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Maya St. Germaine: The Forgotten One

I am crossing my fingers, legs, arms and toes Maya’s story is further elaborated on. She was a suspicious character who died mysteriously. We ALL know how the dead do not like to stay dead in Rosewood, and this quote was repeated by the cast during recent interviews.

- The day she moved into Alison’s home, Spencer saw someone wearing a blonde wig staring at her from Ali’s old window. We know this was Maya, bc the top Fake Ali was wearing was the top Maya was wearing that day. Even if this was innocent, I’d like it to be explained.

- She was hanging around with Noel Beheaded Serial Killer Khan, and attending the parties along with Cece, Jenna and Holden. She died for knowing too much, but why did she hang around with them in the first place? Why were they so enticing?

- That whole thing was an unexplained rollercoaster.

- The Nate storyline was as useless as those Supermarkets who put peeled oranges into plastic packets. WHAT did it add to the A storyline? Why would Nate kill Maya and why was it even included into the plot? Surely A killing Maya would have better enhanced the story? This is still fishy to me.

- Maya flirted with Emily the moment their eyes met. At this time Emily was still in the closet, dating Ben. Maya did not flirt with the other girls. Either Emily made it super obvious, Maya possesses a strong gaydar, or she already knew.

- Redcoat. This mysterious character was flicked away from the plot by Marlene, explaining it away with Sara and Alison. But Redcoat knew every inch of the DiLaurentis household. Sure, Alison does too. But there were multiple redcoats. Charles could have remembered from his childhood the hiding places and told Sara, or found the blueprints, but the only other person who knew that house was Maya. The blonde wig from S1:E1, and the fact that Redcoat wears gloves, wigs and a mask points to the fact that perhaps Redcoat isn’t a blonde, white girl? I am literally nitpicking here good Lord

If you have any more points you’d like to add, please add a comment and I’ll add it to the list along with a credit to your name! Feel free to also tell me if you think any of my points are actual garbage, which they probably are, because I feel like Edward Scissorhands clutching at straws here.

We caught up with Still Star-Crossed’s resident prince, Sterling Sulieman, to talk secret affairs, sacrifices, and Shakespeare.

Bid good-morrow to your new favorite TV prince: Sterling Sulieman has just begun his run on ABC’s Shakespearean soap fest, Still Star-Crossed. Before assuming the throne, the charming Hawaiian was best known for his roles as Nate St. Germain on Pretty Little Liars and Harper on The Vampire Diaries. Now in the capable hands of Shonda Rhimes, the Queen of Soap herself, his Romeo and Juliet is sexy, fun, and surprisingly complicated. We’re only three episodes in, but we’ve caught up with Sulieman to get the scoop on what to expect in the upcoming season, and what his character was “born to do.”

Sulieman phoned into TV After Dark to talk romance, violence, and intrigue in his new hit series, where his Escalus is still learning to balance his personal life with the greater good. We learned about Prince Escalus’s regrets, his relationship with Rosaline (Lashana Lynch), and what may or may not have actually gone down in Venice. Want to know more? Read on! 

TVAD | Romeo and Juliet is on the required reading list for many schools. Of all the Shakespeare you had to read in high school, did you have a favorite?
Sterling Sulieman: I really liked a Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s so fantastical and magical, that’s one of my favorites.

Do you think you would still have taken the role if you had to do the lines in old English?
I definitely would have accepted that, but I guess it would be rough.

Prince Escalus lives in a society in which social class is of the utmost importance. Have you ever been in a situation where social conventions got in the way of love?
I think, personally, I haven’t been in that kind of situation, and it definitely exists in our society. It’s interesting to play with, so it’s not like a foreign concept but, personally, I never had to deal with that.

With so much pressure to abide by duty to his people, do you think the prince will ever truly be free to be himself?
You know, that’s one of the things that I wonder as well, because Benvolio and Rosaline from the get go–they are kind off battling their place in society. They don’t really want to be the heirs. They don’t want to get married, but as much as I want Rosaline, I am the prince and that’s what I was born to do, and I don’t think Escalus sees a way out of being the prince, or even wants a way out of being the prince. He just wants his cake and to eat it too!

