nate frank

recipe to make an episode of htgawm
  • first 40 minutes: soft warm with a bit drama for best taste
  • next 4 minutes: intense sex between everybody
  • last 1 minute: gun shot knife dead body blood everywhere missing people
Imagine if...

Oliver never deleted Connor’s acceptance, choosing instead to go to California with him and getting a fine ass job in Silicon valley while Connor finished up law school at Stanford. Connor decides he wants to spend the rest of his life with Oliver, but first, he tells him the whole story and gives him a chance to leave. Oliver stays.

Annalise took Eve up on her offer and moved to New York where she got a position at NYU and managed to spend the rest of her life on the right side of the law. In time, Annalise drops the name Keating.

Nate is free of his toxic relationship with Annalise and continues his life as the world’s purest, most deserving detective that ever lived, eventually remarrying and becoming a loving father.

Frank never left Bonnie in that motel room and they run away with each other, living off the grid in some mountain cabin. They don’t quite love each other, but they are comfortable, and they never murder innocent teenage girls again.

Michaela and Asher continue their studies at Middleton and their relationship persists for awhile, but eventually it runs its course. They remain friends but their lives take them in different (successful) directions. Asher’s mother forgives him, and together they decide to come forward with the truth about the rape cover up. Michaela finally meets the right man (or woman, there’s no way in hell that girl is straight) and gets to make a family as wonderful as she is.

Wes and Laurel also stay at Middleton, but unlike Michaela and Asher, they stay together. They mutually decide that they are not ready for children, and Laurel gets an abortion, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t have a family one day. Together, they dedicate their lives to defending the mentally ill, and despite their success as lawyers, they never become rich because they defend most of their clients free of charge. They are happy. They live.

They live.

Okay, so if Connor is under that sheet just when Coliver got finally back together, it’s really good i’ve learned how to get away with murder thanks to this show, because im going to kill the idiot who wrote the bloody screen for this season.


GUYS. WES ISN’T DEAD. NATE AND WES TOTALLY PLANNED THIS SHIT. There’s the ‘dead body’ isn’t there because it CAN’T be there because the supposed ‘dead body’ is ALIVE! WES IS ALIVE. I haven’t worked out all the details… but I’m going with Nate and Wes planned to fake Wes’ death to take down whatever shit that’s happening in the DA’s office. HEY.

*oh and simon is still an asshole. so nothing new there.

it’s 100% frank under the sheet. his story is pretty clearly coming to its end and there’s no real logical place for him in the show moving forward. the only reason they keep teasing connor is because he’s far and away the most popular character so saving him for last out of the k5 would have the most dramatic impact. the only other real possibility is nate, mostly for the same reason as frank with his story feeling like it’s run its course, but i think between the two of them frank makes far more sense.

How to Get Away with Murder Season 3: Who it’s not

Asher Millstone - 3.06

Bonnie Winterbottom- 3.03

Connor Walsh- 3.08

Frank Delfino- 3.09

Laurel Castillo- 3.04

Michaela Pratt- 3.05

Nate Lahey- 3.09

Oliver Hampton- 3.02

Wes Gibbins- 3.07

OR ISN’T HE? // DEAD 💀 - 3.09