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Broken Promises Epilouge

Summary: you and Nate have a family together.

Warnings: none


“THOMAS OMAHA ALEXANDER MALOLEY! GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW” I scream as I have the whole family in the living room ready for a movie night. But when I go to pull up our downloaded movies there’s a new one. When Nate clicks on it. It’s a fucking sex tape. Of my son. He is only 17 he shouldn’t be doing these things where his family can see.

“What the hell is this?”

“I’m sorry mom It’s just Katy was moving away and she wanted to remember us”

“Jesus Christ. Did you use a condom?” I say concerned.

“Of course mom”

I don’t care if my son has sex. I just want to make sure he’s safe. I was around his age when I had him.

“Alex has a sex tape. We could be like the kardashians.” My youngest child says.

“Michael not now” Nate says.

“Mom I don’t get why you’re mad. We didn’t see anything and he said he’s being safe.” My daughter says.

“Well Isadora I don’t know if you know this, but your father is a very famous rapper. If word gets out that his son has a sex tape all hell will break loose.”

“Calm down y/n. Does Katy have the tape yet?” Nate says trying to figure out a solution.


“Then we will just delete it. Alright. You all delete it. I have to hit the studio album 4 is almost finished.” Nate says grabbing his stuff. That just meant he was going to smoke. We haven’t smoked since the kids. Only at parties. Thomas smokes but he’s not allowed to do it around the younger ones.

“Alright be careful we have church tomorrow” I say giving Nate the “dont be stupid” look.

He kisses all of us goodbye and heads out.

Nates POV

When I get home from a studio sesh with the boys I see everyone cuddled up on the couch. In the middle of the cuddle mess is y/n. I’m so glad I stuck around for our child and children. I remember the day we were married. She had just had Isadora and was so happy with her little family. After the wedding we had one more kid then decided that was enough and we couldn’t handle anymore. And I think John was getting sick of watching my kids so I could have time with y/n.

It’s amazing how well we all got along. Thomas(17) and Isadora(14) weren’t typical teenagers. They were just like their mom. Sweet and understanding. We talked to Thomas about how I wasnt there for the first years of his life and he was kinda mad. At both of us. First he was mad at me for leaving his mom over a dumb tour then he was mad because y/n didn’t ever tell me about him. But now he gets it and he is happy with our family. Him and Izzy are close. She goes to him when a guy hurts her. I’ve had to stop him from fighting a few boyfriends.

Michael, the youngest, looks just like my brother stew. It’s ridiculous. Me and y/n even got into a fight over who’s kid it was. But regardless they all live eachother so much.

But now we are perfect and we’ll always be happy. I’m proud of the family I made even if I wasn’t there for the first years. I still love all I MY kids. And my amazing wife y/n.

Purple Flowers

Nathan (Nate for short) is pretty much your average 8 year old. He’s got a good family, does well in school, and everything is pretty much going good.

One day as he’s walking to school, he passes a small patch of purple flowers growing along the sidewalk. He thinks about how his teacher Miss Ames is always nice to him and how much she would enjoy these. So he squats down, and starts picking some flowers. He’s about a block from school, and after he’s got about a handful of flowers together, he hears the bell ring. “Oh no! im gonna be late!” he exclaims, so, he gets up and hurries to the school, dropping a few flowers on the way there.

He walks into class. Everyone is already seated, and the teacher is about to start today’s lesson.
“Nathan?” she’s very curious, “you’ve never shown up late before. Did something happen?”

Nathan is out of breath from having ran to class in such a hurry so through gasps; trying to catch his breath, he says “I’m really sorry. It’ll never happen again.”
“Don’t worry”, she tells him” I wouldn’t start class without you.”

As Nathan is about to sit down in his chair he remembers the flowers he picked so he walks up to her desk with the gift, “Miss Ames I picked you these purple flowers..”

The room goes completely silent. His teacher looks up in horror.