The prince initially chooses duty over love. Will he come to regret the decision?
Yes. I mean, I think Prince Escalus regrets it while he’s doing it. It’s not a choice he makes lightly. In that scene, he wants, he thinks he can have her. He thinks it can happen, and then when he discovered Romeo’s body, it’s just very clear that, that can’t happen. If Verona falls, then everyone falls. He sacrifices his happiness for everybody.

What we do know is that the prince is a peacemaker of sorts. Is that something you’ve ever found yourself doing in real life?
Yes, that’s definitely a role I play in many relationships.

Prince Escalus often must appear neutral and dutiful to his people, but could giving up the woman he loves to another man force him down a dark path and if so how dark should we expect?
I feel like he doesn’t understand how dark he’s going to get. When he comes to town, he would assume that the way it should go is that his father should help him into this role, and he would take over, and there wouldn’t be this scandal with Juliet, and everyone is coming at him so fast. He’s learning to stand up for himself, and so it’s coming out in different ways, and it’s coming out harsh, and I think he would definitely continue down that path if he can’t be with Rosaline.

Prince Escalus may choose peace over love, but could his decision to push Rosaline into marrying Benvolio Montague have unintentional consequences?
Yes, definitely. He can’t choose a side, but there’s not, like, the feeling goes away, but there’s definitely be some kind of animosity against Benvolio, who gets to have the woman he loves. So, even though Prince Escalus is the one deciding it, I don’t feel like he feels that way about it. It’s like this has to be done, and, unfortunately, I think he probably will hold some grudges against the circumstances.

The show is going to turn audiences with more than just sexy accents and Shakespearean eye candy. Are there any surprise hookups for Prince Escalus?
There are some hookups happening all over the place but not for Prince Escalus. He is caught up in his duty and the drama with Rosaline. He’s pretty occupied.

While the original Shakespearean text about Romeo and Juliet had one innocently sexy bedroom scene, what is the most scandalous thing we can expect to see coming from the show this season?
There are definitely some secret affairs, and there are some love scenes.

Women in Shakespearean times were not given very much power over their lives. Given that this is a modern take, in what ways will we see Rosaline and the other female characters take charge and assert themselves?
You know, that’s interesting, because we do kind of stick to what the rules of the society. You know, Rosaline’s not off having affairs and stuff, like she’s keeping a virtue and all these things, but the women definitely find a way to manipulate their way around the rules and figure out what’s going on–and I think manipulate the men that are already in existence. You definitely see them all standing up for themselves and being very strong in our story.

We know that political intrigue is commonplace in this era. Could Prince Escalus be harboring a secret that could destroy his family?
I mean, he definitely has a past in Venice that we don’t really get to know about, but I mean, they broke Romeo and Juliet apart, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

If you could play a female character on the show, which character would you love to play?
Ooooh…that’s interesting. I think…tough. I mean, they are all wildly different. Maybe between Lady Capulet and Rosaline. Rosaline has a lot of fire, but Lady Capulet is so dangerous. She’s strong, and she knows her powers for sure.

What are your after dark guilty pleasures?
I would say drinking wine and going out dancing. My favorite nights is playing old school 90’s R&B.

Be honest. If you had to choose, would you be a Montague or a Capulet?
I was told to never take sides. (laughs)

Pretty Little Liars Time-Line.

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1987 - Charles is born.
1988 - Jason is born, from Jessica’s and Peter Hastings’ affair.
1995 - Alison (and the liars) are born.
- Charles tries to drown Alison on scalding water.
- Charles is checked in at Radley.
- The DiLaurentis family moves to Rosewood.
2003 - Charles’ alleged suicide and organs’ donation.
October 2007 - Marion Cavanaugh’s death/suicide.

October 2008 - “The First Secret”

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July 2009 - The liars blind Jenna.

