested by @monsoon92

After what felt like a nightmarishly long time, you found yourself out in the cold in a beautiful dress, surrounded by other terrified high schoolers. You were all corralled on the grass, not quite sure what to do when they all realized their car keys were back inside. You went around and looked for Sasha, but you couldn’t find her. Instead, you found Eliot.

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Ooh, you know what I meant to do and never did?  Mick and Amaya friendship headcanons.

- Amaya casually introduces Mick as her friend one time and after that he starts introducing her as his friend every single time they meet someone because he’s so unused to having a friend again.  People are constantly misunderstanding him because he can’t say it without sounding like a weird goober, so she constantly has to clarify that no, she’s dating Nate, they’re just friends.  (What are you looking at, Flash, you’re being weird yes I have friends.)

- Mick doesn’t cook for the team when they’re on the Waverider, but any time there’s a campfire he quickly and unapologetically takes complete control over it and then Amaya gets all the best of everything and nobody’s allowed to say anything about it.

- Amaya enjoys getting Mick flustered, so when they go to bars she kisses him on the cheek after he makes eye contact with someone else, just to mess it up, or buys drinks for people and tells the bartender to say they’re from Mick even though he hasn’t made up his mind about that yet and isn’t ready for them to come over and introduce themselves.

- Mick is an asshole, so any time Nate starts to get territorial or weird about his relationship with Amaya, Mick butts in there to make everything purposefully weird and awkward.  It makes Nate nervous and spluttery, because he’s still more than a little bit afraid of Mick sometimes, and Mick thinks that’s hilarious.  Amaya knows he literally means nothing by the flirting, and she’s less bothered by the whole thing than she thinks she probably should be.  She inevitably takes the opportunity to remind Nate that he doesn’t own her and to remind Mick to be nice to other people.  One of them even listens.  (It isn’t Mick.)

- One time when Mick has a little accident with some fire, Amaya uses her powers to imitate a rhino and stomps it out.  Mick tells her Leonard said rhinos didn’t do that, and she says they don’t but it worked, so she’d do it again.  He gets weirdly smug about the fact that it works, but then seems sad, so she rolls her eyes and says maybe they do it sometimes and just haven’t ever been seen.  It doesn’t really cheer him up, but he pretends it does and fakes a smile for her anyway.

- Mick makes a surprisingly decent escort for fancy parties.  His behavior once they get there is usually terrible, but in that initial moment of walking in, Amaya knows exactly how to maximize the effect of walking in on the arm of the biggest, most visibly muscular member of the team, and when they’re hobnobbing, she can usually convince him to stay quiet and focus on the hors d’oeuvres.  She loves Nate, but she kind of enjoys making appearances on Mick’s arm and playing up the fact that her date could probably crush whoever she’s talking to.  When she threatens to take someone out herself while standing next to her enormous ‘boyfriend’ who is apparently completely unconcerned about her getting into a fight, it has a particularly strong effect.

- Amaya appreciates the ease with which Mick can pick her up when he wants to.  He’s great for helping her climb through second-story windows and is willing to carry her everywhere for a week when she breaks her foot and it ‘still feels weird’ even after Gideon fixes it.

I know a lot of people ship Lily and Ray, but if you will, consider:

Lily developing a crush on Mick. 

Like, she sees through his “tough thug” outer shell he puts on–maybe he saves a team members’ life or something, or he saves her life when she tags along on a mission. 

Then, he says something really smart one day (BECAUSE HE WAS CHRONOS AND YOU CAN’T CONVINCE ME HE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND PHYSICS ENOUGH TO GET TIME TRAVEL STUFF) and she’s like, “Whoa, that’s kind of sexy.”

This, on top of the winks and flirty grins he sends her (because Mick does that a lot. We’ve seen it, and you know he’d do it to her).

Sara is the first to notice. She finds it hilarious. Then, Jax sees it. He isn’t quite sure if he wants to leave it alone or say something. 