“Purple flowers? PURPLE FLOWERS!! Young man! You’re going to the principal’s office!” She jumps to attention, kicks the chair out from under her, and slaps the flowers from his hand.

“NOW!” She points to the door, refusing to look poor Nathan in the eye.
He turns around, confused, stares at the floor and starts walking to the principals office.

In the hall, he starts mumbling to himself. “But they’re just flowers. What’s wrong with.. I mean.. just.. I..” He could barely keep his composure.

The principal is at his desk, lazily organizing his fine collection of antique pencils, when Nathan walks in.

“Hey there Nate, you dont look so good. Did something happen?”
“Well, I just.. My teacher sent me.”
“That’s odd. You’re a good kid. I don’t think you’ve ever been here before.”
“I know, sir.” He finally works up some effort, “You see, I was on the way to school when I decided to pick some purple flowers–”

“Okay, that’s it.” The principal’s calm demeanor suddenly drops and takes on a fierce and angry one instead, “you’re out of here.”
“but –” Nathan is shocked.

“Just go home, and don’t think about coming back.” His principal swivels his chair away from him, “I’m destroying all your records. You’re no longer allowed to enter this building.”
Confused and on the verge of tears, Nathan reluctantly bows his head and leaves the office he has no choice but to get up and walk home.

With barely enough energy to move, he opens the front door. Hearing him walk in, his mother comes in from the other room. “Are you not feeling well today, son?”
“I dunno, mom.. They told me to go home.”
“Oh dear. Did someone pick on you?” She walks over and hugs him.
“No, mom.”
“Did you make a bad grade on something?”
“It must have been pretty bad. What was it, dear?”

“Well, I was walking to school this morning, and since my teacher is really nice, I decided to pick some flowers for her. They were these little purple flowers–”

“SON! HOW DARE YOU!” She pushes him away and points across the house, “You go to your room RIGHT THIS MINUTE and wait until your father comes home! There will be none of THIS in this family!”


“GO! He won’t stand for this!”

Nathan runs to his room, slams the door behind him, and crouches against it, he begins to cry and from the other side of the door he can hear his mother crying aswell. Nathan doesnt know what to do and the tears wont stop coming.

Three hours later, he hears the front door open – his dad is home for lunch. With his bedroom door shut, and being covered with a layer of blankets after laying in bed, Nathan hears some muffled talking in the hallway. Then the door opens. “Son? Your mother tells me there’s been a problem at school. Care to talk about it?”

“No. Uhh, okay. I mean, no I don’t want to talk about it.” Nathan is having trouble keeping back his tears.
His dad sits on the edge of the bed with him. “Don’t worry, son. Im sure it can’t be that bad.”

“Are you sure?” A muffled voice peeks over the covers.

He father reassures him, “Yeah. We can talk about anything. What’s been going on?”

“Well..” Nathan stops crying, “I was walking to school. And, and I thought of my teacher.. and I thought she would like a gift.. so I, uh.. I picked some purple flowers–”

His father immediately stands up and exclaims loudly “WHAT?!? I thought I taught you better than this Nathan?? If there is one thing I won’t stand in this house, it’s.. it’s..”

“It’s what, dad??” Nathan is cowering in fear.

“You get your stuff together right now, and get out of here. Your mother and I are just going to have to try again at this kid-making business!”

“But Dad?!?”

“No ‘buts’!” He storms over to the window and yanks the curtain down. As the whole mess starts crashing, he pulls the curtain rod away. Next, he yanks the blanket away from Nathan. With it, he proceeds to scrape up all Nathan’s toys up from the floor. On the blanket, he also empties all of Nathan’s clothes from the dresser. He grabs the curtain rod, bundles the blanket with all of its new contents, and finally picks up Nathan, who is absolutely terrified of the situation he’s found himself in. His father drags him by the shirt collar to the front door, slaps the curtain rod and blanket full of his possessions onto his shoulders, and slams the door behind him.