September 1st, 2009 (That Night):
- Charles and Bethany escaped Radley.
- Someone hit Bethany.
- Melissa buried Bethany alive.
- Charles hit Ali, and Mrs.D saw him.
- Mrs.D buried Alison alive, with Charles watching.
- Mrs. Grunwald took Ali out of the ground.
- Mona helped Alison dissapear.

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September 2010:
- Aria comes back from Iceland.
- The liars start junior year.
- Maya moves to the DiLaurentis’ house.
- The liars start getting texts from A.
- Alison’s/Bethany’s body is found.

November 2010 - Alison pushes Ian from the bell tower.


November 2010 - Ian’s body is found with the suicide note. 

December 2010 - The liars get arrested for having Alison’s “murder weapon”.
March 2011:
- Mona is revealed as Original A.
- Lyndon James kills Maya.
- Mona is checked in at Radley.


September 2011:
- Em comes back from Haití.
- Charles steals the game from Mona.
- Alison’s grave is dugged.
- The liars start senior year.

October 2011:
- Emily kills Nate St. Germain / Lyndon James.
- Toby is revealed as part of the A Team to the audience.
- Halloween Train.
- Darren Wilden kills Garret Reynolds.

November 2011:
- Mona gets out of Radley and comes back to Rosewood High.
- Spencer finds out about Toby on the A Team.
- Toby fakes his death.
- Spencer is checked in at Radley.
- Spencer gets out of Radley and joins the A Team.
- The lodge is set on fire.
- Alison helps the liars, dressed as Red Coat.

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November 2011:
- Wilden’s body is found, CeCe killed him.
- The liars go to Ravenswood.
- Ezra is somehow revealed as A.
- The liars confirm their suspicions of Alison being alive.
- Aria finds out about Ezra’s book.
- Ezra is somehow revealed as not A.
- The wedding dresses runway.
- The liars go to New York.
- Noel Kahn leads the liars to Alison.
- A shots Ezra.
- CeCe goes to Paris under the identity of Vivian Darkbloom.


November 2011:

- Aria kills Shanna.
- The liars get back to Rosewood with Alison.
- Alison tells the Rosewood P.D. that she was kidnapped and held hostage for 2 years.
- Charles kills Jessica DiLaurentis.
- Thanksgiving Day.
- Mona fakes her death and is kidnapped by Charles.
- Mona is taken to the Doll House.
- Spencer is arrested for Bethany Young’s murder.

December 2011:
- Spencer is bailed out of jail.
- DiLaurentis’ Ice Ball.

March 2012:
- Mona’s funeral.
- Alison is arrested for Mona Vanderwaal’s murder.

April 2012:
- Hanna is arrested.
- Alison’s trial.
- Alison is declared guilty of murder in the first degree.
- The rest of the liars are arrested for “helping the wrong person”.
- Charles kidnaps the liars.
- “Welcome to the Doll House”.

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May 2012:
- The liars escape the Doll House.
- Sara Harvey is found.
- The liars start the investigation on Charles DiLaurentis.
- The liars find out Lesli Stone was a patient at Radley on the same time Charles and Bethany were.
- Prom. (6x09)
- Charles’ reveal. (6x10)


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If you find another events you’d like me to include, message me.

P.S.: November 2011 was a long, crazy month.

Who Did It The Best? [Emily Edition]

Being 2nd In The Lead, Emily Fields Has Definitely Had Her Share Of Kisses But, WITHOUT BEING BIASED, Which Couple/Scene Had The Best?

1. Bemily & Their Pathetic, Why Am I Even Mentioning This Kiss

2. Emaya & Their Iconic, Popcorn Dropping Theater Kiss

3. Paily & Their Famous, Late Night Pool Kiss

4. Samily & Their Little Cute Kiss

5. Nate & Emily's WTF Kiss

6. Emison & Their Notorious Bed Kiss

7. Emailia & Their Sudden Brew Kiss

Looking At The Technicality, Chemistry & The Overall Scene Of The Kisses, My Top Two Goes To Paily & Emaya. What’s Your Opinion??

