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Kyle Dean Massey Opens Up on Gay 'Nashville' Character

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Some of the many gay men in the news in 2015!

I was looking through some of my books and found a great picture of Nate McMillan back in the mid-90s. He’s got some super swag: flat top, round glasses, and a sweet Asian inspired blazer. I wish Nate still dressed like this, maybe he doesn’t because it reminds him of his receding hairline. I think his wardrobe change embodies the current Blazers’ philosophy: Always forward, never back. To dress like that would be the ultimate betrayal of his persona, and Nate would succumb to the labyrinthine maze of nostalgia. The years and years of pent up emotion at losing so many good players throughout the campaign would just cause him to crack. Should he break out those circular shades, the Blazers would lose all direction as Nate loses his grip on reality. He’d ramble through practice about games that happened when everyone but Kurt Thomas was in middle school. Felton would be waived from the team and Nate would insist on starting point guard in the rotation. McMillan would open Pandora’s box upon Blazer nation, unleashing Hell on the hardwood. Or maybe he just figured out that he should probably have let his wife dress him all along.