Three hours later Nathan is alone, walking north along the railroad tracks, with all of his possessions bundled over his shoulder. With bags under his eyes, and patches of stubble on his face, he appears to have aged 20 years in the past morning. On his right is the town, disappearing. On his left is the beginning of the forest. Just ahead however, is what appears to be a small camp fire at the edge of the trees. Nathan can just barely see a small figure huddled around it. With nothing to lose, he changes his path down the hill and toward the fire.

As Nathan walks up, he sees a homeless man wearing some tattered clothes, stuffing twigs and a shoe into a pot half-full of water sitting above a flame. The man ignores Nathan as he sits down.

After a couple minutes of silence, the homeless man speaks, “where ya headed, kid?”
Hesitant, Nathan works up an answer, “i..i dont know.”
“Naw, everyone’s going somewhere.”
“You wouldn’t understand.”
“Oh, you’re running away.”
“No I was kicked out.”
“What the hell for? did ya kill someone?”
“I said, you wouldn’t understand.”
“Don’t worry about it, I’ve heard 'em all.”

“You want to know why I’m here? Walking along the railraod tracks, alone, with my only possessions bundled over my shoulder?”
“you promise not to get mad and kick me out?”
“yeah, okay..”

“well, I was walking to school thinking of my teacher..” Nathan looks at the homeless man out of the corner of his eye, “and I decided to..” he gets up on his knees as if to get into a better position to run away, “pick some purple flowers for her–”

“DUDE!” With only one eye, the homeless man glares at him.


“naw man! You don’t do THAT!”

“What’s the big deal??”

“I cain’t talk about it! And if you knew what was good for you, you’d get your crap together and the hell outta here!”

“Where am I gonna go?? I’ve been kicked out of school, disowned by my family, the only person who would speak to me is probably going to tell me to run away again, and I’m only EIGHT years old!” Nathan stands up. “I want to know what the big deal is with these purple flowers!”

“keep yer damn voice down. You never know who’s hiding in these woods. Now sit down boy.”

Hearing the first positive reaction from anyone all day, Nathan calms down. “I’m sorry, I’ve just had a bad day.”

“And for good reason! Here, I’m only gonna tell ya once, so listen up. You can find the answers to all your problems in the next town.”
“Where?!” Nathan says hoping that he’ll finally find out whats going on

“I’m gettin there, boy. What you do is you get back up on them tracks. Walk about fifteen miles in the same direction you were going and you’ll get to the next town. At the first big intersection, head to your right about three blocks. Go left for a block, then go to the left again about half a block, and on the north side of the street in the middle of a bunch of buildings all run together, you’ll see an open doorway. Inside that is a flight of stairs, and at the top of them stairs is a hallway. You need to go to the right all the way to the end, turn to the left, go down four doors on your right, there will be another hallway. Then the second door on your left will be a door with a purple flower on it. Behind that door is what you’re looking for. Now get your ass movin, because it make me sick just having to look at you.”

“Oh my god! THANK YOU!”

Nathan is so excited, he runs off without picking up his belongings. The homeless man glances back and forth between Nate, happily running away, and Nate’s belongings sitting next to the fire in front of him. He shrugs, unties the blanket, grabs a random toy and tosses it in the boiling water.

Three hours later, Nathan, exhausted from fifteen miles of running, sees the next town in the distance. The shadows from the forest on his left are getting longer and nightfall is coming soon. Looking forward to a conclusion to this strange set of events, he continues jogging.

As he gets to the first intersection, he remembers the homeless man’s directions:

“head to your right three blocks..”
He goes to the right a couple blocks, and jogs to the intersection.

“go left for a block..”
He turns to the left, jogs across the street, and goes for another block.

“go left again about a half a block..”
Jogging around a building, he takes a left.

“across the street..”
He looks across, and sure enough, among a line of clearly marked offices, is an open doorway. He can barely make out the flight of stairs in the darkness behind it. He takes off running across the street, and he’s hit by a truck.