Then, Ray catches her blushing after Mick decides to walk shirtless into the galley to get a six pack after an accident with the heat gun burns his shirt off (hehehe). Amaya’s known the whole time, but she wants Mick to figure it out on his own. Nate finds out from Ray and can’t help but stare at them every time they’re in the same room. 

Martin finds out when Lily gets the courage to confess her feelings by surprising Mick with a really awkward kiss that he walks in on. 

Martin almost has a heart attack. He wants to rage and tell her that she deserves better, but Lily stands up for Mick, which he appreciates. 

IDK, I think about this a lot. 

anonymous asked:

Hi i like Leverage and i like analyzing narratives. i'm really interested in hearing your thoughts regarding 'Parker as the Chosen One of Leverage' if you have the time to expand on that

I wasn’t sleeping tonight anyway so here we go-

This got super long and waaaay out of control so meta under the cut. 1.5k of sleep deprived leverage meta below. sorry not sorry

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This smut imagine is for almost reaching 1K followers. I would like to thank all of you who have liked and reblogged my imagines. This imagine is for you!

Nate and I barely got back from the Steak House restaurant. We stay in the living room and pull out the bed from the couch. As we retract the bed and the bed spread from the couch Nate requests a glass of water.

Nate decided to leave the restaurant early, but made sure to grab dessert before we left. I grabbed doughnuts with chocolate sauce. As for Nate he requested an apple and key lime pie.

I return back to the living room with a glass of water and hand it to Nate.

“Your water my king” I say as I give him the water.

“Well thank you my queen” Nate responds back. He leaves the water on the side table before pulling me in by the hips. “I have to ask for one
more thing?” He lifts my shirt above my breasts leaving my stomach exposed.

“Oh, what is it” instead of responding back he leans forward and lays gentle kisses on my stomach. The kisses he leaves makes butterflies erupt inside my stomach. I run my fingers through his hair and close my eyes as then feeling of him near me calms me.

Nate puts his ear to my stomach which causes me to open my eyes quickly. I look at the scene unfolding with a confused expression.

“Hey there,anyone there” he says as he knocks on my hip bones gently with his knuckles. And he waits for an answer before putting his ear back on my stomach. I laugh at his actions.

“No ones there, so I think it is a bun free oven” he exclaims as he lays more kisses on my stomach. “I think we are safe to repeat another round from last night” he adds with a cheeky grin plastered on his face.

I slide under the covers next to him as he wraps an arm around my waist.
Nate leans in and kisses my lips ever so gently.

“You are so beautiful” he whispers before planting another kiss on my lips.

“Thank you” I tell as a light brush appears on my cheeks. Nate chuckles softly before sitting up. He removes his clothing leaving him in all his naked glory. The blush that appeared on my cheeks darkens as I stare at his naked figure.

“Do you see something you like?” He asks as he slips back under the covers. I only hum in response as he pulls the sheets over his lap leaving him exposed a bit.

“Know something that would be better?” He asks

“What?” I respond while looking at him.

“If you are also naked” he says tugging at the hem of my shirt that is now rested above my breasts. I unclasp my bra and get out of my black jeans. My black lace panties are the only thing left before I have a chance to remove them Nate stops me.

“I got it” he disappears under the sheets. I feel a slight scrape of his teeth near my thighs. I start to wonder what he is doing before it dawns on me. He is removing my lace panties with his teeth. Nate soon resurfaces from under the cover and sits up once again.

“Would you like to taste your dessert?” He asks in which I respond with a nod. Nate takes a doughnut and dunks it into the chocolate sauce. He lifts the doughnut towards my mouth with a hand under it to catch any droplets of sauce.

“Mmm” I moan as I chew the doughnut and cover my mouth with the tips of my fingers. “That’s amazing”

“I know, right? I’ve tried these there when you went to Y/H/T last month. Do you want to try some of my pie?”
He says as I wait to finish what I have in my mouth.