Miss Aria You're A Killer, Not Ezra's Wife

I was answering this ask here, and began to get a little off topic, so I decided to put this bit in a separate post.

We’re lead to believe the first time Alison goes back to Rosewood is when Hanna is in the hospital, but Spencer sees someone who looks strikingly like Alison in her old room the night before “her” body is found under the gazebo. I think this is due to the St. Germain’s moving in. Alison came to check on some of her hiding places.

There are lots of conspiracies surrounding Maya since the bag Alison had while on the run was seen with Maya’s in the Kahn’s cabin. Perhaps the things of Alison’s that Maya had in her bag and that Lyndon stole from her were actually taken purposefully to give back to Alison. This causes one to wonder how long Maya knew Alison was alive.

I was always sure that the coded “MAYA KNEW” wasn’t about Nate/Lyndon and instead had to do with Alison. At the time, I had assumed that perhaps it meant that Maya had stumbled across one of Alison’s hiding places in her house and figured out that someone had been harassing her before she “died”. That she discovered the existence of -A.

Looking back, it appears that what she knew was that Alison was alive. That they had been hiding out together at the Kahn’s cabin. I never believed that whole Nate/Lyndon storyline was a coincidence and wasn’t connected to -A. The text Paige received that was apparently from Lyndon was signed “-A”. I think Maya’s death had more to do with what she knew about Alison or learned from Alison than some crazy ex. Lyndon may have been the one to kill her, but -A obviously had a hand in it.

Going back to wondering how long Maya knew Alison was alive… Did Alison actually sneak into her house that night? Was that the only time she sneaked in while the St. Germain’s lived there? Did Maya see her then? Was she really even sneaking in at all, or was Maya another person Alison sent to Rosewood? It could be that Maya knew Noel would hide her at his family’s cabin because Alison told her about it. Maya was really insensitive when it came to Alison being dead, what if that’s because she knew the girl was alive the whole time?

How come all the black people on PLL either die or just get replaced? Maya’s dead, Shana’s dead, Lindon/Nate’s dead, E. Lamb’s gone/probably dead, and even Emily’s original swim coach got replaced by some white lady. Why? I don’t want to accuse the producers and casting people or whoever’s in charge of this, but like, what the heck is up with this? Literally the only black people on this show who are still alive is the Declodyne company lady and Big Rhonda, which by the way, why does Big Rhonda have to be so aggressive and talk like that? I mean I know she’s a mental patient, but literally no one else was like that in there besides her. It just seems ridiculous to me. Like I said before, I don’t want to make accusations, but…




Let’s start from when Mona was in radley… When aria and Hannah went to see Mona at Radley they followed Mona to the child’s ward where she was brushing a dolls hair and speaking the secret code her and Hannah used to use, that ended up being Maya’s website (

Okay.. well the other “code” Mona was saying was “Miss Aria You’re a Killer Not Ezra’s Wife” which stands for “Maya Knew” now!! we first thought maya knew who A was and that’s why she was killed but I think that what it really meant was MAYA KNEW ALISON WAS ALIVE!!

Now let me back this up! Before you say I’m crazy think about the facts!
1) When hanna and Emily went to the kahns cabin after finding the picture of maya on her website, they find Maya’s bag and put it together that Maya was staying at the Kahns when she was on the run from “Nate St Germain”. When they find the bag (first picture) I picked up on a small detail that I missed when I first watched the episode! There’s a bag behind Hanna that MATCHES the bag Alison was holding when she “went away” and pretended to be dead to be free of A from the Lost Woods Motel ( Second picture)
2) We learned in the finale that noel has been helping ali hide out ever since she pretended to die SO it makes sense that she would be staying at the Kahns the same time Maya was.
BASICALLY that is full proof that Maya “knew” alison and knew she was alive and I think that’s what she wanted to tell Emily the night she was killed!