“Only a taste” he gives me a small amount and I chew it “this is really good” I tell him as I watch him take a bite as well. I watch as chews the piece of pie and watch as his jaw clenches with each chew.

“It is amazing they do really well with their desserts” he says and dunks his finger into the chocolate sauce. He lifts his hand again with the other beneath to catch any droplets of sauce. Nate surprises me he brings the finger covered in chocolate to my lips.

“Open” I do as I’m told and he puts his finger into my mouth. I close down on it, sucking the chocolate sauce off gently. I take a hold of his hand to keep it in place as I swirl my tongue around it, the same way I do with his cock. I look up at him and see a sexy grin on his face while looking down at me.

“Mmm” I take his finger out and lick it slowly.

“Well Y/N I think it is safe to say you really enjoyed that” Nate says before continuing “lay down lil mama” I lay down on the bed and he pulls the sheets down to expose my naked torso. Nate places the tray full of our desserts on the floor. He reemerges with the chocolate sauce in hand. He straddles me.

“Y/N put a finger in the sauce and then put in anywhere on your body”

“Where?” I ask

“Wherever you want me to lick it off from” Nate replied with a sexy smile. I hesitantly dunk my finger into the chocolate. Nate watches eagerly as I trail it down the valley of my breasts. I place the remainder on my lips and find it extremely hard not to lick it off.

He puts the container down on the side table and bends down to lick my lips. Nate takes my bottom lip into his mouth and sucks gently and does the same with my top lip. It’s intimate his scent and sensation of his lips on mine are perfection. The sucking of my lips soon turn into a passionate kiss. A kiss that I cannot get enough of. My hands run through his soft hair and I let out a moan full of lust.

Nate breaks away and moves further down my body and his eyes land on my chest. His head lowers as his tongue runs along the trail of chocolate. The movement is hot, slow, and sensual. He licks off the chocolate and quickly travels to my right nipple. Nate take sit into his mouth flicking it with his tongue and nibbles.

Nate’s hand moves to my other breasts and caresses it between his fingers.

“Mmm, Y/N” he mumbles against my breast before moving to the other one and repeats his actions. Goosebumps appear all over my skin and causes me to bend my knees on either side of his body. My pussy circling beneath him on its own as if it hand its own mind. Nate releases my nipples from his mouth and goes back towards my lips. He kisses once again. My pelvis still rotating beneath and grinding on his hard cock. Nate pulls back and kneels between my legs. He reaches for the container full of chocolate once again.

“Don’t get carried away, lil mama” he says looking down at my naked body. “I want you to dip your finger again into the chocolate” I do as he asks and swirl it around in the container. “Get a lot on there is tastes exquisite from your skin. Put it on your body again.”

I take my finger out of the container and hover over my chest. I’m deciding whether to put it on my nipples or around my belly button.

“Not there” Nate says clearly my eyes look at his as he is already staring at me. “Lower” he adds with a dominant voice. I move my hand lower towards my belly button and look at him for guidance.

“Lower” he says once again. I’m getting really excited as I move my dripping finger lower. I already know what he wants and I want it too. I’ve always been insecure when Nate eats me out. I only want him to see the more appealing parts of my body.

I pause before lowering my finger so the chocolate drops onto my pelvic bone.

“Lower” that is all he says.

I look at his face and see the want in his eyes. I bite my bottom lips considering if I should or shouldn’t. I consider my next move.

“Don’t be shy lil mama, I want to taste you the right way” he takes a hold of my wrist and moves it above my clit. “Touch yourself, Y/N”

I look into his eyes as I rest my finger on my clit. I move it around my clitoris. His eyes never leaves my gaze only shortly to see me touching myself. This feels to good….

“You look so sexy right now” Nate whispers looking down at my fingers in between my legs. He reaches down and takes my hand, Nate takes it into his mouth and sucks off the chocolate.

“Mmm” Nate moans out looking at me. He removes my fingers from his mouth and lowers himself onto my belly. Nate licks off any drips of chocolate from my skin and kisses it slowly. He lowers his head to my clit, for which he pauses a bit.

Eventually, I feel his hot breath on me hovering over my delicate skin. His tongue sweeps over my outer lips towards my clitoris. Nate swirls his tongue around, licking, sucking, and I moan loudly arching my back.

“Uh huh” Nate mumbles against my skin. His tongue still caressing my clit masterfully. His hands glide his hands up my waist, pressing firmly into my skin with his fingers. I feel weak as his tongue works stroking and brushing against my clit.

My hands grip onto the sheets around me. My pelvis raise off the bed involuntarily, my muscles clench tightly preparing for my climax. Nate’s hand move to my lower stomach and pushes me back down onto the bed. His hands wrap around my thighs pulling me towards him.

“Nate, oh, Nate, yes” I cry out as my climax comes fast and hard. Nate takes my clit into his mouth and sucks hard.

“Oh, God! Yes!” I cry, my thighs quiver and tighten around his head. My hands travel to his hair tugging and gripping it. I throw my head back into the pillow, my heart beating fast through my chest. My stomach rising and falling rapidly with my short pants.

“Oh” I whisper. Nate strokes me gently with his tongue and kisses me lightly. I release my hold on his head from my thighs and I’m shaking.

Nate crawls up my body, a big and sexy smile his face as he kisses my mouth.

“Your so beautiful, I don’t know why your so insecure with your body. Your body is incredible” he says and I want to reply back but I’m speechless.

“You’re shaking” Nate says as he pulls me into his embrace. I lay in his arms my leg wrapped in between his. Nate pull the sheets above us and lays gentle kisses on my face. “Was it good, Y/N?”

“Mmm,” I respond back sleepy that’s all I can offer as a response.

“Is that a yes” he chuckles lightly. I nod my head, nuzzling my face into his chest.

“Good, because it was an amazing experience for me also. Your are the most beautiful women. I want to do this to you for the rest of our lives” Nate says.

“Me too….”

Nate leaves another kiss on my lips before we start to drift off to sleep curled up against one another.

Preference #21: Kink

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

Nate: You couldn’t help the scream that left your lips. Nate’s hand was harsh as it came down on your backside. Your mouth closed shut immediately after the sound came out and you knew what that entailed. “Didn’t I tell you to keep quiet?” Nate growled, lightly tugging at your hair. You held your breath while backing your ass up against his crotch in hopes that he’ll continue thrusting. How could you keep quiet when he was fucking you so good. Your legs going numb and cheeks stained with tears of joy. “Answer me,” he said, tugging at your hair even harder. A gasp left your lips and your back arched at the action. “Yes daddy,” you whined out, clutching the sheets tightly. You moaned as he gave a sharp thrust, hitting at your g-spot straight on. Nate was already giving it to you rough, so the fact that you weren’t keeping quiet meant he was going to go even harder than before. “That’s right fuck yourself off of me,” Nate said, guiding your hips into his just like you had done. You kept at the pace, beginning to do all the work. It was always two things that happened when you didn’t listen to Nate during sex; he either went rough, or worse he teased you. In this case it was the latter. A smile made its way onto your face as Nate picked up the pace once again. This time you kept quiet, not wanting to upset your daddy any more.

Sammy: “Fuck, Daddy this feels amazing,” you hummed, face burying into the crook of his neck as you sped up the pace. Sam smiled at your words, head falling back between his shoulders and teeth sinking into his bottom lip. The two of you could be caught at any moment and he wasn’t going to ruin the fun by moaning. The way you looked tonight had Sam’s length throbbing. Knowing how much you were affecting him, you decided to tease Sam. This teasing led to you riding him in the back of a dark movie theater. Your dirty words were making Sam wither beneath you. You eyes closed shut as he began to buck up into you. Sam’s own eyes was darting around the room hoping that no one would notice what was happening. His mouth opened and silent gasps left his lips as you sunk down on him even further. You quickly crashed your lips against his, tongue darting inside his mouth and silencing the moans that was going to escape. You felt wonderful wrapped around his length. Nails digging into the skin of his shoulders and knees being bruised by the theater seats. Sam was close to releasing and knew he wasn’t going to be able to keep quiet then. “Let’s move to the bathroom,” he whispered in your ear, wanting to fuck you properly up against a stall door.

Johnson: His grip on your waist tightened as you said the words. Jack’s breath hitching in his throat. “Y/N don’t,” Jack said through gritted teeth, keeping a smile on his face and waving at the camera. “I was joking but you’reseriously into it?” you questioned, a smile growing on your face. “I can start calling you that if you want…Daddy,” you whispered in his ear. You could see his eyes grow a shade darker, jaw clenched as he eyed you. The word made Jack want to pin you up against the wall. A few more pictures were taken and soon Jack was leading your towards a janitors closet. “Shouldn’t be talking about my kinks in front of crowds,” Jack said, crashing his lips against yours in a heated kiss. You moaned against his lips, tugging him closer in the small confined space. His hands trailed between your dress, beginning to play with the waistband of your panties. “Say it again,” he mumbled against your lips, pulling the waistband back and letting it go. You jolted in your spot at the feeling. “Daddy,” you whispered loudly a sigh of pleasure leaving your lips as the pad of his fingers rubbed at your clit. You didn’t know the word would have such an affect on him. The joke turning into something you liked a lot more. 

Gilinksy: Jack had a lot of kinks, but daddy kink had to be his favorite. There was something about hearing the word that made goosebumps rise against his skin and make his length pulsate with desire. Hearing you say the word or in this case scream the word made him feel something more. It filled Jack with pride and it only made him pick up the speed. His hips curled into yours, thrusts deep and hitting all the right spots. This was the type of sex he lived for. The hot and sweaty on a Sunday morning type of sex. The sex were your bodies molded together perfectly. “Right there daddy,” you gasped, nails clawing at his back and slightly drawing blood. You lifted your hips to meet his thrusts, legs wrapping around his waist to pull him in closer. A loud groan left his lips and Jack buried his face into the crook of your neck. Being called daddy was like music to his ears. Early Sunday morning sex was like a ritual to the two of you. Jack chasing his orgasm all the while trying to get you to reach yours. His fingertips worked at your clit adding to the pleasure even more. You couldn’t wait to find what other kinks Jack had.

Swazz: Your back arched off the bed as John sucked at your clit. One of his hands held your legs apart while the other gripped at one of your breasts. Watching him eat you out was such a wonderful sight. The sounds of him slurping up your juices echoed around the room. Swazz kissed your clit once then began to lick his way up your body. Your tongues battled for dominance, whines of pleasure leaving your lips as he slid into you. “So tight for daddy,” he hummed, finally filling you to the brim. You softly moaned in response, eyes rolling to the back of your head as Swazz started a steady rhythm. Your body shook at the sensation, his words making the wetness between your legs grow. Daddy kink made both of you feel some type of way. John’s thrusts became a bit sloppy as you started to dirty talk to him. “You fuck me so good, daddy don’t stop please,” you whimpered. Swazz moaned at your words, eyes squeezing shut as the words washed over him. You were already so close to your orgasm. John had already kept  you from cumming when he ate you out. Just thinking about him doing that you again had you releasing right there. Not long after Swazz followed in pursuit.

God, Rip’s henchmen are incompetent, but Rip really isn’t.

In the first five minutes of the episode, he neutralized the Waverider/Gideon, removed Jax and Martin’s ability to merge, trapped Ray in shrunken form, shot Sara, sidelined Mick (and Washington) into their own dilemma.

(Nate and Amaya sidelined themselves.)

I am darkly gratified by how great Rip is as a villain.  But it makes me miss the real one more.  :-(